Ainz Ooal Gown, the master Overlord of Life and Death, proclaimed God of the new world, sits at his desk wishing he could pull out the non-existent hair on his head.

"Man it sucks to be God, so much paperwork!"

Worriedly looking away from the stack of organized chaos, his red gaze falls upon a red leather book on the corner of his desk. The newly printed book seemed harmless, labeled "World History: Grade 8 Edition". It was a hefty school book, thick with both its cover and content, over 600 pages of knowledgeable text if he had to guess. The only notable thing about the book would be it's fine craftsmanship, particularly the runes engraved inside keeping it preserved and clean.

Ainz finally figured that he would check the kind of writing the guardians are writing about their accomplishments in the new world. Yet again the skeleton hesitated his movements, the reason why he had not read it yet is because it terrified him.

"Might as well get over it. Hope they didn't go too far again..."

Ainz Ooal Gown, last of the Supreme Beings, the wisest leader of the 41, an Overlord of Death, and proclaimed by the people as the God of this world. With his vast might, intellect, vassals, and magical power, the continent of the New World was conquered. Through complete political control and powerful moves by his hands and words, The Sorcerer Kingdom has either conquered, vassalized, or outright annexed every opposing nation while bringing prosperity to all under his rule.

In his vast intellect lies the foundation of his complex interwoven and layered matrix of plans, which reach far beyond into the future secured for the next 10,000 years. In his plans he gazes upon a future of having united all races into peaceful coexistence, bring innovation, improve life, and ensure generations ahead will live in a better world. And up to current times, Ainz-sama has through nearly only political maneuvers has brought down the corrupt and biased, and replaced it all with freedom, equality, given rights, security, and finally, peace.

In this book, we will be discussing the dark history of our world and learn all about the events that have led us to our glorious present day.

Table of Contents

0: Introductions: 4 - 20

1: Class Etiquette: 22 - 30

2: Early History: 31 - 89

3: False Gods: 81 - 124

4: Corruption: 126 - 210

5: Rise of Heros: 212 - 266

6: Supreme Beings: 268 - 354

7: Damnation: 356 - 408

8: Equal Rights: 410 -480

9: Equal Law: 482 - 544

10: Modern Times: 546 - 588

11: Brighter Future: 590 - 613

"Oh no! No-no-no! When I said I wanted to have all of my vassals to have basic education, I didn't mean this! This is supposed to be a history book, not a Book of Indoctrination! And crying out loud why is there an entire chapter lesson centered around Damnation!? Demiurge has gone too far, again!"

Letting out a very audible sigh, Ainz closed the book with one hand and set it back on his desk. Looking over to his personal maid of the day, Fifth stared at him digitanily and worridly, most likely thinking she had somehow disappointed him.

"I sigh too loudly again, didn't I? Even though I keep telling them that they have never disappointed me, they still cry tears whenever I get frustrated or do something unkingly. Ugh, acting is so stressful."

"Do not worry Fifth, the cause of my stress is not from you or anything you have done."

"Man, I need another vacation. I haven't felt relaxed since when Zesshi surrendered all the treasures of the Slane Theocracy, including the World Item. And I haven't felt the tranquility of peace since the total annihilation of the Slane Theocracy doctrine and beliefs. All this paperwork and overseeing the court cases is driving me mad! And when Albedo nearly bedded me recently…" *Shivers* "And then Pandora interrupted us and called her his mother!"

Unknown to all but Ainz, a many green blaze flashed over his entire form, eventually calming him down.

"A vacation, the last I had was nearly a year ago. Oh man, not needing to worry about my guardians killing the native population would be fantastic. Yet throughout all of this, I still feel… Alone."

Pondering on that thought, Ainz clasped his bony chin.

"I still have two uses in [Wish Upon a Star], I still could…" A quiet, yet deep growl escaped his bones. "I know better than that, summoning all my comrades would bring only disaster. The terms they left off on from last seeing each other would open many old wounds. Not to mention that I would be stealing them from Earth, severing them from any that they love or care for, even though they hated what Earth had become."

A single nod from himself settled that thought.

"Still on the topic of wishes… I could, no?… Would that even work?… Could I grant Albedo's and Shalltear's wish while combining it with one of the original [Wish Upon a Star] answers? Is that even possible? If so… I would eventually have two new Guardians, them possibly being even more powerful than all of Nazarick itself. If I did this, it would be the most dangerous gamble I've made so far. Wait, oh god… Here I am, only thinking about power and benefits! This is about my Guardians having children, my descendants!"

An unseeable flash of green washed over him.

"Man, ever since I arrived here years ago, my mindset has been so focused on ensuring Nazarick's survival and keeping Nazarick's denizens from killing and oppressing the natives. Have I really lost sight of well… Living life?"

Sadly, his depression was not enough to trigger his undead calming.

"Back to the topic at hand. Ever since arriving in the new world, I know that Albedo and Shalltear have been warring over my bones for becoming my… Queen. It just- Goddamnit! I didn't ask for any of this!"

Collapsing his skeletal hand into a fist, he nearly pounded his royal wooden desk for his inhibitor finally triggering.

"It is completely undeniable, they both love me. Programmed, lore written, or whatever it is, their feelings are real and true and they are alive. Top it all off, the NPCs are spending nearly every second of life attending to Nazarick's interest, my very commands. I spent years maintaining the guild, just wanted to have them come back, see that everything we created still stands against the test of time. Now trapped in this new world, I'm responsible for them more than ever before. Ahhh..."

Unknown at all but himself, pale green light calmed him once again.

"Its pure embarrassment, changing Albedo's settings was a mistake, a violation on my part. It is now one that I must live or rather unlive with… And Shalltear, even with how Peroroncino made her, she is now real, and her feelings are just as profound. She herself said I was 'An incarnation of beauty. You are the most beautiful person in the world'. She would only say that if it were how she truly felt."

Ainz relaxed his shoulders, sat back, and looked up at the ceiling of his royal office.

"Man, it really is my own embarrassment and fears holding me back, isn't it? Two perfectly crafted women, 100% loyal, willingly loving me with their entire body and soul… If it weren't for the fact that they are complete psychos and hate everything outside of Nazarick, I think things would be different."

Pausing on that thought, the Overlord of Death flipped a bit through the red history book and then set it aside.

"Honestly, my selfishness and fears are in the end torturing them. They unconditionally love me to the bottom of their hearts, and I continuously put their dreams aside… Besides my own personal feelings as they are technically my friend's children, well… If they stopped treating and thinking of me so highly god-like then I'd give it a shot. If I even do end up doing this and it works, I would become a father of two children, possibly two incredibly and brokenly overpowered children…"

Ainz had to admit, the thought of power and resources he could gain from it was overly tempting. Then he reminded himself that 'Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.' And he very well ruled in absolute. So he stopped those thoughts, not letting any form of greed blind him.

Keeping to his kingly mindset of 'Deals made must benefit both of parties somewhat fairly and ends up benefiting or contributing to the progress of Sorcerer Kingdom.' So far that mindset has reached leaps and bounds with people, increasing progress in not only business, but every aspect of government and life.

"If the wish was granted in full to the letter, I would have nothing to worry about in the resources department, at least in the future. Even with Pandora's Actor spawning in gold to keep respawning Nazarick's forces, if we continue at our spending of Yggdrasil Gold we will run dry eventually. And items with properties above 6th Tier are as seen so far impossible to recreate without the spending of Yggdrasil Gold. Also this world doesn't have the high level monsters to hunt, the prismatic ores to mine, nor the other bountiful Yggdrasil resources to make any of these items naturally."

"Okay focus, doing this I'll finally grant them what they want, satisfying them hopefully. And at the same time, it gives me two new powerful investments to ensure the future of the Sorcerer Kingdom. I'll have something to occupy my time from paperwork, become a father… And I will… I will do my damndest to give these children the important things I never had."

Assuring himself that this was not only a good plan, it is a necessary one for Nazarick's survival. Steeling his resolve and focusing on the objective, the Overlord of Death raised from his dark chair.

"Fifth, go summon Albedo and Shalltear to the throne room, I will be waiting for them." Teleporting without another word, Ainz now sat in his Throne of Kings and didn't need to wait long till the two world beauties came politely rushing through the large ornate doors. The True Vampire and Succubus nealt before him at the base of the stairs in perfect sync.

"You summoned us, Lord Ainz." They said in unison.

"Anyone besides Albedo and Shalltear, leave this room immediately. Including all of the Eight-Edge Assassins. I need to have a private talk with these two. That is an order, leave now."

Hearing his firm command and undead burdening presence, the two Floor Guardians shivered in anticipation, both fearful and wondering as to what was to come. The large gate sized doors opened and closed quickly, the spider like assassins reluctant, but swiftly left as ordered.

"Now Albedo, Shalltear, I think it's time we get to the point of this long awaited matter."

"What matters are you talking about... My Lord?" Shalltear asked both curious and just as nervous.

"The matter at hand, about your true desires." Ainz instantly noted the crazed and pleasured look the two now radiated, or rather relaxed out on their faces.

*Ahem* "As I was saying, I know that both of you have time and time again expressed not only your devotion, but your love for me." Both Demoness and Vampiress began to shake with lustful anticipation.

"And with all threats known to Nazarick eliminated and all people subjugated to assure our total dominance on the continent, I believe it is time I rewarded you with what the two of you truly want."

Even in the grand and overy spacious throne room, the temperature was getting noticeably hotter with their panted breathing as he said that.

"I now deem and have decided that should you wish, we can develop our relationship to you two possibly becoming my Queens… And once we deem the time is right, you both will bear my children. Albedo shall birth my son, who will surpass World Champions and will inherit the throne of Nazarick. Shallear will then birth my daughter, inheritor to the new title of becoming Nazarick's Warmaster, acting as the super weapon to defeat entire world level threats."

Suddenly, Ainz felt the effects of forced teleportation. Looking around, he finds himself in his room. Okay, that's unexpected. Next thing and the most shocking thing is that Albedo, Shalltear, and himself are naked.

It was at this moment that Ainz realised that he had fricked up… And now is about to be literally fricked up.

It is rumored that a while ago before these events took place, Albedo borrowed a magical wand from the treasury. A Legendary wand with the spell to temporarily disable all to mind resistance, restrictions, and limitations. This magic also could bypass and disabled Ainz's Emotion Inhibitor. So for the first time in years as an undead, Suzuki Satoru felt human again. His logic, fears, and resistance to their advances are completely overwhelmed with the sensation of real pleasure.

And that is how Ainz Ooal Gown, the master Overlord of Life and Death, proclaimed God of the new world, was trapped in his room satisfying two unrelenting women for nearly four days straight. Then only after that timeframe to be rescued by all of the Eight Edged Assassins and the Floor Guardians Demiurge and Cocytus.

On the end of the sixth day (fifth day spent recuperating), [Wish Upon a Star] was used in a greatly detailed wish. A wish that birthed a Vampiress more powerful and adaptable than Shalltear, on par with powers of World Items. A wish that birthed a Demonic Undead hybrid, a son with the full powers of an World Administrator, without any restriction or consequence.

That wish was granted.

And thus, the stories of the Inheritors begins.