Rachel and Richard were invited to Haly Circus. The money they got would be donated for chairty .Rachel liked the cause: it was for children with heart disease .Machines and equipment are very expensive so the public hospitals couldn't afford it. Expectedly , the show was amazing.

Raven pov:

Richard introduced me to eveyone after the show was all greated me nicely and all I could sense was their all missed were alot of people at the circus that he knew and yet he chose to talk to Raya. Richard said she is nice. I don't like her nor dislike her. I am just not happy that she is too friendly with my boyfriend . She ignored me As soon as she saw Richard , she gave him bone crushing hug that lasted longer than normal. I couldn't just stand there.

Normal pov:

Rachel has had it . Seeing that they were still talking and that she was completely ignored,she left. Before she left ,she thanked Mr. Haly .Richard noticed her move so he excused himself . He saw her sitting in the car.

"What are you doing here?"he asked.

"Getting fresh air ," she immediately replied in a monotone voice.

Richard frowned.

"Whats wrong babe?"he asked softly.

"I told you I just really needed fresh air,"she replied .

"Well I already said my good byes so we could go home"

"You sure you don't want to like talk more and be friendly."


They drove back to their drive back home was grave silent. As soon as they arrived ,Rachel went to the change into sweatpants and a tank top . She went to their room and closed the door shut . She began meditating. Meanwhile ,Richard sat thinking about what happened and whats wrong with thought about what she told him about talking and being it clicked. Rachel was jealous. Richard smiled .

Back at their room ,Richard sat on the bed.

"Baby are you jealous?"

"What! I dont do jealousy."

"You know it is ok . I get jealous sometimes."

"Ok . First of all , I am not jealous .Second , why would you be jealous ?Do you see me being to friendly with anyone ."

"Well it is cause you don't notice but other guys check you out ."

He continued,"What you think of Raya?"

she said," She is ok. I don't like her or dislike her."

"Really you didn't think that she was a little friendly." he wondered.


Richard laughed.

" See your jealous. Its ok . It shows that you care."

Rachel sighed . She started explaining to him how she feels. He just listened as normal. After that, they both felt good. Moments later , they were cuddled up and they binge watched Game of Thrones.