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Professor Flitwick had told everyone where their next class, History of Magic was to be at before beginning his lesson; now all Naruto and Sasuke had to do was find it. On their way they were swallowed into the crowd of fellow first-year Hufflepuffs, all of them making their way to the classroom. Together.

Out of nowhere, a boy's voice, with a slight Irish accent, rang through the corridors.

"Hannah! Wait!"

The girl who was being called swung around, her eyes widening questioningly at the direction of the voice.

Then the boy they had seen in Charms, the one with the sandy hair, came running up to the girl, puffing and panting.

"Wait..." he repeated again, before catching his breath and recomposing himself, standing straight and looking the girl right in the eye.

"Thank you."

Upon hearing those two words of gratitude, Hannah flushed bright red and tried to cover her face with her hands, slowly inching backwards.

"N-no!" she stuttered, getting rather flustered. "D-don't worry about it Seamus, It's nothing!"

The boy, Seamus, as Hannah had called him, crossed his arms, as if he was irked by the way Hannah brushed everything off by saying it was 'nothing', because to him, it definitely was something! "But you were so cool! You extinguished the fire I made with your hat! Is it burned? I'll buy a new one for you!"

"No thank you." she replied, pulling a black pointed hat out of her bookbag. "It's unscathed."


Hannah shrugged. "I just happened to act on instinct, I guess"

"Well thank you again, Hannah. Who knows what would've happened without you!" he said, his voice full of sincerity.

"Y-your welcome!" Hannah beamed and broke into a bright smile.

"I'll try to find you during lunch break, 'kay? Now I gotta go or I'll be late for class!"

"Hurry up then!"

"Yes ma'am!" Seamus Finnigan cheekily said, before taking off in the same direction he had come from.

"I OWE YOUUUUU HANNAHHH!" he shouted over his shoulder, making the girl blush once again.

After eavesdropping into their conversation while passing by, Sasuke was unsurprisingly silent. He remained that way, before setting out to do something unexpected.

"Hey, dobe." he said in a low voice.

"What, teme?"

He paused and took a deep breath. If he wanted to preserve his ridiculously large pride, the time to do so would be now. For a split second, he considered that option, considered turning back, considered just insulting the dobe like always, telling him not to 'mess thing's up'. But he managed to drive all those cowardly thoughts out of his mind.

Swallowing his pride, he opened his mouth. He would regret this, he certainly would. Never in his life did he imagine that he would have to-


The dobe stopped in his tracks, blinking once. Then twice, rigidly turning around to face the boy he considered his rival, and- well, friend. "Ehhh?"

"Sas- Teme, could- could you say that again?"


"Well okay. You're welcome I guess!"

"-just zip it, dobe."

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