Birthday Reminders & Surprises

It's been a few month since New Year's, reaching the end of March and into April, and these young heroes have now been closer now than ever. Especially for Artemis and Wally. Since Artemis opened up her past, and feeling free to open up to her boyfriend. The team is happy to see them still bicker about little things but see how open they can be with each other.

There was still one thing Wally didn't know about his girlfriend, when her birthday was. The team was doing their team bonding on a warm Saturday evening. When they were all in the living room, trying to agree on a movie

"Hey, it's great outside, why don't we roast some s'mores?" Said Robin, grinning a bit. Zatanna was the first to react saying, "Yes! I'll grab the chocolate. As M'gann nodded her head in agreement and grabbed all the ingredients.

Wally was third to agree, as it was an excuse to eat and the team soon when out the hanger to enjoy the outdoors. After looking for wood to act as benches, thanks to Superboy, Zatanna then casted a spell to make a fire. The Team sat in a circle, with Artemis next to Wally, Zatanna with Robin, M'gann with Conner and Raquel with Kaldur. They were all enjoying each other's company until a certain speedster needed a reminder on his manners.

"Babe, please chew with your mouth closed!" Said Artemis to her man. She has gotten used to the way he eats, but that doesn't mean he had to eat sloppy.

Wally paused when she yelled at him. He did a double take at how he was eating and a grin that she finds very cute on him. Since they have been getting serious with their relationship, she was at times a bit bossy but appreciated how she notices everything he does and helps correct him. That was one of the many things he's grown to appreciate and adore about her.

"I'm so glad it's almost April, I can't wait for spring break. This semester has been tiring. I could use this time to practice my spells, and catch up on sleep." Said Zatanna. Almost everyone nodded in agree, except Kaldur, who doesn't have to stress about school anymore. "Tell me about it. Between school, training and missions, sleep and relaxation sounds great." Said Artemis but in the back of her mind she was also thinking that'll it be her birthday month.

"Forget April," said Raquel, "I'm ready for June. Sweet 16 birthday to me." As she popped a marshmallow into her mouth. The mention of her birthday made everyone to think that they soon get celebrate everyone birthday this year for the first time as a team. But realize as well, they never discussed each other's birthday.

Wally was first to mention his, as a reminder because he did have a big party and all. Robin couldn't mention his, he has a secret idenity and all. Zatanna's and M'ganns both happen to be in the first week of July, making both of them happy they can do something big for their birthday together. Conner would be too be soon, as he was found in Cadmus when he was 16 weeks old. Kaldur's had passed, celebrating in Atlantis but was then called into a mission, not doing anything big for his. Leaving Artemis to be quite, as birthdays were never a big deal in her family. She sat in silence, lost in thought in how all her previous birthdays had been. The Team discussing what Raquel has planned, they didn't realize Artemis didn't answer. Of course Wally looked her, waiting for a response but noticed her facial expression and waited to ask her in private.

As it got darker after a few hours of being outdoors, the fire died and out everyone called it a night. Wally offered to take Artemis home, allowing them some alone time. Apon reaching Gotham, exiting an out of order phone booth, they were still a few blocks from Artemis apartment. Instead of running, Wally enjoys slowing down to spend time with his girl. Intertwining his hand with hers, Wally smiled and took her time walking her home.

Artemis has grown up to be a strong fighter, but Wally was the only guy whom she could relax and be vulnerable with. They were silent for a moment until, "Hey babe," said Wally, "why were you so quite when everyone was talking about their birthdays?" This caused Artemis to stop walking and think. She felt glad she could open up to her boyfriend, but there were so much history from her past that made her not to want to share everything. So much abuse from training to be the perfect warrior from her father. She was worried sharing everything would have him feel pity on her and keep her from opening up everything,

"Listen, if you don't want to tell me, I'll just find out for myself." "No," pleated Artemis," it's that, my birthday has never been a big deal in my family, it's just another day."

Placing his hand under her chin to look into her eyes, "Come on babe, it's important to me now." Kissing her. She smiled happily and sat on the steps of some random plaza. Looking at him, she began telling him that when her birthday come around, her father did know it was birthday. As she grew older, she was pushed more and more into training harder. Leaving her alone on some training practices to test her limits. Often leaving her in a forest or dessert to see if she could live to her amazon name.

"So when it came to my 15th birthday, that's why I was confused in Bialya. It was March but I figured it was one of my birthday tests my father put me up to."

"And that's why you thought you had to kill me? Babe your father is gone, your one of the good guys. You don't have to be what he trained you to be, alright. Plus birthdays are the best excuse to gather with those close you and just enjoy the moment." Wally always says such reassuring words that makes Artemis feel so safe and accepting around him. Making her so happy was in her life. So happy, she leaned in and gave him such a passionate kiss, reminding him how lucky he was to have her in his life too. "April 14th."

Looking confused, Artemis repeated herself. Wally smiled at her, grabbed her hand and continued walking her home. They kissed goodnight and Wally decided to run home. Thinking along the way how to make her birthday special. Since he lived in Kansas, there was a time zone difference allowing him to make before curfew. And a little glad his parents were up, he wanted some ideas. "Hey, I'm home!" he yelled as he ran through the door, finding his parent relaxing in front of the tv.

"Glad your home honey, how was night?" asked his mom, she was always happy to hear how his team is doing. But more happy when he mentions his girlfriend, whom they can't wait to meet. "It was nice, talking about birthdays, and finding out my girlfriends' birthday is in two weeks. I want to do something for her. Maybe throw her a surprise party, but I don't think she would like that. What should I do?" Wally had a great relationship with his parents, and felt he could talk to them about anything. He didn't tell them everything about Artemis's past, but he spoke about her frequently. This questioned made his parents smile at each other and look at him.

"Well how about keeping it simple? You could treat her to a nice dinner, or turn it into a date. Talk to your team mates and just celebrate with a cake." Calmly said his father, always straight to the point. Wally quickly checked the calendar on his phone, her birthday fell perfectly on a Friday. She would be on spring break but he wouldn't. School won't stop him from taking her out and making this one memorable birthday.

"Dad, you're the best. Thanks, night guys." Running up the stairs to start planning his date, his parents just continued to cuddle on the couch, happily knowing his son is with someone who keeps him in his place.

It was April 10th, and Artemis has noticed her teammates have been keeping a little quitter than usual. It was the start to most of their spring breaks. Which was random as they all went to different schools across the US, but they didn't care. It meant they could hang out around the Cave more.

She enjoying some ice cream with the girls as she couldn't contain herself and just bluntly asked everyone why they were acting strange around her. The girls looked at one another and Zatanna was the first to speak up. "Well, Wally told Robin, who told me and then told the girls you birthday was in a few days. Were kinda bummed you didn't menton it and was thinking of what to get you." For a second Artemis wanted to be mad at her boyfriend but figure it was ok to tell the team more about herself.

"Yea girl, we didn't know what to get you, so we've been trying to think of something you'll like. But still why you didn't tell us. We're are your best girlfriends." Said Raquel sternly, she felt so close with all the girls, a little hurt Artemis is still hesitant to open up to them.

"Listen, you all know I have a damaging childhood. Birthdays just aren't a big deal to me, I appreciate the thought but please it's just another day."

"No, as your best girlfriends, we are getting you a gift and M'gann will most likely make you a huge cake. Just act surprised and enjoy some cake as we do our team bonding this Saturday, ok?" Zatanna said with a smile. She felt the closest to Artemis and knew when she brought up her childhood not to push her to talk about what she had been through. But to make sure enjoys what she has now.

Artemis looked the girls, a little glad they didn't push her to open up more and grinned at them. "Fine, we'll enjoy some cake. And just to let you all know I am looking for some new earrings to wear."

It was finally Artemis Birthday, she woke actually relaxed and happy for the first time in years on her birthday. Her mother greeted her as she made her way to kitchen. Surprising her with breakfast served, her favorite tea hot and ready. She hugged her mom, glad they could finally spend a birthday together. They talked all morning, "Any plans this weekend with the team."

"The girls mentioned wanting to make me a cake tomorrow. But I think Wally and I are going out tonight. He texted me at midnight and said to be ready by 7."

"Oh yes, the young flash boy. He better treat you right, or I'll have a firm chat with him." Her mom meant to be funny but knew she was serious. She hasn't introduced her boyfriend to her mom yet, but talks about him as she knows him already.

Artemis enjoys the afternoon with her mom. Watching tv, cleaning her bows and as it grows closer to 7, she starts to get a little nervous. They go on dates here and there. When they do spend time together, it's usually be at the mountain or times he would take her home. She just hopes he keeps this date simple and they go someplace that doesn't have a huge buffet.

Feeling a bit excited she decides to still look nice, wearing a green blouse, jeans, her black boots and even her hair down. She never leaves it down unless she's going to bed. But she felt like going out a little differently now.

It was 6:55pm when Wally showed up in front of her apartment. He wanted this night to perfect and wanted to even be early. He texted her he was here, surprising her. She said goodbye to her mom and left to go greet him. The second he saw her, his mouth dropped. He knew he had the most beautiful girl on the planet but she can still leave him breathless. He walked up to her to hug and give her a kiss. They were like that for a minute as they haven't seen each other in a week. They text each other over the phone all day but seeing each other was better. He gave a single rose, "Happy Birthday babe." He said smiling, looking handsome in a nice grey sweater, jeans and his best running sneakers. "Ready for your birthday dinner? I figured we go to the perfect place."

They walked to the phone booth to zeta to Central City, from there he ran her to a very casual restaurant. A place that knew him very well and would serve him the biggest portion meals. A bistro his father suggested, where his parents ate at often.

"You look beautiful babe." He said as he pulled her chair out. Causing to blush and smile. He treated her like a queen, and she couldn't be happier. Their waiter soon dropped off the menu and water. "Welcome, I'll be your server tonight and happy birthday. I'll be back in a few to take your order."

"I hope it was ok that I mentioned it was your birthday when I made the reservation." Wally said shyly. "No, it's great actually, I could get used to the birthday wishes." She replied.

They chatted all night, him bragging about some new science project he was working on for school. Ordering huge amounts of food, that Artemis doesn't get surprised at any more. She would even order extra food for him to finish to make it look like they both happen to have huge appetites. After an hour, they brought over a huge slice of chocolate cake with a candle. The staff singing happy birthday to her, as she didn't know how to react but just smile at everyone. Wally sang to, but his eyes only focused on her girl as he was hoping she was enjoying her night.

"Make a wish babe." Artemis paused to think, and blew out her candle. She didn't need to wish for anything, as she was happy where she was right now.