I've had this idea for the LONGEST time and I just never got around to writing it so here it is, Lab Rats get stuck inside of an IKEA. On my bio I said one of my favorite video games is Roblox and there's a really fun game which inspired me to write this. I didn't want the story to go too fast so here's chapter one which is kinda just getting settled into the idea of the story hehe.

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Bree POV:

We walked into a normal-looking IKEA store to buy a new couch for Mr. Davenport and were surprised at how deserted the place looked. "We are at the right IKEA, right?" I turned to Chase, my voice shaking a little. "I'm pretty sure… I mean, this is the way my GPS sent us." We looked at each other then looked at Adam who seemed completely unaware of the situation. "We should leave." I said and we turned around to go back the way we came from. Chase ran ahead of me since I was dragging Adam who, again, had no idea what was going on. As I neared Chase, I heard a distressed yell and I could see him sprinting back to us.

"Guys," he began, catching his breath,"The door is gone." He tried to steady his breathing. "Wait, you mean like we're lost or the door is like gone from the face of the Earth?" Chase swallowed roughly, "It's gone. We can't get out unless someone comes in and we can find the door." Adam was now paying close attention to the whole conversation and he broke away from my grasp on his arm. "What if we just call Mr. Davenport and try to find the way out?" I was very surprised that Adam had made up that plan. The whole door situation was all in our heads that Chase and I couldn't think properly. "Wow, Adam. That's actually a great idea. I guess being stuck in an IKEA store is messing with my head."

I pulled out my phone and dialed Mr. Davenport's number. It rang a few times before he answered. "Hello? Bree? Where are you guys? It's been three hours." Mr. Davenport sounded both annoyed and concerned over the phone. "Um, well… we have a situation. We can't get out of the IKEA. The door's… Mr. Davenport? Mr. Davenport?! Can you hear me?" I almost yelled into the phone. "The connection is bad. I think we have to hang up…" Mr. Davenport said some other things but was cut off by static.

I couldn't see anyone anywhere in the vast expanse of IKEA furniture and tall, large shelves with large crates. "There's nobody here…" I looked to Chase and we began searching for any signs of life. "Could this be a joke? Maybe they set this IKEA up like a maze for a joke…" Chase thought out loud. I shook my head, thinking why anyone would do this and pushed the thought from my mind. It looked foggy at the ends of aisles and I couldn't see the ceiling, though there were lots of signs hanging around the store. We continued to search for anyone or anything other than furniture and tall shelves.

"Hey look!" Chase said, excited, "There's an employee over there. Maybe we can ask them where the exit is!" We jogged toward the employee and tapped on his shoulder. We jumped back when we saw that the figure was huge and humanoid, with over-sized limbs and uneven proportions as well as lacking a face. Adam began to walk backwards away from the… whatever that was. We walked away and saw a large mound of furniture and heard faint whispers. "Hello?" I called out, my voice echoing out in the silence. "That echoed way too much. And from my calculations, the store's dimensions are off. By a lot." We waited to see if anyone was with us and soon got our answer.

"Up here!" A female's voice called to us. I turned and saw a young woman, maybe in her twenties, at the top of one of the store's many shelves. "You can stay here with me tonight! Hurry!" We ran to the shelf as the lights turned off and we were left in complete darkness. Adam pushed me up to start climbing, then Chase. Adam climbed up after Chase and I heard a voice behind us politely asking us to leave.

"The store is now closed. Please exit the building." It could've been an actual employee but when I made it to the top where the woman was, I saw that it was another humanoid figure, still lacking a face. Once we all made it up, the woman addressed us politely. "I'm Gwen. This is not a normal IKEA as you can tell. I'm a scientist and I was sent here to investigate the area. This is an infinite amount of space, almost like a pocket dimension. Tomorrow we'll make our way to Exchange. This place is dangerous and the employees are too."

"Wait." Chase said, "You said we're in a pocket dimension? How can this be?" He looked at Gwen. "I'll tell you in the morning on the way to Exchange. How 'bout you guys introduce yourselves?" We looked at each other and I started. "I'm Bree, this is my older brother, Adam, and this is my younger brother, Chase. So, what is Exchange?" Gwen looked at me, then at my brothers. "Exchange is a safe place in here, almost like a village. I was there for a few days then I went out to gather information."

We nodded and she smiled. Chase pulled my shirt to look over the edge of the crate we were behind. "We have to get out of here. Without our capsules, our bionics will begin to glitch!" We continued the conversation, pretending to peer into the darkness. "We're gonna have to live in a furniture village for however long it takes for people to find us so I think it'll be a while." I looked at my younger brother. He looked unafraid but I could see that he was scared. I couldn't really see but I just felt his emotions, kind of like a sibling bonding thing.

"Gwen said the employees were dangerous. What if we run into some during the night and we have to use our bionics in front of her and maybe others? We'll definitely glitch and expose our secr-"

"What are you guys doing?" Gwen quietly whispered from behind us. It wasn't an urgent whisper so I pushed the idea that we had done something wrong out of my mind. "Oh, we're just… looking for a clear path that we can take in the morning. Yep…" Chase answered her suspicious question. "Alright," she said, "Just don't be too loud. We don't want the employees to hear us and attack." She scooted back over to Adam to keep him quiet.

Morning came, well sort of. Windows didn't exist in the store and there was no ceiling, just fog. It was 'morning' when the lights turned on, blinding us. "C'mon everybody. Let's go. You'll get used to the blinding lights." Gwen shook us awake and we climbed down the shelf one at a time. When Adam reached the bottom, we took off with Gwen to find food, water, and somewhere to go to the bathroom. We came across a food court with fresh meatballs and each stuffed some in our pockets for later.

"So," Chase began, "Last night you said we're in a pocket dimension… How is that? And you said the employees are dangerous, but only at night?" I looked at the two and waited for Gwen to answer. "You see, Chase, this is a pocket dimension taking the appearance of an IKEA store. In another dimension, this could be a park or a normal store. The employees, I have no idea who or what controls them but they are dangerous and at night, they'll kill any sign of life. It's just their nature."

"I bet they won't be able to kill Chase." Adam said, "He's too tiny so they won't see him!" Chase turned around and looked Adam dead in the eyes. "Adam," he said, "This is not the time for short jokes. We're stuck in a pocket dimension with killer employees. Use your brain, or whatever's in your head, to survive and make plans, not for short jokes." Adam and I were a bit surprised since Chase was usually relaxed and thriving under pressure but he seemed very tense and on edge, which was not like him. An awkward silence came over our group and stayed there until Gwen broke it with, "I see Exchange! C'mon guys, move it!" We ran to a large mound of strategically stacked furniture with a fence over the top. I figured they called it Exchange because the sign that hung above the mound read Exchange and Returns.

Gwen did a strange knocking pattern on a glass table in the middle of the stack and the gate opened just enough for us to squeeze through. "We have three new people joining us today." Gwen told an older man who stood near the door, gesturing to Chase, Adam, and I. He looked at us and told Gwen something that I couldn't make out. We went further into Exchange and saw that there were about fifty people living there. There were beds, plenty of food, and water. Some people were writing in journals that had almost every page filled, meaning some of them could've been here for years. We looked at Gwen since she was the scientist and Adam out of the blue asked a logical question which was the biggest surprise of the day.

"If we're in a pocket dimension, doesn't that mean we're not actually in an IKEA store. I mean from Chase's smart people things he did, this place seems infinite." Gwen gave him a confused look and motioned for him to explain his question. "What I mean is, if we're not actually in an IKEA store, where are we?" Gwen looked a bit uneasy as she answered the question. "I've been here for weeks and doing research. This is not an IKEA as you have discovered but it still is an IKEA store, just endless. If you really want to know, I'm part of a foundation and we look into different sights and this just so happens to be one of them. Guys, welcome to SCP-3008." Those are the last words that were said before the lights turned off, darkness settling instantly.

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