How to Make Friends

Draco Malfoy desired a friend. He has never been very good at making friends, even when he tries his best. However, this would be his first year at Hogwarts. Not only that, but someone of great importance would be attending as well. He would become friends with Harry Potter if it was the last thing he does.

So, he found himself in front of a door which more than likely held his target. He swiftly opened the door and glanced inside. Sitting down comfortably is a ginger-haired boy, which made him frown. The ginger hair, freckles, and terrible fashion sense that screamed, "Oh, woe is me… I'm so poor!"

However, his eyes quickly swayed over to the dark-haired boy with a lightning-bolt scar. He held back his horror at the look of the boy's clothes. Obviously, the blood traitor has infected the boy-who-lived with his poorness. This was unacceptable, and he would make sure to protect his new friend from this terrible disease. First, however, he had to make friends.

"Hey, you son of a mudblood whore, want to be friends?" he said with a charming smile.

The dark-haired boy recoiled at his words. Obviously, he hadn't expected someone of his standing to offer his hand of friendship. His hopes of friendship were quickly dashed when his hopeful friend punched him in the jaw. "My mother was not a whore! I would never be friends with you!" Harry bellowed with sudden rage.

Draco stumbled out of the compartment, and the door shut in front of him. What had he done wrong? He only stated a fact while offering to be friends. Had the blood traitor already tainted his mind with lies? He suddenly recalled his parent's advice on how to make friends.


"Father, how do I make friends?" a young Draco asked his incredible father.

Lucius Malfoy put down his old tome and stared into his son's eyes. He had been waiting for this moment since the day he soon came into being. "That's an excellent question," he said with a hint of praise which warmed his son's heart. "First, you must force them to their knees. Real friends will always serve you with no care for their own wellbeing. Remember my son, all friends must stay under your boot," he imparted his profound wisdom with so much clarity, it almost made Draco's eyes sparkle.

"What?" Narcissa Malfoy coughed out, staring at her husband incredulously. She turned toward her easily impressionable son, who stared at her with confusion. "Draco, sweetheart, that is not how you make friends. To make friends, you have to be kind to them. Treat them as you would want to be treated. Discover what you have in common and build on that, okay?" she said clearly and slowly.

Lucius let out a soft sigh. "Your mother may be right. She has always been more successful at making friends than I," he said softly.

Draco nodded his head but made sure not to disregard his father's earlier advice, just in case. However, another question lingered in his mind. "What happens if I mess up and upset the person I want to be friends with?" he asked, tilting his head to the side.

Lucius seemed dazed as if remembering something from his past. "There are times when you will accidentally say something that upsets a future friend. Thankfully, I have delved into ancient family magic to solve this problem. I found a spell that will send the user back a few minutes in time, completely rewriting the past. However, it can only be used if one uses it to make friends," he said in a warning tone.

"Can you teach it to me?"

"Of course, my son."

End Flashback

It seemed that he may have made a small error. This looked like a time to use his father's ancient spell. His friend's future well being depended on him! He pulled out his wand and swished and flicked it in circles, squares, and possibly a rhombus. "Best friends, best friends, I love you, you love me, let's get together and be best friends," he whispered to himself before vanishing into time.

Draco appeared back in front of the compartment that held his future best friend. He opened the door and gave a charming smile. "Hey, you're Harry Potter! Want to be my friend?" he said with a cheerful tone while holding out his hand. This time, he had decided to not tell him about his whore of a mother. It was obviously a sore subject for Harry.

Harry seemed slightly taken aback by his statement, but he started to reach for his hand. Draco could almost taste his new friendship sparking into life. However, those dreams all came crashing down when the blood traitor spoke up. "Wait, Harry! You don't want to be friends with that snake! His whole family is as dark as they come, and they served You-Know-Who!" cried the stupid freckled weasel.

Draco soon found himself outside the compartment after receiving a cold shoulder from his future friend. It seems that his earlier assumption about the blood traitor sinking his claws into his friend was correct. How could he possibly protect him from that thing? He suddenly thought back to his parent's advice.


"Father, what do I do if I'm trying to make friends, but a blood traitor is with them spreading lies?" a young Draco asked his father.

Lucius Malfoy put down his latest edition of Pureblood weekly. "That's an excellent question," he said, proud of his son's recent streak of right questions. "If a blood traitor is spreading filthy lies, you must put them down hard. I personally recommend the killing curse. After all, they can't spread lies if they are dead. Then you can make friends without any issues," he stated sagely, causing stars to appear in his son's eyes.

Narcissa Malfoy slapped the back of her husband's head, making him wince in pain. "What's wrong with you! Are you trying to get our son sent to Azkaban?" she cried out incredulously. She didn't let him respond as she turned toward her somewhat naïve son. "Sweety, if that's the case, you just kindly ask to speak to them privately. Sometimes you have to be the bigger person and prove the liar wrong," she stated carefully.

Lucius sighed while rubbing the back of his head.

Draco slowly nodded his head at his mother's words. They didn't make as much sense as his father's words, but his father didn't seem to deny it. He would follow his mother's instructions, but he would still keep his father's wisdom close to his heart.

End Flashback

Draco nodded his head. He knew what he needed to do as he cast his friendship spell once more. After a few seconds, he found himself standing in front of Harry Potter's door. He opened it up and gave a friendly smile toward Harry. "Harry Potter, may I please speak to your privately?" he asked politely.

Harry gave him a confused look, which made sense since he didn't know the dangers of gingers. "Alright, I guess…" he spoke up and started getting up. Things would have gone smoothly if the stupid blood traitor didn't suddenly catch his wrist and spread his mean lies! Now his future best friend stared at him with suspicion and some hostility. Time for Plan B, he thought as he pulled his wand out and cast the killing curse at the blood traitor. The ginger stared at him with wide, fearful eyes before falling over dead.

"W-what did you do?" Harry stuttered out, fishing his wand out of his pocket while staring at the ginger.

"Saving you from his poorness and lies! Don't worry, I saved you, and now we can be friends!" he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

"That green light, I remember it…" his friend mumbled to himself before fearfully looking at him. That didn't make sense, though, since he should be looking at him thankfully. "You're a monster, I'll never be friends with you!" he cried out and tried to tackle Draco.

Draco suddenly worried about getting punched, decided to stun his friend. A red spell flung out of his wand and hit Harry in the chest. He collapsed onto the ground, and he heard a crunch. He winced, that wouldn't earn him any brownie points for sure. He must have made a mistake somewhere. Deciding to try again, he cast his best friend spell and rewound time.

The blond pureblood found himself in front of the same compartment door. Draco opened it up and carefully glanced at the ginger, his hand itching to reach for his wand. He glanced over to his future buddy, who was looking at him curiously. "Hello, you're Harry Potter, right?" he asked slowly and got a nod in return. "May I please speak to you in private?" he asked, watching the ginger for any movement. Like before, Harry started getting up, but before the ginger could do anything, Draco grabbed his best friend's wrist and pulled him out.

"Why did you pull me out?" Harry asked, not knowing how he just saved his life. He would learn, though. Then, they would be best friends and go on adventures together. Maybe they could make friendship bracelets and go on picnics.

"Weasely doesn't get along with my family and likes to spread mean lies about us all the time. I didn't want him coloring me in a bad light before you even met me," he stated with a relieved sigh while getting an understanding nod. Finally, his friendship could start. "My name's Draco Malfoy, it's nice to meet you. Would you like to be-" he didn't get to finish as a voice called out from behind him.

"Excuse me, have either of you seen a toad?"

Draco turned with fire in his eyes and glared at the girl. Obviously, the mudblood was conspiring against him! No one would ever bring a toad to Hogwarts. Which meant she was here to take away his friend. How dare she! His wand shot into his hand. He cast a crucio at the mudblood. The girl fell to the ground and screamed in pain, but it didn't bother him as long as he was protecting his future friend. When the mudblood passed out from the pain, he turned back to his friend and noticed the confused and fearful look. He could understand, he also felt like that when one of them approached him. "Mudbloods, am I right?" he said in a joking tone like friends are supposed to do.

"W-what did you do?" Harry stuttered out, fishing his wand out of his pocket while giving Draco a weird sense of déjà vu.

"Saving you from her whorish ways. Trust me, you'll thank me later," Draco said, placing a hand on his soon to be best friend's shoulder.

"Y-you tortured her! You're a monster!" he cried out and jerked away, making Draco panic and cast the crucio at his soon-to-be friend.

When Harry passed out from the curse, he just stared down at the two limp bodies in dismay. This wasn't how this was supposed to go. He sighed in defeat and quickly cast his best friend spell, ignoring the sputtering of the ginger. Back in front of the door, he thought back to his parent's advice.


"Father, what do I do if I'm trying to make friends, but a mudblood tries to interrupt my private conversation?" a young Draco asked his father.

Lucius Malfoy carefully put down his book on how to properly take care of one's hair. "That's an excellent question," he said with a prideful tone. "This is actually quite simple. If a mudblood attempts to talk to you, immediately torture them into insanity. There can be no hesitation, trust me. I actually got this wisdom from your dear aunt Bella. Her words of wisdom have never steered me wrong before," he stated in wistful remembrance.

Both suddenly turned to the sound of Narcissa Malfoy banging her head into a nearby wall. She stopped after a few seconds and glared at her ridiculous husband. "Are you bloody insane?" she screamed, throwing her hands into the air. Not allowing her foolish husband to reply, she grabbed ahold of her darling son's head and made him look her in the eyes. "Draco, listen to me carefully. Do not torture mudbloods, okay? That will not make you friends. Instead, you should politely tell them to go away. Don't sink to their level and come off as a brute," she said sternly before turning her ire back onto her husband.

Lucius rubbed his chin thoughtfully before nodding his head. "Your mother may be right, but I believe you should always keep Bella's wise words in mind," he stated in a serious tone. Lucius didn't want his son falling for the mudblood whorish ways. He made sure to teach his son right.

Narcissa took a deep calming breath before turning sweetly to her precious child. "Draco, darling, how about you go fly around the yard for a while. I need to talk privately with your father, okay?" she said in a way that implied it wasn't a suggestion.

Draco nodded his head after filing away his parent's advice. As soon as he shut the door, he heard his father cry out in pain. He didn't fret over it though, he usually listened to that sound come from the master bedroom. He didn't know what a strap-on was, but his mother used it a lot on his father.

End Flashback

Draco opened the door and went through all the same motions as last time. However, this time he waited a few seconds before asking his most important question. For, this time, he knew a mudblood would try to ambush him and steal his friend.

"Excuse me, have either of you seen a toad?"

Draco carefully turned toward the disgusting magic stealing whorish mudblood. "No, I haven't seen a toad anywhere. I'm having a private conversation, would you mind leaving us?" he said with so much politeness, the filthy thing would feel like royalty. It made him sick, but he needed her to leave before she sank her claws into his future friend.

"Oh, alright," the bucktooth girl said, before walking away and looking around the area. He had to admit, she could act well, but he was onto her game. No one would ever bring a toad as a pet.

Quickly he turned back to meet the emerald eyes of his future friend and smiled. "Would you like to be my friend?" he said, holding out his hand warmly. Harry eyed his hand for a second before calmly shaking it and sending him a small, shy smile. It took all of Draco's training to not jump up and down in excitement at making his first friend.

"Sure, I'll be your friend," Harry said.

"That's great! We're going to be great friends! I hope you're sorted into my house," Draco stated, starting to ramble on. His new friend just stood and listened calmly. After a few minutes, Harry explained that he needed to get back and watch his stuff, but he would meet up with him later. As Draco walked back to his own compartment, he couldn't help but fantasize about the future. His parents would be proud of him when he explained how he made his first friend.

Author Note: I was just sitting down at my desk and this story popped into my head. I started laughing and couldn't help myself. So, I quickly started writing it down. I hope you all got a good chuckle out of it.