Aunt March has been feeling sick for over a month now. She never thought that her years would soon catch up to her but it did. Thankfully over the course of the past month, Amy March had been there to take care of her. Although she admits that she has been tough on the young girl, Aunt March had always known that young Amy March had a compassionate heart. She also knew that out of all the March girls, she would be the one willing to make a sacrifice for the sake of their family which is why she chose to take her to Europe with her. Amy March has been the epitome of a proper young lady and she couldn't help but feel proud of her. Although now that she was sick, Aunt March couldn't help but worry over Amy March. Before I pass on, would she have a husband fit enough to support her family by then or would she remain unmarried? These thoughts worried Aunt March to no end and sometimes it kept her awake.

Her thoughts then drift to that of Theodore Laurence. Aunt March knew full well that there was something between Amy and Laurie, given the amount of time they spent before gallivanting around France together and then there were the letters that they exchanged on a regular basis. She thought he was brash and impulsive but given Mr. Laurence's recent correspondence to her letters, it had made her see him in a new light, and maybe just maybe somewhere down the road there was hope for Amy and Laurie. Although she initially despised the idea, Aunt March succumbs to the fact that maybe Amy and Laurie were the ones who would get married in the future. Amy had shown no interest in other suitors she presented to her. She knew full well that a Laurence would be able to provide for her niece and she also knew that Amy has been in love with the boy since she can remember. So maybe just maybe it happens in the future she might just allow it. Then her thoughts drift off to poor sickly Beth who passed on a week ago, may God bless her soul. That girl she thought had suffered enough while she was in the world of the living, I only hope she sings up in the clouds with the angels now.

Aunt March walks off to the carriage they were preparing to leave because with news of Beth's death, Amy had wanted to come home. She is not the least bit surprised to find a Theodore Laurence greeting her by the carriage followed closely by an Amy March. She knew this Laurence boy was bound to follow her niece anywhere she went.

Laurie bows before her playfully as he tries to escort her into the carriage.

"A good day to you, Aunt March. May I assist you into the carriage?"

Aunt March scoffs at Laurie while Amy gives her an apologetic gaze.

"Fine. I guess you'll be riding with us then since the other carriage is filled with our things."

"Yes, he will be Aunt March and I hope you forgive his playfulness. I think he might have had too much sugar on the way here."

Laurie pinches Amy on her waist and she yelps, this interaction doesn't go unnoticed by Aunt March. She thinks that something seems peculiar between the two but she can't quite place it yet. With a fit of coughs, Aunt March dismisses it as she gets inside the carriage followed in by Amy and Laurie. She sits on one side while both young adults sit on the side across her. She finds Laurie assisting Amy to her seat and thinks that London has taught him well about being a gentleman. They make small talk and Aunt March eventually dozes off but before she does, she doesn't miss the way Laurie gently rests Amy's sleeping head on his shoulder or the diamond ring she saw on Amy's ring finger. She thinks that she'll just ask the two about it on the ship.


When they reached the ship, they decided to get settled in. They were of course going to be here for a week because that was how long it took to get to Concord. Amy and Laurie escort Aunt March to her room so that she may get her rest. Before they fully left Aunt March's room, Aunt March asks them if she could talk to the both of them. Although both of them were a bit confused, Amy and Laurie decided to just go with it.

"I have been meaning to ask, What is it about that diamond on your ring finger?"

Amy looks nervous while Laurie grins at Aunt March and makes a happy declaration.

"Well, I asked for Ms. Amy March's hand in marriage and she made my dreams come true by saying yes."

Aunt March is amused by Laurie's declaration. "This boy might just be in deeper love with my niece than she is with him or maybe just as equally in love" she thought. She then looks to Amy, wanting to confirm everything that Laurie just said through her own words. Amy gulps at her before speaking, she fears that Aunt March might give her a disappointed look.

"What he said was true, Aunt March. He got down on knee and professed his love for me and this is how we are now."

Amy braced herself for Aunt March's words of disagreement regarding the proposal but it never came. Instead, it surprised her to see Aunt March looking quite content with the whole ordeal.

"Then I believe my congratulations are in order. I am quite satisfied that you have managed to find someone to marry before I follow dear Beth."

"Oh Aunt March, you must not speak like that. I believe I will be able to nurse you back to health, this is just a temporary illness I assume."

Laurie silently watches Amy and Aunt March have this conversation from the sidelines.

"Hush, child. Old age has been becoming of me. At least now, I am comforted by the fact that you are going to marry a Laurence. He might not be as wealthy as Fred Vaughn but he is a man with wealth indeed and that my dear is still highly acceptable to me."

Amy and Laurie roll their eyes at Aunt March. "Here she goes again, bluntly thinking of marrying Amy off into wealth" they thought. Laurie clears his throat finally speaking.

"Well, I am glad my wealth agrees with you, Aunt March."

Amy scoffs at what Laurie says while he raises his eyes at her as if to say "What?". Aunt March watches the two of them and thinks that at least now she knows that Amy would have the life that she's been accustomed to in high society with Theodore Laurence by her side. Her thoughts drift off to one last March niece that she worries about for the future, Jo. "Mhmm, I don't think that child would ever marry and given her line of work, I worry she may live off the streets. Maybe she could be the one I give Plumfield to, at least she would have a home to call her own" she thought. She then stares at Amy and Laurie playfully bickering in front of her and she thinks "Yeah, Jo would need it more. Amy won't have any trouble finding a home given that she would be a Laurence." With that being the last of her thoughts, she dismisses the two of them because she wanted to rest.

"I hope the two of you be in your best behavior. You aren't formally wed yet so no funny business, not until you are husband and wife. Now off you go."

Amy blushes beet red while Laurie just grins at Aunt March with mischief.

"Yee.. Yes, Aunt March. Of course. I will be a proper lady like always."

Laurie snorts at that, earning him a jab in the elbow from Amy.

"And I will be a fine gentleman, Aunt March."

Aunt March scoffs at Laurie's answer knowing how mischievous this Laurence boy was but she relents and lets them be.

"Now off you two go, I am quite tired from this trip and I am still feeling quite ill."

"Do call onto me Aunt March if you need anything?"

"Don't worry too much, Amy March. I'd be able to rest better if I was left alone."

"Alright then, rest well Aunt March."

"Yes rest well, Aunt March. I'll look after Amy."

Amy and Laurie leave Aunt March's room and head into the deck where a lot of people were partaking in different activities. They look around the area and Amy finds herself drawn to a group of old people painting the sea. She heads on over and marvels at their work, she knew that she vowed to let go of her artistic hopes but her hand itches to paint along with them. Amy bumps into someone mixing some paints and she instantly recognizes him. It's Henry, Madame Bovary's grandson. Upon seeing her face he smiles at her brightly. He immediately reaches for her and places a swift kiss on the top of her hand.

"Amy! What a pleasant surprise indeed, it must be fate that led us to one another."

Amy politely smiles at him and she spots Laurie in the distance giving her a dissaproving look from where he was talking to some old men playing their instruments.

"Oh, a pleasant suprise indeed, Henry. What on earth are you doing on this ship?"

"Oh I have business to take care of in Massachusetts."

Henry notices her wearing a black ensemble and puts two in two together. He gives her a sympathetic look.

"My condolences to whoever it is that passed on."

Amy is taken aback reminded of her grief and she gives Henry a sullen look.

"Thank you for your sentiments, Henry."

"May I ask who it is that passed on?"

"Oh, it's alright. My dear sister Be.. Beth is the one that passed on."

Amy chokes this out and a few tears come again, Henry looks panicked and he comforts her by hugging her.

From across the deck Laurie thinks that he's had enough. If it were the old him, he would have stepped in the moment that Henry came into the picture but he likes to think that he's matured and now he leads with his head instead of his heart. Okay, maybe he still leads with his heart most of the time but he likes to think that he's much more sensible now. He knew Henry from his time with Amy in France, he was definitely one of her suitors and this boy seemed quite taken with his Amy March. When he saw Henry wrap his arms around Amy in a hug while she was tearing up, he's had enough and he excuses himself from the musicians he was talking to then heads on over to where Amy and Henry were. He thought it was reasonable to be protective of her, she's my fiance and we are engaged. I bet this boy hasn't even seen the ring on her finger just yet. He clears his throat at them.

"My lady, are you feeling unwell?"

When Amy hears Laurie's voice she jumps away from Henry's arms and gives Henry a thankful look for the hug while she gives Laurie a look informing him that she was fine. Laurie looked unconvinced and a bit jealous if she may add.

"I'm fine, Laurie. I ran into Henry here and I was just reminded of my loss of dear Beth."

Laurie gives Henry a pointed look but Henry stands his ground.

"Yes, Mr. Laurence. I happened to bump into Amy earlier while I was mixing my paints. It was quite a pleasant surprise and may I ask what are you doing here as well?"

Laurie looks smugly at Henry before speaking.

"Well, I am here accompanying my fiance and Aunt March to Massachusetts."

Henry still doesn't quite get it yet that the fiance that Laurie was referring to was Amy so he asks some more.

"Oh, congratulations on a fiance Mr. Laurence! May I meet the lady in question?"

Laurie grins in reply. He thought "This was just golden because this guy was slow. He'd be surprised." Amy gives him a wary look.

"She's right in front of you, my fiance is Amy March."

Laurie's grin gets wider as a forlorn look crosses Henry's face. Amy smiles a little at Laurie's obvious smug behavior but she can't help but think "ugh, men and their pride."

"Oh, Amy. I didn't know you were engaged."

Amy lifts her left hand and shows off the diamond on her ring finger while Henry stares at it as if it were an exotic animal. Laurie snorts at this.

"Yes, Laurie proposed just recently."

A glint of hope appears in Henry's eyes and Laurie already knows he's not gonna like Henry's presence or company. They were gonna be on this ship for a week.

"Engaged but not yet married, I hope?"

Amy raises an eyebrow at this but lets the peculiar question pass.

"Not quite yet."

Laurie butts in though.

"Actually, soon. We are to be married soon."


Henry looks at Amy and Laurie thoughtfully before a smile appears on his face again. "I still have time then maybe I can woo her with our mutual love for art" Henry thinks.

Laurie doesn't like the smile on Henry's face because he has a bad feeling about it but he reprimands himself and the words "I am mature and sensible now" echoes in his head.

Amy notices the tension between them and attemps to cut through it.

"Well, I feel quite tired. I think I'll retire to my room."

"I'll assist you to your room, my lady."

Amy nods at him and Laurie places a gentle hand on the small of her back, leading her away. But before they got too far away, Henry grabs one of Amy's wrist and calls out to her.

"Wait, Amy."

Amy curiously looks at Henry while Laurie starts looking annoyed.

"Yes, Henry?"

"We would be on the same ship for a whole week before we get to Massachusetts. I was wondering if you'd like to paint with me every day. You have a talent for art and I've known that since you took art classes with my grandma, Madame Bovary, in France."

Laurie scoffs at the idea, he knows full well that this was Henry's last attempt at wooing Amy. He wanted to put an end to it but Amy has always reprimanded him for not being polite so he holds his tongue.

Amy on the other hand thinks that it would be a great idea. It would surely distract myself from thinking about my grief. Painting would feel therapeutic.


"Alright then, I'll see you tomorrow."

Laurie holds on a little tighter on the small of her back feeling a bit tense and then he leads her away heading to her room. They reach her room and Amy invites Laurie inside. Amy knows that Laurie had something to say which is why he had been quiet on the way back, so she sits next to him in the bed and breaks the silence.

"You know people are going to think this is improper, we aren't married yet and here we are alone in the same room."

"I could care less about what other people think, Amy."

Amy sighs at Laurie.

"Come on, tell me what's wrong? You sound irritated."

"Well, I think I can be. My fiance was just invited to an every day get together by a man that is in love with her and she agreed."

"Laurie, he isn't in love with me. I bet he was just infatuated and he courted me but now it's done. He can't do anything anymore, I'm an engaged woman."

Laurie stares deeply into her eyes.

"You don't see the way he looks at you, it's almost the same way I look at you."

Amy laughs at this thinking it was preposterous.

"And, do tell me how does he look at me?"

Laurie frowns at Amy's amusement clearly not liking it that she isn't taking things seriously.

"Like a man in love and frankly I don't like it. I abhor the thought of another man in love with my fiance. You're mine, Amy."

Amy feels the butterflies in her stomach because here was Laurie, getting all jealous because of Henry. She finds this funny because she has always been in love with him and she can't fathom to think of another man with him here. So she decides to hold onto his cheek and reassure him.

"Laurie, you have been the only man I've ever loved in this way. I hope you know that you can trust me and that my feelings would never waver. Things have just been hard with Beth's death, trust me that I appreciate you being here. You have made things feel so much lighter but there are times when I just can't bear the feeling of grief and loss. I agreed to Henry's arrangement because I quite like painting and I think it could help me take my mind of the loss, you know. Please understand that I did not agree to it just to spite you."

Laurie understands why Amy chose to agree to the painting arrangement and he feels bad that in a fit of his jealousy, he forgot all about them still grieving. He gives her an apologetic look and holds onto both of her hands attempting to say sorry for making her think that he was doubting her love for him.

"I'm sorry, my lady. I didn't mean it like that. I don't doubt your intentions. Forgive me, I was just feeling jealous and I let the green eyed monster lead me. I understand how you feel, I haven't myself been able to come to terms with Beth being in heaven yet but I just wanted you to know that I am here for you if you need a shoulder to cry on. I'm alright with you painting with him as long as you still make time for me."

"Of course, Laurie. Always."


Laurie kisses Amy on the lips and she responds to him eagerly. They end up laying on the bed with swollen lips and disheveled appearances. Amy giggles at Laurie's mused hair while Laurie pokes her in the cheek for giggling at him.

"You could fix it for me you know, instead of just giggling."

"What if I liked this look on you better?"

Laurie grins at her before replying.

"Well I like any look on you, my lady."

"I think you should go back to your room for the night, we don't want to be tomorrow's gossip on the ship."

Laurie pouts at Amy.

"Do I really have to?"

"Yes, we aren't married yet people are going to think we are doing improper things."

"Well with the way you were kissing me earlier, I don't blame them for thinking that."

Amy swats Laurie on the chest before he grabs onto her giving her one more chaste kiss on the lips.

"Goodnight, my lord."

Laurie heads out of her room and before leaving says.

"Goodnight, my lady. See you in the morning."


Laurie is pissed. It has been exactly 5 days on this ship and he feels like he's going to lose his head. "Curse Henry" he thought. Ever since the first day that they ran into him on the ship's deck his presence has been that of a pest for Laurie. Henry has been stealing his precious time with Amy away. He often popped out of nowhere and insists that they eat with him. With Amy being the proper young lady she was raised to be she was unable to resist. He rarely had alone time with Amy and it was driving him crazy.

He takes the strawberry cake in front of him angrily, feeling like a volcano that was about to explode. His thoughts are interrupted by a melodious laugh coming from one of the tables, his eyes soften at Amy but they steel when he sees Henry with her. They were having supper in the dining area and as they were enjoying one another's company, dear old Henry just had to waltz in and interrupt them. He declared that he would love to have supper with them, sitting in one of the chairs next to Amy completely disregarding his glare.

Laurie walks over to them with his and Amy's dessert on hand. He carefully sits into the chair next to Amy and hands over her strawberry cake. Amy's eyes light up like a Christmas tree and he can't help but think that she was beautiful. She takes a piece of the cake and smiles in delight.

"Mhmmm. Delicious. Thank you, Laurie."

"No problem, my lady."

Henry intending to feel included, attempts to feed Amy some of his chocolate cake.

"Here, Amy say ah. Have some of this chocolate cake. It's delicious."

Laurie has had enough so he abruptly stands up and pulls Amy along with him.

"Goodnight, Henry. My fiance and I must take our leave."

Amy although surprised and a bit annoyed doesn't fight Laurie on it. She can practically see the smoke coming out of his head so she lets him drag her way to her room. When they get inside Amy stomps her foot and glares at Laurie.

"What was that?"

Laurie looks unbothered with a hard expression plastered on his face.

"I've had enough of it."

"Enough of what?"

"Of Henry. Stealing you away from me."

"Oh Laurie, not this again."

"It is this again. He can't seem to get it into his thick skull that you are off limits."

"Don't be absurd, Laurie. He knows we are engaged, he wouldn't even try."

"That's what you think, Amy but he has been trying."

Amy just looks tired and she just doesn't want to fight with Laurie anymore.

"What do you suppose we do then?"

Laurie has actually been planning this in the past 5 days already and he thinks he's ready to spill the beans.

"Let's get married."

Amy snaps her head to look into Laurie's eyes.


Laurie stares intensely at Amy she's frowning. He has been planning it for a while, he talked to the boat staff about decorations, he talked to a chef about food, he talked to Aunt March about it and he also found a chaplain to preside the ceremony.

"Let's get married tomorrow."

"How? That is impossible. How do we even plan it?"

"You don't have to worry about that. I've been planning this for the past few days. Everything's been settled even Aunt March, now all I'll need for tomorrow is my bride."

Laurie holds his breath and looks at Amy with hopeful eyes. Amy just can't resist him when he's looking at her like that. Her frown is replaced by a smile and Laurie feels like he can breathe again.

"Okay then."

Laurie kisses her briefly and lays his forehead onto hers.


Amy nods at Laurie.

"Really. Now you have to go, I'm gonna need my beauty sleep. And people say that it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding."

Laurie scoffs at the idea.

"I don't believe in such superstitions."

Laurie kisses her on the forehead and leaves the room.

"Sleep tight, sleeping beauty."

Amy laughs at him and calls out to him before he's out door.

"You too, prince charming."

Once she's left alone to her thoughts in the room. Amy thinks this is it. Not in a million years did she imagine her wedding to be this way but she loved Laurie and if this was going to put him at ease then so be it. There is nobody else she rather do this with. Amy falls asleep with a smile on her face that night.


Amy stares at herself in the vanity mirror of her room. Her face had light makeup on as she usually did and her hair was in an intricate braid that she did on her own. She stares at herself again and thinks that this is the first time in a while since she's seen herself wear anything that wasn't black. Her thoughts drift off to Beth and she reminds herself that they only have to go through one more day before they arrive home. She missed home and her heart breaks at the thought of a part of home not being there anymore when she gets back. Amy is jolted out of her thoughts by a knock and a throaty cough from Aunt March.

"Amy, you look beautiful as always."

Amy smiles at Aunt March and frowns at her coughing fit.

"Are you sure you don't want to sit this one out, Aunt March? You can rest in your room if you want?"

"Dear Amy, I am no porcelain doll. I believe I can manage attending my own niece's wedding. I am to bear witness for Mr. Laurence as well, he will be meeting us in the dock when we arrive in a few days and I am sure that he would want to have another wedding in Concord."

"Alright, Aunt March but if you aren't feeling well please do tell me."

"Of course, my child. Now let's go, we don't want to keep Theodore waiting. He's been a nervous wreck thinking that you would run off with Henry."

Amy laughs at that thinking it was outrageous.

"That's outrageous. I would never."

"Well he doesn't seem to think so."

They reach a part of the deck decorated in white with beautiful flowers everywhere. A small group of people that they got to know in the ship were the attendees of their wedding. Amy admires everything and at the end of the aisle was a restless looking Laurie. Even with all of his pacing, Amy can't help but think that he looked as handsome as he did the first time she saw him. When his eyes zero in on her, he stops moving and stares at her.

Laurie feels like his heart would beat out of his chest, his nerves were getting the best of him. He paces around the aisle and the chaplain refrains from reprimanding him like he did a few moments earlier. He sees a blur of golden hair and white enter the area and he immediately stops his pacing. Amy took his breath away, if he ever ended up in heaven, he thinks that the angels would look exactly like his bride. Everything stops around him and he can't help but focus on her.

The wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch. The two of them basking in each other's presence. Everyone in attendance can clearly see the love that the young couple had for one another. The ceremony ends with their I do's and they seal it with a kiss. People in attendance congratulate the young couple. They even get separated to bid everyone in attendance some pleasantries and thanks. Amy finds herself grabbing one glass of champagne before standing alone looking out at the crashing of the waves. Warm arms wrap around her waist and a gentle kiss is pressed onto her head, she instantly knows who this is by his scent.

"Shouldn't you be celebrating, instead of looking lonely out here?"

Amy takes a sip of her champagne before talking.

"I just can't help but think that I wish Beth was here to see this. I wish all of my family was here to bear witness as well."

Laurie sighs and wraps his arms tighter around her waist.

"We'll get there. I'm sure Beth would have loved this."

A tear slips out of Amy's eye and Laurie moves to wipe it away.

"She would have."

Laurie holds onto both her hands and stares into her eyes.

"Don't worry your pretty little head too much. If my grandfather would have anything to do with it, I'm almost a 100% sure that we'll have to be wed again in Concord. He would want to bear witness as well."

"Would that be alright with you?"

"Of course it would. I don't mind getting wed a dozen of times, as long as you'd be my bride."

Amy smiles at him and Laurie mirrors it right back.

"What do you say, we retire to our room for the rest of the night, my wife?"

Amy gulps at this but nods anyways.

"Alright, my husband."

Laurie and Amy bid everyone goodnight and they hold hands while walking off to their room. Laurie got a hold of a new room for their wedding night. They enter the room and they find their things moved inside. The bed had a heart that was shaped out of the petals of red roses then there was champagne and chocolates in the middle. The both of them laugh and giggle at the design. Laurie moves towards Amy and hugs her.

"I'm so glad that we are now man and wife."

"I am too."

Amy then starts looking nervous. She knew exactly what happens on wedding nights but she was scared because she knew nothing of these sorts of things. Sure, she's heard of some of the scandalous things that Gen and Nette have done in France but on her own she had no experience. She was sure that Laurie was experienced because they came across that topic a few times when they were exchanging stories about Europe. Amy was feeling concerned, a hundred of insecurities were circulating around her head. What if she disappoints him? What if he realizes she's no good? What if she couldn't compare to any of the girls he's been with? What if he thinks her body is ugly? Oh god, she knew she shouldn't have eaten that much cake in the past few days. Her thoughts were interrupted by Laurie poking her cheek.

"Amy, I can practically hear the gears on your head turning. What are you thinking about?"

"I..I.. I've never done this before."

"Done what? Ooh..Oooh.."

A look of realization crosses Laurie's face and he thinks its cute that Amy was so worried about that. He's never wanted anyone as much as he wanted Amy and he'll gladly guide her through everything.

"Amy, you don't need to do anything you don't want to."

"But I do want to."

Amy and Laurie blush at this. Amy continues on.

"I just don't know how."

Laurie's face grins incredibly wide and Amy knows that he's about to tease her so she pushes at his chest.

"Let me guide you, then. I don't bite."

Amy puffs her cheeks out and nods at him. Laurie takes the lead by kissing her. Amy responds eagerly and she wraps her arms around his neck. Laurie moves his hand from her waist to her hair, he takes out the pins of her hair and he lets her golden curls tumble down naturally. Amy starts fiddling with his hair and that earns her a moan from Laurie. He starts kissing and sucking at her neck, Amy unconcsiously releases a moan of her own. When she hears herself she tries to cover her mouth but Laurie shakes his head at her and says.

"It's perfectly normal, you don't have to hide it."

Amy's face is beet red and then she nods at him.


Laurie continues with his ministrations on her neck while Amy fists at his hair. Eventually Amy surprises Laurie by feeling his chest and abs up. She tugs at Laurie's shirt and asks for it to come off. When his shirt comes off, Amy decides that she's ready.

"Help me take my dress off."

Laurie gulps and nods at her. He takes his time taking off every single button on her dress and then he moves to the buttons on her corset. Laurie stops when the last bits of clothing on her are her underwear.

Amy feels self conscious but she decides to brave it and with all of her remaining confidence, she strips off her underwear.

Laurie's mouth hangs open, she truly looked like venus incarnate. With her golden hair down against her pale skin, he decides he's never seen anyone that was as beautiful as her. "I feel like the luckiest man on earth" he thought.

A string of silence occupies the room and Amy decides to break Laurie's trance.

"Hey, it isn't fair that I'm the only one naked here."

That breaks the tension in the room and they both let out a hearty laugh.

"Geez, I'm on it, my lady."

Amy rolls her eyes at him while Laurie takes of all his clothes. When she looks at him all of her nerves come back.

Laurie sees her shoulders tense and he decides to soothe her first before going into uncharted territory. He kisses her forehead before saying.

"I got you, don't worry."

Amy gives him a reassuring smile and she's back to kissing him. She completely trusted Laurie.

The rest was history and it's safe to say that the night was filled with passion and love.


Amy wakes up to the sound of the crashing waves. She looks to her left and finds a sleeping Laurie protectively cradling her while they're both butt naked. Amy moves to sit up, wincing at the pain between her legs. They weren't able to leave their room after the night of their wedding because Laurie insisted that they spend the day in bed and that they did. Although now she isn't sure if she still stood by her decision or if she regretted it, Laurie was insatiable and she didn't know if she should be happy or annoyed at the fact that he couldn't keep his hands off of her. Laurie groans sleepily at her movement clutching onto her stomach as she sat up. She nudges Laurie slowly and tries to wake him up.

"My lord, wake up. We have to move if we want to have breakfast before the ship arrives at the port."

"Mhmm...I want to sleep some more."

Amy rolls her eyes at him and gets off the bed, she winces again feeling the pain and she reminds herself to take it easy. Laurie groans at the loss of their contact.

"Fine, I'll have breakfast on my own then but I don't think it's gonna be a good look for us."

Laurie groans at her. A playful glint crosses Amy's eye because she knew exactly what to say next to get him up.

"Oh don't mind me. I'm sure Henry wouldn't have any problem keeping me company for breakfast."

Laurie instantly shoots up from the bed and looks at her dead in the eyes. Amy stiffles a giggle at this.

"You wouldn't dare. You know I don't like that guy, Amy."

Amy laughs at him and then kisses the tip of his nose.

"I wouldn't but look, you got up because of it so now you have to move your butt and get dressed."

A grin appears on Laurie's face as he wraps his arms around Amy's waist.

"You like this naked butt, why should I get dressed."

"That I do but I'd like that butt more if it were dressed and getting me some buttered toast."

Laurie kisses his wife and nods at her.

"Fine, fine."

Amy smiles in triump. They both get dressed and fix themselves. Laurie looks at Amy dressed in black again, he sees Amy lost in thought sitting on their bed.

"What are you thinking of?"

A crease forms on Amy's forehead and Laurie wants nothing more than to wipe that off her face.

"Concord. Beth. My family."

"Hey, I'll be with you every step of the way. Chin up Mrs. Laurence."

Amy turns to him and flashes a smile. Laurie kisses her head and offers his hand.

"Off to breakfast we go, my lady?"

Amy clasps her hand onto his and nods.

"Off we go, my lord."

Amy and Laurie walk hand in hand entering the dining area. Laurie asks her to find a table and he tells her that he'll be the one to order their food. Amy picks out a table by the window and looks at the sky outside. She feels a tap on her shoulder and finds an old woman in her 60s, it was Mrs. Twain. One of the attendees of their wedding and a woman she got close to because of their mutual interest in painting.

"Amy or should I say Mrs. Laurence now! I hope you don't mind but may I keep you company while you wait for Theodore."

Amy gives her a pleasant smile and gestures for her to sit.

"Of course, Mrs. Twain."

"I was starting to think you left the ship or something else might have happened. I hadn't seen you the whole day yesterday."

Amy blushes because she remembers what made her stay in the room for a whole day yesterday.

"Uh.. I was busy."

Mrs. Twain has a mischievous glint in her eye before saying.

"Oh honey, I bet you were."

Laurie appears beside Amy and gives her a brief kiss on her head. He looks at Mrs. Twain.

"Mrs. Twain, how pleasant it is to see you today."

"A pleasure indeed, Theodore."

They exchange small talk and eat their breakfast. Once the ship nears the dock, Amy and Laurie run off to Aunt March's room to assist her off the ship. As they get off the ship, they spot Mr. Laurence waiting for them standing next to 3 carriages intended for them. They reach Mr. Laurence and he gives them a bright smile.

"Aunt March, Amy and Laurie, how was the trip?"

Amy the charistmatic person that she was answers for them.

"It was a long but delightful trip, Mr. Laurence."

Mr. Laurence then clasps his hands onto Amy's and stares into her eyes.

"My condolences for dear Beth."

Amy gets teary eyed and nods at him gratefully. Laurie steps in then wraps an arm around her shoulder while he uses his other hand to run comforting rubs on her back.

"Thank you, Mr. Laurence. She was the best of us but I am comforted by the fact that she is now safely in heaven."

Mr. Laurence notices the diamond ring on her finger and he gives her and Laurie a bright smile.

"You did it, son?"

Laurie laughs at his grandfather with a smile.

"Yes, I did. But we were also wed at sea."

Mr. Laurence frowns for a brief moment but he smiles again after some thought.

"Then we would just have to have another wedding at Concord and hopefully this time, I bear witness to it?"

Amy steps in and dazzles Mr. Laurence with a smile.

"That you surely will, Mr. Laurence. I'll make sure to keep Laurie in line."

Mr. Laurence grins at the girl that changed his grandson for the better.

"You always do, dear Amy or is it Mrs. Laurence now? It would be lovely if you moved into our house. The Laurence household hasn't had a woman's touch in years, I'll be glad if you did."

Laurie smiles at his grandfather and his wife getting along. His heart soars because two of the most important people in his life like each other.

"Then I surely will, Mr. Laurence."

"Oh please, Amy, you should start calling me grandfather now."

"Alright, grandfather."

Laurie clears his throat.

"I think it's time we head home. We still have to drop Aunt March off at Plumfield."

"Oh right, alright son. Let us head out. I'll take the carriage with Aunt March because after dropping her off at Plumfield, I would like to head home first."

"Alright, grandfather. I'll take this carriage with Amy."

"It was nice seeing you grandfather, may you travel safely."

"Likewise, Amy. I guess I'll see you at home later. Tell Marmee, I'll drop by tomorrow."