Harry Potter x Cadet Kelly

1: One Girl World

Ginny was heading down the road as she found the little house full of bunks for her friend.

"Knock knock." She said.

Someone came to the door. "Who are you?" She asked.

Ginny lifted her hand. "Hi. Ma'am. I'm here to see Kelly?" She said.

"Okay. One moment." She said.

Ginny waited by the door till a blonde girl came running to the door and swung it opened.


"Hey Kelly." Ginny said before they hugged it out. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I heard you now have a little sibling. I wanted to come down and see for myself." Ginny said.

"Right. This way." Kelly said.

"Can't believe you are attending a military school. Never thought the popular pretty girl to be would be here taking orders and running courses." Ginny said.

"Yeah. Well, my mother remarried and that's history." Kelly said.

"Wow. My parents love each other too much to-" Ginny stopped. "I'm sorry. I'm happy that your mom found someone new. But-"

"It's alright Ginny. How has school been for you?" Kelly asked.

"Actually, sad." Ginny said.

They reached Kelly's house and headed inside. "What happened? Boyfriend trouble?" Kelly asked. "Do you want anything to drink?"

"Water. And no. Well, yes. I did have a boyfriend. The one I told you about."

"Not the one you've had a crush on this whole time right?" Kelly asked.

"Yes. Dean. He...we just keep fighting all the time. and all my brothers have made it clear about their feelings about him. Ron especially." Ginny said.

Kelly gave her a glass of water.

"Thanks." Ginny took a few sips before continuing. "So, when I invited him to this party, we fought, and I went alone." She said.

"What? Okay. Obviously this guy isn't the right one. He didn't want to go to an awesome party with you? Ginny. You send me pictures of all your fancy dresses. Since we were 13." Kelly said.

Ginny nodded. "When living in an all boys world, your the only girl in your own." Ginny said.

"You remembered that?"

"Since we were...what? 7? I always remember that. You taught me about how boys are always in a world for all of their gender and yet, us girls are one in our own worlds. You said that to me after I thought my first boy crush was sweet. Then he turned out to be much older then me." Ginny laughed.

Kelly smiled. "If you want to stay for a few days, I'm sure my mom will be okay with it?" Kelly said.

"Excuse me?" Kelly looked up and Ginny turned to see a tall man. "Hey dad." Kelly said.

"Your...Kelly's stepdad. Sir." Ginny saluted to him.

He nodded. "Kelly. Why are you asking your mother when-"

"I'm sorry General. i thought you would be busy and wouldn't be back in time." She said. "This is my old friend Ginny Weasley. She lives in the country back in the UK. She and I did school a few years back. Elementary. And we've stayed in contact since." Kelly said.

"Ginny. I am General Joe Maxwell. Kelly's stepdad." He said.

Ginny shook his hand.

"Kelly. Your mother is bringing some lemonade home from the store. Make sure there are clean glasses please?" He asked.

"Yes." Kelly stood up and headed to the sink.

"So, Ginny. Where do you go to school?" Kelly's dad asked.

"I go to this huge privet school...did. I don't know if I'm going back." She said.

"What? Why not? You won't see, what was his na- Harry! That's it. You won't see Harry anymore." Kelly said.

"I don't think he'll be going anyway. He's finished." She said.

"Ginny. Did something happen?" The General asked.

Ginny sighed. "The head of my school died last year. And...his killer, ran the school. We had to stand up for ourselves. And...now our school needs to be put back together." She said.

Kelly was shocked. "Ginny! I'm so sorry. Why didn't you tell me?" She asked.

"I couldn't. My mother wasn't sure to send me or my brother back last year. Why should I go-" Ginny began crying.

"What happened?" Kelly's dad asked.

Kelly didn't understand but then she did.

"My brother...Fred. He was killed. He was killed by one of the guys helping Tom." Ginny said.

"Oh. Ginny." Kelly didn't understand. She could try. She did nearly lose her father last year.

"I'm sorry. But this...Tom has been caught?" The General asked.

"Yeah. He's dead. One of the students, defended themselves and he died." Ginny said.

"I'm sorry." Kelly said. She finished cleaning and hugged her friend.

Ginny held herself together long enough before she burst crying.

"I'll call your mother. Ginny can take the guest bedroom. You should take her there. Let her rest." Kelly thanked her dad.

Kelly helped Ginny to the guest room and let her lay on the bed.

"Thanks for letting me stay. I promise I won't be here long." Ginny said.

"Please. Stay. As long as you want." Kelly said with a smile. "We are still friends."

Ginny smiled. "I'm glad. I can't talk to any of my family about this...so I'm glad I have you." Ginny said.

Kelly left the room when her mother walked in.

"Kelly. Please give me a hand." He mother asked.

"Hey. Mom. Do you remember Ginny Weasley?" Kelly asked.

"Of course! She was such a sweet-"

"Can we talk outside a moment?" Kelly asked her.

Her mother wasn't sure what was going on, but she placed down the bags and her new born boy in his playpen.

"Okay. Let's go." She said.

And Kelly explained what has happened to Ginny.

While Ginny used her little messenger to let her mother know where she was and that she was safe.