"Hopefully, this will be the final push she needs to get back on track." A woman with long green hair, wrinkles and cold blue eyes said, adjusting her glasses. "I truly cannot fathom why she chose to be like this…"

A man with a heavy build and a scowl sighed as he forced the boot of the taxi down. He had pure black hair and incredibly dark green eyes set in a harsh gaze. "She will come around someday honey. She has to, if she doesn't…."

Both them looked down, knowing what they would have to do. In the back seat of the taxi, a girl with long green vine-like hair that was all swept to one side, dark green eyes and a bored gaze sat with her arms crossed. Her tights were ripped, her skirt was almost short enough to be at risk of making her guilty of public indecency, and she was only wearing her t-shirt, not the mandatory sweater on top. She was chewing away at bubblegum in her mouth, occasionally blowing and popping it.

The woman with glasses, Anaru Shiozaki stepped forward. The teenage girl in the taxi, Ibara Shiozaki, rolled her eyes before opening the window. She barely spared the older woman a second glance. "What?"

"I just want to say, I hope you will learn your lesson once you see what the people at Aldera are like. These are the people you'll be acting like if you continue down this-" Anaru didn't get to finish what she was saying as Ibara suddenly spit in her face, the gum she had been chewing now stuck on her mother's glasses. Well, Ibara preferred the term 'womb donner'.

"Bored now, bye bitch. I left a 'present' in your room by the way." Ibara said simply, flipping Anaru off while closing the window. "Alright driver, let's just get this ride over with already."

With that, the girl sat back and simply waited, sighing in annoyance. Every second near her parents nowadays made her want to grab the nearest sharpest implement and gouge her eyes out. But for now, she stuck to better forms of catharsis. Well, better in her opinion at least.

…Okay so maybe that 'present' (carving Shinjimae into her parent's bedroom roof right above their bed) could be considered pretty damn extreme by some people, but she stood by the fact they deserved it.

She was aware it was this kind of behaviour that was getting her sent to Aldera Middle School in the first place, but she really wasn't sure what exactly they expected to come of it. It was a school full of delinquents for the most part, known as one of the worst schools around. Almost every student who went there ended up in a gang, and over fifty percent of the students who got out of the school ended up in prison not too long after.

Which was impressive as fuck to Ibara, considering it was a middle school and not a high school so the oldest students still wouldn't even be older than fifteen.

It was fair to say that she did a fair amount of research on the school. Probably more than Anaru or her sperm donor, Tonchiki, did. If she had to guess, she was assuming their plan was to show her 'real' delinquents to scare her off her current life path or some shit like that.

She honestly didn't care, as long as her parents didn't approve of her. She saw the driver eyeing her warily every now and again because of her earlier actions but she couldn't care less.

The taxi passed by her old church as they continued on their way and she scowled looking down. She wondered when the last time she'd gone in there was, or when she'd last truly believed in every word they spoke.

After all, Ibara hadn't always been like she was. She had once been a rather innocent Christian girl after all, who believed wholeheartedly in everything the Bible had to say. She even still had a pocket version of the book somewhere in her room.

It wasn't like she'd stopped believing fully, she still completely believed there was probably a god or something out there. But if a god made her parents, she was sure it was not a god worth caring about. No god worth listening too would force her to 'honour thy father' when that father was Tonchiki Shiozaki.

She closed her eyes, memories invading her mind. She hated thinking about this, but she couldn't help but reflect on how she'd gotten to this moment, where she was being ripped from her few friends at her old middle school and thrust somewhere completely different.

And it had all started with her father….

"Daddy! Daddy!" A seven-year-old Ibara cried out, running down the altar of the church she was in and gripping his trousers tight as she looked up to him with a sad, worried gaze. "Help! A boy hurt himself outside! He needs help!"

"Huh? Oh no. Take me to him, I'll see what I can do." The black haired man said, letting his daughter drag him along to the steps outside the church. There, clutching a bruised and slightly bloody knee was a boy around the same age as Ibara, with messy green hair and tears in his eyes. "Oh no, are you okay young man?"

"I-I'm o-o-okay but it h-hurts." The child sniffled, gripping his knee tight.

"May I please see it, so I can assess the damage? Do not be concerned, I keep a first aid kit on my person." Tonchiki assured, pulling out said first aid kit as he knelt down beside the child. The young boy moved his hand, revealing a somewhat nasty cut. "Oh dear, hold still. This will sting for a moment but I assure you it will be better after this."

The child nodded and Tonchiki took out a wipe from his bag, quickly cleaning up the cut before pulling out his plasters. He frowned upon seeing them. He only had two small ones which closed up some of the cut but not all of it.

Before he could say anything, Ibara noticed the issue and a vine suddenly grew out her hair, which then fell off as if it had been uprooted. She grabbed it, quickly wrapping it around the boy's leg like a bandage.

"Ibara! I appreciate what you're trying to do but that's illegal!" Tonchiki scolded, batting the back of his daughter's head. "Ask next time at the least."

"S-Sorry, father…" Ibara frowned, trying to ignore the pain in the back of her head. The man stomped back inside with an annoyed scowl at his daughter's actions while she turned to the green haired boy ahead of her. "A-Are you okay?"

"I-I'm b-b-better now." He sniffed, readjusting his shorts. "T-Thank you… But w-why d-did you h-help me?"

"Why would I not help you?" Ibara asked confused, the sting of her father's blow starting to subside. "You were in need of help; help I could provide. It would be sin not to help you!"

The child got up, smiling lightly but flinching from the pain in his leg. Ibara helped him stand. "E-Even though I'm not r-religious?"

Ah yes, he had explained to her while he had been crying with pain earlier he was merely a passer-by. Despite his disbelief, she smiled at him. "There is nothing more to say on that matter. I cannot presume to change your mind when I hardly know you. Whether you believe or not, that is no reason to treat you any differently, especially in matters of health and respect. Love thy neighbor as thyself."

For some reason, the smile the boy gave her was sad. Before he could say anything though, a voice called out. "IZUKU! THERE YOU ARE!"

The boy's mother, Inko, had arrived then and after being caught up on what happened she had taken her son with her, thanking Ibara profusely for what she did.

The young girl had walked back into the church after that with a smile on her face, despite her 'illegal' act. She believed wholeheartedly in what she had told him. She held that 'rule' closer than anything else.

… It would be a short few years later when her father broke it and changed her view of him and her mother forever.

"Father, please! Just call a taxi. You're not at all in the right state of mind right now." A twelve-year-old Ibara pleaded to Tonchiki, whose gait was off as he walked down the street. He was barely managing to stay on his feet as he staggered along.

"S'not a prooobleem, Ibaaraa!" The man slurred, reaching into his pockets and taking out his keys. "Loooook! Hereee's the- hic - caaar."

The man dropped his keys into the grass suddenly.

"Father… That's a gate into the park…"

"Oh…" The man said simply, trying to bend down to pick up the keys and pushing his body into the gate. "Ow!"

She sighed, rubbing her hands against her face in frustration. She had been walking home from some personal time alone at the church, when she'd stumbled across her very drunken father and his equally drunk friends.

He apparently had been on his way to come get her when he'd bumped into his old buddies. One thing led to another and soon he'd gone through several pints with his friends.

"Here, I gotcha buddy." A new masculine voice said and Ibara looked over to see a man with plain brown hair in a suit, who grabbed the keys and gave them to her father. "Hey, do I recognize y-"

"Fukuuui?! Is that youuuu?"

Ibara was confused. Did her father know this man?

"Tonchiki?!" The stranger asked, a hint of fear and worry in his voice.

"It is you, you worthless piece of crap!" Ibara's father laughed as she gaped, unable to believe what he had just said. "Had any luuuck on thaaat career of yours- Oh nooo waaait! I forgot, you're a poweeerless loseeer no one would eeever emploooy!"

"…I see you're the same as ever…" Fukui sighed, backing away. The vine haired girl hated how the 'powerless' man seemed to be shaking, ready to run away from the same man who had taught her to be kind to everyone.

"How's thaaat wiiifee you don't haavve?! Oh right she isssn't with youuu cause no one wouuuld ever go with a quirklessss like you!" Tonchiki laughed cruelly. Fuki turned and began to run away, clearly not wanting to be anywhere near this. "Yeah, run! It's aaalll you weeere ever good attt!"

Ibara felt like throwing up. She wasn't an idiot nor as naïve as one might expect. She knew what alcohol did, lowering people's inhibitions.

Her father's words and actions spoke to his character…

Did he truly hate quirkless people like that? This was the first time she'd ever seen him interact with someone quirkless as far as she was aware. They were so rare nowadays that she'd never had a chance to see his thoughts on them up close but this…

There was nothing about this that made sense. Her one rule she followed above all the others, her main rule the man himself had taught her had just been so thoroughly violated in front of her…. She had no idea what to do.

Eventually, the two walked home once Ibara convinced the man to leave his car behind. He'd collapsed on the couch, sleeping everything away like it had never happened…

But the damage was done.

"We're here ma'am." The taxi driver announced, making the vine haired girl look up, torn from her thoughts. With a grunt, she opened her door and got out, walking to the back to grab her bag. 'The fuck did he need to put it in the trunk for anyways?'

She could only deadpan when she opened the trunk up only to find that beside her school bag, which she quickly flung on, there was a bible and a law book. "Oh you gotta be fucking with me…"

With a roll of her eyes she slammed the boot down, leaving behind the books to be taken away by the driver to waste her father's money.

Speaking of wasting his money, she reached inside her right pocket and pulled out five five-thousand Yen notes, walking to the driver side window. The driver opened the window, holding out his hand.

"Three-thousand three hundred Yen please." It had been a short ride overall seeing as she was going from the very edge of one prefecture to fairly close to the edge of another. Her parents would be moving themselves into Musutafu later but they'd sent her ahead for school. She wasn't complaining, seeing as she got away from them.

Instead of giving the man the exact amount, she left him with all five five-thousand Yen notes, smirking at his wide eyes. None of that money was even meant for the taxi, that money was being kept in her other pocket. "Keep the change."

With that, she turned and walked away, feeling good about blowing another hole in her father's finances without him even knowing. She'd have thought he'd stop hiding his wallet in the same place by now, but apparently he was as much an idiot as a quirkist cunt.

A few students looked towards her surprised, but no one said anything as she made her way inside the building, a bell ringing and warning everyone to get to class.

Ibara had already been at the school once before, having been shown by the principal where her classes were and what locker would be hers. As she was stuffing away her items, she heard footsteps approaching.

Then a nasally male voice spoke up. Almost immediately Ibara decided she didn't like whoever it belonged to from his first few words. "Hey look guys! We got a new chick in the school! Bet you I'll have bagged her by the end of the week. What's your name, pr- AH!"

The student had put his hands on the delinquent girl's shoulder, only for her to whirl around and grab him, smashing him into the lockers and throwing him to the ground. "You're not gonna bag shit, so keep your hands off of me."

Several students stared, surprised and shocked at what they just witnessed. The boy's friends were all grimacing or keeping their distance from her after that.

"T-The fuck was that for…" The boy coughed while Ibara closed and locked her locker. Rolling her eyes, the vine girl 'accidentally' stepped on his foot as she walked past.

"The fact you even need to ask. Try learning some respect and how not to be a creep before you talk to me." She suggested, storming off towards her first class. She was one of the first to arrive, the teacher spotting her and guiding her to a seat before they walked off to deal with something.

So Ibara made herself comfortable, kicking her feet up and crossing her arms. She closed her eyes, trying to relax. She managed to for about two or three minutes before she heard a new voice.

"Oi, vine hair." A gruff voice spoke up. Ibara cracked an eye open, seeing a somewhat muscular boy with a buzz cut and a harsh stare. "I saw what you did to Aki outside."

"That's the creep's name? He had it coming." She shrugged, meeting his gaze easily.

"Oh no doubt. He pervs on almost every girl as soon as they come in, you're the first one to really put him in his place. Looked painful." He smirked. "You're the new girl right? You know, everyone gets into a gang here eventually."

"Yeah, I heard something to that effect." Ibara nodded, taking her feet off the table and leaning forward. "I wanted to weigh my options first. I'm not here to waste my time."

"Alright, alright fair enough. Might as well go for the biggest gang in the school then. Dude named Bakugou runs the thing, and no one steps on his toes. Beat the last 'leader' like it was nothing. Every single gang you're gonna find here will give you the same initiation test to make sure you're worth their time, he started it. All you gotta do-"

"Alright everyone! Time for classes to begin. Ikeda get away from our new student and back to your seat."

Soon after that classes began and Ibara sat back with a sigh, paying only as much attention as she needed to, which wasn't much" as she'd already done these modules at her old school.

Left her more time to think about how she'd gotten to this point, her earlier thoughts coming back to her.

"Mother…. I have to ask you something…" Ibara said nervously as she walked into the kitchen where Anaru was cooking. She looked over to her daughter, turning off the oven and walking up to her.

"What is it, Ibara? You look troubled."

Oh, she most certainly was troubled. It was the day after her father had revealed his true colors in regards to quirkless people and Ibara's head had yet to stop spinning.

She didn't want to believe her father was truly like this, she wanted to believe somehow, this was all a misunderstanding. She hoped to talk to her mother about it to get answers… and get answers she would.

"Mother… Last night when I was trying to take father home we ran into a man he seemed to recognize. He said something about him being powerless before proceeding to… shout insults at him, making the man run away."

A look came onto Anaru's face, leaning over the table. "He said these things?"

"He called the man Fukui?" Ibara said, and suddenly Anaru's eyes lit up and a smile came onto her face.

"Oh! Don't worry about him dear. He's just some quirkless, hardly worth another thought!" She said far too cheerfully, waving the issue away. Ibara gaped, watching the woman set right back to work. "I still need to reprimand your father for getting drunk around you though."

The child stared at the table, mouth hanging open as she felt bile start to rise in her throat. After a moment she stood up fast enough she almost sent her chair flying as she ran for her room, shutting the door forcefully and dropping onto her bed.

She had just called him 'some quirkless' like he wasn't even human. It was sickening. She didn't even care about how he was treated.

It was wrong! Everything she'd ever learned, everything they taught her told her that man deserved none of what her father had delivered unto him. It was sick!

If anything… her parents deserved that for how they treated him!

With a start, she realized the thought she just had and drew her legs up to her chest, closing her eyes. This wasn't right, she wasn't supposed to be thinking like this about them.

She was taught to respect them as the Bible said, but how could she…

How could she respect people who would break the other rules she had always been taught to live by?

How could she trust the Bible if her parents did as well and they still did that to a quirkless man who had done nothing to them?! It made no sense… It went against itself…

It was then, Ibara's faith started to crack.

It wasn't instant, but overtime the good pure Christian girl Ibara began to fade away, getting more and more suppressed every day.

She'd tried for a while to restore her faith, reading the Bible in its entirety multiple times over. Instead of affirming her faith, she found more questions, more contradictions and it died more and more.

Of course, it didn't die entirely. She'd grown up her whole life as a Christian, there were some things that could never be removed from her such as the belief that God did exist…

But the teachings of the Bible itself she stopped following more and more. Her parents had followed it and yet still they had ended up like they were. She didn't feel comfortable continuing to listen if she was just doing the same as them.

She didn't want to be like them, she wanted to be as distanced from them as possible. She stopped listening to their instructions, stopped doing as they told her and soon a delinquent was born.

It started small, with occasional retorts that challenged her parents authority, that soon began appearing in school. Words turned into actions against certain people. A teacher abusing his power suddenly finding Ibara's foot in their path and crashing into a wall, her father's coffee being spilled over his breakfast, stuff like that.

She'd burned her old clothes as well. That had actually been kinda sad for her as she loved some of those dresses, but it ensured her parents could do nothing when she replaced them all with outfits they would never approve of.

Short shorts, knee-high boots, mini-skirts, fishnet leggings and all other kinds of clothes that her parents hated. She had also started sweeping her hair all to one side, in a style that gave her a more punk like look.

Ibara stopped going to church and rarely came home on time, almost always going with someone else and disappearing to do something or other.

Her parents would shout at her about respect, about their rules or whatever drivel Ibara tuned out before she'd walk out the room while flipping them off.

The pure Christian girl they had tried to raise was gone.

Ibara had several questions about this 'test' as she walked into the schoolyard during lunch, spotting her target sitting on his own beside the wall. He had freckles, messy green hair and seemed to be almost on guard, as if he was expecting someone to come after him.

Based on what she'd been told to do, if he knew what was coming, that made sense. She'd managed to talk with a few different 'gangs' over the course of the day thanks to her class apparently being filled with people from different ones.

They'd all told her the same thing though, about how she would get into any of them. Eventually she'd even found the Bakugou boy, apparently also known as Katsuki, who had told her the same thing as everyone else.

If she wanted in, she'd have to hurt one Izuku Midoriya both physically and emotionally as badly as she could. She walked away from the first three people to say it, and her curiosity then began to grow.

What on earth had this one kid done to make so many people want to hurt him? That was what she was going to find out now, as she walked in front of him.

"Hey, are you Izuku Midoriya?" she asked, putting a hand on her hip. He looked up, fear in his eyes and Ibara's eyes widened slightly at looking at him. 'Holy shit he's cute. The fuck did he do to piss so many people off?'

"U-Um, y-y-yeah…. A-Are y-you the n-n-new s-student?" He barely managed to force out, clearly struggling to speak and Ibara frowned.

"Yeah I am." She said, not missing how he flinched as soon as she confirmed it. So he knew what she was here to do if she wanted to get into the gangs then. "Relax, I'm not gonna hurt you."

'Yet… or at all, depending on what I find out.'

"Y-Y-You're n-not?" He asked, skeptical as she sat down beside him. She shook her head.

"Nope. I just wanna ask a few questions. Like one, why the fuck does everyone seem to hate you? You hardly look like a threat." She said, raising a brow. He looked down sad.

"I um… d-d-don't k-know…"

"That's a fucking lie." She said simply. She could see it in him. He jumped and looked away.

"S-S-Sorry! Please don't h-hurt me! I'l b-be honest!"

"….Yeah no, something definitely isn't right here. Has everyone here hurt you, Midoriya?" She asked, getting a nod from the boy. "Why? Be honest."

"….I w-want to be a h-hero…" He said quietly, gripping at his trousers. It definitely wasn't a lie this time, though it wasn't the whole story.

"Same." She said with a hum, leaning back against the wall. "So I doubt that's enough to get people all wanting you attacked so come on, what's wanting to be a hero got to do with all this initiation shit?"

"….m quir…" He muttered something very quietly so she only heard a small portion of it.

"Alright, now try actually saying it at a human volume." She said, crossing her arms.

"…I'm…. quirkless." He swallowed nervously, looking away and flinching. Ibara felt a sudden hate start burning in her… but not against the boy.

"I see." She said simply. "That's it? That's what everyone is deciding to attack you for?"

"E-Everyone h-hates m-me here…. C-Cause I h-have no quirk and t-they don't think I c-can be a h-hero… They think I'm s-stupid and w-worthless." He said, shivering. Ibara sighed. "I j-ju st want to h-help people... M-Make them feel s-safe…"

Well, she'd made up her decision about the gangs. Before she dealt with that though, she could do one nice thing for the quirkless kid.

"I'm taking it no girls ever been nice to you?" She asked, getting a nod from him. She smirked, leaning over and kissing his cheek. His eyes went wide as his face went pure crimson. "Too bad for them, missing out on a cutie like you."

With that she stood up, walking away. Before she left though, she turned back with a smirk. "By the way, that thing about not being able to be a hero? Bullshit. My parents say the same thing because of my attitude and I'm gonna prove them wrong. You're gonna do the same."


"Fuck the system, Midoriya." She said cheekily, before taking off again, leaving the boy gaping. It would settle in a few moments later, when it was too late to go after her.

For the first time ever, someone had supported his dream.

As for Ibara, she made her way back inside the building and tracked down Katsuki again, finding him and his crew in a classroom.

"The fuck was that, Posion Ivy!?" The aggressive blond shouted, setting off sparks in his hand.

"Oh calm down." She tutted, pointing to the window behind him. "The little bitch is getting what's coming to him. Look."

With a suspicious gaze, the blonde turned back around to look out the window. As soon as he did, Ibara's hair raised, individual vines shooting out and grabbing him tight.

He tried to explode them but there were too many for him to stop them all and she threw him into the wall hard, stunning him. Everyone else could only stare in shock, as the strongest of their group was almost effortlessly dealt with.

She walked up to him, glaring down at him. "Like I said, the little bitch got what's coming to him."

She turned, leaving to go find someplace else to chill out. She knew she wouldn't be joining any gangs soon now.

She didn't even spare a glance back as she walked out the room, a single line explaining her actions.

"I have one rule. I only hurt the people who deserve it."

Her parents were devout Christians who turned out to be complete scumbags. She was determined to be the opposite.

Just because she was a delinquent… didn't change the fact she had a heart of gold.