It was another sunny day in France and in a brightly lit room was Amy. She was busy finishing up on her painting in class but then suddenly she heard her art teacher ring the class bell which signified the end of another day in class.

"Alright class, time to put an end to your work today. We'll work on it some more tomorrow then we'll polish up on all your paintings."

Loud murmuring and shuffling from the people inside filled the room but Amy opted to refine a bit more of her work.

Antoinette and Geneviev move towards Amy's workspace and give her painting a look. Amy then turns and acknowledges her friends smiling. Antoinette softly pats Amy on her back.

"Oooh the progress you have made is magnifique Ames"

"Please I wish I had an eye for color like you Nette"

"Actually Ames, I also agree with Nette. For someone whose had no formal learning in art school like us, you have been doing quite well."

"Well maybe you'd be able to give me some tips on how to liven up my work, Gen."

"There's always tomorrow Ames"

"Want to hang out with us tonight?"

"I wish I could girls but I have decided to spend the rest of the day with my Aunt March. She wants to go to a few places and preferrably with company."

"Well it's no problem Ames but we hope we'll get to see you tomorrow night at the ball"

"Of course, I'll be there. It's our New Years Eve party and Aunt March has already agreed that I should go even though she seemed a bit too ecstatic for me to go."

Gen giggles and teases Amy.

"I bet your Aunt is much more interested in finding you more suitors there. It would be the perfect place to meet more people."

"Oh please Gen, like Ames needs any more suitors. She barely shows any interest in any man."

"Not unless its Fred, Nette. But Ames isn't Fred a bit too serious and proper for you."

"Well I have to interact with him because I do not want to be rude. I've known him from a few years before. A close childhood friend of my family introduced Fred and Grace to us."

"But both of them are no fun. This childhood friend must be really special if you're doing this out of courtesy for her."

"It's a him, Nette."

"Oooh and the plot thickens. I've never seen you really interested in anyone Ames."

"Girls, don't dwell on it too much. He was just really close to my family and I may have had a tinsy tiny bit of crush on him then but it's all in the past now."

"Ames it sounds like one of those romance movie plots."

"Like I said it's all in the past."

"Fine, we'll see you in class tomorrow then the ball. Okay?"

"Alright, you guys have a fun night later."

"We will, you'll wish you went with us."

"I'll come with next time when duty doesn't call."

Antoinette and Geneviev blow kisses at Amy then proceed to head out of the room. Amy stays behind and fixes a few more aspects of her painting. Their art teacher watches Amy make a few more strokes of her paintbrush on her painting before she finally decides to approach her.

"Ms. March, although I am loving the enthusiasm you have for our class, I believe it is time to put an end to that for the day."

"My apologies, Madame Bovary, I just didn't feel like I've accomplished anything given the current state of my painting."

Amy then gives her painting a look once over and it elicits a frown on her face.

Madame Bovary gives Amy a quizzical look and then stares at her painting.

"I for one think you have been doing fairly well Ms. March, considering the fact that you have only started attending class with us a few months ago."

"Its just that I feel like I have to excel Madame, my classmates have been great at painting for years. I have only recently tried honing my talent in painting because it has always been a hobby of mine."

"Well, we can't always be geniuses immediately Ms. March, there needs to be creativity, skill, and effort put into it to achieve greatness."

"I understand Madame but I feel like all my paintings are dull and lifeless in the naked eye."

"You are right Ms. March. Paintings should be able to evoke life, memories, and experiences through colors and figures. I believe you are getting there, you just have to be inspired whenever you paint. Think of something you're passionate about."

"I'll keep that in mind Madame Bovary, thank you for giving a bit of your time for me. You must have to be somewhere."

"Goodness child, it is no problem. A woman like myself at the age of 58 only hopes to watch some television in the afternoon and maybe see an opera in the evening. Plus you are one of my favorite students, you are very hard working Ms. March."

"Thank you Madame Bovary, I hope you have nice company for the remainder of the afternoon and I will try not to dissapoint you."

Madame Bovary then gives Amy a big smile.

"I certainly will Ms. March, my grandson is the same age as you and it is almost god send that he loves to spend time with his grandmother. He is a nice gentlemen and maybe a perfectly suitable suitor for you."

"Oh Madame, I am not sure about that. I am simply indulging in Europe and making the most out of my time here by learning as much as I can."

"You are simply angelic my child and I am sure that the men of Europe have noticed that as well. Word has it that the young Mr. Fred Vaughn has set his sights on you. My dear Henry would be just as suited to you as Mr. Fred. Do tell me child, if by any chance you would be interested in being set up with my lovely grandson."

"You flatter me way too much Madame Bovary, I will certainly inform you if ever I will be interested but as of now I am much more focused on my painting."

"Fate and destiny work hand and hand, we will see my child."

Madame Bovary and Amy both turn at the sound of an incoming carriage.

"I believe that my Aunt has just arrived."

"I believe so as well. Have a safe trip Ms. March and I do bid your Aunt pleasantries."

"Thank you Madame. I hope you have a safe trip home."

Amy proceeds to walk out the door and finds Aunt March patiently waiting inside the carriage. Amy smiles politely at Aunt March then walks towards the carriage and gracefully takes her place next to her.

"Good Afternoon Aunt March, I hope your day has been good."

"It has Amy March, I had a few maids give me some pampering that I deserve. What about you? How was your day learning more about your little hobby?"

"Well I have been working my best and hopefully these labours of mine will be fruitful."

"Oh right speaking of labours, you received a letter earlier."

Aunt March hands over a letter addressed to Amy and she gives her some time to open it. Amy starts reading the letter excitedly but then her face ends in a frown and she turns to Aunt March with a straight face. Aunt March looks inquisitive at Amy's face change.

"What did they write? Your trouble making family?"

Amy looks down at the letter with a distressed expression. While Aunt March looks at the scenery outside the carriage.

"Mother doesn't say anything about Beth. I feel like I should go back but all of them say stay."

Aunt March seriously looks at Amy as she places the letter back inside the envelope.

"You can do nothing if you go back. The girl is sick not lonely and you shouldn't go home not until you and Fred Vaughn are properly engaged."

"Yes and not until I've completed all my painting lessons, of course."

Amy gives Aunt March a serious look and then Aunt March nods at Amy.

"Ye..., oh yes yes"

Aunt March looks away and into the scenery again.

"Of course"

Amy then faces away from Aunt March and decides to look at the scenery outside of the carriage as well.

That is when she suddenly spots a familiar figure walking along the streets of Paris. Amy thinks to herself "no it couldn't be, there is no way" but then she takes a closer look and it is indeed Theodore "Laurie" Laurence in the flesh. It is as if all her giddy lovestruck childhood memories come crashing back in a waves. It has been a great deal of time since she's screamed in the most unladylike fashion but she does.

"Stop the carriage! LAURIE!."

Laurie halts to a stop as he hears someone scream his name. While Amy jumps out of the carriage and sprints towards Laurie.

"Laurie! Laurie!"

Aunt March rolls her eyes.

"Amy! Amy!"

Amy ignores Aunt March's calls and proceeds towards Laurie. Laurie turns around and recognition appears on his features. He then reaches his arms out and waits for Amy.


Laurie manages to catch Amy as she wraps her arms around his neck for a hug. They hug for a bit in the streets of Nice, France.

"How are you? My! You've grown so much! My apologies."

Amy moves away from Laurie and they look at each other smiling while stiffling a laugh together.

"You wrote you'd meet me at the hotel."

Laurie holds onto Amy's hands while looking at her smiling.

"I couldn't find you. I was there."

"Well you didn't look hard enough."

"Or maybe I couldn't recognize you because you're so beautiful now."

"Oh, stop it."

"I thought you liked that sort of thing."

"Noo, where's your grandfather?"

"He's in Germany, he's still travelling. I'm travelling on my own now."

"Flirting and gambling and drinking."

"Yes, well don't tell your mother."

"Are you chasing some girl across Europe?"

Amy and Laurie look each other awkwardly. Laurie shakes his head.


Amy looks at Laurie with a sad expression.

"I, I couldn't believe Jo turned you them. I'm sorry."

"Don't. Don't be Amy. I'm, I'm not."

Laurie looks like he's contemplating about something in his head but then they suddenly hear someone calling for Amy. They turn to the sound and look at Aunt March.

"Amy! Amy March!"

"Oh, Aunt March"

"You come back here right this instant!"

Laurie is mesmerized by Amy but then Amy starts to walk away from Laurie and gracefully walks back towards Aunt March. Laurie follows Amy towards the carriage.

"Come, come on."

Amy settles into the carriage next to Aunt March while Laurie reaches onto the side of the carriage and suddenly gives Aunt March a kiss on her cheek surprising her.



"You're looking grand."

"Close it, we need to be somewhere."

Amy stares at Laurie hanging on the other side of the carriage.

"Comes to the New Year's Eve Party tomorrow night. It's a ball everyone will be there including Fred. Pick me up at 8."

Laurie gets off the carriage while looking at it and Amy turns back to loudly speak to him some more as the carriage leaves.

"Dress for festivities! Top hats and silks!"

"I will! I'll wear my best silk!"

Laurie walks away as Amy turns away from him and stares ahead smiling. Aunt March gives Amy a questionable look and looks away a bit baffled then Amy explains herself.

"Its Laurie."

Aunt March looks back at Amy and rolls her eyes.

"I know."

Amy smiles and looks back at the direction Laurie was heading while Aunt March just gives Amy a knowing albeit worried glance.

Arriving into their intended location. Aunt March takes Amy out into the boutiques and shoppes of Paris, in hopes of finding the perfect dress for Amy to wear at the ball tomorrow. Going into the last store they hoped to visit for the day named Chateaux, they find the perfect dress. A beautiful black and gold dress that shines in the light and is intricately designed with artistic patterns. They also found the perfect pendant to wear along with the dress.

"Thank you, Aunt March. This is a beautiful set."

"Of course, you have to wear only the best. You need to look your best so that you'd find a suitable husband."

"Oh, there she goes with the husband thing."

"Amy March, you are the only hope of your family."

"I know, Aunt March. You make it a point to remind me of that."

"I only do so because I want to see to it that your family does not end up in the shambles of poverty."

"Yes Aunt March, I do understand where you're coming from."

"You see, this is why I chose to take you to Europe with me. You have always had your head screwed on right."

Coming into full view is the hotel that Aunt March and Amy are residing in. Amy and Aunt March arrive at the hotel and resign into their own chambers for the night. Amy kisses Aunt March on the cheek.

"Thank you for today Aunt March. I hope you have a pleasant night."

"You too Amy. You better get some beauty sleep, you're gonna need it for tomorrow night."

Amy lays in her bed awake and thinks of the days previous events. It was such an exhausting day but I'm absolutely excited to have crossed paths with Laurie. I have to look my best tomorrow, he'll be picking me up at 8. With these thoughts in mind, Amy succumbs to a peaceful slumber while smiling.