Scarlet Fire

Author's note: Whelp, to those that came because they followed me and were reading Regalian Thunder, hello again, to those that came because they found the story in the Avengers and/or Monster Hunter crossover section, welcome to you! I'll be direct, this story will be in parallel to Regalian Thunder, but will be less often updated, due to the large time frame between the movies... At least until I finish Regalian Thunder, it's mostly a story that I'll write when I've a lack of inspiration for RT. Anyways… As you must have noticed in the summary, this is a transformation story. Into what? You'll have to wait for chapter 2, but I've done my research, don't worry, and I'm pretty sure I'll be able to give the respect to the Monster I've chosen… Without further ado, enjoy this story!

Disclaimer: I don't own the Avengers, all rights are reserved to Marvel.

Beta read by Sleepysaurus Rex, Wizzer96 and Slack Frost.

Chapter 1: Fall from the Old World

I know, I know, sudden storms are dangerous, but how was I to know that a storm would magically appear in a couple of minutes in the area I was flying my glider while the only weather predicted for today would be clear skies? I had planned my flight properly, thanks, but sometimes… Life really does not like you.

Anyways, my name is Agrîn Morgan, I'm 22 year old, is 6'2'' tall, I have blue eyes and brown hair, I'm a good player at tactical games, I love XCOM, RPGs, like Divinity: Original Sin, they make me need to plan my action in advance, probably several turns earlier, though I also discovered Monster Hunter World one month earlier, and I was having a blast on it; this game was fun. I also applied to the 'Armée de l'Air' in France when I was 18, because I wanted to be a fighter pilot, but I was refused because I hadn't the right mental profile. Wasn't sure what they meant with that… Still I was disappointed, but I didn't stop pursuing my dream, and instead, as I was living in the Alps, I found myself a good hobby as flying gliders in the mountains. I had to do a couple years flying in tandem, but now I was experienced enough that I could fly solo.

As you may wonder how I was able to get out despite the current epidemic, well… I kinda didn't respect this, but since the hangars for the gliders were really close to my home, I could just walk for a dozen minutes and I was here. And I was working here to give lessons anyways, so the manager just lemme do as usual, if I was careful with the weather. We had quite a lot of affluence before the epidemic, but as it is currently, with the stay at home order, nobody came, and I didn't want to burn myself out of Monster Hunter, it happened before and it's annoying when you brain just screams 'NO' when you want to launch the game.

I had quite a lot of friends, both on the internet and IRL. I chatted a lot with both of them, but I agreed with my IRL friends that it was a pain that we couldn't meet in person. So we just kept contact on Discord and hoped that the confinement would end pretty soon. We played several games together, Monster Hunter only being one of them. Waiting was a pain, but at least I had enough money to last a couple of months.

Though I tried to stay at home, I just… needed to fly on a glider at least once a week, this was something I could not stop myself to do, I loved so much the freedom that flying procured me. So I just checked the weather for the day, which was planned to be clear, and made my way to the aerodrome. After a bit of walking, I found myself in the hangar, and opened the door, then I dragged out the glider, which I could do alone because these things were deceptively light.

Once I got it out of the hangar, I attached it to the system that would allow it to pick up speed and take off; it had a remote control so I could activate it even if I was alone. Once I did all the security checks and tests, I activated the launch, making the cable rewind itself until I reached the end of the runway. And then I just took off, picking up altitude and making use of the thermals to reach a satisfying height, I knew that it would probably be more exhilarating to pilot a fighter plane at speeds close to the sound barrier, but this was the best I could access at the moment, so I would have to do with it.

I flew for a couple of hours, which is the average time you usually flew with a glider, you could go for up to 8 hours if you used thermals right, but I didn't have the experience for it yet, and it requires more preparation that I had done for today, so I contented myself with a couple hours. I was flying at an average altitude and was on a path to go back to the aerodrome when suddenly the sky darkened itself, black clouds filling it in just a couple of minutes. I was really worried then, because this was clearly unnatural, and also because since it'll chill the air because of the lack of sunlight, the thermals may be less effective, and the downdrafts will be faster.

So I focused on trying to bring back this glider to the aerodrome and hope I would be able to land it close enough to put it back in the hangar. Then a lightning bolt speared from the sky, only a few hundreds of meters away from me, that is now that I thought that I may not get back whole. Deciding that the weather conditions were too random to try to get all the way back, I decided to land on the nearest flat surface, which were rare because we were in the mountains. Alas, because the weather decided it clearly didn't like me, I got caught in a violent sidewind, which knocked me off course and directly towards a mountain. I really tried to free myself from that wind, but no matter how much I shook the glider around, I couldn't free it, and now I was picking up speed towards the rock surface, deciding that my life was more important than to keep the glider intact, I triggered the ejection button, but, as if fate decided that today was my end, it jammed and I was stuck in my cockpit.

Stuck into a glider at an impressive speed towards a mountain, I resigned to my fate, and my last thought was that at least I died flying, which was okay for me. Then I impacted the mountain and everything faded to black.

I regained consciousness in some kind of black space, and I didn't know how much time I stayed here, I guess my conception of time was screwed here. I don't really remember much besides an hazy vision of the police finding my body and the wreck of the gliders, then a private funeral organised by my parents. Then as the image faded to nothing, I wondered if that was my new existence? Being stuck in Limbo for eternity?

The sudden appearance of a blinking light jerked me in place for an instant, before I examined it. It was static, immovable but at arms reach. But I still got a sense of urgency from it. I pondered it for a couple more seconds before deciding that I might as well, I then reached out with my hand, but then, just as I touched it, it disappeared, and searing pain suddenly flared all around my body, it was barely bearable, and I wasn't sure what happened, as I felt my insides twists, and most of the pain was focused on my shoulders blades. But as the pain faded, I lost grip to my consciousness and blacked out.

Posted the 11/05/20