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How did it happen? Everyone in the Beast Pirate Crew kept wondering. Was it the act of some enemy, or was she cursed. The fact that Speed lost her devil fruit abilities, left everyone shocked.

"So you are human again?" asked Queen arching an eyebrow at Speed , as she sat humbly in front of him.

" Yes Queen-sama" replied the sad Speed with tears in her eyes " I know I am not useful to this crew anymore " she continued with pauses between her sobs.

" No Child " spoke the glorious voice of Kaido " I am not going to abandon you because you lost your pow .. WICK .. powers " a hiccup interrupted his drunk words.

Speed turned her head to look at her huge captain sitting casually on his throne and gulping his beer.

"Thank you Kaido-sama" she replied quietly.

"Under one condition "he said and continued his beer.

"What is it?" asked Queen and Speed in unison.

"Someone of this crew says he wants to keep you, because I find you to be totally pathetic and useless you cursed whore "the mood shifting of Kaido was horrifying; a moment ago he said he would leave her and now, he is threatening to abandon her just because she doesn't have a ability anymore.

"After all, you are a traitor, right "his threatening tone left Goosebumps on her skin as his angry eyes glared at her.

Speed held the rim of her short dress and bit her lower lip, the tears swelling in her eyes, she knew that her crew members now hated her for helping that little girl. "As you wish, sir "

Page One was sitting casually on the couch, his legs were crossed and one hand was holding his drink as he leaned his head on the other one, watching carefully the sight in front of him .

He never been so close to Speed before and as one of the Flying Six, he had his prestige and always kept himself aloof from the Headliners, but damn he was wrong.

He knew the beer was slightly working through his head , but he was sober enough to realize he was actually enjoying the sight of the teasing amount of Speed's derriere showing occasionally through the rim of her extremely short dress .

She wore extremely short dresses as a horse-woman, and of course no undergarments, so when she was back to human , lots of flesh was left uncovered.

" Kaido-sama" spoke Page One with a sly smile on his face . " If I am allowed , I would like to keep her " he continued.

" What the Hell ! " exclaimed Queen. " Why do you want her ? she is damn useless now " continued the huge man.

" Well , it would be a waste if we got rid of her now " answered Page One and licked his lips.

Queen sighed , understanding what he meant " Yeah whatever "

"It is fine for me , do as you wish . I no longer care about what happens to her." Replied Kaido.

Speed was left with a dumbfounded look on her face , she didn't fully understand what Page One meant, but somehow it was a relief , better than being abandoned with no place to go.

Page One leaned towards Speed and helped her to her feet, the rim of her short dress exposing some of her womanhood. He bit his lower lip, and she quickly pulled her dress and covered herself.

He rolled his powerful arm around her slim waist , and swiftly , he carried her bride-style. Speed gasped in surprise .

" If I may excuse myself now Kaido-sama" said Page One

" Yeah.. yeah go do whatever you want " replied the Yonko ad gulped his beer.

He carried her to his room, she laid her head on his chest and listened to the racing beats of her own heart , she was perplexed … she didn't know what he wanted from her.

He opened the door and let her on her feet, " Get in " he ordered firmly. Speed gasped in surprise as she walked into his room ; his room was big with a huge bed , he had a private bathroom with a tub enough for four people at least . Everything was clean and tidy , she knew the Flying Six was on another level from the rest of the crew.

" Are you going to stand there all night?" he asked as he arched an eyebrow at her.

"No .. no sir " she replied and shut the door behind her .

He closed the gap between them suddenly , Speed was squeezed between the cold wall and his warm body . Her eyes widened when she felt his rough hand sneak under her dress and squeeze her butt cheeks firmly.

" You have an amazing body , do you know that." He spoke huskily , lust filled his tone and his eyes.

Before she could protest, he covered her lips with his and sucked on her full lower lip. She broke the kiss and gasped for air as he removed his hand away from her soft flesh and walked away from her.

He sat on the bed and signaled for her to come and sit next to him, Speed obeyed immediately .

He closed the gap once more and kissed her lips roughly, his hands fondling with her soft breasts , pinching her nipples occasionally . Speed moaned with pleasure.

He broke the kiss, and to her surprise, he tore her dress apart, leaving her completely naked. Speed blushed and tried to cover herself, but Page One slapped her hands away from her body.

He stood in front of her and took his pants off, exposing his mighty , erected member . Speed gasped and felt the warm liquid escape from her warm folds.

"Page – Sama ... Why... Why are you doing this?" She asked as she felt his rough hands caressing her inner thighs.

" Kaido was going to through you in the ocean and he wouldn't care less " replied Page One as he spread her legs open and began to lick her private part , Speed let out a loud moan .

"But if you stay with me, pleasuring me, I will keep you safe, will provide you shelter and food." he continued as his thumb rubbed her twitching clit. Speed felt her head spin with pleasure, she was now twitching with anticipation.

"So what is your choice?" asked Page One again, caressing the soft flesh of her inner thighs.

Speed panted heavily "I ... I will stay with you." She answered; after all she had no other choice.

"That's my girl" he replied slyly and licked his lips "Now, be a good girl ad suck well on my dick" he ordered . He stood in front of her and pushed the velvet head of his organ against her lips.

Speed felt herself getting wet again, so she rubbed her womanhood as she started sucking on his hard member.

Page One let out a coarse moan of pleasure, he noticed she was pleasuring herself, so he pulled her hand away, and placed it with his.

She moaned at his erected member and spread her legs for his fingers to work their magic on her bundle of pleasure . Minutes later , she sprayed her nectar all over his hand , and his thick liquid covered her face, and drooled out of her mouth.

"Lay on your back " He ordered firmly.

Speed obeyed , enthralled by her desire, she spread her legs and exposed herself completely.

"Please take me now " she said seductively , a crimson flush across her cheeks.

Page One smiled slyly and sucked one breast roughly while his firm hands squeezed the other.

"Beg for it " he whispered to her . Speed moaned and twisted.

She pushed him on his back and straddled his face , he obeyed the unspoken order and started licking and biting her wet folds , occasionally teasing her clitoris.

Speed squeezed her breasts and screamed his name as she spread her liquid all over his face.

"Please Page-sama take me " she said weakly as she rubbed her womanhood against his face.

He pushed her on the bed and turned her around so her back was facing him " I'll take you when I want you " he spoke darkly.

Before Speed could fully understand his words , she felt his member penetrating her butt . Her eyes widened and moaned of agony and pleasure.

He let himself into her slowly , and when she was adapted to his size ; he rocked himself in and out of her till his semen filled her insides. Speed could feel her womanhood leak.

He pulled his organ out of her and slapped her butt cheeks roughly; she surprised him by an orgasm to the mere spanking,

"Now I'll fuck your pussy " he said with a lustful tone.

The eager Speed laid on her back and opened her legs for him as wide as she could, and without a warning , he slammed himself inside of her ; tearing her barrier and forcing a loud scream of pain out of her.

"Fuck ! You were a virgin?!" he asked in surprise.

"Yes Page-sama" she answered shyly.

He leaned closer to her and kissed her lips, forcing his tongue inside her mouth. He shifted his hands to play with her breasts, as he started slowly rocking himself inside of her.

She reached multiple orgasms before he eventually shot himself fully inside of her.

She laid silently on his chest, panting. He casually rubbed her back and occasionally rubbing her soft butt.

"Page-sama" spoke Speed softly.

"Yes" he answered casually.

"Will you really keep me? if I please you of course" she continued with hint of worry in her voice.

"Sure I will , why would I waste a sweet piece of ass like you" he replied casually , spanking her butt.

She closed the gap between them and captured his lips in a passionate kiss, he returned it back and pulled her closer to him .

"Try to get some sleep now "he said softly as he closed his eyes and started to drift off.

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