Happy Mother's Day everyone!

It was Mother's Day in Metroville and The Parr's we're celebrating Mother's Day for Helen.

"Happy Mother's Day! Mom!" Dash and Violet said!

"Thank you kids." Helen said and blushing.

"We made you a card." Violet said and brought out a card for Helen.

"Oh thank you. I remember my first Mother's Day with you guys. You two made your first card for me."

Flashback Transition

It was Mother's Day and Violet and Dash were little and were trying to make a card. But it was a mess. When they brought it to Helen they were a mess.

"Happy Mother's Day Mommy!" Little Violet and Dash said.

"Oh thank you kids. What happened to you guys?"

"The glitter got out of hand." Little Violet said.

"But we made a card for you." Little Dash said.

"It's beautiful kids. Thank you." Helen said and gave her kids a big hug and kisses.

"Your welcome Mommy." Little Violet and Dash said.

Flashback Transition

"Oh yeah. I remember that day."

"I still remember the glitter incident."


"But I love it kids. Thank you."

"Your welcome."

Then there was a knock on the door.

Bob opened it and a lady said "Oh Robert! I missed you!"

"Mom! I missed you too! Happy Mother's Day!" Bob said and hugged his mother.

"Oh thank you dear! You've you grown so big. A big strong man."

Bob chuckled and said "Mom. Your making me blush."

Then Violet, Dash, Jack-Jack, and Helen came in.

"Grandma!" Violet and Dash said and hugged her.

"Oh my grandbabies! You've all grown so big. Violet. You're a young lady now!"

"I know right?"

"Dash. You look just like your father!"

"I'm like him sometimes."

"My littlest one. John Jackson."

"He likes to be called Jack-Jack sometimes."

"Jack-Jack! I can tell he's gonna be like you Helen." Then she tickled Jack-Jack's tummy which made him laugh.

"Oh Helen. Happy Mother's Day!"


"You must be proud of yourself. Having three kids and a husband."

"I am. I really am proud." Then there was another knock on the door.

Helen opened it and she said "Mom!" Then she hugged her mother.

"Oh sweetie. Look at you."

"Happy Mother's Day!"

"Same to you Helen."

"Hey Linda." Bob's mother said.

"Oh hey Maya."

"Happy Mother's Day."

"Same to you."

"Oh my grand babies. Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack."

"Hi grandma! Happy Mother's Day." Violet and Dash said.

"Oh thank you my babies."

"Umm. You mean my babies." Helen said.

"No. They're my babies." Bob said.

"Actually. We're both of your babies." Violet said.

"Your right." Helen and Bob said.

Then everyone started to laugh.

"I remember my present to you Mom." Helen said.

"Me too." Bob said.

When they brought out their gifts it was two necklaces buy with a heart shattered a

"Oh. Where's the other one?" Linda said.

"She's right in front of you." Helen said. It was Bob's mother Maya.

"We decided since your our mothers." Bob said.

"We decided to have a gift for you two together."

"Oh sweethearts." Linda said.

"We love it." Maya said.

"Thank you." Helen and Bob's mother said.

"Your welcome." Bob and Helen said. "Happy Mother's Day."

"Thank you."

"Happy Mother's Day Mom." Dash and Violet said and hugged Helen.

"Oh thank you kids."

The End