I sit on the porch with a cup of coffee and a pile of files at my feet, notepad perched on my lap.

I know he's coming home today, butterflies sit low in my stomach.

There are the worst days, days when I'm alone, days when I do more worrying than breathing. Days when I wonder if all of this anxiety is worth it, worth the paycheck, worth the lonely nights.

But then there are days like today.

The best days.

The days that Hollow sniffs the warm breeze, his ears pricking up, flicking back and forth like a radar. He trots across the yard, wet nose between the fence palings. Tail pointed and strong, like a beacon. His gait starts to quicken, and he impatiently circles the yard on this glorious green grass where he can run and chase his ball all day long. He is the embodiment of pure devotion and happiness, his bliss heightened inextricably as a car pulls up, and a figure exits the vehicle. He reaches in to grab his duffel bag and slams the door.

Tail speed increases exponentially as the subject walks closer. Tall, wide steps pace towards him and the whimpers quickly turn to excited barks. The wagging of his tail travelling down his torso into a full-body dance, twisting against itself uncontrollably.

He crouches, hand outstretched and bestows pats and scratches on the willing subject who practically coos in delight. After a moment, he stands and turns to me, chocolate eyes melting into mine.

He is home, all of him, after three months of waiting.

Logan walks onto our porch, takes me in his arms and the sweet relief of his skin against mine bursts the butterflies from my stomach, fluttering through my whole body.

Never did I regret climbing out of that motel bed and into his. It forced us to take the chances that we'd longed for. The nook was just an added bonus.

We'd held ourselves back for so long, convinced that love would only hurt, we'd forgotten the best part – that love could heal.

These were most definitely the best days.

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