Gwen was walking around the camp with a happy skip to her steps. She was incredibly happy that their Jason was alive and back home. It made her feel so sad and betrayed when he forgot them after all the years that they've spent together but none of them ever really had the heart to stay mad at their Jason because they all knew it wasn't his fault he got taken away. Gwen knew that if Jason had a choice then he would have never left them or most importantly Reyna, at the time that he went missing because those two were practically inseparable. She knew full well that her two friends were in love and when Jason finally came back aboard that Argo II ship, she knew it hurt Reyna when she saw him holding onto another girl's hand after waiting for him for 8 months. She had to admit Reyna hid her feelings well but her close friends could always see behind the mask she put on, every flash of hurt and pain on her face, Gwen knew that very well. After thinking of sad Reyna during the course of Piper and Jason's relationship, she felt like she had to tell Jason off just in case he hurt her again. They were both her friends but she hated seeing Reyna the way she was before and with a new found mission she makes her way towards Jason's praetor villa before she bugs Reyna. Frank was the new praetor but he preferred staying at his own cohort so they left Jason's villa as it is. Gwen reaches Jason's doorstep and knocks. She is greeted by a Jason with a serious case of bed head.

"Jay Jay, morning."

Jason sleepily squints at her and rubs his eyes.

"Oh, Gwen, not to be rude but what are you doing here so early?"

Gwen laughs at him.

"Uuh, it's almost lunch time, Jason. Everyone was waiting on you at breakfast but we figured you slept in."

Jason looked surprised and glanced at his watch. "What Gwen said was right" he thought.

"Oops, I guess I slept in. I couldn't sleep well last night."

Jason's thoughts were then filled with Reyna and Malcolm on a date and he frowns instantly because thinking of it brought an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach. Gwen smiles at Jason's face frowning, she knew her friend and she knew exactly what brought that frown onto his face so she decides to tease him.

"Didn't sleep well, huh? Would what kept you up, have anything to do with our little Rey Rey?"

Jason gets an embarassed flush on his face and tries to deny it.

"What? Nooo."

Gwen has a mischievous glint in her eye and she clicks her tongue.

"Well in that case, I am excited for her date. We both know that Reyna doesn't do dates so this would be a change."

Jason grimaces at the thought of Reyna on a date with someone else other than him.

"Hey, she does do dates but before she only did when it was with me. She doesn't need to go on any new ones especially if the guy she's meeting isn't me."

Gwen was enjoying this she wanted to rile Jason up before giving him the break her heart, I'll break your face speech she had.

"Oh Jay Jay, Reyna deserves to go out. Her praetor duties are the only things she's focused on and I'm afraid that if any guy can keep up with her, it would be that braniac Malcolm. He is Annabeth's brother."

Jason rolls his eyes at this.

"I know he is but Reyna can manage on her own and she can get by with me by her side just like old times."

"Jason you left her before and it wasn't a pretty picture. I hated watching her pretend to be strong with you missing. I'm just not sure if you're what's best for her right now."

Jason feels the static in the air, he tries calming himself down because he didn't want to accidentally shock anyone, especially not Gwen.

"What is it with everyone trying to keep me away from Reyna? Just so you guys know, I am not backing off, she was my girlfriend and technically we haven't even broken things off yet."

"Jason, I know you're frustrated but believe me when I tell you that you really hurt her before."

"I know that, Gwen, she already told me that but that won't scare me away. I came back here for a reason, I wanted to fix things with everyone and I want to be with Reyna."

"Well maybe some things are better off without you. Sometimes you need to let go."

Jason runs a frustrated hand on his hair.

"I can't, Gwen. I can't let her go, every night when I try to sleep, I can't and its because I know that she used to sleep next to me and it was the absolute best feeling in the world. It kept the nightmares away for the both of us and now that she isn't there with me, it just feels empty."

"Jason, do you still love Reyna?"

Gwen knew the answer to her question but she just wanted to hear it from him. She just wanted to make sure that he was sure of his feelings now.

Jason stares at Gwen with a serious expression before speaking. He knew he was having this conversation with Gwen because she didn't want him to hurt Reyna again.

"Of course I do, I always have and it never went away."

"It never went away? How do you explain your past relationship with Piper?"

"I didn't have all of my memories then Gwen and deep down I knew something wasn't right when I was with Piper. It felt a little bit too perfect and it was because everything was fabricated but I knew deep down that something was stopping me from going any further with her."

"You better be telling the truth, Jay Jay. I would hate to see Reyna's heart break again."

Jason smiles at Gwen.

"Oh trust me, Gwenny. You weren't the first one to tell me off, Percy and Annabeth beat you to that."

Gwen smiles at this. Percabeth was a nice couple and everyone could see that they were made for each other. They often visited Camp Jupiter with Thalia to check on Reyna and all of them used to hang out.

"Ha ha knew they would. They look after Rey Rey a lot too."

"I knew they were friends but I didn't know that they were that close."

"Oh they are, Annabeth and Reyna are practically like sisters. They are so alike in so many ways. Plus Thalia and Reyna are great sparring partners."

Jason laughs at that.

"Well now that you've said that, it does make sense. Anyways I was gonna let you in on a plan that I have."

Gwen raises an eyebrow at Jason.

"What is this about?"

"Well, I'm planning on crashing Reyna's movie date today."

Gwen snorts at this.

"Of course you were. You were always the jealous type Jason. I remember all the boys you warded off Reyna."

This memory brings a smile to both their faces.

"I had to look out for her."

"Or you just did it so that she wouldn't get interested in anyone else."

"Well, it did work. Ugh, I just want to be with her again, why is it so difficult?"

"Well step it up Jay Jay."

"I will, I'll take that as a seal of approval from you on me crashing her date later."

Gwen winks then feigns ignorance.

"Oh, I know nothing about that now I gotta go and do more rounds. I'm gonna have to help Reyna prepare later. See you later, lightning Mcqueen."

"See you later, Gwenny."


Reyna was done making her rounds in camp then she looked at her watch and saw that it was already 3 pm. She thought "Gwen would kill me if I was late." She heads straight to her villa and finds Gwen looking bored on her bed. Gwen looks at her and smiles.

"Well it's nice to see you on time, Rey Rey."

"Of course, Gwen. I'm pooped for the day."

"We gotta get you ready for your date."

"Do I have to go?"

"You told him yes so you do. Not unless there's a different reason you dont want to go? Is it because of a blonde haired son of Jupiter that we both know wouldn't like this?"

Gwen smirks at her and Reyna gives her an annoyed look.

"He has to be alright with this. Plus that ship has already sunk, Gwen."

"Does he know that Rey Rey? I had a talk with him earlier and he still seems pretty set on you."

"He'll move on, Gwen. Just like he did before with Piper. It was easy for him before."

Gwen grimaces at this and sighs.

"Reyna things are different now. He has his memories back. This is our stubborn Jason Grace and trust me when I say that I know he isn't going to give up on you guys."

Reyna rolls her eyes at her.

"Well, I'm stubborn too. I don't know if it'll be right if we be together again. The gods didn't even approve of us being together before."

"I think they do now, they even brought him back here. Just think about it."

"I'll try to but he has to move on. There are a ton of girls here in Camp Jupiter and all the more in Camp Halfblood."

"Reyna, we both know he's going to stay in Camp Jupiter now that he has his memories back and those girls are not who he wants."

"Ugh, why does my life always have to be complicated?"

"Your life has always felt like a soap opera, Rey Rey. And I play the greatest supporting character ever."

Reyna laughs at this and playfully shoves Gwen.

"Ha ha, very funny, Gwen."

"Enough about Jason, so tell me about this Malcolm?"

Reyna and Gwen discuss the date and Malcolm while they prepare. By the end of all their preparation, Reyna is dressed in blue tube sun dress with her hair let down. Gwen marvels at her work and decides they need one final touch to the outfit.

"Where's your denim jacket, Rey? That would look perfect on this ensemble."

Reyna's face drains of its color when she remembers where she left that denim jacket.

"Oh no, that ones at Jason's?"

Gwen smirks at this and teases her.

"Ooh why is it at Jason's huh?"

Reyna gets flustered and Gwen grins wider at this.

"Weeell... Uh... Okay..The night he went missing we were uuuh ... anyways after that I forgot about it there and you know how things went when I found out he was missing."

"Mhmm, well I really want that jacket on this outfit. Go get it, Rey."

"What? No, it's at Jason's."

"And so? You guys are friends right?"

"Yes, but but ..."

Gwen grins at Reyna.

"Not unless you aren't over him."

Reyna sighs.

"Fine, Im gonna go get it."

Gwen claps her hands together and smiles at her. Her plan was going her way "This'll be a push of encouragement for Jason, when he sees her dressed like this he won't let her out of his sight."

Reyna nervously goes over to Jason's and knocks on his door. He answers the door and is surprised to see Reyna. Jason looks awestruck for a moment before Reyna clears her throat at him.

"So, I just have to get something that I left here before."

"Oh, alright come on in."

Jason follows Reyna to wherever it was she was going to and makes small talk.

"Ready for your date?"

"Yeah, I'm just trying to find my denim jacket here. I left a lot of things here, sorry about that."

"I don't mind, we were practically living together here before I went missing anyways."

Reyna finds her jacket and puts it on. Jason stares at her and couldn't help but think "She is beautiful and there is no way in hell that I'm not crashing this date." Jason smirks at her while Reyna looks at him confusedly.


"Nothing. You just look beautiful."

Reyna blushes at this and mumbles a thanks.


Jason sighs and runs a hand through his hair. Reyna notes that he only ever does this when he's frustrated about something.

"Rey, I don't want you to go."

Reyna turns away from him and tries to walk past him.

"You have no say in this anymore."

Jason blocks her way and crosses his arms.

"Reyna, please just stay here. I'll even get you a pack of jelly beans."

"I can't Jason, I don't break my promises."

That stung Jason but Reyna intended for that.

"Reyna, I'm sorry."

"I know Jason how many more times are you gonna say that. I said it's okay."

"Everything doesn't feel okay. And, I am gonna say it as much as I want because I miss you."

"Jason let's just move on from this, okay? Just forget we ever happened."

Jason grabs onto her hands and stares at her.

"That's the thing, I can't Rey. Not when I've got this overwhelming feeling of love for you."

Reyna tries to break away from him but his grip is firm.

"Jason, stop. We're done, we already discussed this."

"No, it's not. You and I both know that. There's chemistry between us and you can't deny the pull we feel whenever we're together."

Reyna feels like she's trapped so she knees him lightly where the sun doesn't shine and runs back to her villa.

"Not if I can't help it, Jason."

Jason nurses the spot she hit him and thinks that "She's still got that spitfire in her" "If she thinks I'm gonna let this date happen she's wrong". Jason grabs his phone then he calls Dakota and Bobby and says "Guys, its still on meet me in 5".

Gwen is suprised by a frantic looking Reyna.

"Are you alright, Rey?"

Reyna laughs nervously and this gets Gwen's attention.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?"

Before Gwen gets to question Reyna any further, they hear a loud knock at the door. Gwen grins at Reyna and pushes her towards the door.

"Knock him dead, tiger."

Reyna rolls her eyes at her and goes out to meet Malcolm at the door. She opens the door and is greeted by a bouquet of red roses.

"Oh wow, Hi Malcolm."

Malcolm stares dumbfounded at Reyna. He thinks "She is even more beautiful in civilian clothes. Oh god I must look stupid just staring at her."

"Reyna, you look beautiful these are for you."

Reyna stares at the flowers and she smiles up at him. This might not be the same as the casablanca lilies that Jason usually got her before but maybe it was time for a change. Malcolm's heart melts a bit at her smile and he wipes his sweaty palms onto his pants.

"Thank you Malcolm, they are beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you."

Reyna smirks at him playfully.

"Who would have thought that you'd be a smooth talker, Malcolm?"

Malcolm smirks back at her.

"They are a lot of things you don't know about it me yet. Well, let's go?"

Malcolm offers his hand to her and Reyna looks at him hesitantly before she relents. He sees her hesitate and clears his throat.

"Come on, I don't bite."

Reyna rolls her eyes at his playfulness. She reminds her a bit of the old Jason.

"Ha ha, very funny."

The two of them walk out of her villa unaware that there were four pairs of eyes watching them. One from Reyna's room and three from Jason's villa. Dakota and Bobby were curiously staring at Jason as they watched on the exchange between Malcolm and Reyna. They felt a zap of electricity on their fingers.

"Ouch, cool it, lightning mcqueen."

"Yeah, Jace. Chill out, all of us know you and Reyna are eventually getting back together."

Jason runs his hand through his hair and looks up at the two apologetically.

"Sorry guys, I just don't like seeing my girlfriend with other guys."

Dakota rolls his eyes at Jason.

"Oh come on man, it's ex girlfriend now. You were busy dating that Piper girl before."

"Nope, we haven't broken up officially yet and I blame the mist plus the amnesia for dating Piper. She was a nice girl but I always knew something felt off."

"Well, you've lost your chance now. Why not let her move on?"

Jason looks at Dakota with a pained expression on his face.

"I can't Kota, I love her. I can't just let her be with someone else, not when I know that we belong together."

Bobby's eyes soften at this and he gets into the conversation before it gets out of hand. He places a hand on Jason's shoulder and nods at him understandingly.

"We know, Jason. We were the ones there to see you two together before you got taken away. I may not like it that you hurt her but I think you guys do belong together."

Dakota swallows the lump in his throat and nods at what Bobby said.

"Yeah, Jace, you guys belong together but maybe you should give her some space."

Jason crosses his arms and looks at the two of them before speaking.

"And watch her fall in love with other guys? I don't think so."

Dakota sighs at Jason.

"You do know that she watched you do the exact same thing right?"

Jason looks at them with a guilty expression and nods.

"I know and I have been saying sorry for it every single day but I'm not gonna let her go that easily, I'm not going away, not without a fight."

Bobby smiles at Jason's determined face.

"Fine, I'm supporting this but only because I like seeing the both of you happy. Reyna was the most laid back I've seen her when she was with you."

Dakota sighs and smiles at Jason.

"I support this as well but I hope you stop getting kidnapped by gods and wiped off of your memories."

Jason chuckles at them.

"I'll try to avoid that. Come on guys, we gotta catch up to them. You know the plan we act surprised when we see them and I sit next to Reyna in the movie theater while Malcolm will most certainly be on her other side."

The trio then head to the movie theater, they easily spot Malcolm's blonde hair and Reyna's dark one among the crowd. They line up close to them discreetly so that they wouldn't get noticed. Dakota gets them their snacks while Jason and Bobby buy the tickets and pick the perfect seats next to Reyna's date. They move into the movie theater and head towards Reyna who was alone, they saw Malcolm in line buying popcorn before they went in.


Reyna had a pleasant conversation with Malcolm on their way to the movie theater. She was engrossed in her own thoughts when she felt the people who were gonna see the movie as well sit beside her. Reyna looked up and she had to blink twice, she knew those electric blue eyes anywhere. She put on a glare on her face and waited for Jason to explain himself.

Jason was getting comfortable beside Reyna when she looked up. "Oh oh, time to put my acting skills to the test" he thought. He ignored her glare and pretended to be surprised.

"Rey, what a surprise, what are you doing here?"

Reyna narrowed her eyes at him and raised her eyebrow at Bobby and Dakota behind him. She then sarcastically says.

"Gee, what a surprise, Jason. But, Bobby and Dakota, what are you doing here?"

Bobby and Dakota look at her nervously before smiling at her.

"Well us boys, wanted to hang out?"

"Yeah, Rey, it's been a while since we boys hung out."

Jason feels relieved for Bobby and Dakota having his back, he bumps his fists with them and gives Reyna a blinding smile. This smile makes Reyna's heart flutter but she pushes the feeling away and presses on.

"Mhmm, and you chose to watch a movie out of every other hang out place?"

Jason gives her that smile again and he winks at her.

"Why not, Rey?"

Reyna facepalms and lets it go.

"Fine but I'm here with Malcolm okay? Don't ruin my date."

Jason has a mischievous glint in his eye and Reyna internally screams "oh no."

"I promise, I won't."

"Liar" Reyna thinks.


Malcolm comes back with popcorn and raises his eyebrows at their new found company but he decides to greet them and then focus on Reyna.

"Hey, Jason, Bobby and Dakota, fancy seeing you guys here. Reyna, here I got you some popcorn, I hope you like white cheddar."

Jason looks at Malcom and says.

"Actually she likes the nacho cheese flavored popcorn."

Reyna thanks the heavens that it was dark in the theater already so she steps on Jason's feet silently asking him to keep his mouth shut. Jason looks accusingly at Reyna then lets it go.

"Thank you Malcolm, I think it's time I try the other popcorn flavors. Who knows my favorite flavor might change?"

Jason snorts at that and both Reyna and Malcolm look at him surprised.

"What? She's loved that flavor since we were 12, I highly doubt that, Rey."

Malcolm was feeling the tension in the air, he was a son of Athena so he easily read between the lines, Jason was mad that Reyna was on a date with him and Reyna was mad that Jason was there. "Why do I feel like there's too much history between them, I'm not even sure if they dated" he thinks.

The movie starts and they all get immersed in it forgetting about their discussion earlier. Halfway through the movie Malcolm pulls out the most classic date move in the book, he stretches his arms out and attempts to place it behind Reyna in her seat. Jason immediately notices this and glares at him but Malcolm refuses to remove his arm. Reyna looks unbothered by it and it ticks Jason off.

A few minutes later, Jason has had enough he stares at Reyna and finds her hand on the arm rest beside him. He takes his chance and clasps her hand in his on the arm rest.

Reyna knew it was dark but the moment she felt warmth in her hand, she knew full well whose hand it belonged to. She tries to pull it away discreetly but Jason holds her hand in his tightly. Reyna gives him a warning look but he ignores it. She sighs and lets him hold her hand. Throughout the rest of the movie, she was unable to focus because her thoughts were preoccupied by the familiar warmth she felt when Jason was close. "I should really avoid him, he's clouding my judgement again" she thinks. She is jolted back into reality when she feels the warmth in her hand disappear and the movie's end credits roll. Malcolm offers her his hand and she accepts it. Reyna was gonna be honest, she felt no spark of electricity, not in the way she did whenever she and Jason touched.

Jason saw her take Malcolm's hand. He clenched his jaw and let it go. He moved towards the two of them with Bobby and Dakota in tow.

"So where are you guys headed to now?"

Malcolm and Reyna looked surprised.

"Uuuhm, what do you think Reyna?"

Reyna nervously looked between the two of them. The tension was obvious and she wanted to get out of this situation.

"Uuh I have praetor work left to do. I think I'm gonna head home."

Malcolm frowns thinking that they're date was gonna be cut short but he understood that Reyna had duties and he admired her for her diligence. Jason smiled and saw this as a window of opportunity to keep an eye on both of them.

"Well we were going home as well. Let's all walk home together?"

Malcolm didn't want this to happen because he hoped to spend more alone time with Reyna but he wanted to be polite to her friends so he said okay.

"Okay, is that alright with you Reyna?"

Reyna sighed and smiled up at Malcolm.

"It's alright, come on guys."

They all walked home together to Camp Jupiter. When they reached the camp Bobby and Dakota bid them goodbye, they told them that they had to check on someone that they pranked. With a reprimanding glare from Reyna, an amused smile from both Jason and Malcolm, both boys scurried away. And then there were three left walking to the prateor villa. Malcolm insisted that he get her safely to her door like a gentlemen should despite her complaints about it being too late already. They reach the villas and Jason hesistantly says goodbye. He discreetly hides in a bush and watches the two of them from there. Malcolm gets them to her door and smiles at her.

"Thank you for today, Reyna. It wasn't perfect but I had a lot of fun."

"I'm sorry about them, Malcolm. I didn't know they were going to be there as well."

"Oh, it's no problem Reyna. I know that they can be quite overprotective. They are your close friends after all."

Reyna smiles at his understanding nature and it sends a stab at her heart as well, she thinks that Jason used to be like this as well.

"Thank you Malcolm for being so understanding. I had a great time as well."

Malcolm feels butterflies in his stomach when he sees her smile. With every ounce of courage he had, he placed his hand on the side of her face and leaned in slowly. Reyna panicked "Is he leaning in to kiss me? Oh god, I haven't kissed anybody else since Jason" she thinks.

Jason can see this from his position and he knew exactly what was about to happen. He can't let this happen so on pure impulse he jumps over the fence between their villas and interrupts the moment.

"Reyna! I have an issue I need to discuss with you!"

Malcolm is annoyed by the interruption but thinks with logic, if the issue was important he'd let it slide. So he tells her goodbye and kisses her on the cheek before leaving. Reyna still shocked is frozen, Jason drags her into his villa and then he closes the door. She gains a semblance on what just happened and has a pissed off face. Jason thinks "oh shit."

"What the hell, Jason? I was in the middle of something."

Jason looks annoyed because he knew what something she was referring to.

"I don't know what you mean. I just had an issue to discuss with you."

Reyna facepalms and reminds herself that praetor duties have to come first so she decides to be nice and listen to his issue like she does with every camper.

"Then what issue is it?"

Jason thinks fast and comes up with something ridiculous.

"Uuh, my toilet is clogged. I need help."

Reyna's annoyance intensified by his minimal issue.

"You can ask the maintenance staff for that not me. God, Grace next time don't interrupt me."

"What do you expect me to do? Do nothing?"

"Yes, Jason. Let me do what I want."

"I can't do that! In my heart, you're still my girlfriend!"

"Well it hasn't been like that in a long time! You have a different girlfriend called Piper!"

"We've broken up for a while now! She's not my girlfriend you are!"

Reyna's face is red with anger and hurt.

"Not anymore, Jason! It hasn't been that way in a while! May I remind you who broke my heart into pieces?!"

"And, I'm sorry for that, Reyna. I don't know how many more times do you need to hear me say that."

Reyna at this point had tears in her eyes.

"As many times as I want, Jason! For as many times as I want till my heart heals! You don't even understand how hard it has been for me. How many times I had to hold the tears in because I was feeling hurt! How many times I felt like I was not enough because you forgot everything about me! About us!"

Jason felt so bad about Reyna feeling this way, he wanted to take all of her pain away. So he did the only thing he thought would express all of his feelings for her. He grabbed onto her face and kissed her.

Reyna was shocked, Jason was kissing her and here she was frozen like a statue. She tried resisting but she eventually gave in, she always did whenever it came to Jason, he was her weakness. Jason felt her kiss back just as passionately and pulled her closer to him. "I missed this, I missed her, I missed all of her" he thought. Jason held onto her tightly and Reyna wrapped her legs around him, in the way she always used to. Jason automatically lifts her up without breaking their kiss and he leads them both to his bed.

Reyna felt Jason lay her down on his bed. He was still on top of her kissing her and she felt something poking her from below. Reyna felt a rush of desire overcome her, she tugged on his shirt and soon all of their clothes came off. She knew she shouldn't have done it but she missed him and it has been a while. Nobody made her feel the same way Jason ever did. That night they expressed what they were feeling through their bodies and soon after sleep overcame the two of them. Jason wraps his arms protectively around her while Reyna snuggled closer to him, inhaling his familiar scent.