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Chapter 5: Gone in a Flash

The next day, after asking for instructions from Gem, and following Regal's advice, I went to Spanners' workshop, so that she could craft me a device that would allow me to travel my Realm without having fighter planes on my tail every damn time I flew. So as I knocked on the workshop's door, I wondered how she would craft me what I needed.

Like those of an aircraft hangar, the door slid to the side, segments of it receding into the wall until there was a gap big enough for me to walk in. The workshop was big enough to house a B52 bomber, and was full of various bits of kit. A couple of car lifts, what seemed like an upscaled 3D printer that was currently dishing out some metal plates, several robotic manipulator arms, a massive hydraulic press, drills, a long workbench that was littered with various projects, and an inspection pit that ran underneath a large, green, dragon robot.

"Okay, try activating the machine guns again!" a voice called out from the pit. "They won't fire anything, just like before. This is just to test if those armour plates will slide properly this time."

The dragon robot did as it was told, panels in it's forearms pushing out before sliding upwards to reveal dual machine guns on either arm. All four weapons were already spinning as they emerged, and the mech snorted in satisfaction.

"The system works, Spanners-elda." Another voice replied inside my head. "However, it is a… most peculiar sensation."

"You'll get used to it. Now, shall we go and test your flamethrower?"

The dragon robot looked up at me, blue optics meeting my eyes. "I believe that there is someone here to see you first."

"Tell them to bugger off. We're busy."

I was almost tempted to have a sarcastic reply, but I held my tongue, and instead I was more intrigued by the robotic dragon, which seemed to use some sort of jets to fly. "Is that a robotic dragon? Pretty awesome if you built it by yourself."

"It's a mech, not a robot." The grumpy-sounding voice replied as a human Plainswalker wearing green mechanic overalls climbed out of the inspection pit. "It's a flight-capable, near combat-ready, neural interfacing, mechanical frame. And it's pilot seems rather happy with it, even if there are still some flaws I need to correct."

"Having a body again in any way is extremely satisfying." the mental voice said happily, and it was only now that I realised that it was probably the mech's pilot, though the 'Again' made me curious. "Having some flaws is a price I will happily pay to have it."

"And I keep telling you," the human Plainswalker said, wiping her oily hands on her overalls, "that I can correct those flaws. Bugfixing just takes some time. Anyway, what do you want, tall, dark, and scaly?"

"Well... Gem and Regal sent me to you so that you could fix an issue of mine."

"And said issue is what?"

"Well, let's say that I landed in the MCU realm a couple days ago, and since I guess you know how international spy agencies really like to put their nose into anything, and I'll never be able to travel my realm without a fighter plane on my tail if I come back as it is… I need something that allows me to be invisible to radar… And probably makes it that I make less noise when I fly."

"Boring. Rip out a stealth generator from a Cybran Spook. That'll make you undetectable by radar. As for the noise issue, you're a dragon. Your wings won't make much noise while flying compared to something like a fighter plane."

"... I'm not your regular dragon… Let's say that instead of muscle powered, I'm Rocket Powered." I demonstrated by jetting a bit of air through my wings, though not enough to make me lift.

"Well, you're fucked in the technological department. There might be some kind of quantum displacement device that could help, but that's over-engineering at it's finest, and it would be a pain to set up and make sure that it's running fine. You should resort to magic there, kid."

"Eh, I'll see if I can ask somebody to enchant it for that… Still, what did your pilot mean by having a body again? From what I know, losing your body means you're dead, generally… Though with the multiverse being real, it wouldn't surprise me if it was more common than that."

The mech seemed to stand a little straighter as its machine guns disappeared, the armour plates reverting back into the arms. "I am Islingr; Shur'tugal, and partner of Visseren. However, he is gone, and I am but an Eldunarí. You most likely do not know of the Riders, or their Fall, do you?"

"I think Regal told me their story a bit, but he didn't go into the details."

Islingr looked out of the open door, into the sky. "An oddly refreshing perspective. To not know of our struggle and hardship, but to live in innocence... However, that is besides the point. I, and others of my kind from Alagaësia all have the ability to disgorge an Eldunarí- a heart of hearts. It holds our soul, and even if our body dies, we live on in them. And until recently, I have been nothing but that. Now however, thanks to Spanners-elda, I once again have a body. And I am eternally grateful for this gift."

"I understand… That must have been a tough time for you, but I'm happy that things will be better for you…" I then noticed that her wings seemed to function differently than a regular dragon, and were actually closer to mine, having massive turbine engines near their bases. "Hmmmm, I may be new to this body too, but I probably might help you for your first flight lessons, as I guess it's pretty similar to how I fly."

"I do not need to learn how to fly again." Islingr huffed proudly. "If I can teach fledgelings that have never even spread their wings before to be able to soar through the skies, including one of your own people, then I can definitely manage my own."

"Cannot say how different it is since I never had to fly by muscle power, but I'd wager it's pretty different, but oh well, if you insist…" Half shrugging with my wings I turned back towards Spanners and asked her. "When do you think your stealth generator will be ready?"

"I can have it done in an hour of undisturbed time. But I'm currently working on Islingr, so come back later."

I nodded to this, this seemed reasonable, and I wanted to visit the city anyways, so after saying my thanks, I left the workshop and took off towards the sky. I knew that it may have been a little loud, but they just have to deal with it, cause I don't have any other way to fly anyways.

Deciding it was a perfect time to get the hang of that body as well, I went a fair distance out of the city, and I started circling above a field. I mulled over every technical maneuver that fighter pilots had to know to do and decided that my bare minimum would be to be able to do this. So it's how I spent the next hours: doing barrel rolls, loopings, immelmans, tight u-turns and all the like. It always surprised me how nonexistent g-forces were on me but I just rolled with it.

Still, it was exhilarating to be able to do what I always dreamed to, and only when I checked the sun I realised a lot of time passed and that Spanners might have done what I asked by now, so I decided that was enough flying for today and went back to her Workshop.

Islingr's mech was curled up in what looked like a sleeping position, and there was a massive pile of what probably used to be the aircraft that Spanners said had the stealth generator. Various chunks of machinery flew out of the middle of the pile every once in a while, one of them flying particularly far and hitting me on my beak.

I tilted my head as I just ignored the flying object that just hit me and called out. "Everything is fine here?"

There was the sound of Spanners dropping some kind of tool and swearing quietly before she yelled "Apart from losing my favourite screwdriver down the side of this heat sink, yeah."

I winced, I must have surprised her. "Sorry about that, I thought you heard me entering."

Climbing out the middle of the pile of tech, Spanners heaved a large, cylindrical unit behind her. "I'll get it out later. Now this is the bit you need. Like Islingr's mech, this thing has an arc reactor powering a bunch of batteries and capacitors. That means that you can't run it constantly. You'll have about… seven or eight hours before it needs to fully recharge. Still, you won't be flying around constantly, so it's not much of a problem."

I nodded at this. "Indeed, seven to eight hours is enough to cross the Atlantic, even without breaking the sound barrier. It'll be enough, I'll move around constantly to lower the risks of being ambushed, but it's more than enough. I'll probs spend all my nights on Locostral anyways until I'm widely accepted anyways. I'll probs have to keep this away from Stark too, else I'll have to answer a lot of questions about how I got an Arc Reactor."

Spanners chuckled. "I use them because they're clean and compact sources of energy. He just uses them to power his suits and his tower. If he really cared about clean energy, then he'd find some way to make them able to be applied to regular technology without the risk of someone taking one and making an Iron Man suit from it or something."

I chuckled. "Good point indeed… Well, since I got what I needed from you, do you know where I could find an enchanter for the second part of this?"

"Not really, no. I focus more on the technological side of things. I leave magic to those who can use it themselves. Still, you'd probably have luck with someone who can cast a disillusionment charm or something similar. And you'll need to find some way to attach this to you. All you have to do to turn it off and on is hit that button on the top."

"Thanks for the info, and don't worry if you don't know anyone, I'll surely find them myself. Good luck with you and Islingr!" I said as I nodded to her last piece of information, took the stealth generator, then headed towards the door.

"Hey, kid."

I turned to look back at her.

"Whatever you do, don't let Stark or SHIELD get their hands on that. They'd go to town on it. If it's gonna be captured, and there's nothing you can do, destroy it instead. Technological contamination happens a bit more often than you'd think."

I chuckled. "I didn't plan for it to be captured, it's a device I need to get out of their eyes after all. And I'll be careful." I waited for a bit to see if she had anything else to add, then I went out of the Workshop.

Carrying the stealth generator delicately on my beak, I looked around to decide which way to go, then picked a random direction and decided I'd just travel the city until I stumbled on an enchanting front. It was named 'Charms and Enchantments', so I guess that's where I'd find what I need.

I then knocked on the door since I wasn't sure if it was really a shop or just a house that somebody used also as a workplace. So, in the doubt, it seemed more polite to knock, and a 'enter' several seconds later revealed to myself that it was the right decision. And good thing that it seemed that every simple workshop in this city had large enough doors to allow somebody of my size to enter, else it'd be a weird experience to have to stay outside.

As I entered the magic workshop, I took a look around, noticing several floating objects, some weird spinning devices, a quite sizable bookshelf, and some trinkets that emanated ominous glowing lights. After I deemed that I stared enough at the contents of the room, I searched for the owner and was surprised to find him in the form of Professor Flitwick of Harry Potter, the half human, half goblin Charms Master. It threw me for a loop before shaking my head and remembering that every fictional form was possible. Collecting myself, I deposited the stealth generator on the ground and just said. "Hello?"

"Well hello indeed! I'm Arrin Smith, and as you can guess, I got Filius Flitwitck. Why did you come here?"

"My name is Agrîn and… Let's say that I'm a very recent Plainswalker, but the thing is that I got assigned to a realm that is very popular, but where multiple governmental agencies like to stick their nose everywhere. So, I got a stealth generator from Spanners, but… Since I'm a dragon that can very easily break the sound barrier, it won't do anything for the noise, which would be pretty much a dead giveaway."

The half-goblin 'hmmm'd' in thought until he answered. "Well, I can't really do anything for the shockwave created by breaking the sound barrier, and from the little I know from stealth tech, it wouldn't work in that case anyways. But I can more than surely anchor a silencing charm on the generator, so that it'll cancel your noise caused by flying as long as you stay below mach 1. I can also pair it with a Notice-me-not charm that'll make people overlook you if they spot you, so that'd cover sound and vision, since the radar aspect is handled by the generator. How does it sound?"

"Well, you're the expert, not me, but it sounds all right for me… With the silencing charm silence it for me too, or will I still be able to hear my wings? The best way I have to know when I go too fast is when I no longer hear the roaring of my jets. Also, won't I need to come refresh the charm often?"

"Strangely no, since for some reason, the magic of the Harry Potter realm sticks for a long time, even for a charm. It can be dispelled easily by a general counterspell, but from my knowledge, so at the least you'll have to have it refreshed once every ten years." I nodded at this, it felt reasonable. "I'll also put the silencing charm in the form of a bubble that extends 15 meters around the generator, so that you'll still be able to have an audio cue, it'll not bounce back inside, just mute it outside of it." Then he went towards a door that I guessed led to his private workplace, since I guessed the room I was in was just to display his creations. "It'll take me a dozen minutes to put the charms in place, make yourself comfortable while waiting."

After he said that, he closed the door while I just sat on my haunches, emitting a big yawn and just observed in detail some of the trinkets that laid around. I was particularly interested in some sort of floating golden orb with numerous runes engraved on it. I refrained myself from touching it, but I enjoyed trying to discern the patterns on it and was also a bit mesmerized by his movements, so much that I almost jumped when I heard the door open again, with Arrin who was putting his wand in his holster while holding the generator from the other.

"And there! It was pretty simple to incorporate both spells on it. It should work perfectly in the conditions we described, but be careful still, I advise you to not have a fixed home in your realm until you're sure you're safe from the agencies."

"That was my plan anyways don't worry, to sleep in Locostral until I'm an established figure." I said to him, hoping to reassure him.

"Well then, I wish you good luck then, and a good usage of my tools!" he replied with a cheerful voice.

I nodded to him then picked up the device he just enchanted with my beak and went out of the workshop then I just decided to walk back to bluepeak instead of flying to it this time.

The trip was short and I greeted the few Plainswalkers that I met on my way. Once I arrived at the elevator and it dinged, Gem welcomed me back and asked me. "You got what you wanted?"

Putting the stealth generator to free my beak, I answered. "Yes indeed, thanks for recommending her to me, and I found an enchanter for the other part I needed. I should be fine now… Though it's probably a bit late for me to try it in action, I really don't want to sleep in the realm at the moment, it's too risky in my opinion… Also I need a backpack to carry the generator… And which won't tear at speeds above the sound barrier. Can't have a front pack too, since I should not obstruct the flow of air to my ventral openings."

Gem hummed for a moment before she answered. "I think we might have a backpack fitting these conditions, not sure why, but it should hold at high speeds… And go to sleep, I can see you're exhausted, you'll eat tomorrow morning, be glad that carnivores stomachs allow us to eat only once per day else you'd be ravenous."

Just as she said that, a huge yawn escaped my beak. I couldn't deny that I was completely spent, the time spent flying must have exerted me more than I thought. "You're right, I have flown for a pretty long time… Need to build my stamina, I'll test the gadgets tomorrow, say to the others I wish them a good night too!" I said before going to my bedroom with my cylinder in my beak, and Gem said that she would tell them. Once I reached my bed, I placed it on a shelf then crashed hard on my bed, curling up in a ball and falling asleep instantly.

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