Midoriya's Dog Life

Hello everyone, this is my first time ever writing a Fanfiction, I got this idea after reading many stories on here and then after reading a particular dark one known as "The Heroes of Darkness" they way the author explored the inner workings our heroes minds I kind of started thinking hey what if one these people turned into a dog and got to explore the private life of everyone. As of right now I don't know how far I'm going to take this story.

As for when this story is taking place theres gonna be bit of an AU involved since I'm placing it after season 4 in the anime There will be some slight spoilers involving "One for All" starting this chapter. Going to be just after the "Joint training Arc." But before the Internships starting up and the whole start of the current event of the manga. So if you don't want to know anything new about OFA I'd skip this story for the time being. But theres going to be an extended summer break type setting for this that last a few months of nothing major happening so to speak to allow the events in this story to move along smoothly.

I do not My Hero Academia.

Anyways please enjoy my first chapter of Midoriya's Dog Life.

"So, your s-sure this is safe then Hatsume?" nervously asked our green haired hero.

"ABSOLUTELY! I don't doubt any of my babies HA." was the reply that our eccentric pink haired support hero gave.

Across the room stood Nezu, Eraser Head, Power Loader and All Might watching on in interest if not bit nervous. After all this was just an experimental test and due to Mei's err… track record of devices exploding after a single use, it was not hard to see why the apprehension was there. It also did not help that there was entire area in back corner dedicated to a pile of smoldering prototype gadgets from hers truly.

"Are you sure about this Principle Nezu? You won't even tell me why you want this done" Aizawa said.

"Hehehe now now don't go doubting me now, this just something that needs to be done." he replied and followed with "After all this could help with stopping him from breaking his bones during training." He finished

Aizawa grunted and narrowed his eyes seemingly satisfied with answer even if it was begrudgingly. After all, if Midoriya can get a way to improve himself without needing to break something every time he tried to increase his maximum it would surely help all those involved.

As we look at the machine our little green friend was hooked up to, he was sitting in what could be described as a dentist chair with straps around his arms to protect him and everyone else if his power were to surge. upon his head was bowl like helmet with straps under his chin, if anything it looked more like he was set to be executed then to be tested. Wires coiled up and into another tube-like machine were another helmet set on a mannequin, which in turn had cables running from it into several server looking machines and a computer. He had several electrodes places around arms legs chest back and neck to help with monitoring normal bodily functions.

At first Mei had built the computer to be able to read someone's mind or to try and read an animal's mind without the use of a quirk. When she tried it on some test rats it pretty much just read brainwaves and an accurate pain tolerance. Power Loader thought the device could be useful or other things and talked to principal Nezu about it which led him to see if maybe they could use it on Izuku Midoriya to help him control the levels of One for All. When discussing it with All Might he decided it couldn't really hurt since be nice to know exactly what happening when he reached percentage of his quirk usage.

"Welp were pretty much all set up all we need to do and press button and you can start using your quirk and this baby will do the rest!" Hatsume gave big smile, a bit crazed and a thumbs up with one hand slapping the top of one of the servers with the other.

Izuku gulped "A-alright I'm ready...I think" he looked over towards the teachers "Should I start at 1% and work my way up or should I use up to my maximum at the start?" he questioned.

"We'll start with nothing first and then well add a few pokes and pinches to you first to see how computer reacts to pain and then from there we will then slowly add your quirk to see how your body is reacting." answered the bear mouse dog creature.

"O-Okay, I guess whenever you're ready H-Hatsume." Izuku stuttered out. He just hopes it didn't explode or that it would be painful, but he trusted his fellow student... mostly.

Without a warning Mei slammed the button to start the machine, at once it started humming and you could see lights blinking around and the monitor showing several lines running horizontal across the screen. The read in order: Brain activity, Heartrate, Pain Stimulus, Quirk Usage %, and lastly Blood Pressure. The Brain Activity and Heartrate and Blood pressure were above average, too no one's shock since he was nervous. The Pain and Quirk levels were bottomed out and after 10 seconds of nothing happen everyone seem to let out sigh of relief, except Mei who seem little off put that no one completely trusted her newest baby.

"Okay then, I'm going to give you a small pinch and then a firm pinch to test the pain scale, alright Midoriya?" Aizawa said as he stepped closed to one of Izuku's arms.

"Yes, I'm ready sir." The greenette nodded.

Aizawa gave a small pinch to one of Izuku's arms nothing painful or that would leave a mark and they watched the Pain levels jump a slight bit. He did a few more in rapid session and they watched as they line seem to hop in correspondence. He then gave a hard pinch as if a kid being pinch by a parent after getting caught being in trouble. Izuku winced a little bit and the line jumped much higher than the other times but still considerably low on the scale.

"Well you sure outdone yourself this time Hatsume!" Power Loader praised his student. She beamed a smile giggling and continued to monitor another screen that had information on power usage and computing jargon.

While Aizawa, Power Loader and Mei had no idea about the workings of One for All, they really didn't need to know since if this worked for Midoriya this could be a new step to have other people using this technology to help improve themselves without needing to constantly hurt themselves.

Meanwhile outside the building there was puppy that had somehow manage to get through the security and was playing around in the yard. Due to it being summer the doors to the support building was open to let fresh air through the hallways. The puppy being curious decided to snoop inside. It wanders the hallways trying find anything of interest, it heard a sudden Humming of noise coming from the other end of the hallways and made its way towards it. It stumbled upon a door that was slightly cracked open and due it's size it slipped in without even trying and was standing behind 3 men. It gazed curiously at scene before watch another man pinches a smaller kid in chair, and some pink hair female sitting across from them.

No one noticed the puppy in the room they were all too busy focusing on the task at hand and watching the monitor. The dog saw the mannequin with the other helmet on it and its curiosity got the better of it and went around the men to get a closer look.

"Okay, let's try 1% of your power Midoriya just in your arm for right now" Aizawa instructed. Izuku Nodded and closed his eyes and conjured up the feeling in just one of his arms. The rest looked and saw the line for quirk spike to 1% but none of the other lines spiking.

"good let's try 5%" Aizawa continued. Without missing beat Izuku put 5% into his arms and again just quirk percent went up.

"Okay now let's try that 5% Full Cowling thing you do for whole body" Aizawa said. Izuku took a breath and let the power seep through his whole body green and red lines dancing across his skin and the percentage stayed the same.

"Well that's interesting, even when going through whole body it's not changing how much of your quirk is being used, nor how much you have to think about it judging by how much your brain activity isn't changing" Nezu commented.

Izuku responded "It might be because I'm used to being able to use 20% now and going 5% doesn't add much what I'm already doing and as for the quirk usage, I think it might have to do with regardless if I'm just using it in my arm or my whole body it's like holding water in hose." He continued "If you hold the water in the hose and builds up in a spot your just making it have more pressure in the spot so comes out harder and faster if your release the end, or if you let I flow back it's the same amount of water just spread throughout more of the hose" He finished.

"Haha leave it to young Midoriya to come up with a convoluted way of thinking, but I suppose it does make sense." All Might incurred.

"Well I suppose we should go to your max then and see what that does." Aizawa pushed.

"Here goes nothing" Izuku breathed mostly to himself. As he went to 20% Full Cowling, the monitor showed spike in usage to 20%, and brain usage spiked more. The rest vitals increased slightly as well. The pain line was doing little bunny hops with random spike higher others.

"So right now 20% is where he can remain steady without having to push himself to get hurt, although this doesn't show when he actually uses it we can assume since he's able to maintain this with little pain doing basic attacks and other things would cause minor or no damage to himself." Nezu concluded.

"Alright Midoriya, were going to see what happens when you go beyond, if it starts to get too painful stop, is that clear." Aizawa glared at his trouble making student. Izuku just nodded.

"Before I do though, are we going to try testing my new Black Whip powers to see if that does anything?" Izuku asked.

"Depending on this test we will see if your still able to proceed on to that or if we should another time" Nezu responded. Izuku nodded and powered to 25%.

Immediately there was change the Quirk Usages went to 25% but was flickering between 24-26% as if Izuku was having a hard time maintaining just 25% flat. All vitals began to increase rapidly, and pain scale was hopping up and down with each hop getting higher each time. His brain activity was going up and down as if parts of his brain were shutting down and restarting to compensate for focusing on the sudden surge.

"STOP!" urged Aizawa and Izuku let the power die out and he was panting a little bit. He was not hurt and although felt out of breath it seemed more like he was just finishing up a workout.

"so how do you feel Midoriya" Hatsume asked after making sure the machine was still running alight. The machine was still perfect condition, and nothing was smoking so that was good sign.

"O-Okay" he breathed out. "Just feel a little winded as if I just got down doing a workout or a running session, maybe bit stinging around my body but that's about it." he responded.

"Well at least that shows us something, you have to slowly increase your usage and then cut it out until your body gets used to spreading that much power throughout your body." Nezu catered. "I would recommend every 5% Running that power through your body for a few seconds and then stopping that way eventually your body and mind will know what to expect when you use that percentage, it will be a long grueling and possible painful process." and trailed off.

"I am prepared to do anything to master this!" Izuku proudly announced.

All Might smiled he had definitely chosen correctly, although he didn't need this machine to tell him that.

"Well since your fine I guess we can test that whip of yours to see what it does to you." Aizawa brought up.

"Well might take me a minute to get it activated since it seems to respond more towards emotions then anything." Izuku responded. He closed his eyes and started to build up feelings he had before when brining out his Black Whips.

Our little puppy friend while all this was going on had made itself over to the mannequin and had hopped on the chair to get closer to it. normally someone should have noticed this dog off to the side, but because of the small incident with Izuku they sort of tunnel vision on him and the results. The puppy stood up on hindlegs and leaned against the mannequin close to the helmet when he did his weigh off set the dummy and it fell back against the chair and the helmet landed right on the dog's head. This of course set off alarms to the machine Hatsume was watching but before she could stop Izuku he burst his whips into reality.






All Might, Power Loader, Nezu, and Aizawa responded immediately when Mei Suddenly screamed out. But it was too late Midoriya unleashed his whip just as the helmet came down on the puppy and the machine started going haywire. Alarms started going off and red flashed all over the room. The machine began shaking violently and some smoke covered the room. Izuku was grunted and seemed to be holding in a scream as this was going on. The machine started to rip apart and a few panels exploded off the sides and top. Some of the control panels began melting from the internal heat coming from inside.

"SHUT THE DAMN THING OFF!" scream Aizawa he wanted to rip the kid out of chair but had couldn't see a damn thing in the smoke. The rest of the teachers ran over to try and help but being in same predicament couldn't risk breaking the machine more in case it causes a backlash.

"YOUNG MIDORIYA CAN YOU HEAR ME!?" All Might was panicking

"Mei turn this thing off!" Power Loader shouted trying calm down All Might.

"Already on it sir!" Mei shouted

Mei having her special goggles on was able to find emergency switch amongst the smoke and flicked it and the machine hummed down and then found her way to the switch on the wall which allowed a ventilator to suck smoke out to the roof. Normally there would have been a sprinkler system to go off, but with the mount of fires Mei causes it started to affect other people's works so they had turned it off. After few moments it was quiet with only the sound of ventilator humming above them.

Then heard panting but not like hurt panting but like a dog panted after running around after an energy spike it had. As smoke cleared out there sat Izuku still in the chair strapped down. Happily panting with tongue out looking around curiously.

"Izuku are you okay." Aizawa slowly asked. Izuku started at him tilted his head and yipped. The boy Yipped.

"What" Everyone in the room sort of glanced at each other not sure what to say. This machine completely fried his brain, the thoughts running through the teachers and Principal's heads panicking.

With All Might it was "Oh my God young Midoriya life is over what am I going to tell his mother. sorry I turned your son into almost braindead puppy" and what of One for All oh no no no no no." He was taking it well.

With Nezu "Oh I can see the headlines now, U.A. does it again with putting students in danger this time on their own terms! This does not bode well for any of us. For now, we have to silence any of this and somehow cover up Midoriya's soon to be...long absence." Already scheming something.

With Power Loader he was more worried about what would happen to him and Mei since this was their fault for putting him in the machine saying it was safe.

With Aizawa "You have GOT to be kidding the kid now has the intelligence of a puppy. ITS ALWAYS SOMETHING WITH THIS KID. Okay, calm down, this is not the time we need to figure out what to do and quick". He started to think of something to do

While out Pros were off to the side freaking out a bit not paying attention to anything around them. A very confused puppy was laying on the ground and beginning to stir. His eyes fluttered open. "Wh-what happened, I remembered I was trying use my whips and suddenly I blacked out. Why do I feel so...whhhaaaaaaa!" At this moment he stood up and looked out and saw a snout where nose should be and looked down to see he had shrunk and was awfully close to the floor even though he was standing. He also so he had paws ridiculously cute paws. "I turned into a dog! WHAT!?HOW!? I-I don't understand what is happening right now!".

While he was freaking out amongst his dilemma and Mei had seen the dog and saw it looking around and looking very confused and yipping softly. Her very nature of being a female made her want to pick it up and hold it. " WELL AREN'T YOU A CUTIE PIE" Mei exclaimed. The teachers all turned to look at her ready to berate her over this serious situation, when they noticed her holding a strange looking puppy in her arms, trying to assumingly hug it to death. The thing is it was clearly trying to push away from her and was whimpering.

The dog was like a husky/lab mix only with dark green with black highlights around the outer parts of the fur. The fur itself was shaggy around medium length fur but it blended so well with its skin it just looked like a solid color blanketed him. he had green eyes that almost seemed emerald and glowed, and a strange looking tail that was ethereal as it waved behind him. The end of it fanned out into 5 thin appendages of fur that seem almost like small spikes only soft. It looked...nervous and whimpering sound like stuttering like it did not know where to touch to keep away from the well-endowed student while she kissed its face and cuddled it.

"WHERE DID YOU GET THAT" Power Loader shouted at Mei.

"Hmm? Oh, he was under the second helmet in the chair, when you all ran over to Izuku I noticed it trying to stand up and so I went over to check on him. Once I saw him look at me, I couldn't help it just looks so cute!" she ended will rubbing her face against the dogs, who seems to just give up and accept its fate at this point.

"Hmmm I wonder" Nezu spoke as he stepped closer to Mei and the puppy. "May I see the dog Miss Hatsume." the principle asked. She handed him over and Nezu held him arm's length away, although being how small he was, was not far. "If you can understand me nod your head" Nezu asked, and the puppy slowly nodded his head up and down.

Everyone stopped what they were thinking and watched because they knew if they next question was answered like they thought there was going to be some awkward situations they were about to have to power through.

"Are you Izuku Midoriya?" Nezu calmly asked. The puppy looked up with what looked like tears about to poor out of it eyes nodded, with a small yip.

Panic, that is what everyone but Nezu and Mei thought when their answers were confirmed. How were they supposed to deal with the fact that somehow, they switched the minds of a puppy and one of their students. And for a couple of them that student was in control of an immensely powerful quirk that they could not even control! Suddenly the puppy in Izuku's body started yipping probably uncomfortable being strapped in a chair. But for now, that is where it's going to stay until they figured out what to do with... him.

"OHHHHH SO THAT'S WHY HE WAS FREAKING OUT" Mei pounded her fist like she just had an eureka moment. She bent down and pick Izuku up out of Nezu hands again and looked at Izuku. "No wonder you trying to run from me my bad my bad, but you are just really cute like that you know." Mei smiled at him. Midoriya just sort of let out a small whine which everyone assumed was embarrassment. "please kill me thi-" as Midoriya was thinking a sudden instinct kicked into him and he licked her face. Everyone just stopped for second for what just occurred, the nervous tick of a boy just licked a girl face. Although he was puppy and looked normal to anyone holding a puppy, this was no normal pup anymore.

Izuku on the other hand was freaking out and started yipping and barking as if he would be normally talking and freaking out. "WHY ON EARTH DID I DO THAT!? I DIDN'T EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THAT OH GOD JUST KILL ME NOW PUT THIS OLD DOG TO REST ALREADY!" But to his surprised Mei just giggled and rubbed her nose on his.

"I see now you are much braver when you're a pup arentcha!" She said with bit gentle voice.

"Actually." Intruded Nezu " I think I know what's happening to him, although it's just a theory." Mei had now shifted Izuku, so he was more laying against her bosom and arms facing the principle. "When he had activated his whip this pup and his mind crossed over, although I'm not sure on the specifics it seems because of the quirk something affected the change to give it Midoriya's Color scheme to say." He continued. "while he probably cannot talk, he still has cognitive thinking, but also probably kept the animal instincts of the pup. So, when you apologized to him while he was probably just trying to say it wasn't a problem and dogs' idea of showing that is to of course lick to show gratitude or affection."

Izuku nodded he head, that sounds plausible. "Then I wonder if I have better smell and hearing since in in a do-" While he started muttering in his mind, he did not notice was slightly also yipping under his breath. And he brought his tail which should have been too short to reach his chin and seemed to stretch or extend to it. The 5 thin appendages seem to form a hand under his jaw, places as they would be like when he normally goes on his muttering tirades.

If anyone had any doubts it was Izuku they threw them out the window as they all knew this as a classic Midoriya move. They all sort of chuckled amongst themselves and then sigh exasperated after all what are they to do now. They turned to the now puppy minded Midoriya wonder how to deal with it since well, they could not just let it to roam who knows what havoc it would reap.

"So, were just going to ignore how our green friends' tail is suddenly almost quirk like?" Power Loader asked.

"OOOOOOO I KNOW!" Mei jumped throwing Izuku out of his thoughts as he felt his cushions...jiggle. but for some reason he was not as embarrassed as he would be, maybe because dogs Do not have as much embarrassment towards bodies or females. He turned his head to Hatstume as she continued. " He was trying that whip thing when this all went down, so perhaps that was permanently put on him and since a dog tail closes thing to whip like it's like an arm and hand that he can use! "She exclaimed.

"Well i suppose Young Hatsume, that bout good guess as any but for now let's keep this a secret that any of this happened other than some of the teachers, we'll have to make up a cover story for Young Midoriya's absence for the time being." All Might said.

"Well I'll make up some documents stating he's off on a lengthy mission with some pros who asked to help train him on his quirk and get some real experience with time consuming missions." Nezu continued " We will say that it was sudden and because of the undercoverings and distance of the mission he was made to leave ASAP with no contacts and well show proof that we have his phone." He finished

Aizawa grunted bout as good as it was going to get as quick plan, a few holes but for a start it would satisfy anyone in class and such as to why he went missing. They could get some other details added later if needed. "So, I know this will sound crude, but we'll probably need to put the boy mutt in some kind of confinement or under a coma until we figure this out." he explained. "After all we don't know if he could set off that stupid power of his accidently and if that body dies..."he voiced stopped. He did not have to finish that sentence; they all knew if that body died any hope of getting Izuku back in his body would go with it.

"Well what about Midoriya then" Hatsume soft spoke as she tightens her grip around him "Are you going to confined him as well?" She looked up at the teachers worriedly.

"No that won't be necessary " Nezu voice startled everyone "Instead well have the students take care of him." His smiled on his face seemed to be...amused.

"what." Izuku thought trying process what he just heard his principle said.

"Okay you rat what the hell are you saying" Aizawa's eye seemed to be twitching at this absurd statement. "You want to just put this top secret right into the very hands were trying to avoid!?" He was almost shouting at this point.

"Listen now, we certainly can't just have teachers watch him we still need to do classes and plus at least like this Izuku will still be undercover watch while also perhaps learning a few things only a dog can. Afterall normally the Midoriya we know would be spazzing all over the place if he was being held as close as he is with miss Hatsume right now." He ended pointing at the pair.

They both looked at each other and Mei smiled and Izuku slowly opened his eyes as if he just remembers the situation, about to freak out when the weird feeling of his dog instincts kicked in and stopped and just lightly yipped.

"See." Nezu confirmed "We'll let Hatsume and Power Loader fix this machine up and in the meantime, you" pointing at Izuku "Will use this as an opportunity to get to know your classmates a little more and to gain some confidence! After all you plan to be the number 1 hero after All Might right!" Izuku nodded "Then you can perhaps learn to stop fidgeting under pressure and around other females. Use this as a chance to say, get to know your classmates a little better. There is no other time like this to get a back-seat view of their quirks you are always writing about. We'll come with something later for exact details of how to handle you but manage to still have you in classes and such so you can still keep with the work." He finished.

Aizawa took this chance to clarify the what is going to happen. "For right now us adults are going to take him." point towards the restrained boy. "To Midnight and Recovery Girl and explain the situation and gather the teachers to let them in on this mess. We'll put him in a coma for time being, for now, Miss Hatsume you can hang around with the trouble maker and clean this place up a bit and see if you can salvage any of the recorded info so we can try and reverse this nonsense." Aizawa breathed heavily at the end of his tirade, he was too old for this stuff.

The teachers grabbed the human part of Midoriya and power Loader strapped him down while Aizawa and All Might went ahead to scout and get rid of prying eyes while they transported him to a safer location to put it under an induced coma until further notice. They all left the room leaving both the students to stay in silence for few seconds until Mei put Izuku on the ground, he spun around and sat down looking up at Mei.

"Well I suppose I should start picking up some of the mess..." Mei sighed. Izuku softly bark which seemed to be happy one at that and walk to some debris and picked it up with his tail and looked over at Mei expectantly. "Oh, uh well if you think you can help then great! HAHA now I only have to do half of the work!" she beamed. Izuku sweat dropped at that.

"Of course, that's her first thought." Izuku stared at her then let a little yip while waving the piece of metal in his tail.

"Hmm I guess we'll start by putting the pieces we pick up over there in that corner." She pointed, Izuku tossed the piece in that direction and continued to find what small piece he could handle. "Be careful of anything too hot, you already turned into a dog wouldn't want you to be a hotdog HAHAHA!" Mei Started laughing at her own lame joke. Izuku just sort of...glared.

"Oh man I hope this doesn't take long to reverse I'm supposed to go to Endeavors place to train with Kaachan and Todoroki." Izuku contemplated to himself. He dug around for bit picking up small piece and tossing them to the corner after about 20 minutes or so there was a nice pile built up and most of big stuff was out of the way. "It has been bit quiet which is strange considering how loud Hatsume is, speaking of which I wonder wh-" Izuku looked over to see Mei on her knees just staring down on something not moving, beside a bit of quivering. He went over to her and looked at what she had in her hands, It was the monitor show his vitals it looked cracked and was still on but no longer functioning properly. The screen was still on however frozen, he glanced down at it the only thing readable because of the cracks was the Pain scale. It was maxed out the line went from low to quick almost vertically jump to the top of the scale and it never came back down, showing that it was up high for several seconds before the machine broke down and it got stuck there.

Mei had been picking up anything hot and putting in pile since she had protective equipment on. After lifting a rather heavy piece off to the side she noticed some shatter glass and saw the monitor with screen still somehow lit up. She knelt to pick it up and move it when she caught the only readable thing on the screen. She stayed knelt and was in shock she did not even think about this while everything was going on. "He... he was going through so much pain...that whole time I was just hoping the machine wouldn't explode and I wouldn't get in trouble and HE WAS IN SO MUCH PAIN!" Her grip on the device tighten and she started quivering, she could feel the hot liquid ready to poor from her eyes.

Izuku looked from the monitor to Mei's face and he could tell she was struggling with something. He was about to put his paw on her hand after he could see the tears struggling to stay in. Before he could though Mei let out a hush sob and then angerly threw the monitor towards the machine, It Clanged against the metal echoing through the lab. It crashed to the floor glass shattering around it and the lights finally dying out from the screen. Izuku backed up startled looking at the now even more broken machine, then back to Mei whose tears were now freely falling from her red puffed eyes down her flushed face was breathing heavily.

"how...how can I call myself a support hero when I can only hurt people..." She cried out softly. "All I ever wanted was to invent people and help but everything blows up in my face LITERALLY EVERYTHING!" She was screamingly hoarsely now not to Izuku but to herself. Izuku went up to her and place his paw on her thigh and she looked down at him and for the first time in her life she felt angry, angry at herself for thinking she could achieve anything. She pushed Izuku away from her shouting. "GET AWAY FROM ME, I'm...I'M NOTHING BUT A FAILURE, IF YOU GET CLOSE TO ME YOU WILL ONLY GET HURT WORSE!" She stood up and started backing away from him "Look at me hahaha just look at this place, on fire, broken, just like everything I make, I even have my own corner of reminders of the failure I am." She had glanced over at the labeled 'work in progress – Mei' sign that hung in the corner. "I should have listened to them" she spoke under her breath if it weren't for his now enhanced hearing Izuku would have missed it. He barked at her and she looked up at him. "Go away Midoriya...I know you have to hate me now, I turned you into a dog, and...and" tears welling up in her eyes again, she was hugging her self and backed herself up against a desk. "I HURT YOU SO MUCH!" Wailing she covered her face in her hands

What could he do for her though if he were still a person, he could just...say what he wanted, and try to comfort her? He has no way of telling her that it was that painful as the machine said it was...he felt pain yes but it was like being punched by Kaachan...okay so it was pretty painful but it wasn't unbearable pain by any means and he doesn't even really remember it. He started Yipping trying to make himself sound sympathetic and not angry barking. She just stiffened at the sound and turned to face away from him.

"I can't be anything here anymore, I'll just go to normal Highschool and live out my life as car mechanic or something." She sighed "You can't be a support hero 'Mei the Maybe' they use to say to me you know. The maybe came from most of my stuff either not working or exploded so it was always... 'maybe they won't explode this time' heh." She stopped and glanced at the machine. "How am I going to make this up to you Midoriya, sure I'll work on this with Power Loader and get you back to normal but after this I doubt you'll even glance at me let alone want my help." she was sniveling again.

"What did she mean by that, does she actually think I think so low of her? After all the times I went to her for help!?" Izuku question, slowly he felt heat rising to his head. Why was this making him so angry.

"What did I ever think I could achieve on my own, WEAK, POWERLESS, USELESS little Mei and her zoom quirk and subpart intelligence, WHAT COULD I EVER ACTUALLY ACHIEVE WITH JUST HARD WORK! You need talent and an useful quirk to achieve anything. I ignored them all back then thinking that I'd show em all one day I'll be supporting a top hero...no THE TOP HERO with just my guts and willingness to drive forward. So usele-" "WOOF" Mei started to speak softer with each word and before she could finish, she was interrupted by a very loud and very angry sound bark.

Izuku was barking out but internally he was screaming, and now he knew why. The self-loathing, the self-pity...the low self-worth she gave herself. It was him I was how her viewed himself most of his life. The thing that set him off though. The word that he hated most in the world the one that defined him for so, so long. USELESS. Until Uraraka change that meaning of Deku to mean something it haunted him. It followed him everywhere. "No quirk no anything yet he still pushed forward even when that word was in the corner of his mind and eyes wherever he looked or thought. Looming behind him when he was alone, all around him in school or in public. But Hatsume...no she had something, she had a quirk, she had the smarts, she had the drive. SHE HAD A GOAL! Still she had to something, yet people still called her useless?!" He thought to himself.

'YOU ARE NOT USELESS; I'VE LIVED MY LIFE BEING USELESS BUT BECAUSE I KEPT GOING FORWARD, I'VE BECOME WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED. If someone like me could be a hero someone who was quirkless then someone as amazing as you Hatsume could never be useless! I've seen your devices and I've used them; they have saved me and other so many. SO MANY TIMES!' While he was screaming this in his mind it only came out as angry barking, but it seemed Mei was taking like he was confirming her thoughts.

"I KNOW ALREADY!" she screamed at him making him flinch back in shock. She was shaking out of anger and nervousness two things Hatsume Mei never were. "I know I'm a screw up I've always known, even my first invention I made when I was younger that got me into wanting to build things was a failure!" her voice was getting hoarse and waving the tears seem to be never ending, and her hair was becoming unhinged.

"My..my first thing I ever built." She started remembering her childhood while softly sobbing to Izuku.

"what you got there kiddo?" and young man leaned over a young 8 year old Mei. She held up an empty soda bottle with some plastic wings attached and few awkward wirings attached to it and liquid and some Mentos candies in a chamber. "Watch this daddy!" the little Mei pressed a button and the Mentos dropped in the liquid and it began bubbling up and launched a couple of feet before it exploded and covered both on them in sticky contents. They both stared for second and Mei began to tear up and her lips quivered. "Well how about that my little Mei is already taking after her parents hahahaha, don't get down hearted kiddo we all start somewhere." He hugged Mei and she smiled and hugged him back.

"You'd think that be a happy memory to have…but I haven't moved. It's been years and I haven't improved at all!" she turned around to the desk she was against, it had clutter of blueprints and few unfinished small devices. She in one angry swoop threw them to the side clattering against the floor. "It's not possible for me anymore…not after this, this proves I could never save anyone with my-"

"Growl!" Mei was confused Midoriya was just straight up growling at her now at first, she thought it was because he was affirming his angriness towards her. However, he pointed at her with his tail and then at himself while barking. "You've saved me, and with that allowed Eri to smile so you Hatsume saved Eri I told you before!". He wanted so bad to remind her..

"You don't need to be angry and tell me what I already know about myse-"


Mei was confused for couple reasons, one apparently Midoriya's tail could stretch at least six feet to be able to slap her from where he was. Two he slapped her, but why was he that mad at her…well she deserved it, but then she felt the tail rubbing the cheek he had hit and his eyes gave a shocked looked like he didn't know what came over him.

'Oh god I slapped her out of sheer frustration of not being able to communicate to her there's gotta be a way to tell her.' He looked around and saw the pile of Mei's experiments and notices something towards the bottom of the pile. Izuku stopped and ran towards the WIP pile and dug something out and threw in front of Mei and then sat down in front of it and nudged it towards her. She bent down and picked it up.

What she held in her hand was an object that Izuku had requested off handedly when she found him in the woods. It was the prototype of the gloves she had made him Before the festival, she did not sleep a wink until she finished these. They were something she was proud of and Midoriya seems so happy about them and she remembered the conversation she had with him after the festival was over and she got enough rest. How could she forget this?

A couple days after the festival

"Hey Ha-Hatsume?" Izuku peeked into the support class. Some of the students looked at him and then pointed to back.

"OH hey there money maker!" she gleamed

"I just wanted to thank you for those gloves...they really helped me out in a situation I got in later that day" He managed without stuttering.

"Is that right well I'm sure glad you liked my babies, OH do you need something else I'll gladly make anything for you as long you get out there and show em of hehehe" she was always looking for ways to advertise her things.

"I'm sure I'll think of something, I always enjoy the things you make me, it makes me feel like I'm safe when I wear them, and if I feel safe then the people, I save will be safe too. You know Hatsume if you think about it since you are the one adjusting and fixing up my costume and giving me support gear. Using this to save people means you there too saving people with your inventions." He gave such an innocent smile to her that day.

"... well that's nice of to say my little advert, but I just like making my babies..." She was actually very much appreciative of him say that it felt like she was achieving something now.

"I mean it you know, you're saving everyone one gadget at a time, and with it being you since you're really amazing, I'll always trust anything your make!" He gave her a thumbs up. Everyone in the room just froze and looked at the kid like he was a mad man. Mei frozen for an entirely different reason. "you know…that..that little girl Miro and me have been with for bit showing around the school." Izuku started. She gave a little nod she remembers her the little horned kid stuck to those two like glue, she had a sad look all the time. "We saved her on that mission and apparently she was abused and alone for so long she had forgotten how to smile. She tried but it never came out right." He continued. "I got into a bit of fight is all I'll say and almost didn't make it back to the festival in time for our performance." I had promised her I'd be there and I almost broke it because of some jerk, but cause of you and giving me the gloves that day I was able to use a move that would have most defiantly put me out of commission. I wouldn't have been able to go back to festival, I did though, I made it back and finished the performance and you know what Hatsume." He stared at her.

"What?" she hesitant to ask.

"She finally smiled." Izuku looked at her big smile of his own with tears poking out of his eyes ready to fall at any moment.

Present time

She held the gloves in her hands and slowly brought them to her chest lightly sobbing as tears which before were from anger and sadness were now trickles of happiness. How could she forget those words of encouragement? All those years of nay Sayers vanished, and she hadn't thought of them since. Then this machine and dog fiasco they all came back like a truck, proving them all right. She had new proof now Midoriya and that little girl Eri, they were all the proof she needed to keep going "You know for so long I've wanted to hear those words." she spoke calmly.

Izuku tilted his head confused. Letting out a small whine while he did so.

She chuckled at the sight "That someone believed in my stuff and would always trust it to help them. I spent so long trying to make so many flashy things to prove everyone I could do anything and always went too far. Then you came along...money-….no Izuku." she got down on her knees and opened her arms for him to come to her.

He questions why she was using his name, but he didn't mind and he walked to her and places his paws on her legs and using his tailed started wiping her tears from her face. She brought her arms around him and held him to her chest still holding on to the gloves in her fist.

"you came along that fateful day in the festival and allowed me to show off my babies then got my into the finals. Then you kept coming back and coming back. Finally, you said the words I have been longing for anyone to say to me. That you'd trust me with your support gear...that in other words...you'd trust me with your life." She was still hugging him and sniffling softly into his fur. Izuku took his tail and patted the Pinkettes head and then put his tail around her should upon her back as if he were hugging her. "That little girl even after you told me it just now really occurred to me just what I could do without ever knowing it. If you had never told me I would have gone on thinking you just liked the gloves and glad to help your training. I…I never actually thought I'd be part of ….part of …pa-" Her voice was breaking but she took a deep breath and finished. "I never thought that I'd be part of being the hero." She smiled down at Izuku

Izuku then pointed to the machine the not him and let out a small yip. "Huh…I guess when I really think about it is pretty incredible I managed to swap a dog and a human mind isn't it" Mei seemed to be calming down with few hiccups and rubbing the tears off her face.

"I would never had thought that she would be holding all that in, she always so happy and energetic. Always moving on to next thing never letting anything hold her down. I would never think that she would be...like me." He nuzzled her and she looked up and he licked her cheek, this time meaning to. Guess the dog part is going to just be a thing now. "I shouldn't be surprised now that I think about it, I mean everyone got secrets and things they don't want the world to know. I know she'll fix this machine better than before and I'll be back to normal before I know it." He convinced himself. They both remained there before the emotional and mental exhaustion finally hit and they fell asleep.

It would be a long summer.

Outside the slightly cracked open door to the Support lab stood Power Loader and a small white creature.

"You are really rotten you know that you little rat" Power Loader exasperated.

"Oh whatever do you mean Mr. Higari?" The principle asked to Power Loader.

"Earlier when you said you were going to have Midoriya stay with the students this is want you really were after. That's why you even brought me with you to take that boy's body instead of helping them clean." Power Loader explained.

"You really think I'm that cunning...well I am hehe. You and I both know that Miss Hatsune's little accidents and slip ups were bogging her down and it just so happened that the perfect little hero, in the perfect body it just what the Recovery Girl called for to help cheer her up." Nezu clarified.

"Yeah that's the thing you little weasel. There is no way a stray puppy just wanders into this school without the defense barriers detecting it, and that the only path once inside was straight to this room and right into the one blind spot we all had. This seems more like one of your convoluted plans of ridiculous proportions." Power Loader goaded.

"Do you think I'm really that heartless that I'd put a student in danger and another in a emotional destressed state just for some fun?" Nezu accused.

"YES" the answer came from not just Power Loader, but Aizawa, All Might, Midnight, Recovery girl, and Present Mic. Whom all were coming down the hallways to get Izuku.

"Wow you all don't trust me at all, how rude. Hehe" Nezu giggled. "Although I didn't expect this whole outcome and problems. We'll have to deal with this for now but our discussion with Midoriya will just have to wait." He finished.

"And pray tell why?" Aizawa glared.

Nezu simply opened the door all the way for them to see Izuku curled up on Hatsume with her hold him tightly against her sleeping and his tail wrapped around her shoulders with light snoring, showing that they were indeed sleeping without a care.

Midnight cooed and was taking pictures talking about youth, even though Izuku was a dog in this current condition, they all had to admit it was cute Midnight decided to use a bit of her sleeping gas to ensure their sleepiness. and Power Loader picked them both up and put them on a cot on other side of the room and carefully lifted Izuku up to cover Mei up and laid him back over top the covers in the spot he was. Mei adjusted herself and held Izuku more towards her chest and Izuku placed his head upon the pillows. Midnight of course was going to so use this against the you lad and took a picture with All Might asking for it for some dirt to use against Izuku.

"They've had a long day and Izuku especially so let's let them sleep awhile and we'll figure out what to do later tonight." Nezu explained and they all left them alone to sleep for a while.

While they snuggled if they would have stayed just a minute more, they would have heard Mei whisper in her sleep and Izuku's ear twitch at the words.

"My Hero."

Well how'd you like it! Originally this story was going to start around halfway where chapter 2 is going to be and just have a quick flashback of what happened. Basically, was just going to be a quick machine blowing and Mei being all oops and Midoriya suddenly and dog…with no context of how. Then while I was at work suddenly this whole chapter started coming to life of how and why this is happening and giving a glimpse of what going to be the main drive of this story.

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