Kiara awakes with her head throbbing violently and a feeling of nausea that is only made worse by the hot sun beating down on her. She instinctively reaches a hand up to shield her eyes, only to find her arms are bound tightly to something strong and cold.

What happened?

Her memory is hazy at best and she quickly concludes she must have a concussion. She remembers the rush to get to John B., but after that, she draws a blank. A wave of fear surges through her as she remembers her friend's struggle to evade the police. Where is he now? Where is Pope and JJ?

As she attempts to decipher what is going on, she takes a closer look at her surroundings. Her arms are tied in a knot around a pole on an expensive looking boat. She sits in the sun, and must have for a long time judging by the feeling of her skin and her overly dry mouth. As she thinks of her thirst she realizes how dehydrated she is and hopes she is not abandoned on this mysterious boat.

A dry coughing fit rattles its way out of her lungs. It lasts for a few seconds, adding to her dizziness once it's over. Kie wishes she could get comfortable enough to return to sleeping. She feels weak, sick, and unsure of herself.

Unfortunately for her, her captor is apparently alerted of her consciousness. From the deck above her she hears some quiet laughter immediately followed by the sound of someone descending the steps.

"Aw, the Princess Pogue is awake," taunts a familiar voice. Kie feels herself revolt in disgust as she realizes Rafe stands above her, a victorious smirk twisting his mouth.

"What the hell do you want, Rafe?" She forces all the venom she can into her voice, but the effect is weakened by her dry voice.

"Don't talk to me like that." His voice is threatening.

"What do you want?" she repeats.

Rafe turns swiftly and walks to the edge of the boat beside her, muttering to himself. Kiara always knew of his questionable character, but he seems unhinged, more dangerous than she had ever seen him. She quells pangs of fear that she feels bubbling in her chest.

"I need John B….I'm gonna fix it, I'm gonna fix things for my dad. I always have to take care of things for this family." He pushes his disheveled hair back as he speaks, looking wild.

Kiara watches him apprehensively from the corner of her eye. "I don't know where John B. is, Rafe. I don't even remember how I got here." She speaks slowly, trying to prove her innocence and honesty.

Rafe merely giggles in response. In the seriousness of the situation, it sounds ridiculous.

"Hit you pretty hard, didn't I? Wonder what your boyfriends will think about that?" Another absurd giggle. "They're gonna come get you, you know. No pogues left behind, right? John B. is gonna come rescue you like the hero he thinks he is, and then, then I'm gonna kill him."

Kiara notices the outline of a gun tucked in the waistband of his board shorts.

"So what, I'm just going to be your hostage? John B. won't come. He doesn't even know where I am. And what are you going to do once you kill him? Are you going to kill me too? I will tell everyone what you did to him and to the sheriff." She instantly sees the effects her words have on him and regrets them, but the damage is done. She is reminded that not twenty four hours have passed from his brutal killing of the deputy.

"Shut up! Shut the hell up!" He shoves the gun against her neck painfully. She grunts and tries to pull away from him, but she is defenseless and held immobile by her bonds. Her struggles ignite his fury, and he shoves the gun deeper into the delicate skin, leaving stark bruises. "I'm going to send your friends a picture of you here. I know you're a liar, all you pogues are- they will come get you." He speaks so close to her face she feels spit land on her face. "You need to stop asking so many questions."

She nods quickly, a few tears pooling in her eyes but she refuses to let them fall. Rafe leans across her, his chest pressed against hers, and for a brief moment her fear is reignited. Seconds later he stands up with her phone which had been tucked into her jean shorts back pocket though, and she relaxes slightly.

"Smile for your picture, you bitch."

Kiara looks at him uncooperatively. He snaps the photo and types some sort of message to her friends. As she contemplates her appearance, she wonders if Rafe's plan might actually work, She knows she looks scared and vulnerable in the picture her friends would soon receive, and she has no idea what threatening message was accompanied by it. Pogues are nothing if not fiercely loyal and protective of one another. Any of the boys would likely beat Rafe to death for nothing more than laying a finger on her. She hopes that they won't do anything stupid and that John B. will let JJ or Pope come get her.

"You're not a serial killer, Rafe. Let me go and the cops can take care of John B. He's a fugitive on the run, everyone thinks he killed Peterkin." Kiara hopes like hell that isn't true. She prays that he will be able to escape and disappear for a while with some gold until the rest of the pogues could try to prove his innocence.

"You don't know me or what I'm capable of. So just shut up," he snaps. "You know what? I think your friends need some motivation to hurry the hell up." He smiles sickly.

Kiara has little time to wonder what that could mean before he is walking towards her. She flinches away and pulls her legs towards herself in defense, but has nowhere to go as he throws a sudden punch at their face. She cries out as the sudden increase in the pain of her head.

"This should put some pep into your friends' step, don't you think?" He surveys his work with a disturbingly proud grins

Her cheek throbs intensely as he takes another picture with her phone.

"Let's hope your friends come soon."

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