Author's Notes:

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another chapter! I'll be back at the end of this chapter. For now I'll just say: beware of an emotional fox and extra fluff.

As Judy stepped off the elevator the first thing she spotted was her fox sitting on a nearby bench, the moment their eyes met his tail began swishing back and forth behind himself. His face was calm as he stood up and walked over meeting her halfway. His face was calm, but she could tell that he was practically vibrating in place he was so happy to see her. Judy smiled up at her fox and said, "Well Mr. Wilde, I hope my parents have been treating you well."

An easy smile played across Nick's lips partially revealing his fangs, "Ms. Hopps, I'm happy to say your parents have been more than excellent to me. If you'd like to see them they are right over there." He pointed off to where the tour group was as they were listening about another historical landmark.

She shook her head, "Nah, let them have their tour. I'll catch up with them when it's over."

"Well then, in the meantime, I can give you the Nickle Tour. I'm guessing you've never seen the sights from this high up?"

They turned and made their way towards the glass. They stood closer than was strictly necessary as they looked out over their city. After a minute of Nick pointing out a handful of landmarks Judy called out, "Oh look! You can see our house from here!"

Nick's tail wagged involuntarily at hearing her call it their house. They spent the next 10 minutes or so checking out the sites together before they noticed the tour was wrapping up. The two of them made their way over to see her parents. When they spotted their little girl they ran over to her and scooped her up into a big hug.

Nick felt an unexpected urge to join in the hug but quickly thought better about it. As much as the Hopps parents have been welcoming of him, he didn't think they were ready to be wrapped up in a hug by a predator just yet. Instead he stood by and watched them with a small wistful smile playing across his lips. He couldn't remember a time where he was wrapped up in a loving hug like that, he knew his mother loved him, but she was always so tired from working her two jobs that she rarely had time for him.

As he stood there his vision became blurry and he was taken by surprise when he realized that his eyes were starting to tear up. He quickly scrubbed his eyes and slipped his sunglasses on to hide his reddening eyes. He wanted to turn away, but he couldn't stop watching the affection that was being so freely shared. He felt like a mammal dying of thirst seeing a fountain he was unable to drink from. He was suddenly filled with a desire to recreate the scene before him with Judy and a child they were raising together. Finally the hug was ended and Nick was able to get himself under control.

Judy stepped beside Nick and took his paw in her own saying, "Well, I know you two have to get going before too long, but is there anything you wanted to do before you hit the road?"

To their credit they barely batted an eye seeing their daughter holding a predator's paw and Bonnie answered, "Well, we had a small snack earlier, but we could do lunch? It'd be a good idea to get something in our bellies before we go."

"Excellent idea mom! Alright Slick, where to?"

"Well, we're not too far from the Mystic Springs Oasis, they usually have a decent spread." Nick grinned trying to embarrass his bunny.

Judy didn't miss a beat, "And how would you know that Slick? Are you a member? That would actually explain a lot about our last time there."

Nick's ears shot up in surprise, she had him effectively trapped. He looked away from her cocky grin and said simply, "I plead the 5th."

"Uh huh. We'll come back to this later, but for now; lunch.

"Right, there's a diner not too far from here, Tom's Place. It'll be a good fit for our little group."

Judy nodded and said, "Sounds good Slick. Mom, dad, before we get going, could I get a moment alone with Nick?"

All 3 mammals were surprised to hear her say that, but Bonnie simply grabbed Stu by the arm and said, "Of course sweetie. Come along Stu."

Judy led her fox over to a quiet bench and sat down before patting the seat next to her. Still slightly confused Nick sat down next to her and said, "Wanted some alone time with me eh Carrots? Can't say I blame you of course." To anyone else his grin would have likely been rather convincing.

Judy looked up at him with a touch of sadness in her eyes that stuck him to his core, "Nick, what's wrong?"

Nick merely smiled and said, "Wrong? Nothings wrong Carrots. What are you talking about?"

Judy's face turned stern, "Don't lie to me Wilde. If you don't want to talk about it just yet, that's fine, but don't lie and say that nothing's wrong. When you suggested the Mystic Springs you sounded exactly like you did on the gondola in the rainforest; trying to mask you pain with a joke."

Nick tried desperately to think of a way out of his situation, but nothing came to mind so he decided to say that he'd just tell her later. As he opened his mouth to say just that he looked deeper into her amethyst eyes he realized he wouldn't be able to tell her anything but the unadulterated truth. He looked away from her and instead looked down at his paws and said, "Sorry Judy. I really am okay, it's just… when I saw you and your parents all hugging each other like that… I don't think I've ever been hugged like that. My mom hugged me when I was younger, but, like I said, my dad left when I was just a kit."

When he managed to look back up at his bunny he noticed her eyes were shimmering with unshed tears, she managed to say with a shaky voice, "Oh you foxes, so emotional."

Nick chuckled weakly, "Ha, guess I walked right into that one. I really am okay Judy, I just realized that while I couldn't have that with my parents, I'd just have to make a moment like that with our kits. Now let's get going, we shouldn't keep your folks waiting."

He stood up but Judy snatched his paw keeping him in place, "What are you talking about? We're going home Nick. We're going to climb under the covers, all safe and warm, and I'm not going to let go of you until you know just how much I love you." With that she leapt out of her seat and made her way towards her waiting parents. Nick tried to argue that she didn't need to cut their already short visit off but she ignored him completely.

Judy walked right up to her parents and said, "Hey, it was amazing to see you two again, but we have to get going: something's come up."

Stu frowned and looked like he wanted to protest, but Bonnie nudged him in the ribs and said with a knowing wink, "Of course Sweetie, we understand. It was a pleasure to meet you Nick, next time we come to Zootopia we'll have to make a whole weekend of it."

Nick smiled at her and said, "That sounds great to me Bonnie, I'm looking forward to it."

Stu spoke up, "Or you could see what the country has to offer; Bunnyburrow is beautiful this time of year. Plenty of room in the warren for you to stay a few days, we always have a few empty guest rooms."

Judy decided to bite her tongue on the fact that Nick would be staying in her room, no need to shove that in his face. "Well thank you very much Stu, I think I'll have to take you up on that."

Much to Nick's surprise Bonnie stepped forward and wrapped him up in another hug. He responded, and placed his arms around the matron, his raw emotions threatening to overwhelm him again. Just then he felt another paw pat his arm a little awkwardly as he looked over to see Stu trying to be as welcoming as he could manage. Nick appreciated the gesture and it did help to sooth his emotions just a little to see how much he was trying even if he didn't fully understand how he ended up with a fox soon to be part of his family.

Soon enough they were saying their goodbyes at the base of the skyscraper as everyone prepared to go their separate ways. Nick felt a little guilty about sending the Hopps home early, but he couldn't feel too bad knowing that they were about to go home and cuddle.

When they got home they did exactly what Judy said they were going to do and crawled under the covers of their bed. Nick sat against the headboard and Judy sat on his lap and they wrapped themselves around each other. They didn't really talk much, but the silence was broken often by a series of chuckles the two shared or Nick quietly sobbing while Judy hummed softly.

Hours later when they were feeling much calmer Nick kissed the top of Judy's head, "Thank you for taking care of me my love. I could not ask for a better mate."

Judy sighed and said, "Of course you couldn't, how could you do better than perfection?" Nick snorted but she continued, "Now, I say that we order some delivery, and after we eat, how about we try to make your dreams of a kit of our own come true?"

Nick sat there with his mouth agape at the phrasing of the suggestion and Judy closed it with a finger, "Keep your mouth closed Wilde; you'll be using it plenty later."

Nick growled softly and said, "The food can wait, right now all I want is you." And with that he took both her paws in one of his, pinned her on her back and began kissing his sexy bunny. He started by peppering her lips with kisses, than nibbled at her chin. She groaned and tilted her head back expositing her neck to him, which was the hottest thing she could have done for him. Nick leaned down and wrapped his teeth around her flesh, holding her there gently but possessively. With his mouth indisposed for the moment his paw resumed the work of traveling down the doe's body, his claws tracing lightly through her fur.

Judy was in heaven even though Nick's pace was almost agonizingly slow. Even with just one free paw he seemed to know exactly where to touch her, and how, to bring out the greatest reaction. He caressed her flesh, teased her nipples, dipped lower and lower down her stomach before dragging his paw back up to fondle her chest. She tried desperately to urge him to speed up, but the only sounds she could make were slightly frustrated gasps of pleasure.

When he finally brushed his fingers across her already wet folds she breathed a sigh of relief. He pressed his digits inside of her and began pumping them slowly in and out. As his fingers were working inside his thumb began to lightly tease her clit forcing a deeper sounding moan from his perfect bunny that he felt through his teeth more than heard. Nick was torn between letting go of her neck in order to lap at her folds, and keeping her pinned where she was. He wouldn't lie and say that there wasn't some primal satisfaction in keeping his lover submissive, but he also desperately wanted to taste her love juices that were already beginning to flow. His decision was made for him as Judy managed to pull one of her paws free as her whole body jerked slightly and she simply placed it on the top of his head, rubbing his brow softly and steadily. The great emotion that little paw conveyed, the trust, the love, the passion, all of it, told him that he was exactly where she wanted him to be.

Nick let go of her other paw and started rubbing her head in much the same fashion as his mate, trying to reciprocate her emotions. He had no real way of knowing if it worked, but he believed it did, as his beautiful bunny simply placed her now free paw atop his. It wasn't much longer before Judy was practically writhing under his paws, her hips were bucking against his paw and he pressed his fingers even further into her, trying to feel out exactly what she wanted. He was able to tell what motions felt better after a little experimentation and by now he knew what his bunny liked.

After another couple minutes Judy's breathing became rather ragged and she started to cry out, "Oh sweet Serendipity Nick, that feels so good! Oh, I think I'm gonna… I'm gonna… I'm cumming!" Her whole body shook with the power of her climax forcing Nick to relax his jaws slightly so she didn't end up hurting herself on his teeth. Nick kept his paw moving throughout her orgasm, trying to prolong the experience. Once it started to subside Nick pulled his paw free of her pussy and let go of her throat. With his now free mouth he licked her taste of his damp paw. Judy hazily opened her eyes and was greeted with the site of her fox looking at her as he deliberately licked each of his fingers slowly.

Seeing him enjoy her flavor as much as he was turned her on almost as much as how he got that flavor in the first place. She took a deep breath and began to stir, crawling away from her fox causing him to pause his licking to instead watch her rear as it swayed back and forth hypnotically. He was wondering what she was up to but when she was just a few feet away she stopped and stood up on her tippy toes while keeping her head low, raising her rear into the air. She shook it once for her fox and said, "Well, are you going to come over here and take your meal Mr. Wilde?"

Nick was on her a flash, one paw on her hip, the other was lining up his cock with her pussy, "Oh Karma, you don't even have to ask twice Ms. Hopps."

As he began to push his member into her, Judy shook her head and said breathlessly, "No… no." Nick froze in place, afraid he might have hurt her, but before he could say or do anything she said, "Call me Mrs. Wilde… please?"

Nick positively throbbed at hearing that request and said, "Of course, Mrs. Wilde." and resumed making love to his mate.

Autor's Notes:

When I first wrote Judy telling her parents that they were leaving early she started by saying 'I'm sorry, but we have to leave early' and I didn't like it for some reason. It took me a few minutes to realize that she wouldn't apologize for having to take care of her fox's feelings so I had to make a few other changes. I like that Nick has begun to be more vulnerable, especially with Judy. That wasn't how this chapter started, but I got the idea of him seeing the hug and kinda got fixated on it...

Also the love scene was written in after I was basically done with this chapter! I was getting ready to upload it, but something told me to go back and write out the full scene.