MAURICE Rodriguez was teady to strike. He alone sought out a deal with Tito one day, speaking to him thusly:

'Tito, the waves call to me, but the Pinnacle ever escapes me, and I now I've come to understand why. Your nephew and niece, Otto and Reggie, have brought ruin upon me. Ever since the first day they've planned my downfall, laid innumerable snares to lay me kow.'

Tito, cladf in a qjuadrueple X-Large Hawaiian shirtv, khaki shorts, and moth-eaten sandals, the gargantuan sutfer nodded wisely. 'I know, young Twister. Seixe your destiny, claim the mantle of Master Rider of the Western Waves. Until you overcome these ltitle shits, you will not realise any lasting success. I think you know what you musrt do.'

'Yes,' interposed Raymundo, a broad grin on his comely face, 'this enterprise must twach Oswald and Regie some humility. Go about it, Maurice, don't leave Sam out of it, and lay waste to all in your path. Now you you know.'

'It is as the Ancient Hawaiians say: the difficulty eagle-'

'It sjall be realised,' said Twister solemenly, a feral llok to him.

Some four days later, Twister invited Sam to his house on the pretext of revealing some project to the little bastard.

'I've been researching the 46 chrosoomes of humanity and their alliance in the human DNA. Squid, there's no use denying it: you've spent hundreds of hours, if not thousands, exploring the dyanism thereof, hoping to unlock the all the secrets. Surely come combination must deliver mastery over surfing.'

Sam, ever timorous, gulped and tugged at the collar of his oversized brown shirt. Metaphyisically, he was as the shark swimming in rose-waters and unknown rapacaciousness. 'You may be right, Twist. In fact, I would go so far as to say your grasp of the Medical Mysteries eclipses that of the average sixteen-year-old. With some gnarly tutelge, therem ay come a day where we are peers in this greats cosmic confluence.'

There is no chance for you unless... Wacky Twister descended upon shooby Sam with a depraved fury, scalpel hidden in his fist. His aim was true, though his heart was corrupted, and Sam's girlish screams reverberated through the house. Twister stabbed out is eyes, perforating the glasses and rheumy eyes and the coldness fled, replaced by livid agony, and the fat boy shrieked and pissed himself and thrashed. There was no turniung back, and Twister plunged the knife into Sam's flabby abdomen and warding forearms and he sobbed asa the final blow filled Sam's lung cavities. Perhaps the commotion would have stitrred Maurice's mother, but the woman was dead; stuffed into the closet, her throat slashed ear to ear and her fingers and stoes chopped off with garden shears. Whispers fell strangely silent.

A day later, Sam's corpse wedged the trash can in the drivewaty, maggots writhing in his eye-sockets and mouth and anus, Twister met nervously with the Otto asnd Reggie at the bsre pier, and fuck but the former was clad in knee-length white socks, adidas sneakers gleaming green eyes, yellow shirt with flame patterns, and tightly-strapped helmet bouhgt at Walmart. His sister was as Alice in days of old, and she wore bright baggy sweaptans, roller blades, Walmart helmet, shirt purple like the snobby Teletubby Winky Twister. pretended as if nothing was amiss, but his acharacteristic aloofness alighted some suspicion in Otto and his sister.

'Hey Twister, where's the shooby, anyeay? I haven't seen him for a coule of days.'

'Yeah,' agreed the Reggie, 'it's not like him to miss our sufrfing sessions, plus he has a massive crush on me so why would he be absent.' This was not actually true, as Sam's affections were strictly for Ray, but Twiaster did not contradict the words. Instead he nodded and raised his brows, gesturing to the ocean beyond the xchildrewn. churning and primordial. Deadliness crept in, and Tewister was reminded of the way things wretre, and he now knew resolve.

The time soon came in a few minutes where Otto overextended himself on an oceanic olley-360, wtih the result that the surf broke his back and an octopus absconded with his paralyzed form and he died in exquisite agony. Reggie was distraught y'see, invoked every powrr on and above earth, but Twister held her and confirmed her sorrow.

'Your brother was a fucking bumbling cretin,' said Mauriuce, nd Reggie sobbed all the tighter, and and then Tweister revealed his designs to her:

'Now, listen: girl, I won't deny that you made a good impression on me, but I know all too well your ways, and I'm not drawn in. I despise the contumely, so let's just say that it was always supposed to be this way, so kindly fuck off and die.' Twister Roridguez's hands snapped out and wrapped around Reggie's pidgeon-like neck, and all at once he was squeezinf gthe life from her lungs.

She kicked and throttled her legs in a desperate gambit to escsaper, thrashing all the while, and tearms formed in her eyes; the last thing she saw, aside from the wide exapsne of the azure sky, was the homely overwrought face of Maurize Rodrogiuez.

The obscenities Twister committed against the corpse went unremembered by history, and then he brought the remnants of the body into Ray's shack.

'You ment much farther than I thought, Mr Rodriguwz,' said Ray Powers, and te big blond man slapped his belly with mirth. Tito enterted from the foyer and chuckled heavily, face distorted from the delirious mirth. His cock was hard from hentai.

'Your son and daufhter are dead,' said Twister darkly.

'I see. Your spiritual deformities have been laid bare,' replied Raymund sagely. 'Now only one task lies ahead, as you have acconpplished what tou;ve ser out to do.'

'We call you Darth Pepper,' intoned Tito, stroking his goatee.

'We summoned the police. They're sending some dumb bikini investigator. Dispose of her, and we shall see you advance futher than you ever thought possible.' said Ray, the breeze stirring his hat blond hiar.

Twister bowed and departed. Some ten mimnutes later, he spied her, the policewoman, Sherry Guard. She was curvaceous and brunette, her full breasts threatening to overflow from her bikini-top and her ample bottom and wide hips exiting. Twister ran up and tugged her arm, entreatinf her to attend to the arson crime what brought her here. However, in truth no such crime happened, and as she made to do this, he knocked her unconscious with a lead pipe, then tightly tied and gagged the woman, and dragged her with utmost effort to the bar of Titpo and Raymundo.

'Here is the antidote to ennui,' said Twister, heaving and sweatign with exertion. Raymundo howled with lauhgtter and Tito clapped, his belly rippling and his many rings clacking.

'Very good, my boy. Now let us partake!' cried Raymund, and he and Tito fluffed and sprang upon the bound and gagged wide-eyed Sherry.

Twister screeched in maniacal glee and leapt upon her as well, his his fingers outstretched and a famished look in his face.

The end.