A/N: Sorry it's been a while since I've posted something here but it's finally done. This chapter introduces a few characters and explains what the Thieves are doing here in Britain (at least what the muggles think). Sorry if Futaba is a bit OOC, I tried my best to write her in a post-P5 in which she's becoming more comfortable being around others.

Next chapter will introduce the Metaverse and a bit of a new mechanic for it alongside the rest of the Thieves.

Just like the people he saw in his dream...

Harry looked up at the masked faces staring down at him with a look of concern when one of the group decided to speak up.

"Hey there little guy..." Ann said in a calm voice, placing a hand on Harry's shoulder. Harry reacted by shaking, trying to make himself as small as possible.

"That bastard..." Ryuji grumbled, cursing the very man who's palace they had just cleared for what he had done to the boy. This whole ordeal reminded him so much of Kamoshida, just without the "inappropriate" stuff.

"There's no need to be scared. We're not going to hurt you." Ann continued "So do you have a name, little one?"

"H-Harry Potter..." he stuttered out. Harry felt like he wanted to pass out again, this time out of fright. It seemed like the Thieves began to notice too.



"Can you try to stay with us for a little while longer? We need to ask you something..."

Harry nodded, trying his best to remain awake.

"How old are you? I'm sorry if you don't want to answer but we need to know."

"5..." Harry managed to spit out as his body finally gave in and he blacked out.

Chatter filled the Monabus. Most of it was about Harry. From Skull's angry outbursts with Fox's attempts to calm him to the remarks of the female teammates taking pity on the poor boy. Joker remained silent, glancing down at the boy who lay in his lap. Cracking a small smile knowing that the boy was safe.

"Harry! Harry... Can you wake up?"

Harry felt a gentle nudge as his body began to awaken for a second time. He opened his eyes to be met with the smiling faces of Futaba and Akira.

Almost instantly he began to panic. Spooking Futaba, causing her to give him some space while Akira held on to Harry so he didn't hurt himself. The two expected this would happen when he came to.

"It's ok, we don't mean you any harm. We just want to help you." Akira assured Harry.

"Deep breaths..." Harry told himself, finally calming down.

"There we go." Futaba smiled "How are you feeling Harry?"

"A little light headed... wait... How do you two know my name?" The boy asked. How did these two complete strangers know his name.

Akira and Futaba had to think of an excuse quickly.

"We were taking a stroll when we noticed this car pull into a nearby alleyway..."

"Yeah.." Akira added

"And this lady out carrying a bag that she chucked into the alleyway before driving off. She said something about someone called Harry."

"So that's when we went to investigate and found you in it. We have been trying to wake you for the past 5 minutes 's a good thing that you're ok."

The last thing Harry remembered was his Aunt throwing him out of the house, not to mention the strange dream he had. Thinking about it now it only made sense, the bumpy car-ride must have messed with his mind but that still didn't explain the strange feeling he had deep down about these two strangers. They looked all too familiar yet Harry couldn't lay a finger on it.

Futa glanced at her phone, reacting with an expression of fake shock at the time.

"It's getting pretty late."

Akira nodded "Sojiro's going to be worried.". He knew full well Sojiro knew about the little "mission" they had planned tonight.

Helping Harry to his feet, Futa placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Harry... Since you don't have anywhere to go and all... How about coming with us?"

Harry pondered for a moment before nodding, cracking a smile.

"Thank you... uh?"

"Akira. And that is Futaba." The black haired boy explained to the younger one. In response, Futaba ruffled Harry's hair. Akira was impressed, Futa usually didn't act like this around strangers.

"We better get going!"

In the middle of London sat a small cozy little café called Leblanc. This wasn't the original café, that one was back in Tokyo currently being watched over by someone else while the owner was away.

As part of Dumbledore's plan, Sojiro currently resided in London. Akira was still staying with him, under the guise of an overseas education exchange program, along with the other Thieves whom had been given places to stay as part of the "program". They would still be attending school like nothing was going on.

Sojiro was aware who the Phantom Thieves were and was currently one of the only people who knew the reason they were staying in Britain. Having agreed to help Dumbledore, Sojiro was given an old run-down café in downtown London with a fairly large apartment with enough room for him, Futaba, and Akira to stay in that Dumbledore had fixed up while his shop back in Japan would be taken care of by an acquaintance of Dumbledore's who had quite the knowledge on Muggle coffee.

As of now, the shop was closed, Sojiro had been busing himself with cleaning until Futa and Akira got back. The door's bell rang, causing the man to look up from the counter he was wiping down at and smile at the two.

"So how did the mission go-" Sojiro stopped mid sentence when he noticed Harry, who was hiding behind Akira. The boy resembled Akira so much that someone may have mistaken them for brothers or something. If only it wasn't for the boy's striking emerald eyes in contrast to Akira's onyx ones or what looked to be a scar or something of the sorts on his forehead from what Sojiro could make out.

"I wasn't informed that you two would be bringing someone back with you."

Akira motioned to Sojiro that he wanted to talk to him alone. He nodded and the two went behind the counter to talk while Futa remained with Harry. A few hushed words and a nod later, Sojiro and Akira returned, motioning for Harry to come. Harry approached them slowly.

"Harry Potter is it?"

Harry nodded "Yes sir."

"Akira here told me what happened to you. Got thrown out of home. Care to explain?" Sojiro said in a calm tone with a layer of seriousness. He had a feeling Akira was telling the truth but just wanted to make sure Harry wasn't some delinquent runaway.

"Aunt Petunia got mad because I did the "Freaky stuff" again. Uncle Vernon was acting weird and then started crying, that's when she threw me out."

Sojiro raised an eyebrow. "Can you explain what you mean by Freaky Stuff?"

Harry swallowed "I'm not sure, it just happens usually when I get scared. One time I accidently turned my teacher's wig blue. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon weren't happy. Then a few days ago Uncle Vernon came home in a really bad mood and beat me worse than normally. That night I wished that the beatings would stop and then the next day he comes home acting all funny." Harry explained, tears evident in his eyes.

Just as Sojiro had expected, Harry was being abused and from the sound of it was living with his relatives. He just needed a bit more information.

"Harry, you say you live with your Aunt and Uncle, am i correct?"

Harry nodded

"Do you mind telling me what happened to your parents."

Harry lowered his head as he spoke.

"They died in a car crash. Besides, I doubt they would want a Freak like me..."

He began to cry as all the pent up emotions flooded out. Futa had noticed what Harry had said and rushed over to his side, hugging him. Oh how much this little boy reminded her of herself.

"It's ok Harry. You remind me a lot of what happened to my mom... Also you are not a freak! You're an adorable little boy who deserves love!" Futa sniffled, staring to cry herself.

Sojiro, too, began to tear up. He felt guilty about pressuring the boy. Akira frowned, he already knew what horrors the boy had been put through from Mr. Dursley's Palace.

"Well Harry, I doubt your Aunt or Uncle will take you back so I will allow you to stay here." Sojiro patted Harry on the back and gave him a warm smile.

"T-Thank you sir."

"I'm afraid I don't have a place for you to stay right now so if you don't mind sharing a room with Akira for the time being. Is that ok? And please, just call me Sojiro."

Harry agreed. Since it was late everyone decided to that it was time to turn in for the night, Akira knowing Morgana would be fussing at him for staying up. Harry yawned as he dozed off on the small couch in Akira and his shared room.

-That Mourning-

That night had not been a good one on the Dursleys. First thing that mourning instead of going to work, Vernon drove himself to the police station and confessed everything he had done to the officers, whom promptly arrested him for Child Abuse, Neglect, along with some other charges that had nothing to do with Harry Potter's abuse.

It was all over the Muggle news and radio, "The Corrupt Businessman Who Suddenly Had a Change of Heart and Confesses to Abusing his Cousin". Discussions sprang up all over the country in both wizard and muggle circles. Grunnings threw an office party to celebrate as many at the office despised Mr. Dursley and had hoping for some time he would get fired or transferred. While in the wizarding world some people began to worry.

Dumbledore sat down his copy of a Muggle newspaper and shook his head. He wasn't expecting Mr. Dursley to have turned himself into the police.

"Are you mad? Even if Harry is returned to the Dursleys, the protection wards around the house will still be gone!" McGonagall crossed her hands in annoyance.

"I understand your anger Minerva, but I was just doing what I thought was best for the boy. I see now that I was wrong. By having Mr. Durlsey's heart stolen I was hoping the Dursleys would instead treat him better. I should have listened to Morgana's advice. After all, he was the one who suggested it." Dumbledore said in a calm tone.

"What going to happen to the boy? His aunt has just been arrested by the muggle police after an investigation. We can't just leave him with another wizarding family with You-Know-Who out there somewhere."

Dumbledore grew silent. Lost in thought, when he had an idea.

"Tracking charms have pinpointed Harry to be at Café Leblanc. I will contact Sojiro about the matter and have Sirius come check on the boy. How does that sound Professor?"

McGonagall remembered that after the Thieves had paid a little visit to the Ministry that Sirius had been released of all charges and was once more a free man. It had been revealed that Peter Pettigrew was the one responsible. His whereabouts were discovered and he was sentenced to life in Azkaban where he would be found dead in his cell days later, alongside a few other notable Death Eaters like Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy.

Mcgonagal nodded, agreeing with the Headmaster's decision. Dumbledore got up from his desk and made his way over to a shelf where an old piece of paper lay.

"Now if you will excuse me, I have a meeting with Fudge I need to attend."

He grabbed the Portkey and in a whoosh, Dumbledore was gone. McGonagall mumbled something to herself and went to go send an owl to Sirius.

Morgana was one of the first up by this point. He was in his human form, dressed in a barista outfit and helping Sojiro make coffee by the time Harry came downstairs.

"Good Mourning Harry!" The blue eyed boy greeted. Harry jumped and hid himself behind a table. Sojiro took notice.

"Maybe I should have told him first." He mumbled, clearing his throat. "Harry this is Morgana. He works here."

That was a lie. Sojiro knew the truth about Mona but would not disclose that information to Harry, yet. He had gotten off the phone with Dumbledore a little while ago, who only stated "The boy will find out on his own soon enough." before hanging up.

"He's a little shy." Explained Sojiro.

"Oh, sorry..." Mona awkwardly chuckled, turning to face Harry.

"It's ok there. Hey! I promise I won't bite."

He offered a hand. Slowly, Harry approached, shaking Mona's hand. There was something off about him Harry just couldn't put a finger on. Maybe it was because of how catlike his face was or the fact Harry noticed two large fangs as Mona grinned.

"I supposed you had a good rest?" Sojiro asked Harry, as he got to work on cooking something.

"I had this really werid dream." Harry explained, taking a seat at the bar.

"Do you feel ok will sharing the details?"

"It started out like the usual. Someone screaming and a flash of green light, then I woke up in this blue room. It looked like an office and I was wearing these strange black and red robes. There was also this man. He told me he knew everything about me and also kept calling me "The Boy Who Lived", whatever that means. I was about to ask him and that's when I woke up."

Morgana froze.

"There's no way he just..." His mind raced. Whatever, he was going to have a talk with Akira about this later.

Sojiro hummed, picking up a plate of curry with a glass of water and sitting it down in front of Harry. He merely stared at the plate, slouched over in his stool, poking it with his fork with a grim expression on his face.

"I'm guessing you've never had Curry before Harry?"

Harry shook his head no.

"The Dursleys never really liked curry. Aunt Petunia only made it once for a dinner party because one of the neighbors likes it. I was just given scraps to eat most of the time anyways, besides I'm not that hungry. "

Sojiro patted Harry's back in a comforting manner. giving him a little smile of encouragement.

"I know you might not feel like eating but... you need to at least try to put something on your stomach. You're fairly thin for someone your age. And you never know, you might actually like it."

"I guess..."

Deciding to give it a try, Harry slowly raised a fork-full of curry to his mouth and took a bite. A rush of flavor hit his taste buds.

This stuff was... surprisingly... really good!

Harry's sudden shift to scarfing down the rest of his breakfast as quickly as possible caught both Sojiro and Mona by surprise. Only a few seconds later the plate was cleaned.

"Looks like someone was hungry after all." Sojiro remarked as he took the plate from Harry, whom was already downing the glass of water. Akira and Futa walked into the dining room. The former dressed ready to work for the day while the latter made her way over towards Harry, wrapping her arms around him in a hug. Sojiro smiled at the two. He was glad that she was opening up to people more and more as the days went by.

Akira meanwhile went over to Morgana who gave him a catlike smirk.

"Didn't think I'd notice that you came to bed late, Joker?" He remarked in a whispered tone. Akira chuckled.

"Give me a break. We told you and the others we were staying behind until Harry came to." Akira replied sarcastically. Mona rolled his eyes as he went to retrieve a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

"Remember we have a meeting today with Elder. 2:00 at Luchino Café. You two better not be late like last time!"

With that, Mona walked away to deliver the coffee to a waiting customer. Akira shook his head as he got to work.

"Typical Morgana..."

Futaba decided to engage Akira in on a conversation about their plans for today. Some training in the Metaverse, hanging out with the other Thieves, maybe play a video game if they had the time. Sojiro approached Harry to speak to him.


"Yes sir?"

"I need to talk to you about something. If you don't mind, can you please meet me in the back."

Harry nodded. Getting up and following Sojiro towards the kitchen.

"The reason I brought you back here was to discuss with you in private. As you may have heard, your Aunt and Uncle have been arrested."

Harry's expression turned to that of shock and horror. What about Dudley? What was going to happen to him?

"No need to worry about your cousin. I've been informed that he will be taken in by another relative. I also have some good news. Thanks to a few friends of mine, I'm now your legal guardian."

A smile crossed the boy's face as he ran up and hugged Sojiro's legs. The old man smiled and patted the boy on the head.

"I am planning on heading out later today to get you some proper clothes so that you're not running around in those work clothes I've lend you to wear for now. But I do have something else I want to ask of you."

Harry looked up with a raised eyebrow.

"You don't have to if you don't want to, but it would be nice if you helped around here at LeBlanc."

"Does that mean I have to cook and wash dishes?" Harry frowned. Sojiro knew the boy had been through a lot and there was no way he was going to treat him like that.

"Oh, no Harry. You're too young for that. You'll be doing simple thinks like helping pick up dishes and bring customers their orders. You can stop whenever you like. How does that sound?"

Harry smiled and gave Sojiro a nod. Taking something from his shoulders, Sojiro placed a small green apron around the little boy's neck. The boy looked down and admired it with a bright smile on his face.

"Now you're an official member of the LeBlanc family." The man said, ruffling the little boy's messy black hair.

For the rest of the day, Harry helped around the café. From picking up empty glasses to carefully carrying a tray of curry to an awaiting customer. Sojiro had been careful to not give Harry anything too heavy so the boy didn't strain himself.

Eventually Akira and Futaba left to go meet up with their friends, followed by Mona who's "shift" was supposedly over. Leaving just Harry and Sojiro alone in the now empty café. The last customer, a fairly gaunt but handsome man in his late 20s to early 30s, having just left. Not before glancing at Harry with a smile.

Sojiro made his way over towards the door and flipped the sign to closed as he pulled out his keys.

"Harry, I'm about to head to the store. I want you to stay here until Akira or I get back. Understood?"

"Yes Sojiro." He responded from his spot on one of the bar stools.

"I'll be seeing you soon Harry." Sojiro waved to the boy as he locked the door behind him. Harry was now left to his own whims.

It had about an hour since Sojiro left and Harry found himself bored. The video game Akira and Futaba had been playing earlier becoming less and less interesting to the boy.

If only something interesting would happen...


Harry dropped this controller as a loud noise echoed from outside. The noise sounded like it had come from the alleyway next to LeBlanc.

He knew that he shouldn't but Harry was just too curious. After all, what if it was someone trying to break in. A single peak couldn't hurt?

Swiping a knife from the kitchen and taking the spare keys, Harry silently slipped out of Café LeBlanc and into the nearby alleyway.

"Hello? Is anyone here?" He called out cautiously with the knife raised. The alley was silent save for the distant barks of a stray and the sirens of a police car.

That's when he spotted something.

Amidst a few knocked over trashcans and garbage bags lay a phone. It looked to have fallen out of a bag that had been roughly thrown at the nearby cans, likely by a passing car.

Something seemed to draw Harry to it as he reached down to pick it up. The screen was cracked but the phone still functioned when Harry powered it on.

It was your typical smartphone, nothing too special about it. Except for a strange red and black icon Harry hadn't seen there a second ago (He must've blinked and not noticed it).

The icon looked like an eye with a star in the place where it's pupil should have been. It had no description under it's name either.

Harry was creeped out. Something felt off about this app.

Maybe it was a virus that this phone's owner had installed by accident and thrown the phone out after they found out about it? Or even worse, something supernatural?

Harry went with his first thought and shrugged it off as just a virus. He'd just take the phone back into LeBlanc and have Sojiro or Futaba look at it and maybe get into contact with the owner.

He was about to turn around to go back when the app suddenly enlarged itself, taking up a majority of the screen now. Harry froze in his tracks.

"You'll find all the answers to your questions being answered in due time. Until we meet again, The-Boy-Who-Lived."

Those words echoed in Harry's mind as he went to press the application. The world around him began to distort in a red and black haze before he was gone.

Where the boy once stood, a single blue butterfly fluttered past.


On one of the nearby bins sat someone who had been watching the boy for quite a while. His blue eyes scrunched up into worry as he watched the boy disappear.

"I'm going to have to alert the other thieves about this!"

He leaped down from the can, landing on all fours before taking off running and disappearing into thin air the moment they rounded the corner.