Audrey's Wedding

Episode 2: "At Last"

AN: Here's part 2. The wedding! Audrey and Peyton are finally becoming husband and wife!

The next morning, November 19, 2038, Paris, France

Today is the day. The day that Audrey Martin becomes Audrey Patterson. She's excited to finally become Peyton's wife. Finally. Nine years today, they became boyfriend and girlfriend. They decided to pick their anniversary to be their wedding anniversary as well. They spent the last year and half planning their perfect day. Their wedding day.

Annabeth, Audrey's 22 year old sister, walked over to her sister's bed and began shaking her shoulder.

"Auds, it's time to get up."

Audrey groaned as she opened her eyes. "Hey, Beth."

Beth laughed. "Hi. Now, come on! You gotta get up and get changed. We are having breakfast with the ladies and then getting our nails and toes done. You have a lot to do on your list, lady."

Audrey sat up as she nodded her head. "Okay, okay. I'm getting up." She headed off into the shower after grabbing a change of clothes.

After her shower, Audrey blow dried her hair and changed into a blouse with black pants. They met up with the ladies, their mother, Bailey, their aunt Maya, London, Addison, her grandmothers, Carey and Eunice, her sisters, Adaylynn, 15 years old, Ariah, 11 years old, and Ariana, 8 years old, her cousins, Dani, 23, Dana, 22, Deliah, 20, Darlyanna, 15, Debby and Daisy, 10, and Dakota, 9 years old, Audrey's soon to be mother in law, Cara, and her parents long time friend, Addison's three daughters,Wynter, 21, Bella, 20, and Bekah, 18 years old and their long time friend, London's daughter, Mariana, 20 years old.

Bailey turned to her eldest daughter, who was pulling up her pants. "Hey sweetie. How did you sleep?"

Audrey groaned. "Ugh. Horrible. I got maybe 7 hours of sleep. I usually have Peyton next to me…"

Bailey chuckled. "Oh, I remember the night before mine and your father's wedding. It was horrible. I couldn't sleep at all…"

Audrey nodded. "I just wonder how Peyton is doing…"

Cara smiled. "He's probably bouncing off the walls right now. He just can't wait to marry you."

Audrey smiled brightly. "I feel the same way. I can't wait to be his bride." She looked at her engagement ring. "I waited for this day since I knew he was the one for me."

Cara smiled at Audrey. "Peyton was so happy to tell me he was going to propose to you. I sure was over the moon about that. I knew he wanted to wait until you were out of college and at least in law school."

Audrey nodded her head. "Yeah. That's what he told me after he asked me to marry him…"

Dani turned to her cousin. "How are you feeling about today?"

Audrey smiled. "I'm excited, nervous, but more excited."

Maya smiled at her niece. "I felt the same way as I was about to marry your uncle…"

Both Dani and Audrey looked at Maya. "Really?"

Maya nodded her head. "Yeah."

Audrey turned to her mother, aunt and Cara. "Do you three have any advice for me before I get married?"

Bailey paused, and then spoke up. "I want you to just enjoy it, okay?"

Audrey nodded. "I think we will. We haven't talked about having any kids yet.."

Dani's eyes went wide, she gasped. "What?! Really? You two haven't talked about the having kids thing yet?"

Audrey shook her head. "No, we haven't, Dani."

Her sister, Beth just looked at her. "Well, do you want children?"

Audrey nodded her head. "Of course I do. I just...haven't talked to Peyton about it yet…"

Bailey looked at her daughter. "It's okay if you're not ready for children yet, honey. That's understandable."

Cara nodded, agreeing with Bailey, along with Maya, London, and Addison. "All of us ladies completely understand."

Audrey sighed out of relief as they continued to get their toes done.

Peyton's Suite, two hours before the wedding, 11:00AM

Peyton was in his suite, feeling anxious about today, but he knew he was ready to marry the love of his life, Audrey. It was nine years ago when they became boyfriend and girlfriend. Peyton proposed two years ago today, so it was only right to get married today. The guys got their hair cut and ready two hours before the wedding.

In his room with him was his father, Rich, Cody, Zack, Kurt, Clyde, his brothers, Andrew and Taylor, Jake, Audrey's brothers, Bentley, Bayden, Braison, and Brandon and his and Audrey's cousins.

Rich, his father walked over to him and looked at him. "Are you okay, bud?"

Peyton nodded his head. "I'm nervous. Anxious. Excited. I don't know..."

Cody walked into the room after seeing Audrey. "How are you doing, Peyton?"

Peyton smiled. "Otherwise I have butterflies in my stomach, I'm good."

Cody smiled. "I know. It's understandable."

Peyton looked at him after straightening his tie. "How's Auds?"

Cody laughed. "Maybe just as nervous as you. The ladies are trying not to have her not mess up her makeup. They just finished getting their hair done."

Peyton nodded. "As long as she is doing okay..."

Rich laughed. "Let me guess, they kicked you out so you wouldn't spoil the dress."

Cody nodded. "Yeah. Most likely. It is just beautiful...and 600.000 dollar dress..." He breathed deeply. "Audrey better pass that dress down to her daughters. I swear."

Peyton turned to face him. "She most likely will. I'm sure of it. If it's that much!"

Cody chuckled. "She's so lucky I saved for that and this day for the past 8 years..."

Peyton's eyes went wide. "Really?"

Cody nodded his head. "Yeah. I had to make sure her and your day was at least perfect…"

Peyton smiled. "Well, thank you, Cody."

Cody took a deep breath. "I was a little worried about you dating my daughter at first, given the age difference, but as the years went on and you wanted the best for her, I knew you were the one for her. You never showed me nothing to not trust you with my daughter. I really wish you both the best of love and happiness."

Peyton smiled. "Thank you, Cody. I really appreciate you saying that...Thank you for allowing me to show your daughter how much I love her."

Cody smiled. "Welcome to the family, son."

Peyton smiled. "Thank you."

Audrey's Bridal Suite

Audrey was in her room getting ready to show the ladies her dress. She was definitely feeling overwhelmed with everything. Audrey's dress was just beautiful. After checking herself in the mirror one last time, she walked out of the room to the main room of the suite.

Both Bailey and Cara saw her first, they teared up.

"Oh honey! You look beautiful!"

That was true. She was beautiful. Her dress was lace, had selves, open back, flower pattern in the selves, neckline as well at the top. The bottom of the dress was a small ball gown and was beautifully plain too. Her hair was straightened at the top but had curls at the bottom. Her veil was plain, pinned by small bobby pins. She had her makeup match her skin color and it wasn't too much or too little. It was just perfect.

Audrey smiled brightly. "Mom, Cara, please don't start crying. You'll make me cry…"

Beth nodded. "Yeah, Momma. We don't need to redo her makeup…"

Maya smiled at her niece. "Peyton will definitely cry, get speechless or even both…"

Carey smiled. "Oh, yes, he will. He will have trouble getting his words out…"

Audrey laughed, smiling. "As long as he gets his voice back by our vows, I'll be good…"

Bailey laughed. "I'm sure he will…"

Peyton's Suite, thirty minutes before the wedding, 12:30PM

Cody looked at his watch. "Oh, I gotta go to Audrey's suite. It's almost time…" He turned to his soon to be son in law.

"I'll see you at the end of the aisle with my daughter."

Peyton nodded his head, breathing deeply. "See you in a bit." He sighed. "God, I can't believe this is happening already."

Rich laughed. "Well, believe it cause you're getting married."

Peyton sighed deeply. "Oh Jesus...I'm ready. Let's do this."

Audrey's Bridal Suite

Cody knocked on the door, walked inside and shut the door. "Everyone dressed?"

Beth nodddd. "Yes, Dad."

Cody looked around. "Where's Audrey?"

Audrey turned to face him. "Right here. I'm the only one in here who's wearing white..." She chuckled.

Cody smiled. "You look beautiful, sweetheart." He looked proud of his daughter, but definitely felt not ready to give his little girl away.

Audrey smiled. "Thank you, Daddy." She hugged him softly. "I'd hug you tighter, but I can't mess up my makeup."

Cody smiled. "You look beautiful. You still would if you did, Auds." He slowly teared up. "I can't believe you're getting married. You're about to be a wife. I won't be the main man in your life anymore..."

Audrey knew she had tears coming. "Oh, Dad. You will always be one of the main men in my life. I'll just have a husband..." She smiled brightly. "I know how hard this has to be for you, but I'll always be your little girl. You knew this was happening a year ago."

Beth looked at her phone. "Alright ladies. Let's head downstairs. Let's give them a few minutes." She followed behind her mother, looked at her father. "Don't make her cry, please."

Cody nodded. "I won't, Annabeth."

Beth smiled. "Thank you! I worked my ass off on her makeup..."

Audrey laughed. "Bye, Beth."

Audrey smiled at her father. "Ready to give me away?" She said as they headed to the ballroom in the hotel where she and Peyton will be getting married.

Cody smiled. "No, I'm not ready, but you are, so I'll learn how to deal with the fact my oldest baby is about to be a married woman. I can't change the time, because time surely flew for me. You're my first born baby, and I'm so happy you found Peyton."

Audrey smiled. "Awww, thank you, Daddy."

They waited linking arms for the guests and wedding party to be seated and finally, it was time.

She took a deep breath as the doors opened, her eyes met Peyton's for the first time today. She smiled at him.

Peyton's brother, Andrew, turned to him. "Remind me again. How the hell did you land her?" He whispered.

Peyton whispered. "Because, I love her. I knew she was the one for me 9 years ago…" He smiled brightly. "That gorgeous girl is mine."

Andrew sighed. "Lucky son of a..."

Cody and Audrey began walking down the aisle, the priest looked at Cody as he and Audrey reached the front of the aisle.

"Who gives this woman away to this man?"

Cody smiled slightly. "Her mother and I do. Happily." Cody definitely wasn't ready to give his first born daughter away, but knowing she'd be safe and happy, he did it, anyway.

He handed Audrey's hand to Peyton, kissed her cheek. "I love you, Audrey."

Audrey smiled. "I love you too, Dad."

Bailey smiled at her husband as he sat down next to her, she rubbed his shoulder.

Audrey smiled at her father and then at Peyton. She grabbed his hand. She whispered. "I love you."

Peyton smiled back at her, squeezing her hands. "I love you too."

The priest smiled as everyone sat down, he began speaking to the guests.

"All of you may be thinking, 'Finally, they've made it to the aisle'...Right?"

Everyone began laughing.

The priest chuckled. "Peyton and Audrey are finally here after nine years of being together. I'm sure most of you thought, 'What took Peyton this long?', right?"

Everyone laughed, Peyton smiled at Audrey, who chuckled as well.

The priest laughed. "Now, Audrey and Peyton are finally here, with all of you as their witnesses as they take the next step in their relationship as husband and wife. They have been through hell and back, had their ugly days, but they always knew they'd be together forever. They met at a dinner party nine years ago, at the tender of 14, and 18, and by the looks of it, Peyton knew Audrey was the one for him. And, Audrey was head over heels for him at first sight, but what did they know at that age? Nobody expected them to last, but they did. Now, here we are…" He turned to the couple.

"Peyton and Audrey wrote their own vows." He looked at Peyton. "Peyton, you may go first."

Peyton took his piece of paper out, took a deep breath, he looked down at Audrey, squeezed her hand and smiled at her. "Audrey, I want to first say the first time I saw you, I knew you were the one for me. I didn't know it then, but as the months went by, I fell more in love with you everyday. People believe in first sight love, and maybe that was me and you, but I didn't want to rush into something that would've been amazing...and by the looks of it, it's been one amazing adventure with you. We love traveling the world together, seeing all of the great places, being by each other's side, in sickness and in health. I want to do life with you, be your best friend, your life partner, your husband and I want to be the best parents we can be to our someday children. I want to see our children grow up in a beautiful household and know their parents love each other more everyday. I want you to know that I'll be there for you on your best of days and even your worst of days. I want to be the person you go to bed next to and wake up to. I want you to know you are and always be beautiful in my eyes, even when we're old and finagle." He smiled at her. "I love you so much, Audrey…"

Audrey knew she had tears in her eyes, she wiped her eyes, chuckling and she turned to everyone.

"I hope I can top that…"

Everyone laughed, the priest smiled. "Audrey, you may start with your vows."

Audrey smiled at Peyton, she squeezed his hand and then took her paper from her sister, Beth.

"Pey, here we are. Today, we are becoming one. Nine years ago, our eyes met, I knew you were the one for me when we had our first long talk at the dinner party. I didn't know it then, but you became a big part my life as we became a couple nine years ago. Nine beautiful years with you. I can't wait to have more beautiful years. I love you more everyday. It's been one amazing adventure by my side. I can't wait to continue enjoying life with you, babe. I can't wait to see where the world takes us both. I can't wait to be your wife, your children's mother and I can't wait to see where the world takes us both. Life is like adventure, and today, we start a whole new one as husband and wife. I promise to be by your side in sickness and in health, every happy, every sad, every hard, every life changing experience and every exciting moment in our lives, I'm here for you. I want to experience creating life with you and be your life partner through all of the bad and happy moments. Peyton, I love you so much…"

Peyton smiled. "I love you too, Auds…"

The priest nodded. "Rings, please?"

Drew, 8, Peyton's cousin handed the rings to the priest.

"Thank you." The priest said, as he took the rings from Drew. "From the earliest of times the circle of a wedding band has been a symbol of weeded love. Being one unending love for each other. May your rings be a constant reminder of this to you and to the whole world of the bond you two share…" He smiled. "Peyton, please place the ring on Audrey's left ring finger."

Peyton nodded, as he put the ring on Audrey's left ring finger.

"Auds, I give you this ring as a symbol of my devotion and unending love for you. Whenever you look at it, always know and remember that I will forever be by your side and that I completely belong to you, body, heart and soul. As a ring as no end, neither shall my love for you. I willingly choose you to be my wife this day and forevermore."

"Audrey, place this ring on Peyton's left ring finger."

Audrey placed the ring on Peyton's ring finger. "Peyton, I give you this ring as a symbol of my devotion and unending love for you. Whenever you look at it, always know and remember that I will forever be by your side and I completely belong to you, body, heart and soul. As a ring as no end, neither shall my love for you. I willingly choose you to be my husband this day and forevermore…"

After the ring exchange, the priest signed the marriage certificate, along with Peyton and Audrey.

Audrey and Peyton squeezed each other's hands after holding each other's hands again.

He turned to the wedding guests. "For as much as Audrey and Peyton have consented together this day to enter into holy wedlock, and have pledged their faithfulness to each other, and have pledged the same by the giving and receiving the rings, by the authority invested in me, I now pronounce them husband and wife. May those that God has joined together, let no man asunder…" He turned to face Peyton, and smiled.

"Peyton, you may now kiss your bride!"

Peyton smiled brightly. "Don't have to tell me twice!" He leaned down and kissed Audrey passionately, dipping her slightly.

Audrey smiled deeply as she kissed him just as passionately. As they shared their first kiss, their wedding guest stood up and cheered for them.

After a few minutes, both pulled away, the priest smiled. "Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my privilege to introduce for the first time- Mr. and Mrs. Peyton and Audrey Patterson…"

Peyton and Audrey both stared at their wedding guests, hand and hand, with the biggest smiles on their faces. They had a long way of getting here, but knowing they made it was a great way to start their newest adventure as husband and wife.

To be continued…