Just binge watch all three series of Human and loved it (Late to the party I know) Just a one-shop set in series 3. Hope you enjoy. I not not own Humans

Garden Chat

Laura went to stand outside in the back garden. She saw Leo sitting on one of the patio chairs looking up to the sky. Leo was a quiet person and sometimes Laura forget he was even here. He was looking that the sky but he looked troubled – more troubled than normal "Are you alright?" asked Laura – then wanted to kick herself. Of course, he wasn't he just had the news that Karen was dead.

"yeah, just thinking," said Leo hiding behind some wall he had built.

Laura paused for a moment "About Karen. or about your mother…or both?" After all Karen was based on Beatrice. And there was a history there. A complicated one for sure. But a history never the lest.

"Both I guess," said Leo thinking about it slowly and carefully, like he was trying to organized his mind. Then Laura thought – that was what he was doing. It wasn't long ago he was in a coma and even if he had recovered remarkably quickly his mind was more human now. "But more about my mother…." He paused for a moment "She wanted me dead,"

"She was mentally unwell," said Laura at once – that was the only way she could have done what she had done. But from what Mia had told her – Beatrice Elster had been ill for a very long time. From the sounds of it – it sounded something like Bipolar disorder or maybe it was something else. Or maybe more than one thing.

Leo paused for a moment – his eyes lost in a memory – maybe he was remembering drowning in the lake. "They were times when she seems happy," said Leo more to himself "Then it could change quickly… I could never help her…I tried but she didn't want me…. She didn't even want my father."

Lauren didn't know how much Leo knew about whatever illness his mother had – from what he heard about his father it didn't sound like he ever had the time to explain things to his son, leave him in the care of the Synths.

"I don't know if she ever loved me."

"I think she did," said Laura "That's why she took you with her when she…. Did what she did." Laura was sure Leo knew this.

Leo frowned to himself. "My father was different," he said "He send me away before he killed himself,"

Of course, he had lost both parents to suicide. That would mess anyone up – all things consisting he had turn out alright. He was lucky to have someone like Mia looking after him. "I don't think anyone really knows what goes on inside someone head." Said Laura. "People do things that… are hard to understand," Something talking to Leo was like talking to a sentient synths – he was like them is so many ways.

"She tried before,"

"What?" asked Laura feeling a little lost.

"She tried before – killing us…. I didn't realise it till after…. everything," said Leo "She was taking me away in the middle of the night…." Leo paused, but did not continue with the story "Niska stopped us from going, told me not to did it again."

"Parents are hard to understand sometimes – me and my mother do not get along." Said Laura, thinking about her own mother. She didn't have the same problems as Beatrice Elster – but she had a difficult relationship with her, maybe, in a way more difficult than the one Leo had with Beatrice. "She never wanted to see me or my kids?"

"Why?" asked Leo

"She couldn't love me," said Laura "She blame me for somethings that…she thought I could of stopped happening… it took me a long time to realise that….I couldn't of done anything. But she couldn't forgive me…."

Leo looked at Laura he didn't asked her about what had happen. "Do you still love her?"

"The funny thing is I do," said Laura "She used to say the most horrible things but I did still love her. I think that why it hurt so much. You just want to be love by them back – but it doesn't always work that way." She wiped her eye as a tear slowly fell. Leo didn't cry but his eyes looked sadder somehow. "Your brothers and sisters love you." Said added. They were a odd family is a lot of ways but the love and loyalty they have for each other was strong.

Leo smiled a little "I know," he said. He must miss them, all of them – all in different places. He was more comfortable around Synth but awkward around humans. Maybe he did something similar as Sophie when he was younger, Walking and talking like a synth and maybe he did not – after all Mia and everyone were sentient synths. "You are lucky to have a family that cares." He said "Cares a lot about things….more than one thing…."

"It's not easy," said Laura. It was never easy but she doesn't know where she would be without Mia and the others. Maybe she would be one of the people companying against synth and moving to one of those Synth free communities. She and Joe may have more problems than they had now… or maybe they would have less.

"Do you think it is worth it?" asked Leo. Lauren didn't know weather he meant families or everything they have been thought together.

"I do," said Laura without hesitation. "Do you think it is worth it?"

Leo thought for an over an minutes Lauren thought Leo wasn't going to answer, "Maybe," To Laura that maybe sounded like a yes.

"What is you favourite thing to eat?" asked Laura suddenly. Leo look at her with a curious look. "Something eating you favourite meal will make you feel better." Leo had been in the house a little while now and he didn't seem to have anything he really liked. Sophie like to give coco pops in the morning – especially when she found he that he didn't have them when he was young.

"I don't know," said Leo "Guess I don't really think about food that much." Lauren thought that this made sense as he had been living rough for years now and spend the whole time with Synths. They didn't need to eat so Leo must have just eaten out of necessity rather that something to enjoy.

"How about I make lasagne?" asked Lauren thinking about one of her family's favourites.

"You don't need too," said Leo at once. He was independent and even if he trusted her more than he used too – there was still mistrust there. A habit that he couldn't break. But he seemed to trusted Mattie more than any other human. Maybe that was because they both good with computers, and thought in a similar way.

"No," said Laura standing up "I want too, to tell you the truth cooking relaxes me and if I left it up to Joe – we would eat pizza every night." She went to walk inside, lasagne sounded good.

"Laura," said Leo she turned "Thank you."