Thalia wished it was a dream but it wasn't . Fighting giants in the middle of the night was not Thalias idea for a good night sleep.

Though the hunters and the amazons were working together ,fighting 30 feet giants was not an easy job The giants giants were sent by Orion who has risen back from Tartarus a few days back.

She knew the reason behind why Orion had sent them. Last July , they had tortured him a lot . Also the truth behind his hatred towards Hunters was that he was heartbroken. He had a huge crush on Artemis and wanted her to be his wife. But Apollo Artemis' twin brother saw this and took action. He did not want Artemis to break her pledge she had taken from Hunters herself before making them Hunters. To be unmarried forever.

But right now Thalia could not just stand there and watch her mates fighting 30 feet giants herself. They needed her support . She was the head of the Hunters , they were a team.

She picked up all her tools-a dagger, a bow and some arrows and a celestial bronze sword .

She stabbed two giants in their fat legs and one in his back. Unfortunately a sly giant stabbe her fighting hand and she howled in pain.

She wanted to lie down butt her strong will power did not stop there . She used her non fighting arm and thrust her dagger into the giant's stomach.

Soon she was standing in a heap of dust.

This was the the seventh attack in three days. She started getting frustrated.

For once she started regretting being a Hunter.

She missed her old friends Anabeth, Luke and Percy.

But right now, it wasn't the right time for thinking about her feelings. Not only was it Orion Causing trouble, it was also Ouranous-the first Lord of Sky, who had also risen back from Tartarus. He wanted to take over her father Zeus and rule the world again with his men- the TITANS.

Moreover, she could not get any support from lady Artemis , who was losing power because of Zeus as he was punishing Apollo really hard.

It was like when she was 15 but she had escaped the situation by becoming a Hunter. Now it was like that again. She had to kinda Save the World. "Thalia" , Julia -a Hunter shouted from a distance . A third Cyclopes attack had begun.