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Waterspout sighed and tried to reach out through the mental link again. It was weak. Waterspout heard from the GCPD whatever junk Crane put in Pamela's system? It had hurt Ivy, but her body was fighting it off.

"You have so much potential and yet your throwing it away." Waterspout stated over the link. "What do you expect to happen to your plants down the road? Nature feeds on itself to survive, there's a food chain for a reason." Waterspout said while waiting for a response.

"Your siding with humanity over what?" Ivy responded as Waterspout held up one of his hands. Water slushed and gargled around his limbs. "Data and charts? How much life on this planet do we lose because of humanity? They'd be extinct within the next few decades." Ivy added while Waterspout hummed and let out a chuckle.

Or at least as much of one as his mutated lungs would allow.

"Maybe, but everyone is flawed, Ivy." Waterspout stated while crossing his arms. "You want to help nature, but all your doing is damaging the food chain… You want to be Gaia's wrath, but your little more then a dagger to her." Waterspout said while cracking his neck. It hurt him, but the pain slowly ebbed away.

Waterspout really was less human now… Or at least, he felt far less human in appearance.

"Nature needs guardians…" Ivy stated as Waterspout rolled his eyes. "You are one of them, aren't you?" Ivy questioned, Waterspout sighed and turned to the side.

"I guess we're have to finish the nature talk when I visit again, Ive." Waterspout said and shut down the link.

He couldn't say anything. Ivy was sick, but they could help her. She hurt people, but they could get her out of this hole.

(With Batman)

Waterspout and Ivy flashed on the screen; it was clear both of them were similar… But he was trying to figure out how they intersected like this.

"Master Bruce?" Alfred questioned before raising an eyebrow. "While I am glad that your taking Ms. Isley and Mr. Hendrix's cases seriously? I would like to remind you that both are not posing any danger to the city currently." Alfred added as Bruce turned to face her.

"Perhaps, but their physiology is linked." Bruce said while gesturing to the screen. "Their biology is so similar that they possess a link. Maybe nature based, or maybe it's based off their power… But they can talk to each other. Their reaching for each other." Bruce said as he pointed to the screen.

"So Master Hendrix and Master Isley are linked?" Alfred questioned as Bruce shrugged and hummed.

"In a mental way? Yes." Bruce said while tenting his fingers. "They can sense each other somehow and feel when one another is in danger. Dylan can track Ivy anywhere in Gotham she goes because of this link… That's why he knew exactly where Ivy was after getting his powers." Bruce stated with interest.

Bruce needed to look more into this link. If Ivy had a chance of redemption? Then he could get one less supervillain off the street.

(With Waterspout)

Waterspout stood on the roof of his family home. Gotham looked different the more he stared at it every day.

"There's going to be more problems soon…" Waterspout muttered to himself, knowing this was a small storm leading up to something. "But what is coming? Waterspout asked himself.

Why would Crane start a riot at Arkham? It doesn't help his research and now he's rotting away inside a prison cell. Someone is trying to make Gotham even worse than it was before.

"Ivy. " Waterspout said while rubbing at his head. "Somehow I feel like this is going to be a much more ridiculous battle." Waterspout muttered to himself.

Waterspout knew that he was connected to Ivy. That meant no matter what their paths would keep intersecting. Still? Waterspout didn't feel like giving up hope Pamela could be turned from the side of evil.

"Nature is a lot of things, Ive." Waterspout said as he clenched his fist. It slowly shaped itself into a blade. "But it's only cruel when people go around messing with it… And I'm not going to take all that fury out on innocent people for it." Waterspout stated to himself.

There was also the fact of finding out where his father's killer was still out there. Waterspout wanted to find out who that was and bring them down.

Still? He had more training to do before he went back into the field. Waterspout wanted to be ready for whatever showed up soon.

Whatever showed up? He would face it alongside Batman and his allies. Until then, Waterspout had to keep training.

Waterspout turned and vanished back into his home. He cracked his neck and went to go get ready for practice with his powers.

Author notes

Phew, another chapter done! I want to point out that Ivy and Waterspout are going to bond more soon. Next chapter will be in 5-6 weeks and will show Waterspout training and Deadshot's boss starting his plan. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!

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