Hachiman POV


I always hated elevators.

The tiny space gives me claustrophobia, not to mention getting shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers.

Also, the elevator music is terrible, and I'd rather ride one with a broken speaker to avoid hearing that awful sound.

Top Floor.

There we go…

The lift went to a halt, and the doors slowly opened. I got out, and made my ears adjust to the sudden change in air pressure. It's good that it goes up quick, but not when your eardrums start to pop and your hearing gets a bit dull for a few minutes.

I looked around me and saw no one. Well, what was I expecting, some new tenants at the top floor, or at least an employee going about their business? Ugh, today was so exhausting, I'm so tired I could fall asleep on the carpeted floor. But then I'd be causing trouble to the employees here, not to mention spilling my precious take-out dinner that I bought at the convenience store. It's been a few hours when I last ate. I didn't eat any heavy meals on my flight from Hong Kong to Narita.

When you travel and fly a lot, airplane food starts to get disgusting and gross, especially when you're in the air for more than twelve hours.

We were in the air for around three hours when they started giving out and serving dinner, I recall checking the in-flight map and they gave it to us when we were right above the Caucasus Mountains. There was a bit of turbulence, but it was fine.

I was about to just sleep it off but the Polish guy next to me ordered some alcohol. I did the same and ordered some strong red wine, and I fell asleep around an half hour after that. When I came to, we just entered Chinese airspace and was only a few hours from Hong Kong.

Since I was too exhausted to eat out, I just decided to get a take-out at some random convenience store at the airport. I dragged my feet as I finally arrived to my door. I opened the door after unlocking it, and was surprised when I found the lights inside were on and caught the smell of something being cooked in the kitchen. When I looked down, I saw a pair of familiar shoes at the shoe rack, the same ones that I bought for her birthday.

Well, this was certainly a surprise.

"Ah, so she's here…" I mutter as I took of my shoes and wore slippers while putting my rather large and heavy luggage to the side. Opening its contents can wait.

Home sweet home.

How long have I been gone…three weeks and four days?

My apartment was big, too big even to my standards. The kitchen and dining area was where I was headed, it was connected to the living room with massive glass windows which had a breathtaking view of the vast city below. Even the bedroom was big and sometimes I feel rather small there, that's why I much rather prefer sleeping on the couch in front of my large flat screen T.V where I play games or watch movies and anime until I fall asleep. The place is big, but lacks furniture, paintings on the walls and other stuff that you would expect from an apartment of this level. I like to keep it simple. Of course I can't complain, since my Father owned this entire apartment complex and others in the area. Well, not like my Father is the type of guy to kick me out or something like that. The worst thing that he would do is remove all pictures of me from his table at his office or something.

"I'm home…" I call out lazily as I held the side of the wall for support while my other hand was occupied with holding my food.

"Welcome home~~~…" I heard her voice from the kitchen over the sounds of something being cooked. When I arrived there, she had her back to me while she wore an apron. She was frying something and a bunch of chopped vegetables on a plate were nearby, as well as some breaded chicken and pork covered with salt and pepper. Ah, she's wearing my clothes again…my favourite pajamas and house shirt too…uwaah, I wanted to wear those tonight…Why does she wear that, it's too big for her. Especially the pajamas, she even rolled it up for her to walk properly.

I put the food on the table and slowly went up behind her. She yelped a bit when I put my arms around her waist and my chin at her shoulder. Hmm, she's so soft and warm, holding her like this makes me feel sleepy.

"Hmm, where's my kiss…?" I say as I nuzzled in her hair, she smells nice, she must have recently taken a bath since some parts of her hair were still a bit damp. She giggled in response and turned to peck me on the lips.

"As I said before Hachiman~. No getting touchy in the kitchen, it's dangerous you know~?" She said and gave me playful slap.

"Come on, I haven't seen you in three weeks…" I say and put my hands under her shirt and started feeling and playing with her sides. She's quite ticklish in that area and always ends up being the first one to give up whenever we play around in bed. Hehehehe, she's not even wearing anything underneath~…

"T-That's because you've been travelling with your Father…" She muttered and pouted. I called her everyday when I was gone, we spoke for an hour at most, talking about nonsensical things like what she did at work and interesting things that I did while I was away. I remember calling her in the middle of the night, to show her the massive Wurst that I ordered when I was in Hamburg, Germany. I had forgotten about the difference in timezones, and she fell asleep while I was telling her about my day. I felt kind of guilty that I call her on her working days when she goes home, poor thing, she's always exhausted when I call her, but I relented when she kept on nagging me everyday to call her.

Seeing her pouting face every time we video-called was amusing since she wasn't given permission by her parents to come with us.

"Why didn't you tell me you were here? I could have brought something to add for dinner."

"It was a surprise~. Well, an attempted one since you arrived earlier than I expected. So, how was it? I hope you had fun…" She said and pouted again, I guess she's still feeling a bit sour.

I chuckled a bit and whispered to her ear. "You're so cute when you're like this…" I say and gave her some light tickles.

"KYA! H-Hmph! Using f-flowery words won't get you anything!" She replied, almost breaking out laughing from my tickles. But even I know that this isn't the right place to do it, we're in the kitchen after all.

"Uwaah, so stingy…" I take my hands off of her and proceed to go to the living room where I unceremoniously fell on the couch with a loud thud. I'm so tired I want to sleep right away, but if I do that my sleeping cycle would get messed up and I'll get even more exhausted on the morning. And I wager that I'll wake up at 3am or something looking around in the kitchen because I'm starving. Maybe I'll avoid Europe for a while, the long travel time is taxing on me.

My living room was spotless. Everything was tidy and in its place just how I left it. She must have really maintained my apartment while I was gone. I couldn't let Komachi do it, she's all the way at Chiba and I'm at Tokyo. Nor my Father since he's busy, my Mother too. I was about to turn on the T.V when I remembered something important.

Wait, I'll see how my beautiful girl Liz is doing…

I continued dragging my feet across the floor and went to the corner in my living room.

"Liz~, Daddy's here…"

It was dim, except for a brightly lit area that had an overhead light bulb and a UV function over the medium-sized environment that I built for her. It had rocks, some plants that I bought and did research on, and of course, water in a little clean pond so that she can quench her thirst anytime. I saw my sweet girl on the rock, staying there and basking under the light.

"Hey Liz~…" I took off the cover of her enclosure and carefully got her into my hand. She looked up at me curiously, and upon recognizing me, wiggled away from my grasp and climbed up to my arm.

"Good girl…good girl…I missed you too." I say while gently patting her head with my finger.

Elizabeth, or "Liz" for short was my Bearded Dragon. She's been with me for three years, ever since I was still in College in Tokyo University. I took her in when she was just a hatchling, she was given to me by my upperclassman during that time when I was part of the Student Council. Liz's parents were with my Senpai right now and she moved out of Tokyo when she got offered a job elsewhere. As a parting gift of some sort, she gave me Liz and taught me everything on how to properly take care of her.

"Hmm, you've gotten a bit fat and heavy…? She must have overfed you a bit…" I say when I took a closer look at her. Her belly was slightly bigger, and the skin around her neck was more "puffed out", but nothing to get worked up about. She was a beautiful specimen, even our Professor admitted when I showed her to class a few years back. She was a bit small for her age, but her scales were crimson and sometimes light red. Liz started climbing up, until she arrived at my shoulder and just stayed there. I don't have to worry about her falling off or something, Liz's quite used to doing this, ever since she was small. For some reason, Liz likes to stay there, I asked my Professor about it and he just shrugged and said "I dunno, maybe she's looking for insects in your hair or something." and laughed.

I played with her for a bit, and checked her legs, belly and red spiky tail to see if she was healthy. When I finished, I gave her one last pat on the head and put her back in her cozy home. I must have spent more time playing around with Liz, since when I returned to the dining room, the food was already on the table.

"Ah, Hachiman, come on. Sit down so we can eat." She skipped to me after taking off her apron and took my hand and led me to my seat. Her hair was slightly longer, now that I notice it, and the necklace that I gave her shined prettily on the base of her exposed neck. "Oh yeah, is the jet lag still acting up? Sorry for pushing you too hard."

I shook my head as I slowly sat down. "No no, it's fine. This'll go away by the morn."

She nodded and took her seat beside me. The dining table was probably the most out-of-place furniture in this apartment. My parents and Komachi picked out everything else, making the place look stylish and classy when I moved here. Except for a few other things, I kept my apartment simplistic, except for this rather small square-shaped dining table, which was depressingly dull.

"Hachiman, this may be not as extravagant as some of the food from the hotels that you stayed in while you were travelling, but I hope you'll love it~!" She frequently visits, bringing all kinds of food ingredients to my apartment to cook for me, even though I tell her that I am perfectly quite capable on cooking and feeding myself. Sometimes, she'll stock up my fridge without my knowledge, leaving me baffled on why my food doesn't seem to run out for days on end. Uwaaaah, she got the card and key to my apartment from my Mother without my knowledge some time ago, now she's even putting stuff in my fridge, just like my Mother!

"Nonsense, any food that you cook for me is worth more than a hundred stars." She giggled at my reply and we started eating. She made hot pot for tonight, which was quite fitting since it's getting a bit chilly, made even more so by how high this apartment is. Aside from that, she made fried pork and chicken, with some sliced vegetables at the side.

"By the way, where was the food that I brought with me…?" I say and looked around, suddenly aware of its disappearance.

She shook her head upon my words. "Nuh-uh, convenience store food isn't healthy you know? I promised Auntie that I'd get rid of that annoying habit of yours~! I put it in the fridge." I shrugged at her, sometimes I think she's "Mothering" me too much. During the weekends when I get out of work early, thanks to my Father reducing the working hours at my behest, she sometimes stays here with me and does the chores. When I offer my assistance, she makes a fit and ushers me away. At this point, I think she knows more about my own home than myself. Uwaah, she must be practicing her wife skills, just like Tamamo-no-Mae…

"Ah, I missed this…" I say when I tried some of the soup. It tastes just like how my Mother made it, and it gave me a on a nostalgic trip that lasted for several seconds. Hmm, Mother used to make this during the winter months

"Hmm! That's good to hear~."

My appetite was certainly going up with each moment, something that I haven't felt since several hours ago. Truly, home-cooked food is better than anything in the world, and I'd prefer this than those served in hotels since they get quite repetitive after several days of staying. Don't get me wrong, most international hotels serve a very large variety of food and their quality is absolutely superb, but it's not the same to home-cooked meals.

I continued eating quietly, she gives me glances for several seconds, just watching me eat with a small smile on her face. Some might call it an annoying habit, or even low-key creepy, but I don't really mind. In fact, I really missed her when I was away. I wanted her to come with us, but we both knew that it was going to be difficult, with her parents being strict and all. We ran out of rice, and I was about to stand and get some more, but she said that she'll do it instead.

"How was your flight? Smooth, I hope?" She said after sitting down and putting the rice on the table.

"We go a bit out of schedule when we flew from Hamburg to London two weeks ago, but aside from that, all our flights so far were good. Copenhagen was supposed to be our next stop, but it got canceled so we went straight to London instead. The Visa and Tourism Services were very quick to act, very commendable I say." I reply.

She tilted her head curiously at the new information and swallowed after chewing her food. "Denmark? I didn't know that you were going there."

I shrugged my shoulders. "Same here, my Father wanted it as a surprise but for some reason, he decided to just skip it and go to London. It's a good thing that we managed to get a refund on our bookings." Denmark was certainly a surprise, and I got curious as to what made my Father choose it in the first place. Unfortunately, he won't tell me the details.

"Hmm, I wonder what made Uncle choose Denmark in the first place." She looked up a bit in wonder.

"Beats me. Thankfully, I'm choosing on our next trip." I say. Where would be a good place to go, I wonder? I'd love to visit Egypt, ugh but it's too far…Perhaps someplace some place warm...The Philippines or Indonesia maybe...?

She nodded and got up to get her phone. I don't mind that she uses her phone when we're eating, she is a workingwoman after all. "By the way Hachiman…" She said when she came back.

"Hmm?" I just hummed at her since my mouth was quite full right now.

Her eyes were suddenly overshadowed by her hair, and I could see a menacing and murderous aura emanate from her. From where her right eye was, I saw a single red glowing orb that looked into the depths of my soul. "You weren't fooling around with foreign girls while you were out there…have you~~~?"

"Umm…no? What made you say that…?" I ask, quite confused at her sudden question.

She took out her phone and after several seconds of swiping, turned it over and showed it to me. It took a second or two before automatic brightness on her phone activated, but the image was still quite clear.

The photo was taken in a Pub, the same one that I went to when my Father and I was staying in London. The Pub was just your everyday Pub, nothing too fancy and had the "Family-owned business" feel to it. From the people at the background, the place looked like a respectable establishment enough. I was there with my coat slightly open around myself seated at a table and on both of my sides were two beautiful women. The one on the left had brown hair with playful smile on her face while the one on the right was a blondie with glasses that had her hand on my chest while laughing. My pale face was quite red and I sported a grin with half-lidded eyes while both of my arms were around their shoulders. Several buttons on my shirt were open and my hair was a disheveled mess. On the table was a few empty bottles of vodka and some fish and chips.

Ah…I knew that she'd see that. They posted that during our night together, I even got tagged. Now that I think about it, She didn't even mention it once during our calls.

Wait, and why were some of my buttons open…?

"Well, those are Claudia and Natasha. I met them when I was at a local Pub…" I say. Hamburg was our first stop, London then Istanbul in that order. Me and my Father stayed one week in each place, we slept at cheap hotels that had a respectable reputation, but he went all out when we stayed at Istanbul.

"Hmm~! I see I see~!" She said in an ironic upbeat tone that had the underlying meaning "Spit it out, I know you're hiding something!"

I sighed. "I was just drinking by myself when they approached and invited me for a drink. They were surprised that I was quite fluent in English, and I caught their interest since it was apparently the first time that they met a Japanese that was well-versed in the language."


"I got a bit carried away and drank too much. Apparently, they were the daughters of my Father's friends and they went over to me to introduce themselves. We spent the entire evening together, and they had to call a cab and take me back to the hotel when I couldn't stand up." Oh God, just remembering it is so embarrassing that I want to die. The both of them had to carry me to my hotel room. It's a miracle that my headache was quite bearable on the next morning. Thank goodness that I didn't throw up on the street like a typical drunkard. That would have been gross.

She nodded. "Ah, I see. Well, I know my Hachiman isn't that sort of guy, but given that you were drunk with two beautiful women on your lap makes me think of some things, you know~?"

I shook my head at what she was implying. "Oh no, we didn't go that far. Though they were a bit touchy I'll admit…" I say in all honesty. Now that I think about it, they were giving me lots of signals huh. They were good company, and I even added them as friends in my social media account. We chatted for quite a while in the Pub before I got drunk, they were surprisingly well-mannered and polite, I had to mentally apologize to them since at first I thought they were just after my money or out for a quickie with any guy that caught their interest. The latter thought proved to be quite incorrect since given that they were wearing quite modestly and not showing and flaunting as much skin as possible unlike some of the women in there.

Claudia was the louder of the two while Natasha was soft-spoken and I enjoyed talking with them. Now that I realize it, Natasha was dropping me huge hints and signals..wait, but it's also my fault since I didn't mention that I was spoken for…

Tehee~! My bad~!

"But some Western women out there are rather…adventurous. To them, you're probably a rare dish that only pops up once in a blue moon~…" She grinned, she wasn't really mad at the start. She just loves teasing me and pretending to be "The Jealous girlfriend that might turn Yandere in a flash".

I guess I shouldn't have forced her to watch Mirai Nikki with me for an entire day.

Sometimes she even teases my about the other girls in my workplace. Well, not that they're anywhere near her level anyway. Sorry guys! No offence, you're all equally beautiful! Don't prank me when I get back to work!

"Are you sure that you kept your pants on~?" She leaned closer and playfully started touching my leg with her foot.

"Yes, I'm quite sure." I say in exasperation. She said that I'm doing this more often, looks like some of Yukinoshita's habits must have rubbed off on me.

"Really~? Perhaps nine months from now, those two will suddenly show up here with babies on their breasts that look like just you…?"

"Yes, and when that time comes, I'll take full responsibility and have the three of you as my wives and we'll have enough children to form our own football team…" I say with sarcasm dripping from my words. Had it been any other person that doesn't know me, hearing my words would have definitely appalled them, perhaps even disgusted. She just laughed at my words as I waited for her to continue.

"Hmm, I knew it! You're so honest~! That's my boyfriend for you~!" She said and continued eating.

I rolled my eyes at her, a small smile on my face. "Yes yes, I love you too. Oh yeah, listen to this. The both of them joined us for lunch the next day with their Fathers. We had this…thing. I don't know what it's called. It was a pie in a deep pan, but when I sliced into it, there was soup and meat at the bottom! Imagine my surprise at such a dish! It tasted great, oh and for some reason they really love beans too. And bacon, and bread. Oh and their tea was quite bitter."

It was excruciatingly embarrassing to see them again on the next day after my rather drunken state on the previous night. I apologized to them for overdrinking a bit, and they in turn apologized for pushing me to do it. We had a few drinks again that night, but this time with our Fathers in company. Claudia kept teasing me and telling everyone my stupid antics while I was drunk. Natasha on the other hand, was more reserved and reprimanded her friend every time she gets a tad bit too loud. Uwaaah, she was really sweet too, had I still been my self from several years ago, I would have immediately fallen for her and get rejected on the spot.

Wait rejected on the spot?! Oh, but she was the one who dropped hints on me…

Ah screw that.

"Hooooh, that sounds familiar, I think I've had that before…" She said and started thinking for a few seconds before opening her eyes and loudly exclaiming. "I got it! I'll make you one this week!"

I shrugged at her, when she puts her mind on something, she'll do it.

And it's useless on telling her "No." anyway since I know that she'll sneak here and cook for me. I once woke up to her serving me breakfast in bed during one of her days off, I was startled and nearly flipped the tray over me. Or that one time when she was sleeping on the sofa when I got here at 2am after a party at work, and I thought that she was a thief. The worst was when she sneaked into my apartment and pulled a prank on me right when I just got out of the bathroom.

I love her, but sometimes the way she's spoiling me rotten is embarrassing. I have a feeling that when we have children, they'll get spoiled to astronomical levels by their Mother, Grandmother and Auntie. Especially my Mother recently, she's been saying "Oh how wonderful it would be if Haa-chan became a baby again~! He was so cute~!" loud enough for me to hear. My Mother is still quite young, so if she wants another child, she should tell my Father about it! Whenever I visit home, she'd show me pictures of me as a baby, saying how cute it would be to have another baby-version of me again. Even Komachi does it from time to time.

I held up my hand in defeat. "Then I look forward to it…"

She giggled at my reply, and then poured me some hot tea. I thanked her and blew on it a little before putting it to my lips. We continued eating while having some bits of conversation here and there. I must have been more hungrier than I thought since it took quite a while for me to finish.

"That's a good Haa-chan…you ate lots of food~!" She quipped upon seeing that I had finished everything to the last bone. Well not to the bone, bones are- Ah, nevermind.

"Hey, you're starting to sound like my Mother."

She giggled in reply and waited for me before standing up and getting the dishes. "Yes, and I aspire to be just like her one day~." She was quite adamant and refused my help when I offered to help her out, as usual. "No, let me do it. I know you're trying to be considerate but one look at you and I can tell that you're exhausted. Go on, take a bath so you can sleep early." She brushed off my last attempt to help her out by putting away the clean plates.

Uwaah, so stingy.

"Yes Mum…" I say, but not before giving her butt a little slap. She yelped in surprise and I ran away laughing before she could do anything about it.

I did as she said and went to the bathroom. After I took off my clothes, I proceeded to go the interior room, which was quite large, just like the rest of my apartment.

I turned on the water, this time set to warm. I usually take cold baths, but since it was already slightly cold, I decided against it for now. After washing myself thoroughly for around fifteen minutes, I stepped in the bathtub, delighting in the feeling of the warm water against my body. My bathtub was a bit large and could fit around two people comfortably. And by comfortably, I meant that one of them would have to lie down on the other.

Well that's just an option anyway. It's still has enough space for three to sit down side by side.

I put my arms around the edge, and leaned deeper into the water a bit. You know, when I arrived at our hotel room during my drunken night with Claudia and Natasha, my Father got quite mad, but when he saw my two companions, he instantly recognized them. Memories that night were mostly clear, I remember going into the restroom and almost slipping and hitting my head on the bathtub.

I was convinced that that was a death flag, so after that, I avoided stepping into bathtubs entirely, even when we stayed in Turkey for a week.

God the bathroom in that hotel was so fancy that I might as well shit diamonds and piss liquid gold.

For a little while, I just closed my eyes and cleared my head, but my ears caught the sound of the door opening. "Excuse me~…" She looked inside with only her head showing and smiled when she saw me.

"Yo." I lazily lifted my hand out of the water.

"Hehehehehe, what's up~?" She cooed and batted her eyelashes at me.

"Nothing much, just enjoying the bath." I say tiredly. Though I already have a feeling where this is headed...

She giggled a bit while sporting a mischievous grin before replying. "I see~. Then you won't mind it if your Onee-san will join you then~?" Without even waiting for me to reply, she opened the door wider to let herself in.

Like a Greek Goddess, she walked inside without a care in the world, while maintaining her grin. Her body was absolutely perfect, her large breasts bounced with every step and her beautiful eyes were focused solely on me. The slender waist that she possessed was the envy of every woman out there, and I can't remember how many times I held them as we slept together on my bed. Her toned legs and stomach were wonderful to look at, especially those marvelous hips that she has. I didn't break eye contact, making sure to see every inch of her body.

No matter how many times I see her, Yukinoshita Haruno will always be breathtaking.

"Well, come over then, Onee-san." I shrugged and gave her some space. "We both know that you won't take "No." for an answer anyway…" I muttered and she laughed when she heard it.

"Sorry for interrupting your monologues and alone time, Onee-san really misses you~."

"No no, it's alright. My monologues are nonsense anyway." I say.

She giggled as she drew closer, putting her toes first into the water, before stepping in and joining me. A drawled out sigh came out from her lips when the warm water started taking its effect. From the corner of my eye, she closed her eyes with a small smile and rested her head on my shoulder. I did the same put my cheek on the side of her head. From under the water, I put my left arm around her waist and my hand rested on her upper thigh.

"I already took a bath before you came here~." She muttered tiredly.

"Hmm, I guess this was all part of your plan huh." I said and she giggled.

I could never tire hearing her cute giggles. It feels refreshing hearing them, perhaps that was one of the reasons why I grew a little clingy to her when we just started. She was more than happy that I was around her more, but that ended after we graduated since my Father immediately wanted me to work under him. Even though the both of us are working directly under our Fathers, she has more free time than me so she took it upon herself to visit me more often.

"Of course~! I wouldn't be your favourite Onee-san if I wasn't cunning!" She said cheekily.

"Yes yes, you are my one and only Onee-san" I reply and kissed her on the forehead.

"Hehehehe, I always knew that you had a thing for older girls~, I can tell from the first time we met. It was at the mall when you were with Yukino-chan, remember?" She giggled and looked up at me and waited for my reaction.

"I got super annoyed at you since you suddenly started invading my personal space." I say. That day was rather memorable. You might think that my mind was occupied by her little sister, but in truth, the older was making herself comfortable there. I didn't even like her little sister, not in the slightest. Just being around her was unbearable, being cold and spouting venom and insults at every opportunity. Really, when I first met Haruno, I thought that she was mysterious and a massive tease, and I admit that a small part within me grew a little wary of her. Human beings, by nature, are afraid of the unknown. At that time, Yukinoshita Haruno definitely had that effect on me.

But in time, I grew accustomed to her personality. I tolerated her presence and teases. Then from tolerating her, I actively went out of my way to keep her close by more often, even though a voice from within me denied my initial feelings for her. She didn't mind it, in fact, she reciprocated my actions. One thing led to another. A few accidental words being said, those words being taken seriously, lewd hand-holding, a heart-to-heart conversation, tears of joy being shed, the admittance, and finally to the confession.

Oh and lets not forget several seconds of sloppy kisses that came after that.

She raised her hand and patted my cheek. "Sorry~. Onee-chan was just curious on what you were doing there with my little sister~."

"I guess Haa-chan has a good eye on women huh~?" She added and looked up at me to see my reaction. Uwaah, there she goes again, using my childhood name.

"Of course, I only pick the best." I say and she pulled on my cheek.

She asked me how my trip was, and I answered as best as I could. I told her of the iconic spots that we went to, and its significance. She listened and threw a question or two, imagining how the places looked like in her head. I explained it in great detail, even making exaggerated gestures with my hands to somehow tell her how the places looked like. She asked me where my Father and I were going next, and I told her that I'm still not quite sure, though Egypt is in the list, and perhaps Greece if I feel like it. Sometimes she'd pout cutely and express her regret at not being able to come with us, and I'd reply that someday, her parents will surely give her permission.

"By the way, why doesn't Auntie come with you?"

"She hates flying, and travelling isn't really her thing…" My Father and I would try to convince her to come with us, though our well-crafted words were ignored.

"And Komachi?"

I shook my head. "She's out of the question. Bringing her with us and have her lose nearly a month of classes? She's a bit of an airhead, and I feel that her grades will plummet if she did." I shrugged.


We got a bit quiet after that. I was just closing my eyes and enjoying her presence. She held my hand from under the water and sighed. I snuggled closer to which caused a sound of delight from her. I felt her hand sneak up my thigh to where my manhood was, but she whistled and looked away when she got caught. I pulled her ear for her little stunt.

"I missed you."

"Me too."

I patted her head and gave her a hug. A faint blush grew on her cheeks at my sudden act. Between the two of us, she was the more touchy-type, but I don't mind doing this from time to time. Even though I'm feeling rather embarrassed right now. "H-Hachiman?"

"Thank you."

I let go of her and saw that she was a bit confused. "For everything. Coming here and keeping things tidy, feeding and playing with Liz and of course and the food that you made for me earlier. " I gave her a small grin, and she just smiled brightly in response.

"Of course, this place has become a home for me too, and I got quite attached to Liz, even though she bit me when you first introduced me to her. She must have thought that I was going to take you away from her hehehehe~. I just love spoiling you rotten. Shizuka-chan came here a few times, but you know her. She's busier than the both of us. I guess that's just what Onee-sans like me love to do~." She cooed and pecked me on the lips.

"Yes, you are the best Onee-san in the world…"

She lifted herself from the bathtub and stood up, slowly facing the other way and giving me a magnificent view of her backside. It was plump and shapely, just the way I like it. She even leaned down, pretending to get something on the ground and I saw her lady parts in all its erotic glory. She did a little teasing shake, which caused her ass to jiggle. Seeing all of this stimulation caused a familiar stirring within me.

Haruno slowly turned and gave me a sultry-look. She slowly touched herself sensually and led her hands from her nether regions to her toned abdomen and finally to her bountiful breasts where she gave them a squeeze and playfully taunted them at me.

"Like what you see~?"

"Of course." I say as I was about to get up too, but she put a hand on my shoulder and gently put me back down.

She giggled and leaned down while putting her hands on the edge of the bathtub. "So, Hachiman… you've been gone away for so long. Everyday has been absolutely agonizing being away from you~." She went forward and kissed me, hungrily taking my tongue and moaning as our kiss gradually became heated. We separated when I stood up from the bathtub, she looked quite disappointed, but she eagerly waited for me to dry myself with her eyes that shone with carnal desire.

She pulled my head down and kissed me again.

"H-Haruno, wa-" I managed to pull myself from her, but she stood on her tiptoes and interrupted me by shoving her tongue in me.

"I have been waiting for this." She grinned devilishly when she let go of me. She pressed herself more into me as her hands started making its way downwards. Even though I felt the familiar stirring in my loins, I tried my hardest not to get…well…hard.

"Haruno, I'm a bit exhausted…Can we do this some other time?" I playfully slap her hand away, she pouted and looked up at me.

"Come on Hachiman~…not even up for a quickie~? I think I can convince you, I'll be on top tonight, ok~?" She whispered sultrily as she deliberately rubbed her breasts on me. She guided my other hand and led them to her breasts where she made me cope a feel at them. Her grin grew wider and she took a step forward when I gave them a light squeeze. Hmm, they're so soft…but I'm tired

"I'm exhausted, really. If I do what you say, you'll literally ride me to death." I say after taking her towel and started drying her from top to bottom. The last time that she got all needy went badly for me. I literally thought that she was going to break the bed, along with my pelvis and thighs. As I recall, I made a bet with her; the first one who breaks during no-touchy time, would get a penalty. When it comes to things like these, she's the more assertive one and usually initiates it first, so it didn't come as surprising that she could not hold it in anymore. Though we both forgot about the penalty after she nearly killed me through fatigue.

We even did it raw on her one of her most dangerous days, she was in a frenzied state didn't care anymore and held me down as I painted her inner walls white with my seed. My words of complaints were useless since even I had to succumb to the pleasures of the flesh. I remember how she grinned down as she slowly got off of me, her thighs still rocking with spasms and cramping from the both of us reaching our climax at the same time, spreading her pussy lips for me to see with her fingers as my cum slowly oozed and flowed out from her vagina. With hot and heavy breaths, she had literally squeezed me dry, two week's worth of semen was inside her pussy and it was a copious amount. And with her finger, she got some of my seed that was mixed with her own fluids and put it in her mouth, licking and swallowing it down her throat with a sultry grin and unfocused eyes. After that, she hungrily took my cock into her mouth and licked me clean, before quickly getting on top me again and going for another round. I came a few more times inside her until she collapsed on my chest and the both of us fell asleep like that, wet, sticky and covered in our own fluids.

Amazingly, she didn't get pregnant. That was around a month and a half ago, I reckon.

My manhood twitched at the memory, and with every ounce and fibre of my being, I willed myself not to get an erection. I mentally chanted the sacred words…

"HORNY GTFO! HORNY GTFO! HORNY GTFO! HORNY GTFO! HORNY GTFO!" It sounds stupid yeah, but hey. If it looks or sounds stupid but works, then it's not stupid.

I waited for her to put on her clothes (which were mine anyway) after I finished drying myself, I took her hand where I led her outside and into my room. I was still stark naked by the way.

It turns out that walking around in your own home naked gives you some sort of…power. It makes you feel powerful or something. I don't know maybe it's just me.

"Hehehehe, not a bad way to go, yeah?" She quipped as I opened the door to my walk-in closet and started putting on my other favourite pajamas. My closet isn't something that you'd see those famous people on T.V have, I only have a handful of clothes with me since I usually stick to my #1 rule when buying clothes: "If I don't necessarily need it, then I won't buy it." I only have two suit jackets and one work slacks, since I usually just wash-and-wear them. No use in buying more when you can just wash and dry them at home, right? Well, except when it's on sale, then I'd buy the ones that I deem worthy. Komachi and my dear Mother once told me that I was a filthy cheapskate when we were on a date a few months back, I just proudly puffed out my chest and accepted her statement.

The only things that I buy without dreadfully waiting for months for the long-awaited discounted price, are gunplas and my anime figures.

Can't wait for my figure of Minamoto-no-Raikou, Archer Gilgamesh and Tamamo-no-Mae to finally arrive~…

I usually don't wear anything on top since I feel more comfortable without it. She followed me inside, eyeing my body all the while. "Hmm~." She put her hand on her chin and nodded after several seconds, looking very satisfied.

"What're you thinking about?" I ask and she wordlessly walked up to me, tracing her finger tips on my chest and pinched my ass with her other hand.

"Oi, I'm supposed to be the one giving ass-pinches, not the one on the receiving end."

"Hehehehe~. I was a bit worried that you'd come back gaining a bit of weight, but I guess it'll take more than that hmm? This absolutely splendid body of yours…good thing you joined the swimming club back in College~."

"Ah, that brings back memories…" I got coerced into joining since my upperclassmen were very enthusiastic. The President was a friend of Haruno's, and she enticed and nagged me for weeks until I gave up and joined.

The club was surprisingly fun, though a bit exhausting. Our coach was a retired professional athlete, so he knew his way of doing things. It was kind of annoying at first, but I soon fell in love with the club and looked forward to every practice after class. Even so, once practicing was over, I was so tired that I'd deliberately fall asleep on the train back here, even going past two stations over my destination. It's a good thing that pickpockets and thieves are non-existent here!

Even with all my complaining, being in the swimming club did wonders to my body. But I'm not big and burly like some brutish barbarian, I'm just lean and toned in all the right places. In fact, I'm so proud of myself that every time I'm about to and just finished taking a shower, I go to the mirror and do JoJo poses like the degenerate weaboo that I am.

Haruno once caught me doing it, and she'd tease and mention it from time to time.

"Remember when me and Shizuka-chan cheered you on during that one inter-university competition? She screamed like a banshee when you won! Oh and when that one guy who didn't shake your hand after it? Shizuka-chan threatened to jump over the railing and pummel him to the ground hehehehehe~! A shame that Komachi couldn't go, at least Uncle and Auntie were there seated though at a different place." Haruno giggled at the memory and we went out of the closet together.

Shizuka and Haruno were the ones closest to me outside of my family. Since Haruno transferred to Tokyo University at the same time that I started there, we were more or less classmates that shared several subjects together. Also helped by the fact that we were pursuing the same degrees. We were inseparable, no girl was brave enough to get past being "friends" with me since Haruno already made it quite clear to the other girls right from the start. That was the time when I slowly started falling for her. Shizuka, on the other hand, sometimes drops by and checks in on us even though she was still a teacher a Sobu High, and the three of us would have dinner here at my apartment on the rare occasions that we had time. I heard that it took her quite sometime for her to finally convince her Mother to allow her to transfer schools, her Father has become quite lenient from what I hear.

I can't count the number of times where she and I got too drunk and were sprawled on the sofa sleeping on top of each other drooling like a bunch of idiots in the living room, while Haruno cleaned up the mess that we made. How ironic, I was constantly teasing her for her drinking habits, only for me join her every time. But I can't resist it! Shizuka is so cute when she's drunk, the way she snuggles up to me and demands my attention like a stereotypical Imotou INSTANTLY activates my Onii-chan instincts!

"Haaaachimaaann~~~~, give meee a kiss tooo~~..."

Not like I'm in anyway different. The both of them confidently said, with video evidence by the way, that I am quite hilarious when I'm drunk. Shifting my vocabulary from English to Japanese and vice versa, trying to pick a fight with my house plant and that one time where I was truly convinced that Liz was my daughter turned into a Bearded Dragon. The video showed me all red-faced and crying as I held Liz to my face. Crying SO HARD that it would have made veteran actors and actresses feel envy and impressed at my performance. Tears fell from my face like a waterfall and snot dripped from nostrils like I was a silly child, they even zoomed in on my face while they were at it.

They used that video as a blackmail and threatened to post it on the internet many times before to have their way with me. Not that kind of stuff, just little favours that didn't really need to be said with a blackmail. Seriously, these two women are going to be the death of me one day.

She jumped on the bed, bouncing a bit and rolled around after smothering herself on my favourite pillow.

Uwaaah, my favourite pajamas, my favourite pillow, what's next? She's going to take my favourite pair of shoes next?!

Or worse! She's going to take my girl Liz away from me?!

After quickly checking the living room and seeing to Liz's needs, I went back to her and turned off the lights. I pulled the curtains aside that covered the glass windows, letting what little moonlight enter my room. I watched the city below, looking at the crowds of people walking on the street, so small from this height like ants on the sidewalk. When I looked up, I saw the lights of a plane high up in the sky, before disappearing behind the clouds. Ugh, just looking at planes right now make me feel queasy…

"Hachiman~. Come on~…" She pushed some of the covers and pouted while patting the space beside her.

After taking off my slippers, I went and joined her, pulling the covers over ourselves as she put her arms around me and snuggled. Her right leg trapping me as she rested her head on my shoulder. I was just spacing out and staring at the white ceiling, just like Shinji Ikari when he wakes up at the NERV infirmary after every battle.

Several minutes later, I felt her do some unnecessary movements.

Movements that made me feel her groins as she deliberately rubbed herself on me, like using me to relieve her of an itch. She's not even wearing any undergarments on, I can feel everything. Well, I heard that girls do that since it's more comfortable for them.

I turned and gave her my trademark dead-eyed look, she gave me a sultry smile as she licked her lips, I saw her half-lidded eyes once I got adjusted to the darkness.


She innocently tiled her head, though her provocations weren't innocent in the least. She continued doing it even though I was giving her a slight glare and I felt her nipples through the thin shirt that she wore. "Hmm~?"

"Not tonight…"

"Are you sure~?"


"Very sure~?"

"Yes, Haruno…"

"Really~? Not even just a quickie~?"

I gave her a light flick to her forehead, and she yelped and rubbed the area. Good grief, what a drama queen. "Uwaaah, so stingy…Onee-san just misses you much, you know? It's not her fault that she's being needy more than usual." She said in a mock-sad tone as she pouted and gave me a playful slap.

"I know I know, I'm just not in the mood right now, ok?"

She had a look of understanding, and I saw the teasing glint in her eyes slowly disappear. "Ok, Onee-san will stop teasing for now~. Make sure to gets lots of sleep, ok?" She said and gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Good night Hachiman."

"You too, Haruno."

I closed my eyes for a few minutes, trying my best to fall asleep. My sleeping cycle is a bit of mess right now, I have to at least get a few hours rest. Ah, I wonder how my Father is doing. He went straight to Chiba when we separated at the airport, I guess even he misses his wife and daughter huh.

I felt something poke at my shoulder, and turned to Haruno. Looks like she can't fall asleep yet too.



"Shizuka-chan called me the other day when I told her that you'll arrive today. It sounded important, give her a call in the morning, ok?" She said and I nodded.

Huh, I wonder what Shizuka wants. Must be the souvenirs that I promised her when when I was in Germany, or something.


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