I know this didn't come out for a while but I wrote all of this today. I added two new main characters but they're not Lab Rats characters. Just people I made up. I knew I needed to get this chapter out before 3020 so I cranked Hamilton and sat at my computer and here. :)

Adam POV:

I saw Chase, Gwen, and some other guy go off to see if the big thingy was gone but when they came back, Gwen was freaking out and the buff guy was trying to keep her calm. I looked but, no Chase. "Where's Chase?" Bree asked Gwen. She looked at us with a sorrowful expression, "H-he was t-taken by-" Bree cut her off by dragging me to the edge of the town place.

"We need to find Chase!" She looked sad and scared and angry all at the same time and she was kind of scaring me. "Sure. But uh we really should like wait until the lights come back on… You know?" She nodded, calming down a bit but then it began again, the pounding, the yelling.

We began hitting the employees with weapons we found on the ground and they began piling up again.

"There's gotta be a better way to do this!" I shouted at Bree. I punched an employee in the face (well they don't have faces so is it the face or not? I'm confused now).

"You surprise me again, Adam." Bree said. "You're actually correct about something!" She stabbed another employee with her weapon.

I grabbed a stick and started beating the employees and Bree pushed the ones on the bottom over so the piles would fall. The lights came on and the employees immediately stopped attacking. A bunch of people grabbed big bins and started putting the employees in them to move them away from the town.

"We need to go find Chase. It's light so we should be fine for at least 12 hours." Bree told me and we told Gwen where we were going.

"Please be careful guys. I don't want to lose any more people. Be back before 10 tonight." She handed me a watch that I passed to Bree because I knew I would lose it. She put it on and we were about to go out to find Chase when a girl stopped us.

"Wait," she said, "You're going to find your brother? He was taken by Siren Head right?"

We nodded. "Can I come? My brother was taken as well. By the way, I'm Haley." She said politely.

"I'm Bree and this my brother Adam." Bree introduced us. We took off to find Chase and Haley's brother.

Chase POV:

I woke up in a huge hole. It wasn't too deep but I couldn't reach the ledge and it was very wide. I heard something move and I tensed up, ready to attack, or run. The person who had made the noise was a boy around my age. He stood up and then he looked at me, and I looked at him.

"Hello fellow person who got taken by a giant weird creature thing." The boy said awkwardly. I walked over to him.

"Hi I guess…"

"Since we're stuck here, why not get to know each other. I'm Ethan." He introduced himself politely.

"Hi Ethan. I'm Chase." We shook hands and started having a small conversation.

"Where do you think Siren Head is?" Ethan asked me.

I shrugged, "Honestly, I don't know. Hopefully someone will find us soon or we're dead."

Ethan ran a hand through his brown hair nervously. "Yeah. I've been here for a few days and no one has found me yet. My sisters are back at Exchange."

"My brother and my sister are at Exchange. I hope they're okay." I looked around and found a knife. "This could distract Siren Head if we hit it with this. Or it could just make it angry and want to blow our eardrums apart." Ethan slightly shivered at the thought.

"Hopefully it'll be the first one. I don't want my brain to explode."

We just sat there for a while until an employee walked right into the hole since during the day they had no intent to kill, they wandered mindlessly around the infinite space. I took my knife and plunged it into the employee's chest up to the handle and twisted it around. Ethan looked at me in shock and paled a few tones. I just yanked the knife out of the creature. Ethan just stared.

"What? When night comes it won't think it'll just attack. Better kill it and get rid of it so we can live." I said. Ethan nodded hesitantly. "You mind helping me chuck this out of here?" I asked, motioning at the employee. He grabbed it's legs and I got the top half and we swung it a few times before letting go, the dead employee sailing out of the hole.

Ethan doubled over and threw up, the smell making me feel nauseous. He fell to his knees and wiped his mouth in disgust. "Sorry." He said, "I don't see, well, that everyday." He wiped the sweat from his forehead and stood back up.

We began having a normal conversation again when I heard something outside of the pit. "Shh.. I hear something. Stay silent." I whispered to Ethan. He swallowed hard but remained quiet.

Bree POV:

I jogged ahead of Haley and Adam because I heard voices in the distance. My footsteps echoed around the store and I cringed at how loud they sounded. I came up to a tall shelf and climbed up to get a better look over the area around me. Way off I saw something big on the floor. A hole. I got down and ran back to Adam and Haley.

"Guys," I said, "I see something maybe 50 meters or so from here. Come on!"

We took off as fast as we could go (obviously I didn't use my super-speed) and we got to the hole soon enough. I heard someone shushing and another… vomiting? I peeked over the edge and saw Chase and another brown-haired boy looking around silently.

"Chase!" I shouted. He looked up excitedly.

"Ethan!" Haley shouted. The other boy looked up.

"Haley! You found us!"

I pulled Adam aside. "Adam, I need you to go down there and get Chase and Ethan out of there. Use your super-strength but don't make it obvious okay?" Adam nodded and jumped into the pit.

Adam told Chase what he was doing and Chase told Ethan (but not exactly). Adam grabbed Chase and threw him up into the air. He came sailing over the edge of the pit and I pulled Haley out of the way right before he landed right where she'd been standing.

"Thanks I guess.." Haley said, trying not to laugh at Chase as he stood up and limped over to us.

I heard a gasp as Ethan sailed over us and hit a shelf then fell to the floor. We ran over to him and he stood up, rubbing his head.

"That. Was. AWESOME!" He said between gasps.

Adam came up and I pulled him over again. "I said don't make it obvious."

"But I didn't."

"You sent that poor kid sailing like 20 feet in the air!"

"Well I could've thrown him higher."

I shook my head and let it drop.

"Guys" Haley said, "We really need to make our way back to Exchange. Bree's watch thing says it's 8:34 now. We only have about an hour and a half to get back if we don't wanna die."

"She's right" Ethan said, "We need to get back before 10 or we're pretty much dead."

We started back the direction Adam, Haley and I came and hoped to get back in time.

Haley POV:

After almost an hour of running we had to stop so Ethan could vomit. I looked at his pupils and they were clearly not the same size. Great. Of all the times he could get a concussion, he had to get one now.

"Come on Ethan." I said, "We really need to get back."

He wiped his mouth and looked at me with unfocused eyes, "Well what do you want me to do?"

"Stop guys." The other guy said. Chase? Yeah. "We have to stay together. We're almost back."

Bree looked at her watch, "It's 9:26 now. We have like half an hour to get back." We just stood there. "So let's go!" She said, annoyed.

We started running again and I tripped and landed on my wrist, pain erupting through my arm. Shoot. That's probably at least sprained. Way to go Haley. I stood up and ran to get back with them. I held my wrist and could feel it swelling rapidly.

"You good Haley?" Chase asked me.

I nodded, "Yeah. I think I sprained my wrist though."

"I can check it out once we get back to Exchange." I nodded again and sped up to get in line with Bree. Man, she could run fast.

About twenty minutes had passed and way off in the distance I could see the huge gate of Exchange.

"We're almost there guys! I can see Exchange!" I called.

"It's 9:55. We have five minutes to get all the way there. Come on guys! I know you're tired but we need to pick up the pace." Bree called back. She ran a bit faster and we followed her lead.

The gate got closer and closer and for a few moments I was super confident that we would make it. We were so close! I heard a clanging sound and saw the Ethan had passed out. Chase grabbed him and ran faster. We were almost there. The gate was about 20 meters away and getting closer. I heard something and realized it was Bree's watch. 10 o'clock. We were about 15 meters away when the lights turned off.


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