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Can't keep it in:

In the Batcave, Batman and Batgirl were discussing ways to help Dick. Eventhough he remembers, they feel he isn't the same. They want him to return to the one they knew. They wanted to keep an eye on him especially after the message they received. They agreed it was best to keep Dick in the dark for a while till they figure something out.

Dick knew about the meetings. He knows they mean well but he can't help but wonder do they actually know who he is. Eventhough he is in his twenties, he still doesn't know everything about himself. Walking around the streets of Bl├╝dhaven, he thinks that as he grows old he will discover more about himself so how can Bruce and Barbara help him. It doesn't help that everytime all of them were at the Manor everything seems tense, the only time it wasn't was when they were at the tower. He feels they have been missing this family connection for a very long time.

Titans all sat down as there first official meeting.

Rachel said, "Since this is official, I want Donna to be my co- leader."

"What?!"Donna interrupted.

" Let me finnish, I know that I need someone I can take advice from and you were doing a great at leading us. You cared about the team that's why you were good at it and there will be a lot of bad things we will stumble upon so I need to share that weight with Donna and all of you."

" We are a team and we should act like one and we are friends. We should all rely on one another." She continued.

" I agree, we haven't been the best team," Natasha added.

" And that should start changing ," Megan said.

" yeah dudes, we've been arguing sometimes and not gonna lie that not an a great image or an example for the people."Gar said.

"Fine I'll co lead with you BUT only for a time."

"Cool," Rachel answered.

"Cool now excuse me I have a photo shoot to do."

Megan looked at Rachel, " I thought you wanted her to co lead with you as long as the Titans continue."

" Well we didn't set a specific time did we?" Rachel replied with a smirk.

" Smart," Natasha said impressed.

"Dude,I'm the mischievous one here no changing roles"

"No, you're not"

"I am Natasha"


As Dick was walking in the Batcave he over heard Batman and Batgirl talking.

" It is obviously the Court of owls I mean like the owl talking and the legacy is that dick becomes the Talon but i got a feeling that there is more to it,"Batgirl wondered.

"Look the court of owls have history with Dick that why I need him to be in the side lines. I am sure he isn't ready to jump in action."

" yeah I agree, we need him so if keeping him in the dark is what it is then I'm in." Batgirl replied.

Dick clenched his jaw and fist. He couldn't believe what he heard. He knows that he is still recovering but keeping him in the dark about something personal and related to his family and where he spend the first 8 years of his life. Anger raced through his veins as numerous thoughts raced through his mind. Do they think he is weak? Why do they treat him like that? Don't they trust him? Haven't they ever thought about what he needs and wants?

"No," Dick stormed in. He tried to keep his cool.


"I said no. I want to know now why are you keeping me out of the loop ?"

"I know it is for your own good." Batman stated calmly.

Then, Tim and Jason came in.

"My own good! Seriously, you know what I feel Bruce, cause if you know me as you claim then you I would have not appreciate that! This is my family we are talking about," Dick answered.

"look listen to me-"Bruce started.

"Listen why would I listen when none of you ever did."

Tim stepped in and said, "You're letting your emotions get the best of you again."

"you're joking right. I have always kept my emotions on the side cuz that's what have been asked of me."

"Now that's not true,"

"Not true, I replaced Bruce when he disappeared and I had to put my feelings and thoughts a side and become Batman, for the sake of Gotham and let me tell you I didn't like it.l had to look out for you and Damian cause you guys always fought. Build myself an image again cause people thought I was an imposter and I stayed quiet and did it."

"Don't victimize yourself Grayson YOU faked your death and went to play spy." Jason replied.

"You make it seem like I wanted that. Batman forced me. I didn't want to lie to you."

When no one answered, he continued, " you say I need to listen to you when no one did want to hear me out. I tried to explain but instead I got punched by Jason, Tim wouldn't talk to me and I had to follow Barbara from rooftop to rooftop so I can tell her my side of the story."

"Dick I think Tim is right and by the way I have always been there for you and I-"Bararbara tried to reason with him.

"Not gonna lie, you were always there but never when I needed you the most."

" Yeah when,"

"When blockbuster ruined everything I cared I came search for support and comfort for someone I loved and thought that she loved me back after Haley Circus was set on fire. You told me I can stay but then next morning you kicked me out and I accepted that and apologized for imposing. Sometimes I even wonder if you trust me cause you do say it but sometimes I feel you don't."

" I have always trusted you and never showed the opposite."

"When I was working with Raptor to get info on the court of owls you didn't trust me you told me to go to hell and didn't speak to me for couple of days,"

" I don't know what to say,"

" Now I am not here to make myself look perfect or put the blame on you, cause I know I make mistakes too but I have had it with all of this I kept it in all of the time that I couldn't contain it anymore. It is always about what You want or need. Have you ever just stopped and thought about what I want or needed?"

After silent moment, Dick continued.

"But you know what that is all in the past and i forgive you cause it is what I need and holding a grudge isn't how I roll."

On that note, Dick left the manor with his motorcycle. It felt good that he let it all out but a part of him felt bad for lashing out, he was going to ignore the first time in a long time, he decided not to care and to do what he feels is right, to do what his parents always told him:to fly and follow his heart. He was going to follow that Azararian saying Raven told him in their talk: not to hold on the past but learn from it cause if he held on to it, he will lose a grip on the present.

For tonight, he'll do what he wants:ride in his motorcycle, read a book , binge his favorite series and relax.


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