Well after not writing about this stuff because I was too lazy I'm finally going to be productive. It's not like I had writers block or any of that crap. Just that I was too lazy to type out my ideas. So, anyway here's my bullshit in written form. We are skipping the minotaur scene because I've got no experience in writing combat and everyone knows that Percy's mom dies or whatever.

Well it's the morning after the minotaur battle. Well actually its 3:00 after. Me and Percy woke up in the big house, I assume. I woke up and was like I'm too lazy for all of this action. I didn't really do much during the battle with the Minotaur since I had zero confidence that I could kill a huge bull-man. I just dragged Percy and Grover's asses to the Big House and called for people's help. For those asking how I was in the Minotaur battle. Well Percy's mother invited me to join them in Montauk.

I feel a little useless with how I had little to do in the battle, but hey I'm not trained for combat, I'm trained for test-taking. So anyway, Annabeth just told a waking Percy that he drools and then leaves. I look at Percy and the guy is looking groggy and confused. He probably wishes the whole ordeal was a dream but the horn on the nightstand says otherwise.

Chiron enters and says, "I'm glad that you two are awake and safe. How are you feeling"

I reply in a flat tone, "I feel sore and bored"

Percy asks, "Where are we?"

Chiron answers, "You are in the safest place on earth for people like you. Camp-Halfblood"

I knew the answer to this question already but asked it anyway, "So are we half-vampire, were-wolf or something?"

Chiron explains, "Fortunately you are not. The both of you are half mortal and half immortal. Your parents were god and human."

Percy seems to look down at the mention of his parents. Probably because one was absent and the other recently died in front of him.

I ask because why not, "So um what do people like us do around here and when can we go home?"

Chiron replies, "People like you: Demigods, train to fight monsters in the world like the minotaur you two fought. You can return to your mortal family during the school season and holidays. But do know that the stronger you are as a Demigod the stronger your sent will be and monsters will hunt you down in the mortal world."

Percy then asked, "Mr. Brunner where's my mother? She was grabbed by the Minotaur and then evaporated into yellow light. Did she teleport somewhere? Is she safe?"

I guess Percy still hoped that his mother was alive, sadly his hopes are misplaced.

Chiron looks at Percy with pity and says, "Percy please call me Chiron, Mr. Brunner is just a mortal persona. I'm sorry to tell you this but your mother has passed away. She is most likely in the underworld."

Percy looks depressed and drained from this truth.

Chiron says, "Percy don't be saddened by her passing. Instead focus on training so as to live. She would want you to keep living on and to be happy. So for you mother try to find happiness."

Percy still looked sad but nodded his head mutely.

Chiron then said, "Now the two of you are going to go through the camp Half-blood orientation. Watch this video to learn."

He pointed us to a thick rounded tv. The video started, "Welcome to the Camp Half-blood!" A small animated black and white person waved with a smile. He was in Greek styled armor and had a sword at his hip.

"In this Orientation video we will teach you of some knowledge on the camp."

The image changed to a bunch of simple houses arranged in the shape of an upside-down U.

"The camp cabins are made for the children of each God. There are cabins for Ares, Athena, Zeus, Hera, etc."

The image changed to tables in a pavilion with a large fireplace at the center.

"This is where meals shall be eaten at specific times of the day. Make sure to sacrifice parts of your meals to the gods by dumping it into the hearth."

The image changed to back to the animated Greek character doing various activities.

"In camp Half-blood there are many unique activities to do. Such as canoeing, archery, basketball, Volleyball, Blacksmithing, and more. Remember to have fun and to train hard in order to survive in the mortal world someday."

The image went black and I was amazed at how quick that was for an orientation video. This crap didn't even talk about capture the flag or how the Hunters sometimes came to visit. Whoever made that video must suck a lot.

Chiron said, "Now that you two are ready I'll have Annabeth here guide you two around camp"

Percy still looked a little down from his mother's passing but followed Annabeth out of the Big House. I followed along too because what else am I supposed to do.

Annabeth stared at Me and Percy and said, "You guys have black hair"

I was like, "Uhh plenty of Asians have black hair Annabeth."

She didn't care and just kept guiding us along through the camp. Past the stables, past the lava climb wall, and past all the cabins. She ended the quick tour of the camp at the Hermes Cabin.

The place looked like a regular cabin in the woods. Log walls, weathered, and plenty of bugs. I knew I was not going to enjoy this as I hate bugs. Even worse if the Hermes kids prank me with bugs that would be a nightmare.

Annabeth brought us to the doorway of the cabin where Percy stopped to look at the inside.

A lotta of people were staring at him so I intervened.

"Percy, move I can't see the whole room."

Percy stumbled a little out of the doorway and into the cabin so I could see.

I was like, "Wait how do you all sleep in this one room? Can't you guys get this place expanded or just sleep somewhere else?"

The Hermes cabin looked at me with amusement and some snickers were released. Luke answered my question with a smile "Sorry but that's how it is in the Hermes Cabin. Crowded."

Some people would hate Luke from all of his evil deeds in the book, but I don't really care. It's got nothing to do with me.

He extended a hand to me and Percy. "Luke Castellan, it's a pleasure to have you two in the Hermes Cabin." Me and Percy shook his hand. "Percy Jackson." "John Ren"

Luke then turned to Annabeth. "Are they claimed or unknown"

Annabeth blushed a little from the sudden attention, "Unknown"

Groans exploded from the Hermes Cabin. Percy confused and alarmed from the sudden change in mood, asked, "What does that mean?"

Luke explained, "It means that we don't know who your godly parent is"

Percy said, "When will we know?"

Some empty laughs were released from that question. I pitied Percy for how lost he was here.

Somebody from the cabin said, "Maybe never, I've been here for three years and don't know who my parent is."

Percy was distraught from the news, as now the possibility of being an orphan was growing closer.

Luke moved on, "You two can get settled in that area." He pointed in a small area that opened in the sea of other people. "I'll go get you two sleeping bags and toiletries." He then left to do as he promised. I settled in by just sitting in my spot.

Percy did the same but fiddled with the minotaur horn.

I looked to the guy next to me and asked, "So when's dinner?"

He replied a little forced from not expecting me to suddenly call out to him, "At 5 pm"

"Do you have the time?"


"Do you?"









And now a long break from writing because I'll be too lazy to write out the rest of this crap.