just a little something i got made and thought would be enter a while back. Disclaimer: RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth and Lilo and Stitch belong to Disney

It was another average day on Remnant. Winter had rolled in and everyone was getting ready for The Holidays, either by visiting family or going out and buying gifts. Everyone was having a good time this year.

At Beacon academy though we find our favorite Huntresses all in their dorm room. Each of them kinda doing their own thing. As of lately they were the only ones in Beacon right now. As of everyone in the Academy had gone off to enjoy the Holidays.

Because of that Headmaster Ozpin had assigned Team RWBY to watch over the school while everyone was gone. However the only ones who hadn't left were Nora and Pyrrha of Team JNPR.

Jaune and Ren had left to see Jaune's family together and the two female members of the team would've gone with them, unfortunately though they missed their flight and so they were stuck in beacon with RWBY.

Currently though the two girls had gone out shopping to get some dust and gifts for when the rest of JNPR returned, and also taking Zwei with them as well for taking him out for a walk.

Which left Team RWBY all by themselves until the two girls returned.

Ruby sighed heavily and rolled around on her bunk lazily. "I'm bored." She groaned and looked across the room at her other teammates, Weiss at her desk, Blake reading in bed, and Yang playing games on her scroll. "How did we get stuck watching Beacon during winter break?! It's ridiculous!"

Blake slowly flipped to the next page of her book. "We just have to watch over Beacon for a week, and then we can leave for the holidays." She murmured and continued to read.

"It's not all bad. We still have Pyrrha and Nora!" Yang exclaimed and placed her scroll down. "I mean they're in Vale right now, but I'm sure we can all hang out later."

"I hope they pick up food," Weiss said as her belly growled quietly. "There's nothing here at Beacon and I don't exactly know how to cook"

At the mention of food the rest of the team were quickly reminded of a major issue that was placed on all of them.

None of them knew how to cook anything.

Ruby didn't know how to cook food mainly because she was pulled out of Signal academy and brought to Beacon before she could partake in any home economics studies. The only thing she did know how to make was cookies, and that just wouldn't cut it right now.

Weiss didn't know how to prepare food mainly because she always had her own chefs prepare her meals for her before coming to the academy. And the last time she tried to make anything she accidentally set the oven on fire. Thus her cooking privileges were cut off.

Blake didn't know because of her time in the White Fang. The cat Faunus had always eaten whatever supplies were brought to her whenever a mission was finished, so she never really had a reason to learn how to cook anything.

And Yang because... well, she's Yang. Nuff' said.

Ruby hopped down from her bed and hummed in thought. "Maybe we can go check Jumba's office? I bet he's got something in there! Maybe some sort of laser that makes food!" Ruby exclaimed, her eyes shining with excitement.

Convincing her team to follow along wasn't difficult as each member was in need of something to eat. They walked down the empty halls chatting amongst themselves before they reached the aline professor's office. They slowly entered, looking around to ensure it was indeed empty. Once the coast was clear they all entered and began to look around.

Just for clarities sake, let's delve a bit into who Jumba was to RWBY.

Some time ago Beacon had recently gotten a new science professor under the name of Jumba J. Jookiba. As it turns out though Jumba was actually an alien right from outer space.

The reason he was on Remnant was mainly because of how he was on probation by the higher ups in the Galaxy for creating an assortment of illegal genetic experiments during his time as an evil scientist.

fortunately the man has long since changed his ways and has become a rather well liked professor at Beacon. Normally awing many of his students with his various science projects.

Now back to the present we return to RWBY, who are still searching for anything that would help them with their current predicament with food. So far though they haven't found anything that looked like it would help them.

until finally Ruby had suddenly found something in Jumba's desk.

"Found something!" Ruby cheered and lifted a small orb in her hand, labeled 062. "Don't think it's food though…" Ruby signed and slumped against a wall. "We're doomed. No food in sight…"

"Hey wait a minute. Isn't that one of Jumba's experiment pods?" Blake pointed out. The Faunus all to familiar with the various different experiments that Jumba had created.

"Oh yeah!" Yang said "I wonder what it does though?" She wondered

"Hold on, I'll go check on Jumba's computer," Weiss said as she went to do just that.

Weiss walked over to Jumba's computer, booting it up and searching for any information on 062. It didn't take more than a minute before she was able to pull up the information page for the experiment. "062 is to act as a personal chef. It can easily make delicious and irresistible food of any kind." Weiss read and looked back to her teammates. "I guess this is just what we're looking for. What're the odds?"

"More like what are we waiting for!" Yang exclaimed and snatched the sphere from Ruby. "Let's pop this baby into some water and see what happens!" Yang quickly scooped up Ruby and ran towards the common area kitchen, Blake and Weiss slowly lagging behind. Once there she filled a small glass with water and placed 062 inside.

The reaction was instant as the sphere began to glow and levitate up from the glass of water. It slowly began to grow in size before blew up in a puff of smoke. Once cleared there stood an odd little grey alien with a chef's hat and a tail resembling a spatula. "Bonjour!" It exclaimed and tipped it's hat.

The girls stared in shock and awe. They didn't exactly know how to respond. The existence of alines wasn't too surprising, considering they knew Jumba, but this was the first time they had seen one emerge from a mysterious little ball. Ruby finally took a step forward and kneeled over the creature. "Uh, 062? We heard you act like a personal chef. Any chance you can make us something to eat? Maybe some cookies Please."

"I'll have some chicken if you don't mind." Said Weiss.

"Could you make something with fish?" Asked Blake, drooling a little bit at the thought.

"And some burgers for me!" Yang said excitedly.

The alien nodded and began to spin rapidly, appearing as a small grey cyclone that darted around the kitchen. Various ingredients were sucked from the shelves and into the maelstrom before an assortment of food was tossed back out onto the table. The spinning stopped and the alien smiled, flashing a quick thumbs up to the girls. "Bon appetite!"

A quick glance was exchanged before the girls before they approached the table and sat down. The food before them looked and smelt amazing. Within a few seconds, the girls set to eating from the plates before them. Ruby stuffed a chocolate chip cookie into her mouth, Weiss bit into a tender piece of grilled chicken, Blake slurped up tuna ramen, and Yang bit into a juicy burger.

Ruby's eyes shot open in surprise and delight. "These are the best cookies ever!" She exclaimed and began to grab more, rapidly shoving them into her mouth.

"It's even better than the chefs back home," Weiss added and discarded her fork and knife, choosing to instead lift the chicken in her hands to devour it in a few bites.

"Sho good…" Blake mumbled, her mouth full of noodles and chunks of fatty fish. She was too busy inhaling her food to bother with chewing or talking.

Yang nodded in agreement, a burger in each hand, and alternating stuffing them into her mouth. "I wish we found this little guy weeks ago. I've never tasted anything this good in my entire life!" Yang said and licked her lips, reaching out for more burgers.

The little alien blushed and waved his hand. "Oh ho ho je vous remercie." He said innocently and backed over to the kitchen where he resumed his spinning, more food flying over to the table before the girls who greedily devoured it.

Each bite was like heaven and they felt they'd never get enough. Hands rapidly scooping up greasy fires, tantalizing sweets, and everything in between. Yet as they were so distracted by the delicacies before them they failed to notice their stomachs swelling in their laps. Like perfectly rounded orbs they grew and bulged out further with each bite.

"Mmf you know I can't just call this guy 062," Ruby said between mouthfuls of French fries. "Hmm how about we call him Frenchfry? He makes really good French fries, and he speaks French! It's perfect." Ruby said proudly before reaching across the table in an effort to grasp more food. Her belly inching out further and further with each sweet treat she devoured.

Weiss scoffed and shot a quick glare at her team leader. "Honestly are you a child? Mff I'm sure we can find a better mmm name for ooh I didn't know there were more mozzarella sticks…father never let me eat those." Weiss said, easily distracted by the greasy treat in front of her. She lost her train of thought in favor of the fried cheese, her belly swelling further and further with each one she ate.

"Sounds fine to me." Blake murmured in response, taking a large gulp of soda before resuming her feasting. Fried fish fillets, popcorn shrimp, hush puppies, anything remotely fried or seafood quickly met it's end in Blake's belly. "I didn't even know these were in the freezer. Frenchfry, keep them coming please!" She said as she continued to bloat with more and more she ate.

Yang let out a hearty belch and chuckled. "I like the name. The little guy seems to agree." Yang said and kept scooping up more and more burgers, but failed to notice the increase in size and toppings. From a thick beef patty on soft buns slowly becoming larger with bacon, cheese, and more and more grease. Yang's belly bloated free from any restraint thanks to her tank top. The soft orb gently pressed against the table and forced her to lean over it to grasp her food.

In the background and unbeknownst to Team RWBY, Frenchfry slowly rubbed it's hands together as a devilish smirk crossed it's face. The little alien waited until the food on the table was almost gone before piling more up that team RWBY greedily devoured without a second thought. Their stomachs continued to bloat outward like round balloons, taking up more and more room, and even managing to push them back a few inches from the table.

Ruby finished what seemed to be her third platter of chocolate chip cookies before she couldn't help but notice she didn't feel full at all. "Hey is anyone else still hungry?" She asked and looked over at her teammates.

"I'm not really full." Weiss murmured in response as she continued to stuff her face.

"Me neither," Blake added between loud slurping of noodles.

Yang chuckled and smacked Ruby on the back. "Don't worry about it, little sis. The food is great so let's just keep eating eh?" Yang suggested and stuffed a burger into her mouth. "The little guy is working his heart out to feed us so we should eat up!"

At that Ruby just smiled "Yeah, your right. It's probably just my imagination anyway." And like that she went back to stuffing her face with more cookies.

"We should at least do some training after lunch though," Blake suggested and pushed an empty bowl away before reaching for a full one. "Just another bowl and I'm ready to go."

More time passed as the girls continued to feast and glut themselves. And soon enough they All rounded out to a spherical shape, each of them looking like giant bowling balls as they continued to blissfully chowed down on the food prepared for them

They would've continued eating blissfully unaware of their situation. That is until Ruby's chair gave way, causing the round reaper to roll backwards. "Ow…wait what the?!" Ruby exclaimed and slowly got to her feet, shocked at the fact her entire torso was as round as a bowling ball. "Um…maybe I ate a little too much…" sh said, and then she took notice of her equally round teammates "maybe we ALL ate a little too much."

Weiss raised a curious eyebrow. "Ruby, what are you talking about?" Weiss asked before looking over. Her eyes opened in shock at the size of her rounded team leader and grew even more shocked when she looked down to see her own stomach jutting out before her. "I-I look like a human hamster ball! How did this happen?!" The heiress exclaimed as she felt her rounded self over, her fingers sinking into her soft fat.

"Wow." Yang murmured in surprise and gently rubbed her engorged stomach, looking over her shoulder to confirm she was indeed perfectly spherical. "I'm like a giant bowling ball, but hey pretty soft though. Guess a few rounds in the arena should get us back in shape."

Blake slowly rose from her seat, her balance a little shot. "I feel that's easier said than done." She murmured and took a wobbly step towards the door, almost toppling over on top of herself due to her new shape. Slowly but surely though she made her way to the door and was just about to pass through before stopping halfway through . "…Can I get a push?" She asked.

Curiously looking amongst one another, Ruby looked back to Blake and asked "Uh Blake... are you stuck in the door?"

"No." Blake quickly said. But after a moment of silence "Yes..." she meekly said, her face blushing from embarrassment.

Yang then chuckled a bit, "*chuckle* wow, someone needs to lay off the fish" she said.

Weiss huffed at that though as she wobbled over to the blond brawler. "Your one to Talk, how many burgers have you stuffed into here exactly now?" She said as she poked Yang's round belly for emphasis. Her finger sinking into her doughy fat.

At this the Brawler blushed heavily, "Uh, just a couple... okay I see your point."

Sighing, Ruby turned back to the still stuck Blake, "Hang on Blake, I'll get you out of there" she said.

Ruby made her way over and lined up with Blake before activating her semblance. She propelled herself forward at high speeds and slammed into Blake's spherical form which un-lodged her teammate…but also sent her rolling down the hall, the cat Faunus letting out dizzy whoa's all the way. "Oops…I uh…I didn't think that would happen." Ruby said sheepishly.

Weiss shook her head. "Really? It didn't occur to you?" Weiss asked and squeezed past Ruby, getting through the door with the help of her glyphs before she pursued the rolling Blake.

"Let's go get her sis." Yang sighed and stretched her arms over her head. "Hey frenchfry maybe whip up some burgers for later please," Yang asked before getting elbowed by Ruby. "Ow, what?"

Ruby leaned in close to Blake to whisper. "Yang it's Frenchfry's food that's making us all big and puffy! We have to go by Jumba's lab and find out why." Ruby said before wiggling through the door, getting a helpful shove from Yang.

"I mean we can find out for sure…and if there's a cure we can have more," Yang said and flashed a thumbs up to Frenchfry before leaving.

Sure enough after after chasing down Blake and stopping her from rolling, RWBY had decided to get some training done in the hopes that it would help them slim back down to size.

However that was easier said then done. Because the moment they All started their sparing match, each of them ended up bouncing and bumping into each other because of their new swollen forms.

Ruby had tried to use her semblance, but the moment she did she ended up tripping from her new heft. This then had caused her to roll and bounce around the entire combat arena like a massive pinball uncontrollably.

This rolling had then caused her to bounce into Weiss, making the heiress start rolling around the arena along with the young reaper as well.

Blake then tried to maneuver out of the way but tripped as well and started bouncing around like a rubber ball.

And Yang needed up in the same boat soon often when Blake bumped into her from her bouncing, making the blonde brawler unintentionally joining in on the bounce and roll fest.

Eventually though they call came to an abrupt stop when they all crashed into each other at ounce. Each of the four girls letting out moans and groans from all The bouncing and rolling they've been doing.

Sure enough though Ruby wobbly got to her feet first, making sure not to loose her balance and end up into another rolling spree. "Okay, that settles it. We're heading to Jumba"s lab and figuring out how to fix this," she said determinedly "all those in favor say aye."

"Aye" the other three members said in unison.

And like that the four quickly began to make their way to Jumba's lab. Hoping to find at least find out something that would help figure out this big problem they all had.

Soon enough after some wobbling, and pushing and squeezing through the door, RWBY had finally made back to Jumba's lab.

"Ok so let's see what Jumba wrote about Frenchfry," Ruby said and plopped down in the chair at Jumba's computer.

Blake watched from behind Ruby. "Look through the species catalog. It was…062 I think." Blake murmured and watched Ruby search. "How many of these does he have?" She asked as Ruby skimmed through different files.

"At least sixty-two," Yang replied before getting elbowed by Weiss, the girl's elbow sinking into Yang's soft side. "Ow! Why does everyone keep doing that?" She asked and rubbed her side.

"Found it!" Ruby exclaimed and leaned closer to the screen before reading. "062 is designed to be a personal chef, that's what we read earlier. Hmm ooh, there's more!" Ruby scrolled down where there seemed to be a set of written updates. "All food made is delicious and irresistible blah blah blah and has no nutritional value."

Weiss huffed and crossed her arms as best she could, her spherical state making the task difficult. "Well, that explains why we couldn't stop eating. Delicious food that doesn't satiate our stomachs. So we just keep stuffing out faces and get fat."

"Okay that's one problem solved, but that doesn't tell us how we can get back to normal," said Yang "try scrolling down more sis, maybe there's more info."

Ruby was about to look further down into the document before the door swung open to reveal Frenchfry with a large platter of cakes and doughnuts. "Bon Appetite" the little alien said as he extended a plate of different donuts out to them.

"Oh hey, Frenchfry…uh we were just about to come looking for you," Ruby said and waddled over to the short alien. "We don't think we need this much food. So maybe just cook a little less?" She asked, doing her best not to pay attention to the delectable smell coming off the food.

But at that moment, an assortment of growls could be heard as all the girls bellies let out a hungry rumble. Each of them feeling more And more hungry as the sweet smell tickled their noses.

"I mean…" Yang started, finally loosing the battle against her hunger. "If you want less I'll just eat more. Fair trade if you ask me." Yang said as she wobbled Over and grabbed a few doughnuts, stuffing them into her mouth. With each treat swallowed her belly inched out further and further causing her to grow wider and more spherical.

"That cake does look very good." Weiss murmured and waddled closer, grabbing a slice and stuffing it into her mouth. "Maybe if we ask Frenchfry to make something more filling that will help?" Weiss suggested and grabbed another slice of cake, quickly devouring it, immediately fwoomping out soon after.

Blake, seeing her teammates gorging themselves happily, shrugged and quickly began to scoop up doughnuts, stuffing as many into her cheeks as she could. She didn't mind how her body swelled with each bite as the delicious treats were more than enough to distract her.

This left Ruby on her own, the young reaper starting to drool while her belly rumbled hungrily. But she quickly shook her head and began to fight off the temptation, 'No! I can't give in! We gotta figure out how to get back to normal! I gotta tell the girls to stop eating or-' she thought, but then an all to familiar aroma reached her nose.

Looking down she saw Frenchfry holding out to her a platter of cookies he seemingly whipped out of thin air. Ruby tried her best to resist her need for her favorite treat, but it was all for naught. "Well…maybe just a couple…dozen. I'm sure it can't be that bad right?" She asked herself before picking up a cookie and biting into it. Her body suddenly blowing out rounder and fatter as she ate away greedily.

All the while though as the team continued to stuff themselves silly, they again failed to notice the devilish smirk on Frenchfry's face.

Some time later in the day it was nighttime already. And both Pyrrha and Nora had returned to beacon carrying bags with supplies and gifts in them as they made their way back to their dorm room. Zwei closely following along with them.

However Nora's belly suddenly growled out again for what felt like the fifth time this day.

"Uuuuuugh I'm starving!" Nora exclaimed and groaned loudly, slouching against Pyrrha. "Why didn't we pick up food in Vale?" She asked and lazily shook her teammate.

"There is plenty of food at Beacon," Pyrrha said as the two walked down the halls towards their dorm.

"I don't know how to cook and last time I checked you didn't either!" Nora said and stamped her foot, poking Pyrrha accusingly. "Ren was the only one who could cook and he's gone right now!"

Pyrrha paused, stopping in front of her dorm. She had no idea how to cook, mainly because like Ruby she never had the time to learn on how to cook much like the reaper herself. "Hmm well…maybe it will be fun to try!" She said in a cheery tone and smiled before hearing a crashing sound from Team RWBY's dorm. "What was that?"

"I don't know, let's go check it out" said Nora.

Nora wasted no time making her way over to RWBY dorm and kicking their door open. "Hey do you girls have any food…oh hello," Nora said and looked down at Frenchfry, completely missing the bloated team RWBY members.

Pyrrha, however, was more observant, her jaw dropping as she laid eyes on the rotund RWBY girls. "I-I uh…what happened to you all?!" She asked and slowly walked into the room, lightly poking Ruby's side only for his finger to sink into the soft fat.

Her shock was well warranted, as it seemed by the time the four girls had gone back to eating some time after they left Jumba's lab, each of them had grown double in size. The four RWBY girls were all so bloated and rounded out they barely looked even mobile at all. And they were still eating away without a care in the world despite how much bigger they've all gotten.

Ruby was on the floor, rolling back and forth on her massively bloated form. In one hand she held a plate of cookies while the other rapidly shoveled them into her mouth. Her body seemed to swell a few centimeters with each cookie she consumed, only furthering to make her grow rounder and fatter. Compared to early it seemed as if she had grown twice as large, her spherical form hardly mobile.

Weiss laid on her bed stuffing tiramisu into her mouth. She let out quiet moans and coos and she stuffed the delicious coffee cake into her greedy maw. She failed to even notice Pyrrha and Nora enter the room, her full attention on the cakes before her. Her lips and cheeks were stained with the powdered chocolate, but she paid no mind and only kept eating as if her life depended on it.

Blake was snoring loudly, the bones of various fish and shells of crustaceans littering the area around her. She had stuffed herself and decided it was time for a nice long nap. Yet it seemed she would awake soon as her large, round belly groaned and growled awaiting its next meal. A pleasant smile crossed her face and she even appeared to be purring as she dreamed of devouring a massive fish.

Finally, there was Yang, the bloated brawler stuffing burgers into her mouth as fast as her arms could move. Easily the largest of the entire team, Yang's bed creaked and groaned as it barely managed to hold her. She noticed Pyrrha and Nora enter, only offering a muffled hello as she was too focused on cramming food into her mouth. The only pause she made was waving to Frenchfry as a signal to keep the food coming, Yang clearly showing no sign in stopping and not minding as her body continued to bloat and swell like a giant bowling ball.

"Hmmff? Oh hey Pyrrha, hey Nora!" Ruby exclaimed and rocked back and forth a bit to get herself upright. "We were hungry and couldn't cook anything so we got one of Jumba's pods and now we have Frenchfry." She said with a slightly muffled voice as she continued to stuff cookies in her mouth. Making Pyrrha take a step back surprise when her body grew even bigger.

"HE CAN MAKE FOOD?!" Nora asked and lifted Frenchfry in her hands, the alien muttering curiously in French. "Make me some pancakes, please! A whole lot of them!" She exclaimed before suddenly the alien was out of her hands. "Wha?"

Yang chuckled and rubbed her stomach slowly. "Yeah, he's a quick little guy. Just give it a second." Yang said, Frenchfry reappearing with a stack of pancakes in the time it took for her to finish her sentence. "There he is."

Nora let out a surprised gasp and scooped up the pancakes, instantly beginning to cram them into her mouth. She greedily scarfed down the tall stack, and the moment they hit her tastebuds her eyes widened in delight. "These pancakes are amazing! They're even better then the ones Renny makes!" She exclaimed as she stuffed more and more into her mouth.

However as she continued to devour the pancakes, her body began to puff and swell before the entirety of team RWBY and Pyrrha, the latter staring in shock and horror as she watched her teammate swell up before her. "Keep em coming!" Nora exclaimed as she worked on the second pile of pancakes, each hand stuffing two too three pancakes into her mouth at a time, growing larger by the second with each one she devoured.

Pyrrha laughed nervously and scooped up Zwei in her hands before backing towards the door. "I think I'll take Zwei out for another walk…you girls enjoy your meal." Pyrrha said and closed the door before rushing down the hall. 'I've got to call Jumba!' She thought to herself.

Back inside the dorm, Nora was still swelling rounder and fatter like a giant human bouncy ball. Her torso was becoming a perfect sphere of soft fat, her clothes stretching to contain the swelling mass. All the while she just kept stuffing her face with all the pancakes Frenchfry brought to her. And soon enough she had glutted herself so much she had gotten just as big and round as Team RWBY, even bigger than Yang herself.

The alien darted around the room, replacing empty plates with full ones. Cookies for Ruby, cake for Weiss, fish for Blake, and burgers for Yang. He made sure there was food constantly available to them, watching as they grew rounder and fatter, the devilish smirk appearing on his face once more.

"These are even better than the last batch" Ruby said as she scarfed down yet another plate of cookes. Letting out a moan as the delectable treat touched her tastebuds and not even caring on her her body got even bigger than before.

"Tell me about it" Blake said as she casually ate away at another plate of donuts she was given, her belly growing a couple of centimeters more with each one she lazily ate.

Weiss let out another moan of pleasure when she ate another cake, her bed creaking at how big she was getting. "I could keep eating this forever." She said, already picturing herself abandoning her status as the Schnee Heiress in favor of more of Frenchfry's food.

"Yeah same here!" Yang said as she stuffed three even bigger burger into her mouth and swallowing them whole, her rounded belly suddenly swelling out further and making her bed creak even more from her increased weight.

Nora just let out a "mmhmm" as she was too busy stuffing more pancakes down her throat and into her greedy and still growing belly.

But sure enough though Ruby let out a tired yawn, "is anyone Elise feeling sleepy." She asked tiredly. And soon got her answer when the rest of her teammates let out tired yawns as well. Heck, Nora had already fallen asleep, rocking away on her round body.

"I guess it is getting pretty late. Let's head to bed and get some rest" Ruby said. But Before she could even attempt to get to her bed, she soon passed out much like the rest of her team. All of them snoozing away and dreaming about eating more food.

But as soon as they fell asleep, Frenchfry rubbed his hands together eagerly. It was time for him to get to work preparing his dinner.

And the five girls continued to sleep. Unaware of Frenchfry rolling and squeezing them all through the door as he prepared to have a feast on his own.

"Hello? Hello, who is this?" A thickly accented voice sounded through Pyrrha's scroll.

"Professor Jumba, this is Pyrrha Nikos from Beacon," Pyrrha said as she paced back and forth in Jumba's office, Zwei's head following her as she went.

"Ah, Pyrrha hello! What can I do for you?" Jumba replied. "If it is answers for next week's quiz I cannot share bahaha!" He joked and sighed teasingly.

"No, it's about one of your experiments…" Pyrrha started and looked at the still opened screen on Jumba's computer. "It's 062 from the looks of it. Personal chef, fattening food…I think team RWBY has been using him to make food for them."

There was a pause on the other line. "062…which one was that…Oh oh OH! This is very bad Pyrrha! If they have eaten food prepared by 062 and been fattened up then they are in grave danger! 062 fattens it's victims and then eats them!" Jumba explained frantically. "Look I can get back soon, but you must stall for time!"

Pyrrha nodded and ended the call, rushing back to Team RWBY's dorm with Zwei running behind her. However, as Pyrrha swung the door open the room was empty. Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, and Nora were all missing without a trace. Only empty platters and crumbs littering the room. "Too late…where did he take them?" Pyrrha murmured to herself and looked to Zwei. She kneeled before the dog and patted his head. "Can you track them down boy?"

Zwei nodded his head, barking in response before sniffing around the room. With the scent acquired he ran down the hall, hopefully leading Pyrrha towards the girls.

Back with the RWBY girls and Nora we find them and Frenchfry in the combat arena.

Frenchfry was busy humming the French national anthem, his hands busy at work chopping carrots, and dropping them into a large pot. Above this pot in a rudimentary system of ropes acting as harnesses for the sleeping girl. They snoozed away, unaware of the boiling broth beneath them. Frenchfry chuckled to himself and zipped out of the room for a moment only to return with salt and paper shakers. He ascended a latter and began to shake the seasonings over the girl, pepper falling on Ruby's nose.

"Achoo!" Ruby sneezed and rubbed her nose, slowly waking up. "Huh what the? Hey, what's going on here?!" Ruby exclaimed as she began to wiggle around in her bindings, only to find her struggles were futile. "Frenchfry what's going on?" Ruby asked only to get a quick sentence in French spewed at her with more salt and pepper. Making the young reaper go into another sneezing fit.

The rest of the girls slowly began to wake up, quickly noticing their precarious position over the massive pots. "What is the meaning of this?! Stop salting me!" Weiss said and tried to swat the shakers out of Frenchfry's hands to no avail.

Blake sighed and shook her head slowly. "So we were fattened up to be eaten…why didn't I see this coming?" She lamented. Mentally kicking herself for not seeing something so obvious.

"Well," Yang started. "If he's fattening us up to eat us then I think this is all too early. Way too thin to eat now." Yang said, half-jokingly as she just wanted more food.

"I agree!" Nora exclaimed and wiggled about as best she could.

"How can you two possibly think about food at a time like this?!" Weiss exclaimed "We're about to be eaten here for Oum's sake!"

"Hey I'm just trying to lighten up the mood!" Yang retorted, "this isn't exactly a fun party for me either, Look how fat I am!" She said as she slapped her side For emphasis. Her had sinking into her soft side.

"Guys, now is not the time for arguing! We need to get out of here and fast!" Blake said as she like the rest of them began to wiggle around, but found she made no progress on getting free from her binds

"But how? We don't have any of our weapons!" Said Ruby, as she began to sweat nervelessly when Frenchfry let out a laugh as he got ready to drop them into the pot.

"Somebody! Anybody! Help! We're gonna get eaten like a bunch of stuffed turkeys!" Nora cried out as she continued to wiggle around in her bindings, hoping that anyone would here her and come save them.

Suddenly Pyrrha and Zwei ran into the room. Pyrrha drew her sword and pointed it at Frenchfry. "Let them down!" Pyrrha demanded and glared at the alien. Frenchfry slowly pulled a cooking knife out, the blade drifting closer to a rope supporting the girls. "N-no, not like that! Zwei you help them, I'll deal with 062."

The alien frowned and jumped down, twirling the knife in his hands. "En garde!" He exclaimed and leapt at Pyrrha, the two beginning to clash blades. All the while RWBY and Nora cheered the champion on as they watched the fight from above.

While the two dueled Zwei set to work on freeing the girls. He jumped and grabbed the handle of the massive pot. With a little wiggling, he managed to tip it over where the broth then spilled out and extinguished the flame below it. Then quickly moving towards the supporting rope that held the girls in the air. Turning towards Pyrrha he let out a loud park to catch her attention.

Pyrrha looked back and saw the shadow directly beneath Ruby. She smirked and nodded, falling back to the spot as Frenchfry made his approach. 'A little further.' She thought to herself and waited until Frenchfry was now in the shadow. She activated her semblance and used it to disarm the alien of his knife before Pyrrha cut the rope.

Frenchfry looked up and frowned. "Ah, putain…" He murmured before Ruby fell on him, slamming the alien into the ground before the girl slowly rolled off. Frenchfry was about to get up before Weiss fell on him, and then Blake, and then Yang, the three slowly rolling away as well. Frenchfry let out a groan and slowly lifted himself from the floor until finally, Nora fell with a solid thud.

With Frenchfry subdued Pyrrha approached and tied the alien up with the ropes that were previously used on Team RWBY. "That should do it. Are you girls ok? I called Jumba and he said he's on the way…maybe he can fix this."

"Is he bringing take out?" Yang asked as everyone glared at her. "What? We all know this food doesn't make you full!"

"Yang. Food should be the last thing we need right now." Ruby as she gave a deadpanned look to her sister. "Besides, I'm a bit worried that if we get any bigger we could burst."

Yang thought about that for a moment And grimaced soon after she thought of herself popping like a overinflated balloon.

"I'll roll you back to your room." Pyrrha sighed and began to roll Ruby towards the exit. The young reaper letting out dizzy whoas from the sudden shift in movement as she was rolled along.

"Wait! What about Frenchfry?" Blake asked as she glanced over to the still unconscious and tied up alien chef.

"Oh we'll deal with him later. For now let's get Rolling" Yang said as she cracked a pun, causing the other girls to all groan.

Sure enough with some effort the girls were moved back to their dorm and placed on their beds by Pyrrha. The champion giving all of them a "goodnight" before rolling Nora along back to their dorm and retiring for the night.

Which still left the issue of the fact they were all still swollen and fat bowling balls.

"This is humiliating..." Weiss said as she could already imagine the humiliation she and her team would get if anyone saw them in the state they were in.

"Come on Weiss it isn't that bad" Ruby said optimistically as she rested on her bed, doing her best to look for something more positive Out their situation. "And remember, Jumba is coming back tomorrow, so We'll be back to normal before you know it."

"Yeah, so let's just go to sleep and worry about this in the morning. besides, almost getting eaten makes you pretty tired." Said Yang as she was already falling asleep.

Blake just let out a tired yawn before passing out herself soon after. Already drifting off into dreamland yet again.

And soon enough they fell asleep as rounded, spherical fatties and hoped Jumba had a solution by the time they woke up.

And sure enough it was next morning. And the RWBY girls were all in for a pleasant surprise.

Ruby slowly sat up in bed, yawning and stretching her arms. It was a slow realization, but an obvious one when it hit. Ruby was able to sit up on her own with ease? She looked down at herself and gasped, she was back to normal! "Wake up everyone! We're back to normal!"

"Too early," Blake murmured and scratched her flat stomach slowly before rolling over in bed.

Yang was the next to sit up and pat her stomach. "Did Jumba give us a cure or something while we were asleep?" Yang asked and hopped out of her bed, stretching and groaning. "Oh well. Better than trying to train and lose weight."

"Better than being humiliated when the rest of Beacon comes back from winter break to see us as bowling balls," Weiss said and smiled, happy to be back at her normal size. "Well, should we go look for Pyrrha and Nora? We still don't know if Jumba is back or if Frenchfry is fully dealt with."

"Too. Early." Blake reiterated before being pulled out of bed by Yang and Ruby, the team now crossing the hall to knock on JNPR's door.

"Heya RWBY!" Nora said as she swung the door open, the valkyrie back at her normal size. "Guess you girls are back to normal too! Well, don't just stand there come on in!"

The team filed into the room to see Jumba there as well as Frenchfry free of his bindings and eating…vegetables. The team stared dumbfounded before looking over to a smiling Pyrrha. "Ah, good morning Team RWBY!" Jumba exclaimed. "I am glad to see you have all returned to normal and have not been eaten by experiment 062."

"Yeah…" Ruby replied. "How exactly are we normal again?" She asked and glanced cautiously at Frenchfry.

"Ah yes is simple answer." Jumba started. "Experiment 062's food only lasts for about twenty-four hours. After that poof swelling goes down…if you are not eaten that is. Best thing is Miss Nikos here has seemed to have gotten 062 to eat healthily!"

Pyrrha nodded. "I made a late-night trip to the grocery store and picked up some fresh produce. He seems to like it quite a lot." Pyrrha smiled and patted Frenchfry's head. "He seems to be harmless now, and is even willing to try and cook healthier food in exchange for not being put back into a pod."

Team RWBY glanced at each other slowly before looking back at Frenchfry.

"Well…" Weiss started. "I suppose we can try…IF he agrees to cook for us until Beacon is back at full staff."

"Y'know what that means!" Nora cheered and wrapped her arm around the four girls. "Who wants low-fat pancakes?!"

And like that everything had gone back to normal at Beacon Academy.

And the girls all enjoyed their week happily, and well fed. All thanks to their new chef Frenchfry.