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Previously on Descendants - Madness of The Black Sea: "Villains don't show weakness." He muttered to himself echoing his father's words he had constantly drilled into Harry's mind since that fateful night.

"I knew you wouldn't keep anything from me right brother?"

At that moment Harry felt a pang of guilt hit him in the chest. He never told his siblings the horror he witnessed that night their mother perished. Truth be told, he didn't want to get them involved because he felt responsible. He was his father's prodigy after all, the only one he viewed as the one true heir to carry on the Hook Legacy, and even though Harry resented his father for what happened, he also knew it was his mission to keep his mother's memory alive and to honor her last wishes. It was his job to do whatever it took to keep his brother safe at any cost.

Harry held her wrist down and put his hooked hand to her throat, but the moment he saw the look in Uma's eyes shift to terror immediately flashes of that night seized his mind again. The vision of his mother bound with rope with her hands tied behind her back and the rope was tied firmly around her waist as she dangled high over the calm dark water. Blood stained her tattered blue dress slowly falling into the water like tiny black droplets as Harry tried to shake the images from his mind but they kept coming.

Shaking with absolute fear, Harry let go of Uma and found himself stumbling away from her while muttering to himself, "It's my fault. It's all my fault she's dead."

"I guess none of us really know truly hat our parents are capable of, but that doesn't make us anything like them. Just because we're Villain kids doesn't mean we have to be like our parents." As he heard those words that escaped from Uma's mouth Harry began to chuckle. "What now?" She asked rolling her eyes in annoyance as Harry replied, "You just sounded like Mal just now." Uma rolled her eyes again and this time only lightly punched her first mate in the arm and replied, "Yeah, yeah I know shut up Harry, you say a word of this to Gill or anyone else in the crew and I will hurt you."

Harry laughed again and allowed Uma to embrace him as he drew in a breath staring straight up into the dark grey sky that overlooked the entire isle as though a storm was approaching. and knew deep down she was right. Even though he was the son of Captain Hook he would one day show his father he was better then him. He would be a better Villain then his father and would one day even be a better leader then Captain Hook could ever hope to be.


Chapter 3 - Fear is A Double-Edged Hook

After Harry's break down the two of them sat in silence for a long time before realizing it was time to get back. Uma knew her mother would have already lost her marbles that Uma had just up and left without a word, but now she knew her mother would be even more furious with her for even showing such weak emotion such as caring.

She stood up and reached out a hand toward Harry. "Come on," She said. "We should get back before Gil does something to your brother." Harry nodded and took Uma's hand as she pulled him to his feet. Together the two of them walked back in silence toward Ursula's Fish and Chips shop to find it in complete disarray.

"UMA!" Uma flinched at the shriek of her mother's voice and felt a tentacle swipe at her which she managed to dodge just as her mother strolled in staring at her with the same deep brown eyes that mirrored Uma's.

"Where have you been?" Ursula asked still shrieking causing both of them to flinch. How could you let this happen to my shop?!"

"Your right mama." Uma said hanging her head and staring at the floor unable to look in her mother's eyes. "It's all my fault. I'll make sure it's cleaned up."

Harry's eyes then widened in shock as a tentacle shot out and wrapped around Uma's waist squeezing her and causing her to gasp out on pain.

Harry fought against the urge to use his hook to defend her as he caught the look in Uma's dark brown eyes telling him to step back and stand down.

"You better make sure this never happens again. Ursula's voice growling angrily at her daughter as the tentacle tightened it grip around her daughter as Uma held back a scream and could only nod in agreement while fighting back tears of agony. "Yes mama." Her voice horse as she struggled to catch her breath. "I understand. It won't ever happen again."

Feeling satisfied with her answer, Ursula released her tentacle from around Uma allowing her to finally catch her breath panting heavily as she painfully clutched her side.

"That's my good girl." Ursula crooned as her dark brown eyes stared into Uma's. "I guess your not such a failure after all."

Dark as midnight

Six pack Coors Light

You don't look the same

Past my bedtime

Blue and red lights

Come take you away

Hate to see you like a monster

So I run and hide

Hate to ask but what's it like to leave me behind?

"How could you just let her treat you like that?" Harry asked angrily once Ursula was out of earshot.

"Same reason why you can allow your dad to treat you the same way." Uma snapped back as she gingerly took a seat at one of the tables that werent overturned or destroyed. "I may not know what's like to have a sibling like you do Harry but for what its worth, you and the rest of the crew are like the brothers and sisters I always wanted but never had."

Harry felt a pang of sadness well up within him as he took a deep breath to calm himself down fury rolled through him like raging waves and he had to bit his lip to keep himself from staying something he knew he would regret later. Just then the sound of hurried footsteps drew him back to reality as the sight of Gill caught his eyes with a worried gaze filling in his eyes.

"There you guys are, you missed all the craziness that happened."

"Yeah we know someone trashed my mom's shop." Uma said slowly getting to her feet while still placing a hand to her aching side.

"It was Captain Hook." Gill said then turning toward Harry. "And he took Hartley."

"What?!" Harry growled in anger as he took off past Gill and down the streets of the Isle. He began to see nothing but red out of pure rage.

First he took my mother away from me, he drove Harriet away to start her own crew, now he thinks he can take my brother? Was all Harry could think about as he began to jog now his feet pounding against the pavement as he made his way to the docks where the sight of his father's ship caught his eyes.

I won't be, no I won't be like you

Fighting back, I'm fighting back the truth

Eyes like yours can't look away

But you can't stop DNA

No, you can't stop DNA

Clutching his hook in his hand till he was sure his knuckles had turned white, he made it onto the boat just as he heard his father's voice call out, "Let's set sail boys! Today's the day we get off this god forsaken Isle once and for all!"

"B-But s-sir what ab-about the b-barrier?" Came Mr. Smee's frightened voice as Harry made his way first into the barracks hoping to find his brother in bed but to no avail. Growing in rage and frustration, he then made his way to the top deck and had to shift his weight just as the ship began to move away from the dock and sail across the water much to Harry's panic as he quickly scanned the water silently praying that history wasn't about to repeat itself.

Suddenly his heart dropped in his chest at the sight of his beloved twin caught his gaze. There was Hartley tied up in the same fashion their mother had been so long ago and the feeling of absolute terror surged through Harry as he tried to keep himself calm. He knew he couldn't show weakness in the face of his father, but He also knew he couldn't allow Hartley to be placed in any type of danger.

"There you are! There's my pride and joy of a son!" His father's voice called out gleefully as Harry approached him trying not to look at his brother as he put on a stern face keeping all trace of emotion from his eyes.

Twice a year, you come in crashing

Nice to see you too

Johnny Cash and backseat laughing

Always ends too soon

Hate to say hello 'cause I know that it means goodbye

Hate to ask but what's it like to leave me behind?

"Brother!" Hartley's voice broke through Harry's fa├žade he was trying to put up for his father as visions of his mother once again shot through his mind as he remembered the vow he made to himself that night that he would do whatever it took to keep his brother safe. Harry's eyes narrowed in anger as he reached for his sword pulling it from its sheath he then called out to his father, "Let him go!"

Captain Hook turned to face him his eyes shimmering with malice intent as he asked, "What did you just say to me?"

Harry swallowed hard as he tried not to show fear against his father but the image of his twin dangling over the side of the ship sent him over the edge quelling the fear and replacing it by pure rage.

"I said...Let...Him...Go!" Harry replied with a growl of anger which didn't amuse Captain Hook in anyway and it was at this moment and time that Harry knew his father was testing him.

He was testing to see if he truly had what it took to follow in his footsteps and be as ruthless and mad as he was, but Harry knew deep down that he wasn't like his father. He may be mad and unstable at times even unpredictable but deep down Harry knew he felt more like his mother then his father.

I won't be, no I won't be like you

Fighting back, I'm fighting back the truth

Eyes like yours can't look away

But you can't stop DNA

No, you can't stop DNA

With a growl of frustration and with the vision of his mother shooting through his mind, Harry rushed at his father trying to knock him overboard into the water, but Captain Hook merely just smiled at the realization that his son had failed him. "Why can't I just have one thing that's mine?" Hook growled angrily as his eyes flashed an unnatural shade of red out of anger. "Why are all my children such weak underlings?!"

He then swiped at Harry with his sword pulling it from it's sheath which Harry dodged not realizing that by doing so it had sent him falling from the ship.

flailing in the air, barely hanging on to his hook. Harry caught the furious look on his father's face and the tear stricken face of his twin as Hartley cried out, "Brother!"

Are the pieces of you

In the pieces of me?

I'm just so scared

You're who I'll be

When I erupt

Just like you do

They look at me

Like I look at you

It seemed as if time had slowed down as Harry felt himself falling with the wind blowing in his face. For a split second he felt weightless then once his body impacted with the water he felt as hard as stone. With a great splash his body hit the water immediately sinking despite his attempts to try and make it to the surface. Ocean water filled his lungs despite the efforts to keep himself calm.

Fighting the urge to keep himself calm he just barely made it to the surface spitting up water as he managed to keep his head above the water as his brother's voice called out to him still sobbing, "Harry!"

Harry growled as he then began to paddle his way back to the shore and was thankful his mom had taught him to swim when he was younger even though he had a feeling there would never come a time where he would have to swim for his life until now. As he swam back to the ship he suddenly heard a sound that was all too familiar.

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

Harry began to swim faster trying not to panic until he suddenly felt something hard clamp down around his waist pulling him down hard causing spots to dance in his eyes as he tried to struggle against the force that had pulled him under until he came face to face with a large blood red octopus.

Feeling his strength starting to waver as he could no longer fight anymore, Harry began to pass out however, just as he was about to, there was a bright ball of white light that now began to surround him. The bright light caused the octopus to shriek in pain as he released it's grip on Harry allowing the ball of light now growing bigger and forming into a figure soothed Harry back to life as he opened his eyes to find the figure now manifesting into a woman with long dark brown hair and ice blue eyes that matched his own and his heart swelled with a mixture of excitement and grief as he realized it was his mother.

"My sweet baby boy." Hearing his mom's voice after ten years was like a wave of relief that washed over him as her warm gentle touched soothed him and began to help bring him to the surface of the water. "I'm so sorry for all the grief I've put you through. I know carrying on without me there to protect you or your siblings must have been difficult but I want you to keep being the strong boy I know you can be."

But I'm not strong. Harry wanted to say, but it seemed as if his mother could read his thoughts as she leaned toward him gentle kissing his forehead bathing him in warmth.

"You are more then just the son of Captain James Hook, Harry you are my world. My shining light that carried me through the darkness. It was because of you and your brother that I stayed with your father knowing how abusive he was."

All at once it seemed like flashes of the past shot around him. From the moment his father had met his mother to the birth of Harriet to flashes of his mother contemplating leaving his father only to get beat for it, to the night he and his brother were born six years later delivered by none other then Mr. Smee.

"Your wife has gi-given birth to tw-twin boys Sir." Mr. Smee said poking his head into the doorway of Captain Hook's office to find him siting in his chair overlooking a map of Neverland. His eyes lit up at the news as he rose from the chair eager to catch glimpses of his heirs, but then Mr. Smee opened his mouth to inform him of the other part of the news that would send the chain of events into motion.

"One of t-the boys m-may not ma-make it. He is v-very small and v-very weak."

Harry saw the rage in his father's eyes take the place of the excitement he felt a moment ago and asked, "Bring me the twin that is the strong one. He shall be the one to carry on the Hook family name."

Mr. Smee knew what his captain was asking of him was something he didn't want to do but knew he had to obey regardless in order to avoid possibly meeting a grim fate.

Harry saw the terror in Mr. Smee's eyes from behind his glasses and bowed before Hook as he took off only to re-emerge about an hour later with the child in his arms wrapped in a deep blue blanket.

Captain Hook noticed his first mate and once again rose from his chair striding toward Mr. Smee's trembling form and took the infant from him. Harry could only watch with his own rage and fury taking ahold of him as his father's eyes shone with loving concern as he saw the eyes of his newborn son open to reveal ice blue colored eyes the same ones as his wife.

"I shall christen you as Harrison James Hook," Captain Hook said placing the baby on top of the map that was spread out across his desk.

"With my name as part of your, you shall be the one to carry on the Hook family name. Striking fear in the hearts of everyone who crosses your path. You shall be the most feared pirate to ever sail the seven seas."

Mr. Smee then held up a finger as he quietly and carefully strolled up toward Hook and asked, "S-sir what a-about the other b-baby? You h-have t-twins r-rem-member?"

At the mention of the other child, Captain Hook turned toward his first mate and with malice showing in his now red filled eyes that were once a bright blue, replied "Throw it into the sea. It's nothing but a weakling who shouldn't be allowed to live."

Harry growled and with that the visions ended and he was once again staring into the eyes of his mother.

"I did everything I could to protect you and your brother from your father and I'm so sorry that I failed you. If I would have left your father then maybe you and your brother would have a better chance at life and Hartley wouldn't be the way he is."

As his mother wrapped her arms around Harry bathing him once again in warm light he then felt himself starting to be pulled up the surface. His vision blurred as darkness enveloped him and he passed out.

I won't be, no I won't be like you

Fighting back, I'm fighting back the truth

Eyes like yours can't look away

But you can't stop DNA

No, you can't stop DNA

TOO BE CONTINUED...Poor Harry he's been through so much but the question now remains is what will happen with his brother? Will Hartley be saved to avoid meeting the same fate as his mother? Will Harriet or even CJ make an appearance and rise up against their father? Stay tuned to find out more as Chapter 4 will be up as soon as I can get it :) Hope you all enjoyed reading and please leave me reviews or even message me about what you want to see happen next within the story :)