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Waterspout was slowed down by the inmates. They were easily defeated by him though with simple blasts of water… at least the ones without powers.

It seemed like only one or 2 of the more dangerous super villains, he hadn't seen Croc, Bane… whoever was behind this breakout wasn't going to let the animals. The criminals that could destroy everything were still locked up.

Waterspout felt led by pure emotion to the cell, pausing only to make sure the guards were able to or were handing the criminals.

He knocked out a final 2 before hearing the screech of pain, a scream that made him form his hand into a blade as he turned the corner.

Beyond the reinforced glass and door stood Ivy, getting pumped full of chemicals into her mutated body. The being in front of her wore a lab coat and a very creepy but cheap sack like mask.

"Come closer and the toxin I've place within her will rip apart her biology so badly even the healing factor she has won't recover from it." The man stated, clearly insane to the point of chuckling like Joker.

"And you are?" He asked before crossing his arms, trying not to portray any emotion.

He could clearly see that it was Crane, the name tag gave it away… the needle was held to her neck like a gun, liquid slushing around in it. a single drop hung over her neck.

"Someone looking to shine a lot on the cesspool of Gotham, starting with Ms. Isley." Crane's mask was mutilated with a knife.

Waterspout could feel all the emotions going through Ivy, none of which were fear. She was only worried about why Waterspout was here… and even then, her focus turned more to the plants outside.

"All I see is a psychopath trying to experiment on someone clearly in need of a good doctor." Crane's needle hovered closer.

The sounds of combat drew quiet… Crane should have released more; his work would be undone now.

"And what are you? you think she'll heal? She's broken… I can see it." Waterspout heard from Crane as Ivy rolled her eyes.

He didn't want to do anything that would cause the girl to get hurt, ecoterrorist or not, she was a teenager, it was disgusting for her to be killed by such a depraved man.

"Crane, put the syringe down, there's no way you walk away from this without a pair of handcuffs on." Waterspout knew he was dancing with fire, even the slightest move was lethal.

Crane looked down at the subject of interest, he needed her blood for his work. Who cared if she died? She was a monster; he would be a hero.

This was more then enough time to shed the suit and slip through an air hole on the door.

He slammed into Crane, knocking his needle to the ground where it shattered over the ground.

"NO!" Crane produced a knife from his coat and started trying to strike Waterspout with it.

Waterspout dodge a few slices. He then punched Crane across the room, causing blood to leak from his lips.

"Delicious…" Crane continued to try and cut at him again.

Waterspout fired a blast of water which knocked Crane into the gurney, knocking his knife out of his hand. A vial of green liquid, blood he had taken from Ivy before she healed, fell to the floor.

"You're not very sane, aren't you?" Ivy deadpanned before looking at the blade close to her foot.

"I'm the toxin Gotham needs to clean out the gutter crash… you act like this woman didn't try to destroy an entire company and kill the commissioner, yet your defending her!" Crane chuckled while producing a gun from his coat.

"This fight is over, Crane…" Neither Crane nor Waterspout noticed Ivy grasping the knife with her foot, passing it to her hand with her toes.

"No, fear is eternal, my dear boy… you're getting in the way of research into how these inmates tick." Waterspout shook his head.

Waterspout dodged a trio of bullets before Crane aimed towards the defenseless girl who was strapped to the table.

"Move and she dies." Crane was so occupied that she didn't notice Ivy sit up before flipping behind the table and knocking it into Crane.

He collapsed to the ground. Waterspout knocked his weapon away from him before pinning him to the wall with a watery hand.

"Stupid children…" Waterspout slammed his other hand into Crane's face, knocking him unconscious.

"There…" Waterspout let the man slump to the ground and turned to Ivy. Neither noticed him land next to the vial of Ivy's blood which mixed with

That was when Batman and the officers arrived, seeing that Waterspout was ready to fight Ivy as well.

The damage was done, Scarecrow was born.

And the consequences would lead to war.

Author notes

Phew, another chapter done! I want to point out Ivy is going to turn goodish soon. next chapter will be in a week or 2 and will show Waterspout with the aftermath of the fight for Arkham… I am going to make events slower from here on out. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!

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