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Issei Hyoudou was well known throughout Kuoh academy. But not for his good looks, or for his intellect, or even for his artistic skills. His parents didn't have anything to do with his fame either, both of them being as average as they come. No, what Issei Hyoudou was (in)famous for, was being a perverted beast. It was even an official nickname.

So you can imagine his surprise, when, while he was passing a broom closet, fully intent on going to peek at the Swim Club, he was dragged inside by a pale hand, softer than anything he felt in his life. And he found his face inches apart from the seafoam eyes of Rias Gremory.

"I heard great boasting about your sexual prowess, Issei Hyoudou. Are you capable of backing it up?"

On that day, both Issei Hyoudou and Rias gremory lost their virginities to each other, in a broom closet.


In his third year of high school, there was a noticeable difference to everyone in how Issei behaved. One could say that he was a changed man. His perverted tendencies practically died out. Sure he still checked a woman out, but he was a lot less obvious. He stopped peeping with his friends and even helped locate and seal all the peeping spots within the school.

No one knew the real reason, and no one really wanted to ask. They were just glad there was one pervert less in the world. If anyone asked about Hyoudou now, most would say the weirdest thing about him was that he was carrying two cell phones, but they just disregarded it as a weird quirk and nothing else.

Of course, if anyone knew the reason for this, they probably wouldn't believe it anyway.


"Damn, that feels really good." Rias was lying on a bed, in her birthday suit, basking in the glow of her latest orgasm.

"See? Lube makes all the difference. I don't know who you did anal before with, but he obviously had no idea what he was doing." Issei looked quite smug about it.

"You were right, Issei. So, we'll do this again?"

"Any time. Just text me time and place, and I'll come running. Unless it's during class. I need to keep my grades up."

"Did you finally decide on what college you'll go to?" She was on her way to the shower. He would probably join her, but, and he didn't admit that lightly, he needed to catch his breath.

"Yea. I'll go to the programming one in Kyoto. That way I still get to visit my parents on weekends. That would be harder in Tokyo or somewhere else. I was also thinking of applying for a scholarship."

"You know, if you're having financial problems, I'd be happy to help."

"Rias, you get a new cell phone every month so this Riser guy doesn't find out about me. Even if I was inclined to accept the money, how would you hide that from him?"

Silence weighed heavily in the air. Rias did not like Issei knowing about Riser. She took off her engagement ring any time they met for one of their "meetings", but that flaming bastard made it small on purpose, so it left a mark, one that was very easily recognizable.

"Enough about that. Why aren't you here with me?" Issei had to chuckle to himself. Why indeed?


Issei's life had taken quite the turn. He had worked hard to keep up his granted, got accepted into his college of choice, but was sadly rejected for a scholarship. It meant he had to take up a part-time job, but he liked to imagine it taught him the value of hard work. His girlfriend had disagreed, but that's alright. No couple agrees on anything, after all.

Oh right. He had a girlfriend now. And, no, it wasn't Rias. it was Murayama. It surprised him as well, but once they learned that they were both studying in Kyoto, they started to hang out. Their first date was in their sophomore year. It went well, Issei even managed to not make a fool out of himself. After a month, they were officially an "item", much to the joy of both their parents.

Things were going well for Issei. A decent job, a hot girlfriend, and he was about to graduate. He hoped to quickly get employed, he participated in contests, and his name was starting to gain attention in the business world. The only weird thing was his left arm sometimes spasming. Doctors said nothing was wrong with it, so it was probably a psychological reaction, and he left it at that.

He last saw Rias about a month into his last year. And while it did make him feel guilty to do this to Murayama, he swore to himself this was the last time. As he had done three times before that. But he was serious this time. Now, he still had an assignment to finish. Programs don't write themselves.

Suddenly the Japanese puzzle box on his desk started vibrating. He knew that he should have ignored it. He should have finished his paper, and then should go spend time with his girlfriend. But before he even knew it, his hands were solving the puzzle, and unlocking the device.

Kyuubi inn, 2 hours, room 666 ;)

Issei shot a quick text to Mura that he'll be coming home late, school obligations. He grabbed his coat, put on his shoes, and vanished in the night.


Issei was coming home from his last tryst with Rias, feeling like a piece of human garbage. He only saw her 2 times in the last three years, damn it! What did she do to him? Did she bewitch him? And his arm spasms were becoming more and more regular.

He stopped at the gate to his home. Well, technically it was Murayama's home, on paper. His fiancee was a little more successful in finding a job than he was, but he managed and was now employed in a videogame company. The pay was more than enough to cover their needs and put a little on the side "for the future". None of them said it, but that money was put aside so they could raise their children, whenever they decide to have any.

He took a deep breath and entered their home. He made sure he smelled nothing like Rias and checked himself twice for any marks in the hotel. He was in the clear. He entered the living room, only to find Mura hugging her knees on the couch, her face in tears.

He stood still like a deer caught in the headlights. Any second now, she would start screaming, beat him up with a kendo stick, throw the ring in his face, and kick him out. His parents might take him back in, but they'll be so disappointed, his mom will probably slap him a few times as well, this was it, his life will crumbledownhewassoscrewed-

"I'm pregnant."

Come again? His mind and mouth apparently worked in sync on this, because she repeated herself.


She then started crying again.

"I'm sorry Ise. I know you wanted to wait and-"

In an instant,he was by her side, kissing her, and, effectively snapping her out of whatever funk she was in.

"I'm gonna be a father. Mura... I am so happy! I'M GONNA BE A FATHER!"

She didn't stop crying, but a smile stretched over her puff face, and she laughed at the silly dance he was doing. After celebrating, making plans to visit their families to tell them in person, and more celebrating, they fell asleep on the couch, squeezed together. And when he woke up the next morning, Issei knew what he had to do.


It was hard to search for someone with an overbearing husband breathing down her neck. But in the end, her queen managed to get his current address. As if mocking her, he lived in Kuoh, a place she checked first when she started looking for him 47 years ago. But what she saw, was not something she expected in the least.

"Look at me, grandpa! I'm flying!"

"You sure are, sport! But when I was your age, I swung way higher!"

"I'll show you, geezer! I'm gonna swing so high, you won't even see me!"

Issei was enjoying spending time with his youngest grandson. The boy's parents were reluctant to leave the two alone, especially after seeing how grandma Mura passed a year ago. They worried that Issei was about to drop any second too. But Issei knew better. No matter how small, there was still some part of a dragon hidden in him, the consequence of activating his dormant sacred gear, before he gave it away to Baraquiel three months later. Ddraig had been quite displeased, but Issei was not gonna put his family in danger like that.

He would probably live to be over a hundred. maybe even a hundred and ten. Which meant he still had good 30-40 years left. He will live to see his great-grandchildren. Maybe even great, great- heck, he should probably gun for the position of the oldest Japanese citizen. That way he'll have something to brag about to his wife when they meet again.

Someone sat on the bench next to him. And Issei knew who it was.

"You threw away my phone. I came to give it back."

"Hello to you too, Rias. You should learn to respect your elders, you know?"

"Please, you don't look a day over 50, plus, I'm a year older than you."

"And you still look exactly the same, despite wearing a decent concealment spell."

This shocked her, and she dropped the disguise spell.


He told her his life story. How he discarded the phone she gave him. How he managed to get a promotion through his hard work. How he and Mura raised their daughter. How they traveled to Europe for her swimming tournament. How he awakened the Boosted gear. How he gave it away, which seemed to displease the devil princess.

"You know you could have protected them better with the gear, right?"

"Braquiel told me the statistics. Chances of average people getting involved are about one in a million. I was in my forties then, I wouldn't be able to get strong enough fast enough. Ddraig living inside me for 40 years made me different enough as it is. I had to bury my wife, and there is a high chance I will have to bury my daughter and my son-in-law."

They sat in silence, and Rias observed his grandchild, swinging on the swingset. He looked a lot like Issei, but he didn't have his eyes.

"So you won't even consider it?" This made him chuckle.

"I may look good for my age, but I'm not young anymore. I told Murayama about us. It was the worst fight we ever had. Well, not really a fight. More her dishing it, and me taking it because I deserved it. Our time together, Gremory, was like a dream, from which I woke 50 years ago. It's time you wake up too."

She sat next to him for another minute before quietly leaving. Issei looked up and smiled at the sun. It was true what he said to Rias. He will never forget their time together. But while to her, it was something special, an escape from the hell that was her normal life, for him it was just time that had long passed.

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