All he could see was darkness, he was motionless and he couldn't feel a thing. What was I doing? Where am I? Those were the thoughts that plagued his mind. Suddenly there was a bright flash of light, he covers his eyes in an attempt to shield them and it comes back to Jason's senses that he died. Right, I died to save Apollo, Meg and Piper, then I was killed by Caligula. I hope they made it out alive and I hope they are in a better situation now. Jason hears a voice calling out to him and opens his eyes. He finds himself in a palace exquisitely made of marble and gold. While squinting and looking for the sound of the voice calling out to him, he finds his father "Jupiter" standing in front of him then he immediately straightens himself out.

"Jason, my son, how have you been?"

"I never thought we'd be reuniting this way, Father."

"Well, it seems as though this is what the fates intended to happen Jason. No hero has it easy son."

"I went through a lot, I got swapped with Percy whose a son of Poseidon from the Greek camp. Then my memories were wiped blank by Hera. Then, I struggled with remembering my past life and ultimately it just confused me, Father. I could only recall a few fragments of my past life in the Roman camp and I felt so awful that I couldn't remember much from my life in Camp Jupiter which is what led me to Camp Half-Blood. While there I was happy for a bit but everything came crashing down when I realized that most of the memories I had of my present life was all fabricated."

"Well, Hera told me that erasing your memories was necessary for both camps to unite. You were too uptight before you met the Greeks, son. You would have never agreed to join forces with them if the switch between you and Percy didn't happen."

"You're correct, Father, but I just wish I recovered my memories like Percy did."

"Percy was only able to retrieve his memories while on a quest when he came across a gorgon's blood."

"I understand but even before that, he was able to remember at least Annabeth from his own camp. Her name was the first thing he remembered when he woke up."

"It is because Hera intended for that to happen Percy although he is a great leader is driven by his impulse. Hera needed him to be fueled enough to effectively make use of Percy in her plans. Annabeth is what drives Percy the most and the thought of her manages to keep him grounded."

"What about me? Didn't I have someone who kept me grounded?"

Jupiter looks uncomfortable and grimaces at Jason.

"You did, son but you needed to forget about her. She wasn't essential in Hera's plan and Hera needed you to be with someone Greek so that it would strengthen the ties between the two camps therefore forming an alliance."

Jason frowns at Jupiter with a troubled expression. He remembers only fragments of a girl with black hair in a side braid.

"Oh Gods, her? her? It was Reyna wasn't it?"

Zeus looks at his son guiltily. Then a thought flashes into Jason's mind, he remembers Reyna's hurt expression when she saw him holding hands with Piper when he went down from Argo II.

"Yes, Jason, it is Reyna that daughter of Bellona. You guys were bestfriends and really close at that."

"Oh Gods, were we together? was she my girlfriend before I got taken away?"

"Uhm, well, I think the two of you were at a point in your relationship wherein you guys were past the friendzone but wouldn't put a label on it because both of you prioritized your duties as praetors of Rome."

Jason felt sick to his stomach. He couldn't believe he forgot a big chunk of his life. Regardless if they were already together or not, he felt that the predicament went the worst for Reyna and all because they needed to save the world.

"This is tough news to take and its even worse that I'm dead already."

"Well, son, that is the life of a hero. Sacrifices must be made and because of your sacrifices this brings me to my next two orders that I must discuss with you."

Jason although troubled looks expectantly at his Father and grows curious regarding his current predicament.

"What is this about Father? Also why am I here in Roman Olympus? Shouldn't I be in Elysium?"

"That my boy, is the first order that I must be discuss. As your Father, of course I felt bad about everything that happened to you and that is why I am giving you your memories back."

With a stroke of his hand Zeus summoned lightning and shot it at Jason. Jason felt shocked by the lightning but nothing hurt instead he relived all of his memories and in the process gained all of it back. Memories of his time in Camp Jupiter with Dakota, Gwen, Bobby and even Octavian, flashes before his eyes. Then, important parts of his memories came last, memories of his time with Reyna, from the very first time they met to the very last night he spent with her before he got taken away by Hera. He was plunged into a memory and forced to relive his last night with Reyna.

The memory sequence starts and it feels like a faraway dream.

It was already night time in Camp Jupiter and Jason found himself watching his past self and Reyna on the roof of praetor's villa stargazing. They were sitting next to each other just admiring the night sky.

"How many stars do you think there are in the universe, Jay?"

"Definitely, too many to count, Rey."

"I wish I were a star, all I would need to do is to look pretty at night and shine."

"You already shine on your own, Rey. Plus if you were a star, how would I be able to do this with you?"

Jason pulled her close and kissed Reyna, although surprised Reyna smiled into the kiss and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"My, my, Grace. You really are smooth, lover boy."

"Ha ha, very funny Rey but I only am with you?"


"I promise plus with all the praetor duties I doubt, I'd spend time with anybody else."

"I'm glad you became my co-praetor, Jay. I won't know what to do without you, this job isn't cut out for one person, you know."

"I know and that is why, you can always count on me. I promise I won't leave you and I'll help you with every task we'd need to accomplish."

"I'll hold you to that promise. Pinky swear?"

"I'll only pinky swear, if you promise to take a break tomorrow and swim with me in the lake?"

Reyna pretends to think about it for a bit and then flicks Jason in the chest. Jason feigns hurt and smiles at her.

"Fine, I will but only if you bring a pack of jelly beans."

"Oh, I will. Don't worry."

Jason grabs one of Reyna's hands and holds it. Reyna squeezes his hand back and lets it stay there. They continue small talk about their plans for tomorrow while stargazing.

That was the night before he was taken away and wiped clean off his memories. The memory cuts and Jason is brought back to the present. He's in Olympus and Jupiter is snapping his fingers in front of his face. Jason feels happy that he finally got his memories back but the feeling is replaced with regret and guilt. He looks back at every instance Reyna saw him with Piper and it only makes him feel 10 times worse.

"How do you feel, son? It must be nice to have a clearer grasp of things."

"I feel better now that I remember everything but I feel like a truck hit me in the chest, Father. Every single instance I wasn't there for Reyna comes back to me and I feel even worse that I broke a lot of promises that I made her."

"All is fair in love and war, son. You have to come to terms with everything. You wouldn't have saved the world if you didn't forget about her."

"But it brought me pain, Father. There was always this missing piece in my head that desperately wanted to claw its way out, that told me that being with Piper was wrong but the memories I had fabricated by the mist was strong and then there was also Piper's charmspeaking distracting me from remembering anything else."

"As I said before, son. All of that was necessary to save the world and it is one of the greatest sacrifices you are ever to make."

"I just wish there was another way, I could have saved the world."

"There is no other way, son. What's done is done and you are now a hero. Which brings me to my second order of business as to why you are here?"

Jason curiously looks at Jupiter who was smirking at him.

"What else is there, Father? I am already dead, aren't I?"

"You have done your best and sacrificed so much already for the world, son. I don't usually do this but you are among my favorite children and with that in mind, I am giving you a choice."

"What choice is there?"

"I am asking you if you want to go to Elysium or be resurrected and returned to Camp Jupiter? Now that you have your memories back, you can live peacefully in Elysium and relax or would you like to be brought back into the world to fix the bridges you've burned before and rebuild it?"

"What? Why are you doing this, Father?"

"I may not be the best Father, Jason but I really do love my children and I hated how tragically your life ended after all the sacrifices you made for the Gods."

"Is this even possible, Father? How long have I been gone in the world?"

"Of course, its possible Jason. Nothing is impossible for a God like me. And, you have been gone for about three days. I believe your remains have been brought back to Camp Jupiter by Apollo and Meg although they were attacked by Eurynomos on the way."

Jason looks alarmed but Jupiter goes on with what he was saying.

"Don't look at me like that. They're fine and they managed to get your body back to Camp Jupiter with the assistance of Lavinia."

"Oh, thank the Gods. How many people know about my death, Father?"

"Mhmm, the people from Camp Jupiter and the seven demigods you had a quest with. Oh, plus Nico, Meg and Apollo."

"Oh no, does Reyna know?"

"I think she does, son. And I've heard that she plans on joining the Hunters of Artemis."

"What? Why?"

"Well, since you'be been gone from Camp Jupiter, your sister Thalia and Reyna got close. Initially, they bonded over you as the topic of their conversations and eventually realized that there are other things that they have a lot in common."

"Oh, leave it to Thalia to ruin my lovelife. If Reyna joins the Hunters of Artemis then we'll never be able to be together."

"That is actually one of the mains reasons why I had to do this for you, son. I actually like Reyna for you, she made you a better man. You got so responsible and made smarter decisions when you guys were together. I really think she would be a good match for you even though Aphrodite did not think so."

"Oh Gods, is that what Aphrodite told Reyna when we were in Charleston. Reyna distanced herself from me for a few months after speaking with Aphrodite but we bounced back when I confronted her about it."

"That's right. Aphrodite wanted to pair you up with one of her spawns. She said you guys would make the perfect match but I doubt that was the kind of girl you needed. What you need is someone who isn't afraid to knock you down off your high horse, son. The same formula worked perfectly well for Percy and Annabeth."

"I know, Father. I think I've made my choice."

"I think I already know, what choice you'd be making, son. But do remember hardships and trials, will come along if you choose this path."

"I wouldn't have it any other way, it was already hard enough getting close to her, imagine trying to gain her forgiveness to take me back."

"Well, we've always had trouble with women, son. But for this girl I'll make an exception, she is someone that I really like for you."

"I know dad and I really do love her. Take me back into the word. That is my choice."

"As you wish son, goodluck and don't forget to grovel at her feet. That always helps me whenever Im in trouble with Juno."

"I'll keep that in mind, Father."

Jupiter smiles and flicks lightning at Jason then he disappears. Jupiter thinks to himself "Let's hope things look up for you, son. I'd hate to find you in the Underworld again." Jupiter gives it a thought and mumbles to himself while walking "I should finally give Hera and Aphrodite a piece of my mind, they may be Greek gods but they've meddled enough with my son's life."