So this was keeping me up at night and I finally decided to write this crap down. I've never written a story on this website or anywhere so don't expect the greatest thing in the world. I wrote/imagined this story to be more than just a reskin of the Percy Jackson and Olympian series because I'm sick of seeing reskins. So, expect some weird shit to be happening. Also because I like to curse and ooh eeh funny curse word unga bunga funny funny, there will be cursing.

I don't own Minecraft, anything from Percy Jackson. I only own the shit that comes from my mind like the God of Burgers and this OC.

Parenthesis=Author's note

Chapter 1

So, picture this. I'm sitting on a bench. In a park. There is construction of a new tall building going on nearby the bench so it's pretty loud. So, I'm wearing earbuds and listening to some tunes.

Here's something wild.

Get this.

I'm eating.




Is your mind blown yet? So anyway, I'm sittin on this bench eating a hotdog, when a shadow covers my dog. So, I look up and a red iron beam is approaching me fast from above. SO, immediately I jump into action and eat the rest of my hotdog. (I'm not a great writer so there's probably going to be a lotta so's)

Well I'm dead now. I'm in a flat space. It's like I opened up Minecreft (Can I say Minecreft?) and chose a flat world. There's nothing for miles and miles. Suddenly, there's a pop sound and a dude dressed like a king appears.

"Hello! I am the God of Burgers!" he says.

"Okay… so why am I here God of Burgers?" I ask.

"Well because you were eating my holy creation the burger before you died, I have decided to let you be reborn in another world." The god of the greatest thing in the world replies.

"Wow! Thanks a lot god! What's the world?" I said excitedly.

Wow another world. I'm going to have the best time ever. There's probably gonna be swords and magic and all that junk. And princesses, dragons, elves, and cheats. Oh WOW! But wait… wasn't I eating a hot dog?

"The world you are going to is the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians!" He shouts with dramatic flair.

Oh shit. "Is it the movie or the book?" I ask.

"Do not worry. It is the book one, because who would want to go to the movie one." He assures. (Plus I don't remember shit from the movies)

I was relieved. "Well thank god"

"You're welcome" God replies.

I'm going to a world a chaotic and evil as Percy Jackson's world, so maybe I can ask god for a power.

"Oh great God of Burgers, can I get a power to take with me to the other world?"

God cheerfully says, "Sure! Nothing too powerful though."

"I want the power to stop time for however long I want."

"No" He says flatly.

"Come on man. I need the extra sleep hours."


"Well then how about super speed?"


"Laser Eyes?"


"Super strength?"


"Look man, are you giving me a power or not?"

"I cannot give you a power that is so powerful that it can rival the things you get for being a demigod, like water control, flight, and shadow travel."

Fine. This isn't really a power, but I've always wanted it. "OK. How about the ability to control my own libido." I say a little embarrassed.

"Sure, but why would you ever need that?" He asks looking at me suspiciously.

"Dude, you don't know how embarrassing it is to get a boner during school, especially during p.e."

"Whatever scrub, you have spent too much time here so I'm sending you over."

Wow I'm finally going. To a world of fiction. To a place where dreams com-hold up did this guy call me a scrub?! Then I was engulfed by blinding light blue light.

Well the blinding light is dying down. But dang everything is so goddamn blurry. I can't see shit. There's a lot of crying going around me. Somebody get me out of here it's too loud. Well my vision is clearing up. I seem to be in some kind of crib. Oh yeah, I was reborn so I'm probably a baby again. Well, being a kid can't be so bad. I'm tired so I'm just going to sleep. On that day the man, the legend, the crazy John Ren was born. This story will be mostly about his insane stupid adventures.