Our story begins on a quiet night in Metroville, where a young boy was preparing to surprise his mother for Mother's Day.

"Okay. Is Mom on her way back?" Dash asked.

"She's coming into the driveway right now." Violet said, spotting a motorcycle.

"All right, everyone, get ready." Bob said before he cut off the lights.

Almost two seconds later, Helen walked in and the lights suddenly cut on and everyone popped out from behind the furniture and said, "Happy Mother's Day!"

Bob held a thing of blue flowers, Dash had yellow, and Violet had red. Along with them, each one had their own wrapped gift.

"Aw, thanks, guys." Helen said as she gave each of them a hug.

"We couldn't figure out which flowers to give you, so we just got all three." Bob said as they handed her the gifts.

Helen opened each one to find she had gotten a crystal glass vase from Bob, a special marble white swan from Violet, and a very good and detailed heated clay version of her made in school by Dash.

With it, she got a card. She opened it and read, "To a kind, caring and sweet mother. If God had shown us that we would have a mother like you in our futures, we would've cried tears of joy. We believe that destiny brought us together as family and we wouldn't have it any other way. We love you, Mom. Love, Dash, Violet, Jack-Jack, and Dad."

Helen smiled as she cried tears of joy before she wrapped her elastic arms around her family.

"I love you guys." she said.

"We love you, too." the others responded.

"Hey, Mom, you haven't forgotten our tradition, right?" Dash asked.

Helen smiled widely, "Of course I haven't." she said before she hugged him and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"All right!" Dash said as he hugged her back.

Little did the Parrs know, they were being watched.

"That boy might would make an excellent one." said a male voice.

"We best report back to her at once." said a female voice.