Summary/disclaimer: Time for another chapter of Washed up city. Enjoy the 900-word chapter. I don't own Batman; DC and a few others do.

Waterspout had the advantage that his body didn't tire. It didn't require sleep, only light nourishment and some food.

It was why he could keep dancing around Freeze, he continued to barrage him with blasts of water, trying to unbalance him… to create an opening, it just took one.

But the same went both ways, if Freeze landed even one blast on him? he'd be turned into a frozen statue that couldn't be freed on his own power. it was a fate worse than death for someone who's body was made purely out of water.

"You're going to lose sooner or later." He stated, Waterspout needed to get inside. He had to fight through this.

All those staff? The cops? Ivy? They'd be murdered if he didn't stop this. he almost wished batman was here.

Waterspout got his wish as a Batarang whistled through the air and managed to knock the man off his feet. He turned to see the caped crusader in a white suit.

He didn't question it; Batman was a man dressed in a bat suit… he was literally water on legs. It wasn't really fair to judge a book by its cover considering he would be calling someone weird… when he qualified for the top spot on that list to begin with.

"Batman. I should have known you'd be behind the kid coming here." Waterspout shook his head and took the time to lash one last water blast at Freeze.

Batman could handle Freeze, he had backup. Waterspout knew the same couldn't be said for the defenseless orderlies or the police inside, probably getting beaten to past by bane or some other super criminal.

He smashed through the high security door, eager for a scrap as he was met by a hail of gunfire.

If it was Batman? It would have hurt, a few shots got through his suit, but he was quick to pull the scorching metal out of his body and dropped the rounds in front of him.

The thugs watched as the figure strode forward, blasting both of them into the wall. The heat from the bullets did hurt, but the pain was soothed by his own body.

He was beginning to enjoy the feeling of being bulletproof… at least that helped mitigate the idea that he couldn't enjoy foods like hamburgers and hotdogs and other such delicious food that would never again grace his taste buds.

Then again? He doubted he would care… he cared now, but the longer time went on? he'd sink into the pit of realizing that his curse was a blessing as well

More thugs, this time deciding to try and beat him with pipes, probably torn from the wall or a heater or something similar.

He stepped back, forming his hand into a blade as the nanotechnology within the suit shifted his armor away. The thugs backed down a little, not expecting their victim to have his own way to fight back.

"Would you care to fight anyway?" He asked, knowing they'd take the bait… they did, he easily repelled them, their pipes bounced off the suit, and he sliced through their weapons like butter through a knife.

It scared him how powerful his powers made him, though he doubted he was unstoppable.

"Fry!" A burst of flames came at him and Waterspout hissed in pain as the flames washed over his body, burning at the parts of him still human.

It was enough to tear an inhuman growl of pain from his body as he slowly climbed to his feet and stared down Lynn.

Firefly continued to blast at him as Waterspout raised a hand and grabbed at the sprinklers above them. he needed more water. The burns wouldn't easily go away, they weren't normal fires.

He ripped one of the heads off the device, dousing the entire floor in glorious rain as his eyes traced the pipe to try and find a way to trigger them all.

Firefly was joined by a figure fitted with a very snazzy and fancy suit that didn't befall a criminal of his caliber.

Penguin, Waterspout was beginning to tire of this insane jest to try and find Ivy and more hostages before they were killed. They had to have someone here to hold against their will, right?

Did villains even take hostages anymore, his body tensed at the question.

That was all the time it took for a burst of flames to erupt from Penguin's umbrella. Waterspout walked backwards, growling in pain like an animal as the burning sensations continued. They had to stop or the flames would consume him.

He scanned the sky and saw the sprinklers over his shoulder. He launched a blast aimed at ripping the pipe apart. A single douse would change….

He was rewarded with fresh, pure water… he grinned as he was able to stand up.

He launched a water blast.

Author notes

Phew, another chapter done! I'm sorry for it being short, I will make longer chapters when I have time. next chapter is going to end up being in a week or so and will show Waterspout running into Crane and show more of Ivy and Waterspout's connection to each other. Until then, Lighting Wolf out!

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