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Wayne Manor

March 1st 20:55

It has been a week since the Joker captured Nightwing and his lost memories were restored. Even though he is back in to his normal crime fighting life, he could feel that Ric Grayson will always be a part of him, living in the deepest depth of his mind. The incident with the Court of Owls left him awake in the night. Thinking. Thinking if Bruce didn't adopt him would he become the Talon. Thinking if it was truly his destiny. Just thinking about it made shivers dash down his spine. Killing becoming an assassin was against everything he believed. And now he knew it was want his grand-father wanted him to be and that assassin blood runs through his veins .He still couldn't understand. He just discovered Haly Circus hidden truth. It was all a façade, hiding something bigger.

Questions kept bombarding his mind. Is that what his parents wanted? If so why appear now? Will the Talon keep is words? Will he get him or even…kill him? Will knowing the truth change him for the worse? A mountain of questions kept rising.

Bruce and Barbara kept trying to talk to him. They wanted him to move on so they can help. He was thankful for them but sadly they couldn't understand. He wanted and needed answers. Since becoming Ric, he left things in the dark and that got him nowhere and led him to break up with Bea. She couldn't live "the life", it wasn't her. He didn't blame her. She knew and loved Ric, a part of him, not Richard Grayson fully. In order to move on and shape his future, he should understand his past.

Titan's tower

March 1st 21:35

Raven, the mysterious empath, was in the kitchen eating cheesy pizza from the truckload reflecting on the past months.

The team went through rough times after Nightwing got shot. Fortunately, they were able to pass those times and stopped Mother Blood and Donna became the new leader. Luck wasn't by their side as Donna left the team and became under batman who laughs influence. Then all the team, except Raven and Kyle(the green lantern), became infected. They returned to normal but Donna still didn't heal as she was affected the most. It seemed that they can never enjoy a happy moment. They have been trying to get her out of her shell, help her heal. Donna won't answer her calls. She gets and respects that Donna wants to be on her own but that does not stop Rachel from worrying. Somehow she ended up incharge. The reason they chose her was she was Nightwing and Donna second in commaned.

On the bright side, Batman called earlier and said that Richard was ok and that he remembers. When they asked about him in the past, Batman would say that he doesn't want to talk to them or anyone. Dejected,they respected Grayson's choice.

"At least, he was safe, happy and healthy." the Titans thought.

When asked about now, Batman said that Nightwing needed alone time to gather his thoughts. Rachel could see that Bruce was worried about his son even though Bruce hides his emotions. She is an empath after all. What she was sure about is that there is a story behind this. She gathered clues from what Bruce told them before and earlier and came to that conclusion, you can thank Damian for teaching her how to follow clues.

Thanks for reading the first chapter of "Remember". This is related to the Ric Grayson arc in the Dc comics Nightwing 2016 comic series. It is simply the story(from my imagination )of the journey Nightwing would take to discover his past and shape his future and how slowly his relationship with Raven would . Stay safe and healthy.