Reyna has always lived a tough life. From the start of her childhood when she unintentionally vaporized her dad because when he came back from the war in Iraq, he wasn't the same and he was starting to get violent around her and Hylla. To those dreadful days that she spent in Circe's Island and the pirates there.

At a young age, she was forced to learn how to fight and defend herself because she was always plunged into risky situations. Escaping Circe's Island with Hylla only gave her momentary joy because after a few days, Hylla went her separate way and joined the Amazons leaving Reyna all alone again. Reyna eventually found sanctuary in Camp Jupiter and that's where everything changed for her. She had always conditioned herself to expect the worse because her life has always been a tragic story. This made her emotionally detached and despondent, making it a habit to rely solely on herself and that would have been the case if it weren't for a blond haired son of Jupiter.

Initially, Reyna wanted nothing to do with Jason but he always managed to find time to worm his way into her life. She always thought that Jason was too sweet, kind and honorable. Everyone in Camp Jupiter liked him because he was charismatic and he always had that hero streak about him where in he would try to help anyone that needed it. He was too perfect and Reyna hated that fact, she thought that no one could be this perfect. Which is why she tried avoiding him at all costs but the fates had other plans for her.

Time and time again, she tried to push Jason away but he always managed to bounce right back in next to her. Their relationship that was initially rocky turned into a close bond when they were both working hard to become praetors of the camp. Months of spending time with one another around camp and training, kept them close to one another. This was how Reyna got to know the real Jason, not the perfect golden boy that everyone thought he was on the outside but the Jason that was plagued by doubts and criticized himself for making errors. The Jason that was loyal, compassionate and had an immense sense of justice. This Jason was the one she slowly fell in love with.

He would always know when something was wrong with her and she in turn would know when something was wrong with him. They knew each other like the back of their hands. That was what made them the golden duo during their time as preators. When they were elected as praetors, the bond between them only grew stronger and it slowly burned into something else. Conversations about their duties in camp turned into conversations of their plans for the future. Looking for each other so that they could attend a senate meeting turned into looking for each other so that they could sneak out of camp and watch the latest action movie.

They were bestfriends yet something more and they come to terms with this one night when they were walking back to their praetor villas after sneaking out to watch a movie. Reyna remembers it just like it was a moment yesterday.

-The night Jason confessed to Reyna-

Jason and Reyna finally reached Camp Jupiter after sneaking out to watch a movie in the town nearby. They walk along the path that would take them towards their villas which were situated next to one another. Jason looks at Reyna who was busy admiring the night sky.

"Hey, Rey, how long do you think we'll be doing this?

Reyna smiles at him and laughs. Jason smiles to himself because he knows that laugh was reserved only for a selected few namely: Dakota, Gwen, Bobby and him.

"Doing what, Jay? Sneaking out of camp? Being a praetor? Staying in camp?"

"Okay fine, maybe I wasn't clear about what I asked. What I meant was staying here in camp."

"Oh. I haven't really thought of that yet. But, I would want to go to college so that I may be able to study law."

"Ooh, I bet you'd make a great lawyer, Rey. Fighting for what is right and serving justice to those who need it."

"Haha. Exactly my thoughts on it. You got me there. What about you?"

"Well, I think I also want to go to college now that you've mentioned it but I'd want to study Business."

"You've always been a great leader, Jay. That would be perfect for you. Maybe, you'd turn into a CEO or a politician."

"I was thinking along those lines. Haha, you got me as well."

"Of course, I know you best Grace. Who else would?"

"You got that right, Queenie."

They are infront of their villas when Jason halts his steps and looks like he's contemplating on something. Reyna looks at him questioningly.

"Come on, Jay, just a few more steps till we can sleep like babies in our beds."

Jason is having an internal battle with himself before he decides that the time is right.

"I know but I have to tell you something before we sleep for the day."

Reyna turns to him and patiently waits for him to speak his mind. She noticed earlier that something was bothering him when his hand was fidgeting while they were walking home.

"Lay it on me, Jay-Jay. I'm sure I can take it."

"Mhmm, well, I know we didn't have the best start ..."

"Come on, Jay. We've pushed past that already, you know about my father, you know about Circe and you know about my sister."

"I know, I know and you know everything there is about me as well."

"Then what else are you trying to say, superman."

Jason smiles when he hears the nickname that she teased him with when they found out he could shoot lightning and fly.

"Mhmm superman huh. How much do you know about superman?"

Reyna laughs thinking that this conversation is going nowhere but goes along with it.

"Well he has powers and some of his powers you can do you know. Where are you going with this, Jay?"

"You're right, Rey. You know what else superman has?"

"Haha. What?"

"A Lois Lane."

"That's basic superman info, Jay. Lois Lane is deadlier that Kryptonite for superman. And I'm gonna ask you again, where are you going with this? This is getting ridiculous and the movie we just watched was about Batman so they don't add up."

Jason turns his full attention to Reyna with a serious face. Reyna gets a bit nervous and tries to laugh it off.

"Im just saying that if I were superman, you would be my Lois Lane."

"I don't want to be the reason you go berserk and wreck the world, Jay. Haha."

"Rey, I'm being serious here. I'm in love with you and I probably wouldn't wreck the world for you like superman because I don't want the Gods mad at me but I would definitely do anything to protect you."

Reyna looks dumbfounded and tries pinching herself. Jason finds this funny and looks at her incredulously.

"Stop pinching yourself. Why are you doing that, Rey."

"I was just making sure I was awake. This is a lot to take in, Jay."

"Well, maybe you can start off by telling me if you feel the same way."

"I do, I think I'm in love with you too .."

Jason pumps his fist in the air before kissing her. Reyna is shocked but she kisses him back. Although at this moment, Reyna remembers all their duties in the camp as praetors and pulls away.

"But ..."

"But, what Rey?"

"I think we shouldn't focus on there being an us right now."

"What? Why?"

"What about our duties, Jay? We're praetors of the camp and we have responsibilities. I don't want there being an us to affect that."

"It won't Rey. It's kind of inevitable for co-praetors to date around here."

"I know but I just want us to be the best praetors that we can be."

"And we will, Rey. We can do this. It's always been me and you against the world."

"I'm just not sure about it, Jay. What if we break up then we start hating each other? How can we work together as praetors then?"

"We won't. We haven't even started and you're already thinking about that. I'm sure we'll be just fine."

"It just makes me nervous, Jay."

Reyna looks at Jason and he appears to be thinking before he speaks.

"Fine. How about this, Rey? Will you listen to my proposition?"

Reyna is hesitant but nods at him.

"We don't have to put a label on us. I know it makes you anxious and I wouldn't want to make you feel uneasy about it. Basically we'll still be us but we'd be an upgraded version of us."

Reyna snorts and laughs.

"Haha. What? What do you mean?"

"We'll still act the same as before but I'm asking for your permission to be able to hold your hand, take you out on dates and to kiss you. Then, we'll figure everything out when we're done being praetors. Maybe even go to college together. What do you say?"

"What did I ever do to deserve you?"

"I don't know about you but I think I deserve a kiss for this."

"Fine. I'll be your not-girlfriend, till we figure things out.

Jason wraps his arms around Reyna's waist and looks into her eyes.

"Excellent, then I'll gladly be your not-boyfriend. I think you should show your not-boyfriend how grateful you are for him."

"Maybe, I will."

Reyna smiles at Jason and pulls him into a kiss. They smile like idiots in front of their villas, completely wrapped in a world of their own.

Damn. That memory hurt like hell and I really wish I lost my memories like him, then I won't have to remember any of our moments together.

Reyna finds herself back in her villa and is shaken back into the present by Gwen's voice calling out to her. Reyna looks at a tear strained Gwen, Dakota and Bobby.

"What's wrong guys?"

"Rey, I think you should sit down for this one?"

"What happened?"

"I really think you should sit down first, Rey."

"What's this about? What aren't you telling me guys?"

"Reyna, Jason is dead."

"What? That can't be true? I know he hurt us because he forget about us but this isn't a funny prank, guys."

"Reyna, we're being serious. Jason is dead. He died to save Meg, Apollo and Piper from the hand of Caligula."

Reyna stumbles and looks like she's about to faint while mumbling "No. No. No. No". Although pained with the recent news, Dakota, Bobby and Gwen carefully watch over Reyna because they knew this would hit her the most. Reyna looks dizzy and faints. Thankfully, Bobby has fast reflexes and manages to catch her before her head hit the floor.

"Oh God. You guys told her already, huh?"

The trio looks to the villa's front door and finds a tear strained Thalia Grace. After the war, Reyna had a hard time coping with the loss but she managed to gain new friends in the form of Thalia and Annabeth. They were very patient with Reyna and listened to all of her Jason related rants, soon the topics shifted and they found that the three had a lot in common. Thalia knew Reyna wasn't going to take the news of Jason passing well. This news wasn't something that she would be able to get over and to avoid Reyna from destroying herself she decided, to offer her a spot with the Hunters of Artemis. Thalia also knew Reyna's sister, Hylla, the Amazon Queen and she advised Thalia to encourage Reyna to join so that she won't wallow in her sorrows. Everyone was concerned about Reyna because although Jason and Reyna were estranged, they all knew he still held a special place in her heart.

Reyna was slowly waking up from her fainting. She looks confusedly at everyone in her villa and then she remembers the recent news she received. Thalia approaches her and hugs her tightly with tears in her eyes. Reyna breaks down and cries before pulling away to compose herself.

"I wish the reason we had to meet up again so soon, wasn't due to this?"

"It just feels like it isn't real. I was mad at him for forgetting about everything and leaving the camp but regardless I hoped he would have had a long and happy life with Piper."

"They broke up, Rey. It's already been 6 months since they've split, I believe he was trying to find himself."

"I didn't know that. I didn't even try to get in between them because I wanted him to be happy even if it meant being out of his life."

"Well, some things just don't turn out how we thought it would be."

"I don't know what to feel, what to do, I just feel numb."

"We know, Rey. Everyone wants to keep their eye on you, Annabeth and the others are on their way. We'll hold a proper funeral for him."

"I don't think I can do that, Thals."

"Of course you can, you're one of the strongest people I know, Rey."

"I don't know how to come back from this, Thals. I don't know."

"I know and this might not be the right time but I wanted to offer you a chance to join me. Be part of Artemis' hunters. You won't have to be alone."

"I, I don't know Thals. I hope you can give me time to think about it."

"Of course, take all the time you need. Do you want to see him?"

"I can't. I don't think I can yet, Thals."

Reyna's voice breaks and Thalia nods at her giving her comforting pats in the back. "This is a disaster" Reyna thinks to herself. She knew her life was tragic but the Gods surely outdid themselves with this one.