I don't really have a lotta confidence in this but I'm not the one that has to read it so whatever. The baby talk is hard to do because I don't know how to write baby talk. Also descriptions of people is not my strongpoint. I don't understand if real life companies can be mentioned in fanfics, so can I say Microsoft and Spongebob?

Chapter 2

Four months have passed since I was born. Let me tell you some stuff about me and my new family. My mom is a small Asian woman who insists that she is an introvert but could get along with just about everyone. She is a computer engineer working for some company in New York, so life is pretty good. No dad, but eh that's ok. Mom's job allows us to live pretty well. Like apartment with two bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and living room well. I don't know if I am a demigod or if my dad was just some average guy. I can't talk yet so I can't really bring that up with my mom.

While my mom goes to work, she usually hires a sitter named Daisy. Daisy is a nice energetic 14 year old that lives next door. She baby-sits me to earn allowance. Daisy has cream colored skin, chocolate brown hair, freckles on her cheeks, and brown eyes. My mom on the other hand has black hair and brown eyes. Me too by the way. (I'm not the best at imagining descriptions) So anyway, although I'm a toddler I've attempted walking but it takes a lot of energy to crawl so I don't bother anymore. For now, I just listen and smile. Sometimes Daisy or Mom do dumb things to attempt to entertain me like covering their faces and saying "peekaboo!". It's so silly so I just laugh to satisfy them.

Life is good. Although this is the Percy Jackson world, I'm glad that I was reborn as not Percy, because that guy goes through hell, and I'm not brave enough to go through with that kind of stuff. I'm hoping that I'm a demigod because it would be fun to interact with all the characters, but then it will suck because I have to deal with demigod problems. Well even if I'm some random Asian kid, at least I live in luxury. Hell yeah! If I'm not a demigod then I'm going to become a computer engineer like my mom. Wait a minute. In new Rome they got colleges, so I could still become a computer engineer if I'm a demigod. Fuck yeah!

Well I'm getting really off track here so let's go look at what I do in my daily life. I wake up in my red and white stripe patterned crib. My room is simple with a sliding door closet, a wooden wardrobe, and a ceiling fan/light. The walls are light blue and have a framed picture of a beach. There's a treble cleft music note shaped clock on the wall too. Pretty cool right?

So after I get up I check the treble cleft clock. If its before 10 am I go back to bed, if its after, then I cry for help. I'm not strong enough to get out of this cage of a crib, so I have to cry/screech for my mother to come and get me. My mother enters with a frazzled look and picks me up out of the crib. She then brings me into the kitchen so we can eat breakfast. The kitchen is a combination of wooden cupboards and granite toppings. There are four tall yellowish brown chairs with white cushions surrounding the Granite topped Island that also doubles as food container storage. The kitchen also has a double doored freezer/refrigerator and a pantry.

My mom grabs some cereal and milk and eats while holding me. After she finishes, she breastfeeds me. Although most people are uncomfortable with this, I am not. Ok I am. It's weird but I have slowly gotten used to drinking my mother's milk. I just keep telling myself that there is nothing wrong with it because I am a baby. I am a baby! After that daily chore. My mom sets me down in front of the living room to watch T.V.

The living room has a white leather L-shaped couch and a sliding clear door that opens to the porch. There's a puzzle piece patterned carpet under/in front of the couch and facing the couch is a wall mounted tv. Most of the walls in this house are white. Some might say that's boring but I personally like modern architecture.

So, while I watch Debra the conquistadores and learn Spanish. My mom messes around with her laptop, answering emails and stuff until the time approaches for her work. She then gets ready for work. You know with this much luxury my mom must be a pretty big computer engineer. At 2 p.m. My mother leaves her room wearing business attire. She then as usual calls over Daisy to come and take care of me.

Me and Daisy usually watch T.V. together or play with Terrance the Tank Engine toys together. It's kind of like roleplay so I'm good with it. The thing that sucks is that I can't really talk so whenever we play with Terrance and friends I work on my speaking skills. Daisy humors my antics but, when I watch T.V. she does her homework. This life isn't grand when I'm a baby, but I can have fun with it.

Age 3

My mom, her name is Mei Ren by the way. My name is John Ren. Strangely American for an Asian family, but eh at least it's not Andrew. So anyway, my mom has decided that I need to go to Pre-school since I am of age and need friends my age. I guess that means goodbye to Daisy.

Me and my mom arrive at an average looking pre-school, kind of weird for people as rich as us, but I'm not questioning it. I'm a little nervous about it being my first day, but it won't kill me so I'll survive. How complicated can pre-school be anyway? My mother handed me off to the teacher. I don't want to hold up or embarrass my mother so I just wave goodbye to my mother.

"Sweetie don't cause trouble ok. I'll be back to pick you up later today." When have I ever caused trouble? I look at my mother confused and just nodded my head. "Yes mama."

The teacher guides me to the rest of the kids. The classroom has a colorful checkered pattern carpet. Shelves with toys appropriate and safe for our age. And low long tables perfect for our heights. As my teacher brings me to where the rest of the class is, I scan each of their faces. One stands out though. Oh! That's…. that's…. that's one ugly child. Anyway, I continue to scan their faces but besides that ugly kid, nobody looks like a recognizable Percy Jackson character. I mean come on! The book doesn't have any consistent images of the characters, so I don't know what I'm looking for ok.

The teacher, Mrs. Hayes announces "Ok class we are going to play a game now. Its called hello!" What kind of game is called hello? "To play the game you stand up, say hello to the class, say your favorite thing and name, and then sit back down. Is everybody ready?"

The class erupts with high pitches of chaotic yes's.

"Hi my naeme es Tobee, I like giraves."

"Hi my nam is Ashhelii, I like doolls"

"Hi mi name is Persi, I like da beach"

Woah, why is Percy here. I thought I wouldn't see any characters here but here's ya boi talkin about his love for the beach. Percy sits down and it's my turn finally.

"Hi my name is Johnney, I like Tarance trains."

After that activity we were allowed to play around with toys. I grabbed the toy train and started to roll it around as I thought of my future. Should I be friends with Percy? If I am I could change the plot and get the fates on my ass, or even worse I could cause the plot to change so much that the gods will lose in the Titan war. This is a big decision for a 3 year old playing with trains. Fuck it. You only live once, unless you count Hazel. I'm going to be a friend of SpongeBob over there.

Percy is playing with a Flame wheels shark race track set. Launching the cars many times through the tracks. I approach him and ask, "Can I play wit you Persi?"