Summary/disclaimer: Time for another chapter of Washed up city. Enjoy the 900-word chapter. I don't own Batman; DC and a few others do.

Batman arrived only to recoil at the destruction around him. he walked among the dead like the grim reaper himself.

"A single bullet did all this, sir? I can only imagine what their families are experiencing…" Batman heard from Alfred while studying the carnage around him.

He knew what they were experiencing, the same thing that made Bruce into what he was now. Batman was about to study a piece of the converter before movement was seen.

Batman turned only to see a being that looked like living water shaped into a humanoid form. The being looked like a human that had been mutated, but was still vaguely human.

The figure looked at Batman with cold icy blue eyes before taking a step forward.

He managed to take 2 more before collapsing into a puddle once more. Batman blinked as the scanners in his cowl found a DNA match to what the water was.

"Dylan?" Batman questioned before the figure strained itself into a humanoid form again. It 'leaned' on the railing as much as it's liquid husk would allow.

While the figure was certainly human, it was beyond what a homosapien could be classified at.

"Batman?" Bruce looked upon the pitiable figure and sighed.

Batman knew Dylan had lost his father, the man had died of blood loss and the destruction of the building only added to destroying what was left of him.

"Sir, the DNA report is yielding some troubling results… it seems the chemicals within the converter mixed with the radiation of the generator for the expert… fused young Dylan with the water… his body is 99% water with only his major organs intact… the poor boy is literally living water." Alfred stated as Batman walked closer.

That was when a tendril of water from the same irrigated reservoir lashed out at him, he dodged it before Dylan collapsed into a puddle.

"And he's able to control water now." Batman deadpanned before realizing something.

The water that had made up Dylan was much smaller; it was almost like part of it had….

He looked over and saw another statue of water smashing open a case, another piece of equipment.

He remembered the suit; Gabriel had invented it to control and work with the energy/water that the converter made.

He watched as the other figure carried the suit over, it was metallic black, with clawed fingers to cut through any ice buildup inside the machine… he could see the blue lights that allowed the suit to function in the dark. It was similar to armor… but had no ears, several tubes that reminded him of snakes were connected to the arms and 2 into the glass visor 'mouth'

A feature to work underwater. Dylan groaned as the suit popped open and pulled himself inside.

As soon as the first bits of water entered, Dylan was able to push himself entirely into the suit.

It powered up, being fueled by solar panels built into the spine during the day… and a reactor ran off the energy at night.

The suited Dylan looked at Batman and was able to walk around the room, akin to a man with a cane.

"This is freaky as anything, I'm still screaming inside." Dylan turned to look at Batman.

The suit reminded him of something he would have made, it was clearly a prototype, Gabriel did always express interest in modifying the gear.

"Attention all units, there's been a 10-80 at Arkham Asylum, massive explosion and multiple escaped inmates." Batman went to look at Dylan to reassure him he'd be back for answers.

It was then he noted that Dylan was gone, exited out one of the few undamaged doors.

"I believe the sentence your looking for sir… is 'this is going to be a long night.'" Alfred snarked before Batman fired his grapple.

"Can you track the signature of Dylan's suit?" Batman questioned, already guessing Dylan had heard the broadcasts from his cowl.

"Yes… and he's heading for the botanical guardian. I believe both Mr. Cobblepot… and Ms. Isley are headed there as well." Alfred sounded panicked at this.

Bruce knew better, Dylan wasn't a criminal… but he was probably going there for somewhere to hide, or study his powers.

Still? Bruce couldn't worry about that at the moment, he had from the look of his cowl?

Joker, Firefly, Mr. Freeze, Bane, and Killer Croc at least to deal with.

Dylan was living water, Batman doubted Ivy would hurt him… plus he had Batgirl to help out with that.

"Inform Gordon of the botanical guardians… I have to play cops and robbers." Batman deadpanned as he retreated out of the building.

Bruce had no idea how the meeting between the mutated Dylan and Poison Ivy would go... or what Dylan had become.

He would at the end of the day, however, when he found out who attacked the Asylum.

Author notes

Phew, another chapter done! I want to point out I was originally going to do a poll for Batgirl and Ivy… I'm going to do an Arkham Knight story for Batgirl. Also? Waterspout isn't nonhuman, he can turn back into a human body later. Next chapter will be on Friday or so and will show Dylan meeting Ivy and their first battle. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!