The episode started with Todoroki in a student waiting room. He stared at his hand as memories of his mother and Midoriya ran through his head. He mused about how he'd never considered certain things until Midoriya had said something.

The class shifted uncomfortably when the images of Todoroki's mother appeared again. They'd already intruded on their classmate's traumatic past enough for one day.

Izuku was unsure of how to feel about this. A part of his brain said he should be happy that his actions were having an affect on Todoroki even after the fight, while another part felt bad that he was partially responsible for Todoroki struggling right before the final match.

Todoroki himself just took in a deep breath and let it out slowly. He was going to be even more distracted during the final fight, now that he was facing Bakugo and that he'd had time for Midoriya's words to sink in a bit. He probably wasn't going to do as well as he normally would, he might even lose. He was surprised that the idea didn't bother him as much as it would have previously.

Todoroki's thoughts were disrupted by Bakugo kicking the door open. After a brief exchange Bakugo realized he was at the wrong waiting room.

"Oh, that's not so bad. I thought he went there on purpose to talk about the whole 'declaring war' thing again." Hagakure said.

Todoroki turned away from Bakugo dismissively, which made Bakugo angry.

"Looks like you spoke too soon." Ashido said.

Bakugo brought down a fiery fist and demanded to know where Todoroki was looking. Todoroki was unruffled, and simply noted that Midoriya had said the same thing to him, and blown away so much of his prior thinking. He asked Bakugo if Midoriya had been like that when he was younger too.

"Bakugo used intimidation. It wasn't very effective." Kaminari intoned. Several people laughed and giggled in response. Jirou was among them.

"Absolutely no fucks were given." she said, earning more laughter.

Bakugo, despite still being out of sorts about the reveal of All Might previously being quirkless, was present enough to be incensed by Todoroki's continued dismissal and focus on Deku. 'It's always about Deku. Some way or another, things always go back to him.''

The teachers were taking this scene in a much different light than most of the students. Normally they'd just be happy to see a student not raising to the bait Bakugo was setting, but now they knew more. They knew that there was a very high chance that Endeavor's 'training methods' were likely the reason Todoroki had so little reaction to a fire being used so closely to him.

Memories of Deku made Bakugo angry enough to kick the table away from Todoroki. He declared that he didn't care about Todoroki's family situation or feelings, and demanded the other boy use his flames no matter what before storming out.

"How rude!" Aoyama declared with a sniff of disdain.

"So not manly dude..."

"You saying you wouldn't go off on someone who brushed you off right before fighting you?" Bakugo challenged.

"That's, I mean-" Kirishima stumbled over his words loudly before suddenly getting quieter. "I mean, I'd be pissed off about it yeah, but that doesn't make it okay to yell at someone about their history of abuse!"

"He may not know that's what Bakugo was talking about." Shoji pointed out. "The way he phrased it was pretty vague."

"Yeah, Todoroki and Midoriya don't know you overheard them talking in this timeline." Sato reminded them.

"Oh yeah, he wouldn't know that." Kirishima's brow furrowed. "But I'll bet he's wondering if you know now, so you probably just made him more confused."

'Which means he's gonna be stuck in his head even more than before.' Bakugo realized. He ran a hand down his face. "Fuck."

"Are you okay, Todoroki?" Momo asked in concern. The boy shrugged.

"Hard to get too worked up about Bakugo when I've dealt with Endeavor my whole life."

"I'm sorry, Todoroki." Izuku murmured, feeling partially responsible once again. Todoroki shook his head.

"You were trying to help him in those memories. Not your fault he has a bad reaction to it."

The camera focused on Bakugo's wide smile as he walked away, internally declaring how he was going to beat Todoroki completely.

"Dude, I'm gonna need you to dial that smile down a couple notches." Sero said, making the motion of turning a dial in the air.

"Yeah, you're gonna scare all the girls watching the match." Mineta said.

"Like I give a shit about that!" Bakugo really didn't care if he scared any audience members. However, he was a little disturbed by how much his smile looked like the one he'd been wearing during the battle trial against Deku.

The two boys were shown to be on the stage now, with various audiences watching. As soon as the match started, Todoroki sent out waves of ice. Bakugo deflected them as fast as he could, but he was soon overtaken by a huge glacier. Midoriya noticed that the glacier was more focused than what he'd used on Sero, and the audience wondered if it was over already.

Tsuyu shook her head. "That doesn't seem likely with these two."

"Don't you dare count me out that fast!" Bakugo snarled at the screen.

Midoriya felt a small part of himself unwind at his other self's observation. At least Todoroki wasn't at the same level of emotional turmoil that his father had caused earlier.

A strange pulsing was felt and heard through the stadium, which turned out to be Bakugo's explosions as he blasted his way out of the mountain of ice. He threw himself at Todoroki, and managed to grab his 'fire side' while yelling about being underestimated. Todoroki managed to get out of Bakugo's grip and circle his way around him. When Bakugo went for him again, Todoroki grabbed Bakugo's arm with his left arm. In the stands, Endeavor yelled at Todoroki to use his fire.

The students were on the edge of their seats watching the fight, eager to know how a clash between two of their most powerful classmates would go down compared to the previous one. Those that were curious about whether or not Todoroki would use his fire stopped wondering after that though.

"Well, there went any chance that Todoroki would use all of his quirk." Kirishima sighed.

Bakugo ground his teeth, but knew Kirishima was right. Half and Half had outright stated that forgetting about Endeavor was what made him use his fire before, and there was no chance of that happening now.

"He couldn't even remember what Todoroki said after his match with Midoriya well enough to know that was a bad idea? How has this guy managed to stay at #2 so long?" Ojiro wondered. Tokoyami hummed an agreement.

"It seems the man has gotten far too used to ignoring his family's words and desires."

As predicted, Todoroki chose to throw Bakugo rather than use his fire. When Bakugo landed he accused Todoroki of messing around and asked if he wasn't strong enough to make Todoroki use his fire.

"I don't think that's the problem here." Sero pointed out.

"I haven't overheard every conversation Half and Half has had." Bakugo reminded him irritably. Katsuki wasn't stupid. As much as he bitched and moaned at Todoroki for not taking his fight with him seriously, he knew the other boy's reluctance to use his fire wasn't truly about him. That somehow made it worse though. Katsuki was Todoroki's opponent, Katsuki should have been the other boy's focus, yet all Half and Half could think of was his shitty father and the nerd. Why was it that people gave him praise for his quirk when he didn't do anything but when he was actually trying to earn it they ignored him?

'That's another thing he has in common with my old man.' Todoroki thought to himself 'Somehow, things are always about him, no matter what evidence to the contrary there is. Even if Bakugo hadn't overheard my talk with the old man, that doesn't mean there isn't evidence that this isn't about him.'

Aizawa started to give more of his rare commentary. He noted how Bakugo's moves showed how closely he'd been paying attention to Todoroki's previous fights, and how much his skills showed in each fight. Todoroki was doing well too, but it was clear he was still off his game since his fight with Midoriya.

Some of Bakugo's ire eased at his teacher pointing out his efforts, but the reminder of Midoriya's affects on his opponent still had him scowling.

Midoriya's almost apologized to Todoroki automatically, but stopped himself. He had to remind himself that, despite his anxiety making him feel bad about affecting Todoroki's final match, he didn't regret what his other self had said. He didn't regret breaking through the walls Todoroki had built around himself and his own potential; it was needed even if it was unpleasant.

Bakugo yelled at Todoroki, saying he wanted a complete victory and that his victory wouldn't matter if Deku was still higher than him by making Todoroki go all out. He rushed at Todoroki, and Todoroki started to stand down as he got lost in how unsure he was of his own goals. But then Midoriya yelled from the stands for Todoroki not to give up. Only then did Todoroki start to use his left side, as the ice melted off of him and flames burst to life.

Cheers went up, either in support of Todoroki or just in the excitement of it all. Aizawa found himself frowning instead though. It wasn't the first time Bakugo had expressed the idea that nothing mattered if he wasn't number 1, but it was one of the times he'd said it so blatantly. It was definitely something that needed to be addressed. After all, not being in first place didn't mean that your own accomplishments and efforts were worth nothing. The problem lay in getting that idea through Bakugo's stubbornness.

'It always come back to Deku.' Bakugo's mind whispered again. This time that thought was outweighed by his excitement though. Finally, he was going to see himself fight Half and Half at full strength!

A rush of warmth spread through Izuku when he saw the ice melting off of Todoroki's skin. He did that, it was his words that had broken through to Todoroki once again. Is this what All Might had meant about interfering being part of being a hero?

Bakugo was very pleased by this development. He threw himself up and into an impressive spinning attack. Todoroki moved to counter it, but something stopped him. Something brought thoughts of his father and mother back to mind, and he extinguished his flames just before Bakugo struck and the stage was covered in a cloud of smoke and debris.

If Bakugo were capable of it, his hands would have been popping with small explosions. "WHAT THE HELL! Why-!"


Bakugo's rant was cut off by Momo's cry. Unnoticed by the explosive teen, the moment the blast hit, Todoroki had doubled over in pain. A couple seconds later, and he was sliding off his seat and toward the floor. Momo leaped from her seat and managed to catch him before he fell all the way down. Midoriya wasn't far behind her, and Uraraka and Iida followed along after him.

"Is he okay?" Uraraka asked anxiously, looking over Momo's shoulder.

"I think his other self must be unconscious." she replied. She moved to push dazed boy back into his seat and Midoriya and Iida quickly moved to help her, despite Todoroki's quiet protests. By the time that was done Recover Girl had made her way over.

"Quick reflexes you've got there Miss Yoayorozu. Thank you very much for saving him from any bonks to the head."

"Of course."

"Well, looks like that awesome spinning attack did it's job." Kaminari said, looking over at the scene surrounding Todoroki.

"We can't know that, not with Half and Half chickening out at the last second." Bakugo grumbled. He was still cursing internally, he just didn't want to get in trouble for doing it out loud and disturbing Recovery Girl's work or something. Aizawa had already given him a look when he started yelling earlier.

Kirishima grimaced. "I mean, I get it, but yeah, it kinda sucks that now we won't know which of those attacks would have won out."

When everything settled, Todoroki was shown to be laying unconscious out of bounds. Bakugo did not take this well. He knew Todoroki had not used his fire at the last second, and he grabbed the unconscious boy by the front of his uniform and demanded once again why the other boy was screwing around and giving him a pointless victory. Midnight used her quirk to knock him out before he could say anymore, and she declared Bakugo the victor.

Now it was Kirishima's turn to steady Bakugo as he slumped when Midnight's quirk affected his other self. Given how his other self was reacting to the end of that fight, him being suddenly out of it might not be a bad thing. To be honest though, Bakugo wasn't the only one who felt that the end of that fight was...unsatisfying.

"That was...uncomfortable." Jirou admitted. Normally she didn't have much patience for the specific brand of arrogance that Bakugo gave off, but there had been something about the way he'd been at the end of that fight. His words were more raw than usual, like he was truly upset rather than just angry.

"Yeah," Kirishima looked down at Bakugo with worry, then over at the groups surrounding Todoroki "that whole thing feels unfinished. For both of them."

Nedzu hummed thoughtfully. "Typically the final round of the Sports Festival is meant for the best of the year to, well, show off their best efforts. Due to the circumstances, neither one of them was truly able to do so. So it is understandable that things feel unresolved."

The scene skipped ahead to the award ceremony. Midnight announced it, and much confetti was blasted off as the podiums for first, second and third place came into view. Tokoyami was on third, Todoroki on second, and Bakugo was first as expected. What was unexpected was the fact that Bakugo was muzzled, cuffed, and tied to the stand, and this appeared to be the only thing keeping him on the stand at all since he was struggling so much.

This received a variety of reactions. There were some snorts, either of surprise or amusement, but most looked highly uncomfortable. There was a quiet but heartfelt 'What the fuck?' from Kirishima. Bakugo was clenching his teeth, trying to ignore the bite of the restraints pulling on his limbs and the embarrassment that colored his cheeks and sat heavy in his stomach.

Izuku stared at the sight in shock, then started biting his lip. He didn't like arguing with his teachers, but... "Was that...really necessary?" he asked slowly.

"Hmph, I was just wondering the same thing myself." Recovery Girl said. "If the boy was in such a state and for the length of time implied he should be getting either treated or talked to, not shoved in front of the media against his will! I know how this whole thing was supposed to help UA keep its image going strong but I fail to see how making a student look like a rabid animal in front of the press is going to help with that, much less with the young man's mental state!"

The rest of the teachers took in Recovery Girl's words, and stared at the screen in growing shame.

"Yeah that's...this really wasn't a good idea. For anyone really." Present Mic cringed as he spoke.

"It would probably have been better to make up some excuse for why he couldn't go up." Aizawa agreed.

"Hmmm, it's possible I may have approved this in the hopes that it would forcibly calm down or humble the boy." Nedzu admitted. He knew he had a hard time understanding humans sometimes still. "But seeing the actual result, I find it hard to justify such a thing."

All Might suddenly remembered how Bakugo had reacted to be recognized from the slime villain incident before, and grimaced. This event would have a very similar affect, and on a much grander scale. "I agree. You should not have been put in such a position young Bakugo. I apologize that any of us allowed this to happen in this timeline, and I will try to stop it from happening to you or anyone else in the future."

"...I don't need your pity." Bakugo muttered lowly.

"We're not pitying you." Aizawa explained. "We're realizing that we put you in a bad situation and apologizing for apparently being okay with it. Physical attacks from villains aren't the only thing we're supposed to protect our students from, harassment from the media also counts, and this will likely open up a big opportunity for that to happen. I can't say I approve of the behavior we're seeing, but we should have responded to it differently."


Not knowing what else to do or say, people put their attention back on the show.

As the cameras flashed, Mignight said that Iida shared third place, but had left for family reasons.

The already uncomfortable atmosphere got even heavier as they were all reminded what Iida was going through. The boy himself sat rigidly in his seat, fists clenched on his knees.

Izuku was shown remembering Iida explaining the situation to him and Uraraka. She asked how Ingenium was doing, and Iida admitted he didn't have details and was leaving to see him.

Iida clenched his jaw, and desperately wished his mother had given his other self more details.

Midoriya mentally wished for both Iida brothers to be well, and Iida was shown riding the train.

Midoriya wasn't the only one wishing dearly for things to be alright. Nearly everyone in the room sent out a wish or a prayer or crossed their fingers, hoping things would be alright.

'I'll save him, no matter what.' Iida thought.

Midnight announced that the medals would be handed out, and All Might appeared to do so. The two heroes accidentally talked over each other as he landed.

A small chorus of chuckles and giggles swept through the room at how the pros reacted to the faux pas, and a bit of the tension eased a bit.

All Might gave Tokoyami his third place metal. He hugged the boy, quietly giving advice on how to improve his versatility as he did so.

"Thank you, sir, I'll take that to heart."

All Might smiled at Tokoyami. When the boy looked away, his gaze shifted to Iida's stiff back. He wished his other self had a chance to learn what was going on and give him some comfort.

He gave silver to Todoroki, noting that there must have been a reason he didn't use his fire during the last round. Todoroki admitted to feeling unsure of himself after his fight with Midoriya, and that he was starting to see what All Might saw in him.

Izuku turned red at the praise, and Todoroki also looked like he was blushing a bit. Ashido raised her eyebrows at Aoyama and he gave the two boys a speculative look.

Todoroki said he wanted to settle something before moving forward. All Might praised him and said he was confident Todoroki would do what he needed to do.

All Might let out a small sigh. A part of wished he'd taken his own advice and pried a bit more despite Todoroki seeming not to need it anymore. The more reasonable part of him said it would be more likely to make Todoroki clam up until the boy had time to process the events of the day. He just hoped Enji wouldn't do anything bad because of his son earning second rather than first.

All Might got to first place. He took the muzzle off and congratulated Bakugo on coming through with his speech's promise. Bakugo angrily replied that first place like this wasn't worth anything. The affect was somewhat mitigated by the expression Bakugo was making.

Even more people laughed this time. Even if the whole 'tied to the podium' things was messed up, there was no denying how weirdly funny Bakugo's intense expression was.

"I'm sorry dude, but your expression just- pfff!" Sero covered his mouth to try and stop laughing so much.

"You look like you're about to transform into a demon or something!" Kaminari giggled.

Bakugo ground his teeth together. 'Damn extras, when this happens in real life I'm not gonna let this slide! Every one of my victories will be undisputed or they won't happen!'

All Might tried to give him the medal, saying he could think of it as a wound. Bakugo tried to avoid it, but All Might managed to hook it on his teeth and called it a day.

This earned just a few snickers this time.

"I don't know how to feel about this." Jirou confessed. "The whole things is simultaneous very funny but also super weird and just..."

"I understand what you mean. If he were untied and a similar exchange happened in a more private setting then this might be amusing, but putting it on display makes everything uncomfortable." Momo agreed.

Bakugo relaxed his jaw just a bit when All Might called the medal a wound. At least the number one pro understood his feelings a bit.

All Might made a speech to the crowd, saying that anyone could have made it to these podiums and that everyone here would continue to compete and improve. In the middle of this, a close up of Shigaraki's face was shown, before it switched back to the Festival where All Might messed up the ending cheer.

Students grimaced at the sudden reminder that Shigaraki had been watching the whole time. Bakugo felt hot with anger at the thought of that whole display being shown to the villains as well as the crowds.

"This ending really isn't giving us a break." Hagakure whined.

"Tell me about it." Ashido said. None of them had even managed a laugh at the botched cheer after that reminder.

Izuku's voice was heard, saying how 'worthy opponent' could also mean 'friend' in their current environment.

Bakugo scoffed at the idea, but Izuku found himself glancing over at Todoroki. The two boy's eyes met, and Izuku gave him a smile and small wave. Todoroki returned the wave.

The kids were shown gathered in the classroom that evening, Bakugo still shaking. Aizawa announced that they wouldn't have school for a couple days so that intern requests could be received and sorted through. Izuku thought about how things were changing, and the scene switched to the Hosu General Hospital.

Iida sat forward so fast he nearly fell off the couch. He and the others watched with baited breath.

Iida bowed to a receptionist, then ran down the hall.

Several people looked at that with wide eyed surprise, and Uraraka and Izuku shared a worried look. Things were definitely bad for Iida to so blatantly ignore a rule like that. Not that anyone could blame him, of course.

Iida ran up to his mother, and immediately asked how his brother was doing. Before she could even reply he was yanking open the hospital room's door. His mother urged him to put on a mask, but Iida could only stare at his brother.

Gasps and soft curses were heard around the room at the sight of Ingenium. He was hooked up to machines and had a big bandage over his stomach and more covered his head.

Tensei was alive. That news alone should have been some comfort to Tenya, but the ice in his veins didn't dissipate. How could it? His brother, the man he'd looked up to for his whole life, who he'd often thought strong enough to endure anything, was laying battered and unresponsive in a hospital bed. Him being alive was infinitely better than the alternative, but there was no way he could feel okay when Tensei was in such a state. He felt a hand rest on top of his fist. He wasn't sure which of his friends it belonged to, as the only thing he could do in response was hunch in on himself.

The doctor explained that Ingenium was still in a haze from the operation, and that if he'd been brought in just a couple minutes later it would have been too late.

Iida flinched, and tears started to fall. Just a couple minutes, that how close Tensei had been to dying.

"We'll stop this Iida. We'll figure out how to save him." Uraraka said, quietly. Izuku couldn't say anything, his own tears were making it too hard, but he nodded vigorously to show his agreement.

Once again, Iida latched onto the words. "We'll stop this. We'll save him." he uttered the words lowly and fiercely. He would make them be true, no matter what.

Tensei opened his eyes, and acknowledged his mother and brother. Tenya hurried to his side, and gripped the rails of the bed. Tensei expressed shame at failing when his brother looked up to him so much, and apologized for losing. That's when the dam broke, and Tenya cried over his brother's bed.

Tenya's body shook as he crumbled in on himself. He felt the tears spill from his eyes, and knew they were his own and not just an affect from Truth's abilities. Because there was no way he could have felt everything he was feeling in that moment and held it all inside, it simply wouldn't have been possible.

His brother. His amazing, kind, heroic brother was laying in what could have been his death bed. He lay there, and he apologized to Tenya for losing to a villain when Tenya couldn't even win against a support student. If there was anyone who was unworthy here, it was himself!

He felt someone tug at his shoulders, and didn't resist as he was guided to slump against them. A pair of arms squeezed him around his middle, and a separate hand rested against his back. They were the only thing that kept him from spiraling completely as he sobbed.

Izuku met Uraraka's eyes over Iida's shoulder. They didn't murmur words of saving anyone or fixing things, they simply let Iida mourn this possible future, but their gaze held a promise to each other. They would protect their friend from this future.

The others in the room silently battled with themselves as well. They didn't want to look too closely at such a private, vulnerable moment for Iida, but the tragic intensity of the scene also made it hard to look away. For Aizawa and Mic, who had known Tensei personally, it was even harder. Uraraka and Izuku weren't the only ones to make a silent vow in that moment.

After a short view of Stain, and a moment of darkness,

Iida was still in too much of a state to see this part, which may have been for the best. That didn't stop plenty of others from shooting hateful looks at the villain's back though.

the scene switched to the Todoroki house, where Shoto was telling a woman with white and red hair he was going to the hospital.

The atmosphere in the room didn't dissipate despite he scene change. It was too heavy to change so quickly, and people were partly worried that being at the Todoroki house meant they would see more upsetting things.

"Is that your sister?" Momo asked quietly. When Todoroki confirmed she was, she nodded thoughtfully. "I'm glad you get to see and talk to her now. It looked like you didn't before."

"We weren't completely separated before. The house was only so big after all." memories ran through Todoroki's mind, of Fuyumi doing what little she could to warn him about his father's moods and keep the peace in the household. "But we do see each other more now. Which's nice."

Fuyumi worriedly asked if it was okay for Shoto to go without telling their father.

"Endeavor deserves nothing. Todoroki could never say another word to the man and he would deserve it." Aoyama declared.

"True." Ojiro agreed. "I just hope he doesn't get in trouble for it."

Fuyumi asked why her brother was going to visit their mother so suddenly. Shoto didn't answer, just said he'd be back and left.

Todoroki nodded to himself. He'd been pretty sure that visiting his mother was what his other self meant by going to the hospital, since he was pretty sure that's what he'd been referring to when he talked to All Might as well. He knew now that he wouldn't be able to truly start toward his goals without settling things better with his mother. He took a deep breath, and let it back out. He just hoped it went well.

The words Todoroki's mother had spoken before burning him echoed in his mind as he walked. His thoughts revealed that he had never visited because believed his presence would only cause his mother more grief. He was sure she was still bound by her past with both him and his father, but that's why he had to do this to move forward.

People once again felt torn for looking into such private thoughts and emotions, but they couldn't help but be on the edge of their seats. They wanted both Todoroki and his mother to be okay, or at least be able to take the first steps toward that.

Todoroki hesitantly opened the door to his mother's room, only finding the strength to do so when he remembered her words of encouragement from long ago. His mother sat by the window, and when Todoroki called for her, she began to turn toward him.

Many, including Todoroki, couldn't help but remember the pain and fear that she had shown the last time she faced him, and held their breath as she began to move.

She faced the camera, and gazed at Todoroki with nothing but surprise. Todoroki vowed to himself that he would save her from here, and that would be his starting line.

Tension leaked out of the room like a sieve. Finally, finally something was starting to go right for at least one of them this episode.

"I'm really happy for you Todoroki." Momo said. A small chorus of soft agreements followed.

"Thank you." 'It's only a first step, but like I said, it is just the starting line.'

Over with the teachers, Present Mic was drying his eyes of tears while Recovery Girl patted his shoulder.

Izuku was still holding Iida. Iida's sobs had mostly quieted now, but he still leaned on Izuku for support while Uraraka rubbed soothing circles across his shoulder blades. Despite the anguish at seeing one of his best friends in such a state, Izuku felt a bit of warmth return to him at seeing Todoroki take such an important step.

For a moment the episode seemed to be over, then they saw Uraraka walking home some time later. When she got home she found the door unlocked, and when she opened the door her parents scrambled down to her like a couple of crazy people.

People got tense when Uraraka found the door unlocked, suddenly expecting more bad news. So on screen Uraraka wasn't the only one to shriek when her parents appeared. Once it was revealed who they were though, the room collectively slumped.

"Yeesh Uraraka, your parents are gonna give me a heart attack." Ashido complained.

"I hope in the future you'll be smarter about responding to your own door being unlocked. You should have called someone instead of just going in yourself." Aizawa chided.

"Heh, sorry about that! I'll definitely be more careful!" She assured with false cheer. When Uraraka had opened the unlocked door and suddenly been rushed, Iida had stiffened and grabbed her hand in a vice grip. It didn't take a genius to put together that, in that moment, he was terrified that someone else he cared about was about to be attacked. His grip had loosened now, but he still held her hand. "It's okay Iida, I'm fine. I'm right here." she said softly.

Her parents cheerfully declared that they had come to throw her a party in honor of how well she'd fought. Once she got over her shock, Uraraka was touched and joyful to see her parents.

Seeing one of their classmates so happy, the class couldn't help but forgive the jump scare.

"I guess we know where she gets her cheerfulness from now, kero."

"Yeah, when they aren't giving me heart attacks your parents seem really awesome." Ashido teased.

"They are, they really are." Despite everything, Uraraka felt herself smile as she looked at her parents.

The scene switched to Izuku's home. Inko was explaining to her son that she fainted 7 times during the whole sports festival. Unfortunately Izuku was a little too distracted trying to eat with his non-dominant hand. He did say that she was more heroic than him, which she agreed with in a deadpan way.

The class couldn't help but giggle a bit at the whole exchange.

"I'd say she was heroic to continue watching despite fainting so much." Yagi joked.

"I rather hope she got a check up as well. Losing consciousness so often sounds unhealthy for the brain." Momo noted.

"I believe she would have been fine with some rest and relaxation. Though I'm not sure how well she would manage that with this one around." Recover Girl pointed her cane at Izuku.

Iida, now feeling the exhaustion one does after anguished crying, had now slumped back into the couch. Iida actually let out a breath of the laugh at the nurse's words, which made Izuku feel light enough that he hardly felt embarrassed for once. He did hope that he helped Mom recover from her watching, and didn't just let her take care of him exclusively.

Inko recalled how Izuku had 'explained' suddenly getting a quirk, and how happy she had been for him. But she also said that supporting him didn't mean she wouldn't worry. Izuku thought about her, and the others he'd worried during the festival, and became all the more determined to find a way to go forward without worrying anyone.

Bakugo snorted in amusement. Like that was ever going to happen. He knew Izuku's mother worried about anything and everything, and it seemed like Deku was even more of a trouble magnet now that he was before.

Unknowing of his former friend's thoughts, Izuku nodded along with his other self's words. He had to figure One for All out, one way or another, both to live up to expectations and to live up to his vow to help and protect Iida from this future.

One last scene showed Bakugo yelling 'die!' at his own mouth as he brushed his teeth so hard it was a wonder his gums didn't bleed. His mother yelled at him about the yelling.

Kaminari, Mineta, and Sero fell over themselves laughing at the scene.

"You're dentist isn't very happy with you is he?" Kirishima asked.

"Shut up!"

"Seriously though, how many brushes to you go through? You wanna bet whether is lower or higher than the amount I go through?"

"...You're on."

Finally, the episode was at an end. Nedzu declared that it was about time that they had another break to eat, relax, and sleep. If anyone knew that this was partially motivated by giving people, especially Todoroki and Iida, time to recover from the emotional roller coaster of the last several episodes, no one brought it up.

Since they had some extended down time, some of the students decided to try out the kitchen they had found. Sato immediately started gathering ingredients to make a bunch of different kinds of cookies, since he really felt the need for a sugary pick me up and figured that others might too. Hagakure, Ashido, and Koda all volunteered to help him out; though Koda ended up being his main helper since Hagakure and Ashido were a little more interested in eating the dough rather than putting it on the pan.

Bakugo, to many people's surprise, ended up taking over a portion of the large kitchen to do some cooking. He accepted assistance in watching over the food only from Kirishima, though a couple times he ordered a passerby to grab some ingredient or utensil for him.

Kirishima and Bakugo talked a bit while they did meal prep.

"It just sucks that everyone seems to go gaga for the thing I was born with instead of the things I do for myself, ya know." Bakugo had muttered quietly at one point.

"You're right, that does suck."

While some may have said that he put a little too much force into chopping and crushing some of the ingredients, no one could deny that it all tasted delicious and that Bakugo seemed calmer when he was done.

Outside the kitchen groups of students stretched and talked.

"You think there are other pros out there like Endeavor?" Shoji asked, slowly working kinks out of his numerous muscles.

"You mean others that use the light provided by the title of hero to hide their darkness?" Tokoyami asked from his place next to Jirou on the back of the couch.

"Yeah, I mean, I never thought heroes were perfect, but I never thought one would do something as bad as abuse."

"Neither did I, though that may have been naive. The brighter the light the darker the shadow after all."

Ojiro, who had been stretching alongside Shoji, spoke up. "I guess I'm not exactly surprised. I mean, history class alone has all sorts of accounts of people using positions of power to get away with crimes. Still, the thought of it's infuriating as well as disappointing. I mean, heroes are supposed to be all about helping people. Even if they get money and stuff, helping is supposed to be at the core of it."

"It's like finding out a doctor has been secretly hurting their patients for their own benefit." Jirou agreed. "They're in a position where people are supposed to be able to trust them, but then they twist that trust to get away with awful stuff."

"So how many pros do that?" Shoji wondered.

No one had an answer for that, not with the information they had here. All they could do was hope it wasn't many, and vow to try and keep an eye on their fellow heroes once they made it that far.

In another corner of the room, Iida, Midoriya, and Uraraka knelt around a table, discussing how to stop the attack on Tensei. Uraraka and Midoriya had offered to make sure Iida got some alone time if he wanted it, but he had made it clear that right now he was much more interested in doing something rather than sitting around.

"Would it have to be anything overly complicated?" Uraraka asked "I mean, if we get the teachers to back up our story of having future information, couldn't we just tell Tensei what happens so he could stay away from the investigation?"

Iida shook his head. "I'm afraid that simply wouldn't be enough. Even if we told Tensei what happens, I don't believe he would just give up looking for the hero killer. Especially not if he believed it might lead to another being hurt in his place."

"Well, then we'll just have to go bigger then." Izuku reasoned. "I mean, Tensei might not stop on his own, but if the teachers can convince your agency and a few others that we have accurate information, then they could possibly use it to track down Stain and coordinate an attack against him. That way there would be a whole group there to take him down rather than just one person getting cornered."

"But we don't have any information about where Stain is or anything." Uraraka pointed out.

"Not yet we don't, but I'm willing to bet that this isn't the last we've seen of Stain. I don't think Truth would have gone out of their way to show him off as much as they have if this would be his only appearance, especially since we don't know how his meeting with the League went."

"Oh, I'd forgotten about that..."

"Then I will take a page out of your book, Midoriya. During the next episodes, I will write down any scrap of information we get about Stain, and make sure it is remembered and passed on." Iida promised. 'And if the agencies don't make appropriate use of it, then I can use it to track down Stain myself before he has a chance to get anywhere near Tensei.'

Aizawa had called Todoroki over just after the break began, and the boy found himself sitting in front of both his teacher and the principle. They had praised him for his decision to try and reconnect with his mother, and offered their help in finding resources to help his mother's living situation as well as his own. Todoroki was grateful for it, if a little confused. He wasn't sure why they cared so much, doing this was going beyond their obligation to keep him from getting hurt at school after all. He hoped they followed through. Fuyumi had told him once that she'd tried to tell one of her teachers about what happened at home, but as far as she knew nothing had come of it.

After Aizawa and Nedzu left, he was approached by All Might.

"I wanted to make sure you knew that I agree with my other self said to you during the award ceremony. I have confidence you will find your own way forward despite all that your father has done to keep it from happening. However I...I wanted to make sure that you are alright with my presence. I know you have said that you do not hold me responsible for your father's actions, but I would understand if you felt uncomfortable despite that. I also wanted to make sure that my position as your teacher has not caused trouble for you at home."

"I'm not uncomfortable, and my old man wasn't mad about you being one of my teachers. He said I should use the time to figure out any weakness you might have so I can surpass you easier someday."


"I don't plan on telling him about your quirk or anything."

"Oh, no! Of course not, I didn't think you would. I was just struck once again by how oblivious I've been concerning that man. However, I am glad to hear that I'm not causing you any further trouble, but if anything I do does then please let me know."

Then, after All Might had taken his leave. Todoroki found himself standing with Iida.

"Though I regret that we have intruded on private matters of you family life when you would normally have chosen to keep them more private, I wanted to wish you well in any attempts you take to move forward once you leave here." Iida said





"I'm sorry about what happened to your brother. I hope it can be stopped." Ingenium sounded like a good hero, after all. Todoroki didn't think someone like Iida would look up to him so much if he wasn't.

"It will be. Midoriya, Uraraka, and I are already starting to make plans."

"That's good, Midoriya's good at that." he thought for a moment. "Uraraka can be good at it too. If you need any additional strength, I could help." It would be nice to help Midoriya with something after he helped Todoroki so much after all, and he wasn't opposed to getting to know his classmates better now.

"That is appreciated, thank you. Would you perhaps like to eat with us? It sounds like supper will be ready soon."


Sleep was easier for some this time, and harder for others. But the emotions of the day had left everyone quite tired, and everyone had eventually found their way into slumber.


As funny as it is for us in the audience to see Bakugo reacting the way he did and getting tied up and all, you gotta admit that it's a messed up thing to do in universe. They made such a big point of how many people watch the festival, and then forced Bakugo up on the podium in front of all the cameras despite him not being in a good place. It can't have been good for the kid's mental state, which should have been the priority at that point, and even if they considered UA's image more important it still doesn't make sense because of the backlash his behavior received in the media. A fic called Lessons Learned by Sif (Rosae) really highlighted that when I read it. Haven't finished it yet, but the Bakugo and Best Jeanist bonding is on point.

Also wanted to let you guys know that I'm gonna take another hiatus now that this arc is over. Things are getting busy for me once again, and I need to rebuild my reserve of written episode reactions. Don't you just hate it when real life eats up your fanfic writing time?

My last hiatus lasted about a month. I'm not sure how long this one will last, but it will probably be just as long, possibly a bit longer. Sorry to leave you guys hanging just before the holidays, but hopefully it means I'll be refueled and ready to go near the start of the new year. Thank you for your patience.