"Hey Ugly goo wanna have your head sliced?" Percy called a giant to distract him from attacking their celestial bronze arrow machine which was designed by Clarisse. He stabbed his leg and soon Along with his friends he was standing in a heap of dust.

Suddenly he saw that Clarisse's eyes were full of fear. He looked at the direction where Clarisse's were seeing. Oh man !

Seeing the God of war again was not Percy's idea to relax after killing a hundred giants.

Though he had promised Annabeth to study for passing their College admission test he couldn't have even given a thought about leaving his friends to fight giants by themselves.

So when Ares snarled at him he wanted to smirk but he didn't . He knew that he could be a huge help to defend his first home – Camp Halfblood.

" Oh Boy , isn't Jackson looking cute" Everyone got confused and stared at him.

Seeing everyone giving importance to Percy he said, " Oh you dumb fools! Stop staring him and look at me." His voice was enough to make others bow down before him. His expression looked satisfied and he continued, " I meant he was puppy eyeing me . Enough of it .

My girl Clarisse , I liked your weapon but it is not upto your mark! I expect more from you!"

For the first time Clarisse looked as if she was gonna cry.

Percy couldn't just control himself " Oh the…..Um Ares if you don't wish to help us and have come here to discourage your children then we don't need you"

Ares shrieked " You dare talk to me like that ! Now listen you weaklings, I am gonna pick 5 demigods , 2 from Camp Jupiter and 2 from here. From the other camp I have chosen Frank Zhang and Reyna Are..whatever that is!" He continued " I will give you 3 very powerful weapons in return. Ouranous is back and will be attacking us. We need 5 demigods to spy on them and aware us if they are coming. Orders from Dad . From here I will take " Clarisse , Nico Di Angelo and Connor Stoll"

Suddenly Travis shouted " Sorry to interrupt you the Mighty strongest and the powerful one but Connor can only work if he is with me. I guarantee that I will be a huge help. Anyways 6 will be better than 5"

Ares looked please by his introduction but he shrieked " Shut up you Idiot. But on second thoughts you don't look much of a harm , you may tag along."

Percy looked impressed . It took a lot of courage to interrupt Ares

Then Ares command " Now c'mon you weaklings or I will pluck your tongues off"

The chosen ones rather than walking proudly walked shakingly. Nico checked for his iron sword eventhough it was always at his side. Travis brothers did a not so energetic highfive and Clarisse looked for Ambrosia in her pockets. They looked nervous and Percy could feel dread in their futures but still he decided to stay at camp to help defend . He calmed himself by telling himself that the chosen ones were a strong team.