Merry Christmas ya filthy animals.

Izuku chuckled a bit staring around the room and the teachers having varying degrees of redness on their foreheads. Afterall its not everyday a student comes in discovering a rather protected secret on a whim. It took a few moments of groaning and self-deprecation before it seemed they were ready to move on. Nezu gestured with his paws to the end of the long table.

"Well considering the new circumstances that have been brough to our attention, we will change our topic for now to this. Miss Jiro, please have a seat, you may set Dekuma-ahem Midoriya on the table." Nezu folded his paws.

Jiro stepped around the chair which Ectoplasm pulled out for her and placed Izuku on the table, he turned to watch her take a seat and scoot the chair up a bit before facing back towards the teachers.

Aizawa look like he was still grumbling to himself behind the principal which may Izuku for some reason feel like it was a victory over the overly serious teacher. Nezu once again spoke up.

"Would you like some refreshments? Some water or tea?" Nezu offered.

"Um some water I guess?" Jiro tilted her head thinking. Izuku spoke up but it wasn't about refreshments.

"Wow you are really trying to butter her up aren't you." Izuku dead panned. All Might sputtered out while Aizawa gained a tick mark over his head.

"Now now Midoriya darling that simply isn't true." Midnight had a strained smile.

"Hmm?" Jiro accepted the water from Ectoplasm who got it from who knows where and took a sip. "Ahh that's good." Izuku glanced at her and had his own thoughts. 'Oh she is so living it up.'

"Ahem, anyways so Young Jiro could you perhaps tell us how you…well discovered our little secret?" All Might asked politely and Izuku twitched knowing the poor man dug his grave.

"Well from you of course All Might." Jiro rested her elbow on the table and put her cheek on her fist with a smirk to end all smirks. Izuku turned his attention back to the retired hero and saw the rest of the staff boring holes into him as All Might discovered he must be part Bakugou and had overactive sweat glands.

"Is that right." Midnight's eye twitched.

"You are more trouble than your worth." Aizawa inputted.

"Of all the-" Vlad pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Now now, settled down. Exactly how did you hear it from him?" Nezu was quick to calm the others.

"Hmm after Midoriya's little rampage incident when he came back and Aizawa took him to the office to talk about something. I was eating breakfast when he came and got Midoriya which reminded me I needed to talk to Miss Midnight about something. I went over to the office area and while I was passing the meeting room after talking with her I passed by Mr. Vlad and then Mr. Aizawa and I heard some yipping from the room. I figured I'd just pick up the little guy on the way back. When I walked into the office and the meeting room door was slightly ajar and I took a peek in to see Midoriya's collar talking about seeing his classmates naked and bunch other stuff like he was ranting which I thought was kind of cute." Jiro took a sip of water before continuing.

"But then after he was done All Might called him Young Midoriya and I just blanked out, and I stood there for a moment in shock thinking I must have misheard. But I decided to not stick around, and I just ran back to the dorms trying to make sense of it." Jiro took a deep breath and waited for the response.

"Oh, so who left the meeting room last that left the door open?" Midnight grinned.

"Well, I did leave first so that means…" Vlad thought for a moment. And mechanically everyone slowly faced towards Aizawa who suddenly found the outside scenery a much more interesting apparently.

"You-you know they say you gotta make sure the plants are properly trimmed or else it'll stunt their growth. I should go ahead and-" Aizawa began trying to walk but Nezu spoke up.

"I'll be sure to inform the ground keepers." Nezu spoke in a smiling tone. You know the scary one. Izuku watched Aizawa gulp which was a first.

"Okay okay fine I might have forgot the close the damn door but in my defense, I thought they were going to follow right behind I didn't expect the problem child to have a mental breakdown in front of All Might." Aizawa grumbled.

"You didn't think all this stuff that's been happening to him would pass him mentally at some point?" Hound Dog asked in clear tone more people never heard from him.

"Uh." Was the response from everyone.

"He does have a point up to that point he'd had a rough few weeks. His entire life was changed, and we took it much too lightly." Cementos nodded.

"I suppose that…is true I mean I couldn't even imagine being turned into an entirely different species, and then having to relearn even the most basic of interactions. I'm sorry Midoriya deary it seems we really underestimated what you're going through." Midnight spoke softly.

"No-no Its really not th-" Izuku felt an elbow against his side and saw Jiro glaring at him. Sighing he rephrased himself. "It actually is pretty difficult even now, while I have gotten used to it…the fact I have terrifies me since I've almost felt like I'll never go back to my original self again." Izuku looked away from the group.

"I see…We all owe you an apology Midoriya we've been treating you as if nothing has changed and even jokingly made light of your situation. It's clear while you are handling it rather well, it is in fact a very serious problem we have." Nezu bowed and the teachers followed, and it would have made him blush if he could.

"Yeah, imagine getting to take a bath with all your female classmates without consequences." Jiro said making the teacher stay facing down in their bowing positions sweating afraid to look up, if you looked closely enough you could see a couple of them shivering. Izuku turned to see Jiro fulling enjoying her newfound powers.

"You are just really living this up aren't you." Izuku whispered to her.

"What you mean, it's like they said, this is really serious situation and they sure tried to skimp over some rather heavy topics. I mean allowing a male student to be that involved with the female students and with that, intimately. I feel so betrayed and hurt and dirty." Jiro turned up the oh woe is me factor by 10. Izuku had to agree it was extremely serious and decided to not say anything.

"So, any excuses?" Jiro directly asked and the teachers finally sat back down.

"We really didn't expect you girls to actually….bathe with him." All Might spoke finally.

"Hmm, fair enough but what about allowing Ochaco to take care of him? Did you think that he'd be in the room with her while she was changing and sleeping?" Jiro challenged.

"Okay yes, but really were you going to be the one to pull the closes thing to her she had to her precious Deku away from her?" Midnight asked.

"Hmm…seems a bit like you're stretching the morals of this over a little crush…but alright. HOWEVER, what about when you learned about how he could see Toru naked? Or that he took a bath with us?" Jiro pointed to them and then crossed her arms.

'I can't tell if she is serious about this, or she is just I enjoying making them squirm.' Izuku looked back to see her with a serious face but the eyes of a person thoroughly enjoying their newfound passion. 'Both, I'm going to go with both.'

"And Miss Midnight didn't you take a bath with him as well?" Jiro narrowed her eyes at said teacher. Who began to sputter out incoherent sounds.

"Excuse me?" Aizawa snapped his neck to the female teacher.

Midnight threw her hands up in the air defensively. "Now before you bite my head off the girls asked me to take them to a bathhouse and I was not informed of them bringing Dekumaru. I tried to avoid it but they started to become suspicious and so I had to bite the bullet!" She cried out.

"That would explain why you smacked him really hard in the bath…" Jiro put a finger to her chin.

"Yeah, no thanks to being thrown at her by a certain pink individual" Izuku mumbled remembering the moment, watched as the other teacher pieced together what probably happened.

"Putting that aside for now, Miss Nemuri I will speak with you later." Nezu side eyed the female hero.

"…Yes sir…" Midnight gave up trying to explain herself for now.

"How are you going to try and cover this up now then?" Jiro glanced at them.

"Wh-what you mean?" All Might seemed shocked at the wording.

"I mean can't expect me to just keep quiet about this are y-"

"We will do what we must even if it means expelling you and keeping you locked up for a while." Jiro was cut off by Aizawa sudden conjecture.

"Wh-what!" Izuku shouted. "Isn't that a bit extreme!"

"What the hell are you talking about!" Jiro shouted as well suddenly all joking disappeared from her voice. "You're saying you'd rather let our dignity as girls be-"

She was once again cut off by Aizawa. "Your dignity is a sacrifice we are willing to make to keep not just you all, but the world safe!" He raised his voice quite loud.

"WHAT DOES LETTING A BOY TAKE A BATH WITH GIRLS HAVE TO DO WITH KEEPING A WORLD SAFE!" Jiro ear jacks began vibrating as her voice rose and she stood up slamming her hands on the table making Izuku jump. Her quirk was cut off by a red glare are Aizawa. Izuku watched Ectoplasm come up behind her and grab her by the shoulders and forced her back in the chair still holding her.

'This…is getting out of hand.' Izuku watch Jiro's eyes widen and some tears come out. By instinct and his protectiveness of the girls which has increased since his time as a dog and began growling at Ectoplasm, and then he turned towards the other teachers as he felt the sparks along his back.

"Young Midoriya please calm down!" All Might began to stand up trying to pacify the situation.


The tension shifted to the small principle at the head of the desk where Nezu had set down his tea and had his hands together. "Aizawa you really need to work on that bluntness of yours, this requires more delicate dialogue." Nezu sighed. "Listen Miss Jiro we are NOT emphasis on not, going to expel you or lock you up unless you absolutely refuse to cooperate"

"But-I don't-I don't understand why it would even…how am I in the wrong here!?" Jiro cried out desperately Izuku watched her eyes dart around as if preparing to escape.

"Because it's not just about a boy being in a girls bathroom." Midnight added calmly trying to ease the tension.

"Miss Jiro….do you understand what it means for what happened to Midoriya?" Nezu asked curiously narrowing his eyes.

"You mean how he got turned into a dog?" Jiro looked at Izuku for a second and then back up. "I mean its pretty cool right to be able to turn someone into…a…" Jiro stopped and then looked back up and back down at Izuku and then back up.

"As you might have just surmised, Somehow Mei Hatsume has made a machine not only capable of transferring someone's mind into another being animal or otherwise, the quirk of the person along with it." Nezu took a sip of his tea waiting for the response.

Jiro took a moment to digest that information. "YOUR QUIRK LETS YOU FLY TOO?!" She shouted.

Nezu spat out his tea not expecting that to be the first thought. The other teachers sputtered as well shocked that was her reaction. "I…uh..yes I guess so listen I didn't find out I could fly either until…this?" Izuku shrugged after all he really didn't know.

Jiro put her head in her hands finally putting the pieces together. "A quirk transfer machine…Villains, governments…oh my god." Jiro began sweating as she realized the real implications of what was happening.

"Yes, just as you've thought if it got out, even to the safety commission that we successfully manage to transfer a quirk through a machine even our own government and every other one plus villains from all over the world would be coming to get a piece of this little mutt." Aizawa put oh so delicately which Izuku growled at him.

Jiro leaned back in her chair dazed. "Ye-yeah I could see why I'd be locked up to keep that a secret…None of you happen to have an amnesiainator would you." Jiro asked pleading.

"Unfortunately, no, so you can see why we had to make it seem like Midoriya was out on some special mission, and we got this pup around the same time, I'm sure some agencies out there with their spies and such might have caught on to something fishy going on, but at the moment their best guess would be a quirk allowing to turn someone into an animal. The longer this goes on however, the better chance someone finds out what actually happened." Nezu explained.

"For now, just keep doing what you're doing, David Shield is progressing smoothly with the machine along side his daughter, Mei and Power Loader. Soon we can hopefully put this behind us." Aizawa calmly let out rubbing his forehead.

"Dear please we don't want to have to take any drastic measures, we are near the finish line at this point, and we don't want to have to make even more problems." Miss Midnight pleaded.

"No problem there, there is no way I want to involve myself in this mess." Jiro raised her hands.

"Does that mean you no longer have a crush on me?" Izuku asked hopefully.

"Hmmm, nah your worth the trouble. "She tapped him on the nose playfully." Midnight was squirming in her seat squealing much to Izuku's delight.

"So I just have to keep it secret that Dekumaru is really Deku. Without raising suspicion." Jiro hummed to herself.

"Yes, although now that you are aware of the situation it makes it much harder to act naturally, I'm sure if you think hard enough there are situations that make more sense now as to why there was awkwardness." Midnight chuckled.

"Hello, I've had to try to act natural this whole time." Izuku raised his paw and got incredulous stares back at him. "He-hey now I did try its not like I was sociable to begin with and suddenly you tell me, just act alike a damn dog!" Izuku shouted back.

"Yeah, its really amazing how Deku you actually act and really failed at being a dog." Jiro bemused. Izuku looked back at her in betrayal.

"And here I thought you liked me…"Izuku whined. Before anything else could get on track someone coughed.

"Well, there are some other things that we do need to talk about with Midoriya, and we don't need anymore classified information being spread so I will have Ectoplasm escort you back to the dorms." Nezu gestured with his paw.

Jiro got up and was about to leave before stopping and turning around. "Just going to ask but um, after Midoriya gets his body back are…you going to tell the other girls about what happened?" Jiro fidgeted.

"I will leave that up to Midoriya, it will be his decision to trust you girls to not get him sent into a lab." Nezu smirked, Jiro nodded and was escorted out.

There was a few minutes of silence until ectoplasm got conformation from his clone that Jiro was back at the dorms. Nezu excused everyone else at that moment besides Aizawa and All Might. Izuku was about to say something when the door opened and Mirio walked in and Izuku saw him look at him questioningly.

"whatcha need from me All Might?" He smiled brightly like always. 'Mirio?' Izuku thought as he watched the young man come in to the room and the door shut behind him leaving just them.

"Ah yes come on in Mirio we have quite the serious matter to discuss." All Might gestured to the seat getting more serious. Mirio nodded and sat the seat right behind Izuku.

"And how are you little guy?" Mirio gave Izuku a pat on the head.

"Exhausted…" Izuku deadpanned which have the blonde a good laugh.

Nezu coughed into his paw to get their attention and began to speak. "Well Mirio there is a bit of a situation here that we must explain. And it is going to take a minute so please listen and we will allow you to digest this information before moving on." Mirio nodded. Aizawa took over the talk.

"The little mutt you see sitting there is actually non-other the problem child himself Izuku Midoriya." Aizawa stated starting off.

Mirio looked down at Izuku. "Yeah I figured that out day one?" With no shock at all.

"Yes its tru-wha-" All Might looked shocked.

"Well I mean…look at him?" Mirio gestured at the dog. And they all nodded as if understanding.

"You-you just gestured to all of me…" Izuku whined.

"Yup." Mirio nodded still smiling.

"Hey…" Izuku whined once more.

"Any who, he somehow got his being, and quirk transferred to a pup and while we are working on getting that situated there is, another issue." Aizawa glared at Izuku who didn't like that look why did he always give him that look, didn't have a more teacher like look he could give him once in a while.

"Issue?" Mirio looked at Izuku to shrugged at him.

"Yes, you see it has to do with….Midoriya's quirk in general." All Might spoke. Izuku stared and then realized where this conversation was going and shuffled uncomfortably.

"His…quirk? What you mean did something happen during the transfer or?!" Mirio jumped up but was stopped with All Might holding his hand up.

"Before that I need to explain to you the details of Midoriya's quirk and why he has it." All Might took a breath. "Midoriya's quirk was originally mine."

A few seconds passed before Mirio eyes bulged. "WHAT, how!" Mirio looked around to see if he was being pranked. "There's…no way, right?"

"You see the name of…our quirk is One for All, A long time ago during the age of when quirks first arrived a man had a quirk that allowed him to pass on his own quirk, his brother had the ability to take and give quirks. Due to the nature of the Brother A it seemed he didn't have one and so Brother B gave him a quirk to allow him to stockpile power, those two fused together to make what we now know as One for All." All Might coughed. "With that Brother A didn't want that power but Brother B used his own quirk to amass many quirks to try and conquer the world. Brother A decided to pass his quirk on in hopes that one day someone would stop him." All Might paused.

"Over time the quirk was passed on from person to person until it has now ended up with Midoriya as the Ninth holder." All Might paused to allow Mirio to process the information.

"No wonder you kept breaking your arms…" Mirio chuckled at Izuku. "Does that mean…that man is still alive if the power is still needed?" He asked.

"Well…At the moment he is captive." All Might hinted.

Mirio's eyes widen. "Kamino Ward…" He clenched his fist.

"That's not why we brought you here Young Mirio, All Might please continue." Nezu gestured as Mirio became much more serious.

"I originally became a teacher here at UA to find a successor for my quirk, Nighteye had informed me about you, and at the time you were going to receive my quirk. But I had ran into Izuku before I met you and he showed the spirit of a hero I was looking for and decided to pass it on to him instead after a bit of training. " All Might showed a little bit of guilt.

"That would explain why Nighteye had problems with Midoriya when he first came. HAHAHA. "Mirio laughed while smacking the backside of Izuku lighting up the mood a bit.

"Yeah I didn't know you were meant to by the successor until right before the internships…"Izuku let out a small whimper.

"Ah don't worry about it Izuku." Mirio smiled his smile and pat him before looking up at All Might again. "So the reason I'm here now is?"

"We brought you here as a precaution, you see to transfer One For All the person receiving and giving must both consent as the quirk is sentient in a way. You would have to take some from on DNA and consume it or get it in your body. Hair, blood, etc." All Might said.

"If I see where this is going then you want me to…" Mirio eyes widen.

"Yes, we don't know what will happen when we attempt to recover Izuku back to his original body, so as a precaution to not lose this quirk we want you two to consent to Mirio receiving the power in case it remains in the dog, and we have no way to transfer consent wise." All Might finished.

"I…uh…" Mirio looked down at Izuku. "Wait…that time at the hospital after I lost my quirk you asked…." Izuku looked at him sheepishly.

"I lived my life without a quirk before, I was willing to let you be the hero you were meant to be." Izuku grinned. Mirio teared up.

"I'll…I'll do it but just so I could give it back!" Mirio shouted.

"Togata…if it comes to it and I'm quirkless again, that's fine there's no point of switching back and forth." Izuku plucked a piece of his fur off his back and held it up to Mirio. "If it comes down to it and you must inherit the power. It is yours." Izuku sat down.

The room was quiet ask Mirio stared at the piece of fur held up in front of him. "I'll accept this power, and I promise to do everything I can!" He grabbed the piece of fur and held it in front of him. "Only if it comes down to that of course."

Aizawa walked around and grabbed the piece of fur and put in some fancy container power loader had made. "We will keep ahold of his until the day of the operation."

"When is this going to happen?" Mirio asked.

"For my sake hopefully soon." Izuku exasperation on his face.

"I mean you living a lot of guys dreams right now." Mirio shrugged.

"Don't talk to me about hallucinations." Izuku snapped.

The room was quiet for a minute after that wondering where that came from.

"Anyways back to the question, we are unclear on an exact date but probably within the next week." Nezu said.

"You know…Izuku…" Mirio had a sadden expression drawn on his face.

Izuku glanced at him and turned away. "I know." Izuku simply said. Izuku couldn't tell but knew that Mirio had a pained expression. Eri was not going to take Dekumaru leaving well.

"…Always problems with you lot." Aizawa took the container with the fur as he left the room. "I'm taking this to Power Loader." Leaving the room with the door slamming shut.

"Well at least he shut the door this time." Izuku said as the door opened up quickly.

"I heard that." Before the door shut again and Izuku gulped.

"I…I don't think I'm going to live to graduate All Might…you might as well just give the power to Mirio now." That gave a laugh to everyone in the room.

"That is all I have for you guys for now, Midoriya be prepared that in the next few days as soon as we give the okay, the operation will begin ASAP, same for you Mirio we are going to need you there as well." Nezu folded his paws.

"Yes sir!" Mirio saluted. And Izuku yipped.

"With that you are free to go now." Nezu shooed them off with his paws.

Izuku hopped of the table and left with Mirio, he chatted with him for a minute before trotting off to the dorms Ectoplasm was tailing him as he walked back, and he paused.

"You think I could go see how Ochaco is doing?" Ectoplasm stared him put his hand on his chin and after a few moments nodded his head. "Nezu will allow it as long as she doesn't start freaking out." Izuku noted his clones were pretty useful.

As he left, he office building he slowed down taking in his surroundings thinking to himself when did he get used to everything being so much bigger then him.

When he first was turned into a dog, everything and everyone seem like giants and was a bit nerve racking and now he so used to it, as though he has always lived his life like this. Or maybe he never had time to think about it since he was quite literally fighting for his life for one way or another. He shook his thoughts out of his head as he got closer to medical area of the campus.

He entered the doors and Ectoplasm stopped outside and nodded at him to continue. Izuku trekked on as the door closed behind him and he went past the receptionist area which didn't have anyone around and he found himself in a hallway with a few doors. One of the doors was labeled as containment recovery and was closed so he figured that was his best bet.

When the door opened and he stepped inside and the room was split with a some chairs and medical equipment on one side, and there was some jail bars separating the room with a bed and curtain in the jail cell splitting the lavatory side of it. Izuku closed the door and the only thing breaking the silence were some sniffling sounds. He could see a lump under the covers of the bed.

"Hello?" Izuku called out. He heard a suck of breath and some creaking from the bed and the bed sheets rise up before falling off the tear-stained head of Ochaco who's eyes were puffy and red.

"W-why are you here?" Ochaco cleared her throat and attempted to not act like she had been crying for a while now.

"I just came to check up on you." Izuku replied as he made his way near the bars and sat down. Ochaco curled up and hugged her knees to her chest.

"…You must think I'm insane huh…" She hid her face from him.

"I wouldn't think that." Izuku insisted also reconfirming he didn't actually think she was.

"But I-I went crazy!" Ochaco's head shot up and Izuku thought to himself she probably realized how she acted after finally calming down enough.

"Well I guess that makes two of us to go crazy and end up inside of a cell huh." Izuku chuckled at his own joke. He stared at Ochaco who looked up at him and stared at him for a couple of moments before a smile form and she also giggled.

"Hehe I guess you could say were partners in crime then hahaha!" Ochaco beamed and finally swung her legs over the bed and made her way to the bars in front of Izuku and sat down. She reached through and patted him on the head. "You really are a good boy aren't you." Izuku yipped.

"I thought…everything was locked down how did you get here?" Ochaco asked perplexed after feeling a bit calmed down Izuku assumed.

"I had to go give some insight to things and Nezu gave me the okay to check up on you." He responded.

"I …see…is…does…everyone think I've lost my mind?" Her face fell a bit not knowing if she actually wanted an answer. Izuku thought for a moment. "No…I think people are more focused on…well…what Midoriya went through. They sent Bakugo home on house arrest for his safety."

There was an unsteady silence before Izuku heard Ochaco speak up. "Do…you think what Bakugou did is…forgivable?" Izuku looked up at the girl who was fighting herself on justice.

"I think…what was done in the past is something we should never forgive." Izuku watched Ochaco's eyes narrow and shift around. "But what you should forgive is the Bakugou now that Midoriya seems to have forgiven and who has attempted to make amends in his own way."

"Has he made amends though?!" Ochaco slightly raised her voice.

"You see the way he is, expecting him to just go up to Midoriya and apologize especially publicly will probably never happen. While it doesn't excuse him at all, his prideful nature is what makes Bakugou well Bakugou." Izuku supplied hoping it would satisfy the girl.

"But-….no…your…your right. He is a lot less of a jerk from the start of the year to now. Not that he isn't…" Ochaco sighed heavily. "I think I might have to leave school there's no way I could ever face De-Izuku again." Izuku's body twitch at the foreign way his name came from her lips.

"Well you could just continue to call him Deku for starters you know." Izuku glanced up at her.

"I do-I can't now that I know how torment that name called him how could I possibly just keep calling him that!?" Ochaco was conflicted and Izuku could tell she was fighting her own set of demons with all of this on her mind.

"Say, did you ever get a letter delivered to you?" Izuku asked wondering if they actually gave her the thing, he wrote for one everyone.

"Well they said I got a letter and to read it but I never opened it I was too busy being in a rage and then sobbing." Ochaco rubbed the back of her head sheepishly.

"Perhaps you should read it, it was a letter sent by Midoriya, he apparently wrote everyone a letter to let them know he was okay." When he said that Ochaco's eyes widen and she ran by her stand near the bed and grabbed the envelope and brought it back over before sitting down, she stared at the front of it hands shaking.

"I…I don't think I deserve to read what's in here." Ochaco trembled, her hands shaking too much to actually open the envelope. "Give it here how about I read it to you?" Izuku offered.

Ochaco hesitated. "I-I don't know if I want others to read what he wrote me…" Ochaco struggled.

"Well from the looks of it you won't even know since you haven't open it." Izuku knew the contents of the letter of course, he also knew there was something special about this one compared to everyone else.

"I-okay I suppose if you read it no one else will know, just…don't tell anyone what in here." Ochaco handed over the letter and Izuku nodded and used a claw to carefully tear the side of the envelope and pulled out a folded paper and lifted up with his tail and held the bottom down with his paw.

"Ready?" Izuku asked. Ochaco gulped and nodded. Izuku began reading the letter.

"Dear Uraraka, I hope this letter finds you well, I-I mean I hope all the letters find everyone…anyways. I've been doing well out here it been a bit rough at times since I have to stay hidden so much there's been a few times that being inside made me stir crazy and then other times were out in the woods for a few days and I hope to sleep in a bed again soon. I wish I was at school again with everyone even with the Wild Wild Pussy cats around its pretty lonely since most of our time together is just us silently staking out some Villains base and then them relaying the info for the other heroes to infiltrate.

"Wow sounds like he's really doing some movie like missions." Ochaco wondered out loud. Izuku glanced up at her apologizing in his head about how that whole thing is just a lie before continuing.

How are you doing? I'm sure you are getting better and better with your quirk every day, I miss working out, I can feel myself slacking without a way to regularly train. I can't wait to see how much you've improved! Speaking of training I can't wait to see everyone else's improvement as well. I was told we got a new dorm mate that you've been taking care of, a puppy with quirk? Of course you'd be the one to take care of him you'd be my number one pick!

Izuku looked up to see Ochaco with some red tints on her cheeks and refusing to look in his eyes, so he kept reading.

I was asked how I came up with the name Deku during a brief down time we had between a couple of missions, and I told them that you were my inspiration. That you thought it sounded like Dekiru and made you think "I can do it!" It's a bit embarrassing to admit. But I truly do love my hero name now, the name Deku was always something that brought the nightmares of my past back. Thanks to you I can't even remember that it was once a part of my dark past. Don't…tell anyone this because I don't want to make everyone else think I don't care as much but. Out of everyone in class I miss you the most. It's hard to be away from my best friend for so long, but I really want to see you again. I I'll leave it for when I come back. I've gotten some advice on some things and so when I do come back there's….something I want to discuss with you. Till then keep up the hard work! I'd write more about what's going on but I got a lot of these things to write!

-Your Deku.

Izuku folded the letter and looked up to see Ochaco entire face red and tears welling up in her eyes. "You see there's no need to be ashamed." Izuku said but all he got was a slight nod and some sniffles.

'Then again the only reason I said to read the letter was because I knew I mentioned the whole Deku thing.' Izuku thought to himself.

"You okay?" Izuku asked carefully handing back the letter back to the gravity girl.

"I…don't…why…" Izuku let the girl stammer about and get a hold of herself before she stopped, took a breath and then looked at the dog. "I think…I need to think about somethings so…thanks for chatting with me, I'll be fine now." Ochaco gave him a pat on the head. Izuku nodded and left the room.

He made his way back to the entrance where he met up with Ectoplasm again and they headed off to the dorms. Once he arrived back and stepped back into the lounge, he heard the doors lock and he let out a sigh of relief. He looked around and not surprisingly it was empty they were still in lockdown after all.

"I can do this. Just a few more days." Izuku pumped himself up soon this would be all over as he trotted his way up the stairs.