Chapter 3!

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And that I love Tin Can Brothers and Starkid and mean no hate.

I also included some actor from only Tin Can productions.(Spies are forever and Solve it squad)

Chapter 3:When we took him.

Brian Rosenthal POV

Corey and I were so Fed Up, with Joey switching between Tin Can Brothers and Starkid. Why won't he just chose?!

"You know what Corey?"

"What?"He replied.

"If Joey isn't going to make up his mind," I said, "we'll do it for him."

"How?" Corey asked " he's going to chose Starkid! He loves those assholes'.(A.N I love Corey and he probably doesn't actually think this!)

"Let's just..."

"Just what Brian?"

"Let's just take him! "I suggested "let's just give him no choice!"

Corey sighed. "Sure Brian what else can we do?"

A couple weeks later...

Curt,Corey and I are waiting outside the studio we know that Starkid are rehearsing. Soon Tin Can will be way better than the Dikrats.

"Okay we Tessa and Mary Kate in car ready for when we bring Joey down there." Corey claimed.

"I still don't know why I have to be the one to bring Joey to the car!" Curt complained.

"Shut up!" I shouted. This night had to go perfectly.

We waited about an hour until we decided to start. I got a matchbox out of my pocket,lit it and threw it in the studio.

I nodded at Curt and he ran up behind Joey and put the blindfold on him.

Joey fought hard but Curt was a lot stronger than he was despite being a lot smaller.

We brought him to the car and I said: "we'll knock him out and throw him in!"

Tessa injected him and he passed out instantly.

We threw him in the car. He would have to join us now.

And there! The end of chapter 3! I feel really bad for putting a bunch of people I love as the villains but...oh well. I know it's been a long time I really just couldn't think of anything! In quarantine I will have a lot more stuff coming out!


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