Donald Davenport let out a sigh of relief as he briefly met the front camera of his cell phone, focusing on the bags under his eyes. "Eh, it's been worse" he said to himself with a chuckle. The inventor had just spent the entire night awake, fumbling about the lab at the academy. This time however, he wasn't staying up late to work on a project. It was something that, in his opinion, was arguably just as important and rewarding. That said, he'd never tell anyone else what he felt.

Knock knock knock knock

Davenport jumped, his thoughts interrupted by the sound of someone at the door. The second he opened it, the Davenport man was embraced by a teenage girl's hug. "HEY BIG D!" she greeted , flashing him a smile. "Shhh- and it's good to see you too Katherine" Don replied. Kitty nodded and bit her tongue. "Is Subject L still in bed?" She asked in a hushed tone. He glanced at his smart watch, "yeah, his alarm should go off in approximately ten minutes. Can you go and gather everyone?" The Wyatt girl mumbled a "sure" and left the lab to go get the other Davenports, Spin, Bob, and the folks from Mighty Med. She walked quickly, knowing she was on a time crunch to get everyone back to the common space.

The Davenport man grabbed what he needed- the birthday present, and hurried to the common area as quick as his rather short legs could carry him. Kitty had gathered the rest of his family and friends very efficiently, in fact he was impressed. "Nice job" he flashed the girl a grin. Don then turned his attention back to the small but mighty birthday present that was tucked in his pocket. He decided to try to wrap it, his hands fumbling through the wrapping paper and tape. "Given that I build things for a living this should be simpler" he said to himself with a huff. "Hey I think it looks fine, he'll appreciate the effort even if it looks like a toddler did it." Don then noticed that Bree had heard him, "heh, thanks for the reassurance" he replied, scratching the back of his neck. His daughter smiled back at him.

"Mr. Davenport, we have two minutes till go time" Chase tapped him on the shoulder. "Right, okay. Places everyone!" The inventor announced loud enough to get everyone's attention but quiet enough to not wake the birthday boy. Everyone squat down or hid out of sight. Don could hear his son's footsteps getting closer and he felt excitement bubble in his belly. He wiggled his toes, trying to keep them from tapping and making noise come from behind the counter where he was hiding. Silence filled the common area. Everyone was waiting, everyone wanted this to work.

It's been about seven years since Tasha and her son moved into his home, making it theirs too. Marrying Tasha, along wirh combining her family and his was the best decision Donald Davenport ever made. The Dooley boy changed his life for the better over these seven years. It was him who gave Adam, Bree, and Chase the normal teenage experience. It was he who gave Don the kick in the butt he needed to be a proper father. It was he who often reminded him what really mattered, and what was important. After seven years of (probably) awkward birthdays, the Davenport man had a gut feeling that the boy's 21st would be one to remember. The door opened with a creak. 'Subject L' closed it behind him. "Hello?"


Leo squealed as his family and friends revealed themselves from their cover, almost in unison. "Thanks guys" he said with a happy chuckle, as his heart went back down his throat. Don looked on as everyone gave him birthday hugs and wishes. He smiled when he saw how delighted Leo and Kitty looked to be in each other's company again; they haven't seen him since Christmas. Seeing them happy made the long hours of convincing the Wyatt girl's father to let her come to the island was worth it (despite the fact that she is nineteen years old). The Davenports and the others sat around the couches as Leo opened his gifts.

Once all the gifts were opened, he tapped his dad on the shoulder. "Hmm?" Don looked at his son. "I- this is the best birthday ever, thanks Big D" Leo put his arms around Don, wrapping him in a huge hug. "You're welcome, I'm glad you liked your surprise" he replied; realizing that Leo knew exactly what he needed to hear. The Dooley boy smiled and was about to join the others again but his dad called out, "wait!". He turned his attention back to Don. His dad gave him the tiny, poorly wrapped gift. "Oh I thought Kitty's visit was my gift" Leo said, opening the box. He took what looked like an SD card out of the box and brought it up to eye level. "It's a little something extra a tinkered up for your bionics" Don said. "You're no longer a teenager, and you've proven that you're responsible and strong enough to equip a new ability" he added with a smile. The boy put the SD cards in his pocket. "You mean it?" He asked. "I do" the Davenport man replied. "I love you Leo, and happy birthday again." Leo wiped what felt like a tear away from the corner of his eye "I love you too Dad". Don exhaled in relief and satisfaction as Leo went to join the others at the table for a meal. "Mr. Davenport! C'mon the food is gonna be cold" Katelyn called from the kitchen. "Coming!" He replied.