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Young 15-year-old Dylan Hendrix blinked with amusement as his father began to explain the machine in front of him and the group.

"This hydro cryogenic converter will revolutionize energy… by converting water, ice… really any liquid element like that, into clean, safe energy… I'd like to toast Mr. Wayne for financing this endeavor, as it would never really have gotten off the ground." he stated before looking at his son.

Dylan rolled his eyes and went to wave before noticing something in the distance.

It was the glint of a rifle; Dylan went to speak up before a crack of sound was heard.

The bullet bounced around the machine before striking his father in the chest. Dylan ran towards his father.

"DAD, DAD!" Dylan rushed to his father's side before looking up to see the machine that his father had helped built blink with shock.

The machine whirled before starting to break down while the fusion generator that was powering the prototype fell into the water next to him. the young teen helped his wounded father away before more whirling was heard.

This was before the machine exploded, the bullet having pierced and damaged the internal components. Dylan was flung backwards by the detonation of the machine.

The teen fell into the water as the fire and explosion of the converter started to consume the building.

The sniper walked away into the storm, if anyone known him? his name would be obvious.

Floyd Lawton: Deadshot, paid by a rival group to sabotage the project.

Dylan screamed as pieces of the machinery collapsed into the water. He started to fall apart, literally and vanished under the water. The water grew silent as Dylan's body, subjected to both the radiation of the generator and the chemicals of the converter ripped him apart.

(1 hour later)

"And the tragedy that would befall the unveiling of Gabriel Hendrix's new converter, financed by Wayne Industries…" Bruce heard and turned off the news.

The fires were still raging within the building and while Bruce had attempted to gain entry, the fire had consumed most of the building.

Despite this, the detective knew for a fact that the act wasn't an accident. He had met with Gabriel several times; the man was very nice and caring.

Among the dead was Gabriel's son, Bruce planned on finding the scumbag who would stoop so low to destroy a piece of machinery and kill over a dozen people.

It was then one of the few cameras left in the building showed movement… coming from the water.

(At the Expo)

Bubbles came from the water as the figure slowly as the figure dragged himself to the railing.

A watery hand grabbed the railing before slightly deforming. The figure still dragged himself onto the floor of the demonstration.

This was Dylan… or at least, what was left of the teen. The creature that had once been a young teen went to take a step before collapsing to the ground as his 'legs' fell to the ground.

He looked around at his father before noticing he was alone within the building… or at least, there was less people.

Rescue workers were still putting out the fires, he guessed. The figure tried to raise himself again.

It was then he collapsed into water again… since his entire body had been contaminated.

He collapsed into a puddle again and groaned before looking around, none of the fires were close enough to him… and the explosion hadn't damaged the building enough to destroy it.

Dylan went to grab the railing again before his hand started to bubble and fell to the ground.

Dylan panted in exhaustion; each breath felt like trying to gulp down muck through a straw.

He heard noise before his entire body collapsed into the puddle which formed his body.

Dylan had no idea he had been targeted, or rather his father was… with the death of many of the people just being a bonus to leave less witnesses in the building.

He had no idea that Batman was on his way… that his father was dead, and that a new villain of Batman was in town.

The city of Gotham though had no idea that a new figure was in town…

He would be known as Waterspout.

Author notes

Phew, another chapter done! I want to point out I don't know if Batgirl is a major part of the story… but Poison Ivy is. Next chapter will be on the next Friday or so and will show Waterspout meeting Batman and getting his costume along with showing off a lot of newer villains. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!

Ps: I'm making a Harley Quinn story soon.