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Another break, another slow day for Beacon Academy. Spring break meant that everyone had left already to be with their family, or head to the beaches for a good time. But for a certain Huntress team, that was out of the question. They had been tasked, once again, with watching over the school while everyone was gone. But they were not alone. Pyrrha and Nora had chosen to stay with them, as well as Coco and Velvet; the latter duo really had nothing else to do, so they decided to keep them company.

Meanwhile, in the kitchens of Beacon was a special little alien named Frenchfry. He sat on a stool in the empty kitchen and sighed, his tail flicking back and forth. He'd been given a second chance to work for the academy, but now that there wasn't anyone to feed (at least for a while), he had nothing to do. Boredom did not sit well for an Experiment.

The opening of the door broke the silence. Frenchfry turned to see two of his fellow Experiments: PJ (or Experiment 133), and Amnesio (Experiment 303).

"Que fais-tu ici?" Frenchfry asked.

The two Experiments honked and buzzed in their own strange little languages. Fortunately for us, Frenchfry was still able to understand them: according to PJ, it was April Fool's Day, the one day of the year that you could pull pranks on people. Being the experiment he was, PJ wanted to do something special. And that's where Frenchfry came in with his fattening food.

After Amnesio would wipe the girls' minds with his powers, making them forget about the filling food, Frenchfry would come in and serve them, turning them back into the round, fatty balls they were before.

Frenchfry thought about it for a moment. He had been given a second chance to help instead of harm, and he really only served food that had actual nutritional value now, not just empty calories. But he was bored, and that was enough reason to join the other Experiments in their little prank.

He nodded and smiled deviously. "Allez-y!"

Team RWBY sat with NP and CV in the dormitory living room. Nora and Yang were playing a fighting game on the TV, while Ruby and Pyrrha looked on. Weiss and Coco were looking at and comparing outfits on their Scrolls, while Blake sat in the corner and read her book.

"So, any reason why Ozpin asked you girls to stay here for the break?" Velvet asked.

"Heck if I know," Yang said, finishing a combo on Nora's fighter. "Guess it's some sort of test or something."

"It's very boring, though." Weiss sighed, adding another dress to her shopping cart. "Don't know why he doesn't get anyone else to do it."

"Hey, at least we still get to hang out with you guys!" Nora said, making a comeback in the game and giving Yang a run for her money.

"Hey, that was a sneaky move!" she yelled, button mashing like there was no tomorrow. The girls all turned to the television; even Blake looked up to watch the virtual match. Nora and Yang's thumbs were a blur, blasting away at each other's fighter. Just as their health bars went down to their last pixels, a red light flashed everyone in their faces, startling them. As they blinked the light out of their eyes, they looked at each other.

"What was that?" Nora asked.

"I don't know." Velvet said. "Anyone else forget what they were doing?"

"That was strange." Weiss muttered. Blake's nose twitched. "Hey, anyone else smell that?"

The girls all turned around to see a pile of food on the table behind them. Tons of goodies were laid out, from burgers and fries, to fish and chips, to any and every pastry one could think of.

"When did that get here?" Coco asked.

"Who cares? Free food!" Nora cried, running over.

"Should we eat this?" Velvet asked nervously. "It doesn't seem like we should."

"Hey, if it was set here, it must be for us." Yang said, grabbing a few burgers. "If anyone asks for it, then we can pay them back."

"And I'm hungry." Weiss said firmly, grabbing a plate and loading it with grilled chicken tenders.

Velvet and Coco looked at each other, then shrugged. They grabbed a plate and filled it with their favorites. Coco grabbed some cupcakes and donuts from the table.

"I've been meaning to have a cheat day, anyway." Coco said. "May as well join in."

Velvet nodded and put another spoonful of veggie stir-fry on her plate. The girls ate and ate and ate, cramming as much food as they could down their gullets. The food tasted absolutely heavenly.

"Pyrrha, you've got to try these burgers!" Yang said, handing her a plate with half a dozen bacon cheeseburgers. "They're amazing!"

"I don't know," Pyrrha said, thinking about her training. For years she had sculpted her body to perfection. She certainly didn't want to ruin her chances of being a Huntress over some food. No matter how delicious it all looked and smelled...

"Come on, Pyrrha, let loose!" Nora said, gulping down another pancake. She nudged Pyrrha teasingly. "I hear he likes girl with some meat on her bones."

Pyrrha blushed, then grabbed a burger and took an enormous bite, moaning through the cheese and the grease.

"Sho good..." she moaned, wiping away some grease from her lips.

The girls continued to inhale their food, gulping down fries, fish and sweets. No matter how much they seemed to eat, it was as if their plates were magically being refilled with whatever they wanted. And no matter how much they ate it never seemed to be enough for them.

"Man, whoever made these must be making a ton of money!" Nora said, cutting into her fourth stack of pancakes.

"You think?" Velvet asked, grabbing a cupcake from Coco's plate and taking a bite.

"We should find them later and give them our compliments." Ruby said, digging into a new plate of double chocolate-chip cookies.

Little did the girls know that the food was doing just what it was supposed to do. Unbeknownst to them, their stomachs slowly billowed out with each bite of greasy or sweet food. Blake and Velvet were weighed down on the couch by their big bellies, and Ruby's was testing the limits of her corset. They continued to grow fatter and fatter from the food, the growing spreading to the rest of their bodies, until Weiss finally noticed.

"What the heck?!" she cried. "I'm huge!"

The others snapped out of it and stared at themselves. They looked like balloons, but instead of air filling them up, it was fries and cookies swelling them up into globes. Their arms were still functional, not gaining any fat at all, but their legs were almost completely sucked into their bodies, like cones with little feet attached. Thankfully their clothes stretched with their bodies, but Weiss and Pyrrha's skirts rode up their bodies, giving anyone a perfect view of their white and pink panties.

"W-what happened to us?! We're huge!" Velvet exclaimed, feeling her bloated form over. Her fingers sinking into her doughy fat.

"Whoa." Yang said, patting her belly. "I think we may have overdone it."

"You think?" Coco said, glaring at herself. "Damn, I won't be able to fit into anything now!"

As the girls looked themselves over, Ruby then spotted something, "Hey, there's a note." Ruby said, looking over at the now empty table. with a little effort, She heaved herself up off her chair and waddled over.

"What's it say?" Velvet asked.

"'Ladies, it seems you've gotten a bit big for your britches'," Ruby read aloud. "'To help with this, we've placed a cure for you somewhere on campus. But be warned! It won't be easy!'."

The girls all looked at each other.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Nora asked. "Time for a mission!"

"We should split up. Cover more ground that way." Ruby said.

"I'll go with Pyrrha." Nora said.

"Velvet's with me." Coco said. "Alright. That just leaves us with each other, then." Yang said.

"Alright!" Nora pumped her fist. "Let's go!"

The girls waddled out of the living room and split up. RWBY went to the cafeteria, Coco and Velvet went to the locker rooms, and Pyrrha and Nora searching the rest of the dorms.

Coco and Velvet searched high and low. Well, as high and low as their ballooned bodies would allow.

"You find anything yet, Velv?" Coco called over.

"Nothing yet." Velvet said.

"This sucks. Figures I have one cheat day, and I blow up into a huge ball." Coco sighed.

"Well, it's not that bad." Velvet said. "You're still rocking your outfit."

"Well, I swelled up in it. That helps, I guess." Coco said.

Velvet checked her locker, and her eyes lit up. Sitting on the locker shelf was one of the biggest slices of carrot cake she had ever seen.

"Hello there." she said, reaching in and taking it down from the shelf. "How did you get in here?"

"Who are you talking to, Velvet?" Coco asked, coming over.

"O-Oh! No one! I just found this in my locker." Velvet said, staring at the cake. It had just the right amount of icing, and little flakes of carrot could be seen in the moist delicious cake. Carrot cake being Velvet's favorite treat may have been a stereotype, but it was one that she owned up to.

"Should you eat that? Who knows who put it in there?" Coco asked.

"Maybe it's part of the clue to get us back to normal." Velvet said. Her stomach growled quietly. "A-And I am feeling a mite peckish again."

"Well, I'm gonna keep looking. Let me know if you find anything else." Coco bounced away.

Velvet licked her lips as she brought a forkful of the dessert to her mouth. She squealed quietly at the flavor of the cake, placing a hand to her cheek.

"Oh, this is delicious!" she said, quickly gobbling the rest of the cake. Slowly but surely, her body continued to swell up again, growing larger and larger until she had rocked backwards onto her huge butt; only her arms and head stayed the same, but her bloated form was hardly mobile anymore. She wiped up the last bit of icing with her thumb and licked it off, softly sighing as she tried to reach down to rub her belly.

"That was... so good..." she muttered, her eyes fluttering as she felt herself getting sleepy. And sure enough, the Faunus soon fell fast asleep.

Meanwhile, Coco was still looking around, trying to find any hint of the clue.

"Gods, they really made this hard, huh?" she muttered to herself. They had been searching the room for a while, but no luck. And now, Velvet was snacking again. Coco sighed. She loved her teammate to death, but right now, she needed to be focused on getting back to normal. Who knew how long they'd be like this? And on top of that, Coco had nothing to wear that would make all... this look good!"

"There must be a plus-size store in the city." Coco shuddered at the very mention of the word.

Just as she was about to go back and check on Velvet, the smell of chocolate and baked goods caught her attention.

"What's that?" she wondered, waddling around to see a plate of muffins. Coco stared in amazement. There had to be at least six, seven dozen muffins all piled on top of each other on the plate.

"Chocolate chip... cranberry... pecan chocolate..." Coco's mouth watered at the very sight. She shook herself out of it.

"Snap out of it, Coco! You've gotta get back to normal!" she yelled at herself, smacking herself in the face a few times. "This isn't the time to pig out!"

She looked back at the muffins, her expression softening. She knew it was the food making her like this, but damn it if those muffins didn't look amazing.

"Ah, what the hell. I can always just have a training session with Nora." she said, grabbing a muffin in each hand and taking a bite.

"Mm!" she moaned. "Man, these are good!"

She quickly stuffed the muffins into her mouth one by one, savoring the sweetness of the chocolate and fruit, as she started to swell once again. She continued to grow as she ate until she reached the size of her sleeping teammate, and tipped onto her belly as she kept grabbing the muffins and stuffing herself, rocking back and forth as she chewed and hummed happily.

Soon enough though Coco cleared the entire plate, and let out a burp when she finished.

"Gods, that was so good..." she mumbled, her eyes closing as she smiled dreamily.

Meanwhile Nora and Pyrrha were still wandering around the hallways of the different dorm rooms. But so far they couldn't find anything resembling a clue that they needed.

"I can't help but feel like this has happened before." Pyrrha murmured as she and Nora waddled through the halls of the dorms.

"Huh? Did you say something, Pyrrha?" Nora asked. "I just feel like I've been in this situation before, somehow. But in a different position." Pyrrha said.

"Oh, like deja vu?" "Yes, something like that."

"Weird." Nora commented. "Hey, I think I see something over there!"

Nora wobbled ahead, Pyrrha close behind.

"What do you see?" Pyrrha asked, jiggling as she waddled behind her friend.

"I thought I saw something duck into this room here!" Nora said.

They finally came over to the room. The door was open, but it was dark inside.

"Well, let's see what's in here." Pyrrha wobbled forward first, but got stuck almost immediately.

"Whoa, got a little cushion, huh?" Nora teased.

"I'm sorry!" Pyrrha said, covering her blushing face.

"Don't worry! I'll get you out!" Nora rocked backwards and forwards a few times, building up the momentum.

"J-Just be gentle, Nora!" Pyrrha peered back to try and see the ginger girl.

"You've got it!" Nora exclaimed before shoving her hands into Pyrrha's swollen butt, shoving her through the doorway.

"Wh-Whoa!" Pyrrha cried, rolling across the room until she hit the opposite wall.

"Whoops. Sorry, Pyrrha." Nora apologized, squeezing through the doorway and turning on the light. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"N-No, you're fine." Pyrrha rocked herself back up to her feet and looked around the room. She saw a table in the corner and gasped

"What is it?" Nora followed her gaze and gasped as well. "Pancakes!"

"Wait, Nora-!" But Pyrrha's protest went unheralded, as Nora pounced on the huge stack of pancakes. It had to be as tall as Nora herself, but the ginger tore into it like a Beowolf. Pyrrha watched in amazement; she had seen her devour pancakes before on Sunday mornings when Ren would cook breakfast for them, but this... this was something different entirely. However, Pyyrha soon took notice at how big Nora was swelling up as she continued to scarf down the pancakes. And by the time the Valkyrie finished eating, she towered over her fellow redhead.

"Oh, my gods," Nora moaned, licking the syrup off her fingers. "That was sooo goooood."

Pyrrha chuckled quietly as Nora conked out. Something caught her eye in the opposite corner. She shuffled around, her belly jiggling, and gasped at the new sight.

"How did I not see this before?" Pyrrha asked herself, waddling over. On another table was an enormous strawberry shortcake, big enough that it covered the entirety of the table. Pyrrha's mouth watered. She would never have been allowed to have this before Beacon. Being a champion meant that every little part of her life had to fall in line with her contracts. She once got in trouble for having the wrong brand backpack back when she attended Sanctum Academy. But the one thing she was able to enjoy, her one source of respite, was this delectable dessert.

She grabbed the fork next to the cake and took out a nice-sized bite, holding it up to her face. It looked fine; white dollops of whipped cream on a yellow spongecake, with deep red strawberries nestled between the cake. She took a bite and chewed tentatively.

"Oh, goodness." she moaned. She grabbed a bigger bite and stuffed it in her face. Within minutes, she had already gone through half the cake, and showed no sign of stopping. Her body swelled to almost Nora's size, but she was fast approaching. "This is the best shortcake I've ever had!" she exclaimed, wiping some cream off her cheek. As she shoveled the last bit in, she felt her rear press into Nora's.

"N-Nora? Is that you?" Pyrrha called back, trying to look past her fattened form. Only the sound of Nora's snoring answered her. Pyrrha looked back at the little bits of food smeared on the table and sighed.

"Worth it."

Team RWBY meanwhile had finally reached the cafeteria. They had some trouble getting through the doorway as their bloated forms got wedged into it when they tried to enter. But with some effort they managed to squeeze their way in. but when they finally began to look around, they came across a surprising sight.

The four girls stared hungrily at the spread in front of them. Everything that they loved was sitting right in front of them, freshly made and begging to be put in their bellies. Which rumbled away hungrily as the smell of the food tickled their noses.

"How did this get here?" Weiss wondered aloud, eyeing some of the fried foods.

"Who the heck cares? Let's eat!" Yang went to dive into the food, but was held back by Blake.

"As much as I want to eat now, we still have to find the clue to help us get back to normal." Blake said, eyeing the platter of sushi. Her ears flicked under her bow as she held herself back.

"Well, we should start in the kitchen, right, Ruby?" Weiss looked to her leader and gasped. She had already rolled herself over to the table and was cramming cookies down her gullet, two in each hand.

"Hrmgh?" she mumbled through the cookies, staring back at her teammate.

"Ruby Rose! You know we have a mission right now! And now you're just stuffing your face again!" Weiss cried.

"Oh, calm down, Ice Queen." Yang said, grabbing a large cheeseburger. "I think we deserve a break. It wasn't easy getting out of the dorms, if you remember."

"How can I forget?" Weiss looked at Blake, who blushed; the two of them tried to exit the dorm building at the same time, only to get wedged in the doorway.

"W-Well... fine. But just a little bit of food. Then we can get back to work."

"Sounds good to me!" Yang exclaimed, tearing through her burger before grabbing three more. Blake quickly grabbed the platter of sushi and inhaled fishy treat after fishy treat.

Weiss sighed. She knew her sister and father would never approve of the gluttony she was exhibiting here. She had a name to live up to, after all. But with everything that happened back home in Atlas; the fights, the arguments, the loneliness, she felt that this was just a way of treating herself.

"I deserve this." she whispered to herself, grabbing a hot fudge sundae. "I deserve this."

"What did you say, Weiss?" Ruby asked, taking a drink of milk between cookies.

"N-Nothing!" she said, and quickly shoved a spoonful of ice cream into her mouth, sighing contently as the frozen treat washed over her taste buds.

"Hey, guys! Ice Queen's eating ice cream!" Yang joked, tossing a few onion rings into her mouth.

"Yang, hush!" Weiss scolded.

"Don't feel bad." Blake said, moving onto some linguini fruitti di mare. "I think it's safe to say we're all playing into our favorites."

"It's like someone knew these were our go-to foods." Yang said, grabbing more fries. "Not that I'm complaining. This all is so delicious!"

Weiss huffed and finished her sundae, then grabbed some more ice cream and the deep-fried chicken tenders.

The four girls gorged themselves on the food, swelling up much faster than they did before as plate after plate of food was converted into soft fat, turning them from huge bowling pins to huge bowling balls. But that didn't stop them until the entire table was wiped completely clean, only crumbs and grease stains remaining.

"Ooh, man that was good!" Ruby said.

"You said it, Sis." Yang replied, happliy patting her huge belly.

"I think we may have overdone it." Blake said, blushing as she looked down at herself.

"I'll say! We were supposed to only eat a little!" Weiss exclaimed. "Now look at us! How will we ever get back to normal now?!"

"Chill out, Weiss!" Yang said, momentarily chuckling to herself over the pun. "It's no big deal. We'll work this off in no time."

"Well, right now, I feel like a nap is in order." Blake said with a yawn.

"No, no, no! This is no time for rest!" Weiss flapped her arms against her fatty sides. But it was no use. Yang and Ruby fell asleep, leaning against each other's bodies. Blake had shifted to her back, cutely purring as she dozed off.

Weiss tried to fight off the coming sleepiness, but it was futile. Eating all the food she did meant that a food coma was coming inexorably. As she slowly closed her eyes, she heard someone, or something, giggling, and the sound of a horn honking.

Weiss woke up suddenly and found herself in a new surrounding.

"What the- where am I?" she cried out. "Hey there, Ice Queen!" she heard Yang say.

Weiss looked over and saw Yang by her side, along with Blake and Ruby.

"Where are we?" Weiss asked.

"Looks like the combat arena." Weiss heard Nora speak up. She waddled around, surprised she could still even move at her size, and saw Nora, Pyrrha, Velvet and Coco sitting next to her, just as fat and bloated as her.

"Why are we here?" Weiss asked.

Suddenly, the sound of a honk startled the girls, and they looked down at the ground to see Frenchfry, and two other Experiments.

"Frenchfry? Is that you?" Ruby called down. The Experiment nodded and smiled. "Ohana."

Suddenly, the girls felt their memories rushing back, mostly for RWBY and Nora.

"Wait a minute. You tricked us!" Frenchfry shook his head and pointed to PJ and Amnesio.

"Who's that?" Blake asked. "Mes amis" Frenchfry said.

"They're your friends?" Weiss asked.

"Well, Frenchfry explains the food," Blake said. "But what about the other two?"

Coco sudenly perked up. "Wait... what's today?"

"April First. Why?" Velvet asked.

"Oh my Oum, it's April Fool's Day!" Yang exclaimed. "I completely forgot."

"Man, it's bad if Yang forgets something like that." Velvet said.

"So, this whole thing was a big prank?" Weiss demanded. Frenchfry nodded and kicked his little foot.

"Will we always be like this?" Velvet asked nervously.

"Nope! We'll be back to normal in twenty-four hours." Ruby said. "So we'll be fine."

"Sounds good to me." Coco said.

"Yeah, Coco. You'll be back to your old self. Hopefully you aren't too big for your britches." Yang joked.

Coco frowned, then rolled forward and bumped Yang away.

"Whoa- Hey!" Yang protested, rolling back.

"You deserved it." Blake said with a small smile.

"Oh yeah?" said Yang, as she rolled over and bumped into Blake. Making the Faunus yelp in surprise as she bumped to Ruby next to her.

Soon enough, the girls all laughed and rolled around, bouncing off each other. They had twenty-four hours. Why not have some fun until then?