It had already been a few weeks since Amy and Laurie arrived in Concord. With all the time that has passed, she still couldn't believe that she was now the reigning lady of the Laurence house. Amy was incredibly happy that she fit right in with the Laurences. The helpers of the house as well as Mr. Laurence absolutely adored Amy's shining presence in their lives. Slowly yet surely, gone was the quiet and lonely atmosphere of the household and in came the cheery and bright chatter of Amy Laurence. If Laurie were to ever comment on the change, he would say that "Amy brought the light back into the house and made it a home."

The soft chirping of the birds outside Amy's window are what woke her up as usual. She opened her eyes and found the handsome face of one Theodore Laurie Laurence next to her. Her face softened as she gazed upon his content face while his arms were wrapped around her waist protectively. Amy didn't want to wake him up because he looked so peaceful sleeping, so she gingerly moves out of his grasp and in turn Laurie groans while his arm tries to reach out for her. She giggles at him being so needy and Laurie ends up opening an eye to look for her.

"You know, it isn't very nice to leave one's husband in a cold and lonely bed?"

"Well, it would be deemed alright if his lovely wife did this because she thought that he deserved more hours of restful sleep."

Laurie pouts at Amy's response and she couldn't help but think that her husband was adorable.

"But I always need you next to me my lady because it helps me sleep better. I don't think I even remember how I was able to sleep in a bed without you anymore."

Amy gently cups Laurie's face with her hand.

"You are being so cute and needy, luckily for you it's good news because I absolutely adore it."

Laurie gets a mischievous glint in his eye before he pulls on Amy's hand on his face. She ends up on his lap and he kisses her cheek.

"Well any husband with a wife as lovely as you darling would be needy."

"You are such a sweet talker."

"I only speak of the truth, my lady."

Amy's heart still swells with love, every time Laurie tells her how beautiful he thinks she is. She plants her mouth onto his and gives him a breathtaking kiss. When Amy tries to pull away, he keeps her firmly in place and the kiss gets heated. Laurie's hand ends up wandering on her upper thigh and Amy moans in anticipation. It had already been weeks of getting to know one another's bodies but Laurie was still insatiable. He just loved making love to her and honestly Amy had no complaints about it. A knock on their bedroom door and the person behind it is what interrupts their moment.

"Amy, my dear, are you awake? It is almost time for breakfast."

That voice without a doubt was that of Mr. Laurence. While Amy tries to reply nonchantly to Mr. Laurence's question, Laurie starts peppering her neck with kisses.

"Yes, grandfather, I am awake."

Mr. Laurence in turn replies behind the door.

"Excellent. My dear, would you wake up Laurie as well? I wouldn't want him late to breakfast."

Amy feels Laurie smirk against her as he starts sucking on a sensitive area she has on her neck. She stops herself from moaning and calmly replies back to Mr. Laurence.

"Don't you worry, I'm on it, grandfather. And, I'll be sure to push him awake if I have to."

"I'll see the two of you downstairs."

Amy waits till Mr. Laurence's footsteps are out of earshot. She groans and pushes Laurie's chest away.

"Laurie! Grandfather was just by the door. Why would you do that?!"

Laurie gives her a mischievous grin.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't help it."

Amy rolls her eyes at him.

"What if I had made a scandalous sound out loud? He would have been mortified."

Now it was Laurie's turn to roll his eyes at her.

"I'm pretty sure that everyone knows what happens between the two of us behind closed doors, my lady. We are simply newlyweds that can't keep their hands off each other."

Amy blushes at his words. When Laurie spots the rosy tint on her cheeks, he instantly wears an affectionate smile on his face. One of his favorite things to do was to make her blush. Amy then puts her robe on to cover her sheer nightgown.

"Ugh, come on. We have to go down and have breakfast."

Laurie pulls Amy into one more kiss and then he's off to put on his robe as well. He the grabs onto Amy's hand and pulls her with him downstairs.

"Come on, my lady."

Once the lovebirds reach the dining area, the table is already set with the food. They sit next to each other, across from Mr. Laurence in the dining table.

"I'm glad the two of you have joined me."

Mr. Laurence looks thankfully at Amy.

"I hope my grandson wasn't being a burden to you so early in the morning, my dear."

Amy smiles up at him reassuringly.

"Of course not, grandfather."

Laurie wiggles his eyebrows at Amy and she retaliates by pinching him on his upper thigh. He looks at his grandfather and smiles.

"It always is pleasant to wake up to such a beautiful face, grandfather."

Mr. Laurence laughs heartily.

"You are lucky indeed, son. Darling Amy is definitely a beauty."

A blush coats Amy's cheeks because of the admissions of the two male Laurence's of the house.

"Oh stop it. You gentlemen flatter me way too much. I also wanted to remind the both of you that we must venture off later in the afternoon to Orchard house. Marmee invited us all for lunch."

Mr. Laurence chews on his food before speaking.

"Oh right! That is today, I will be sure to ask the help to bake some pies for us to bring to Marmee. Blueberry? Strawberry? Cranberry? Peach? Apple?"

Laurie wipes a napkin on his mouth before he spoke.

"I am sure that three pies are more than enough, don't you think so, my lady? We wouldn't want to swamp Marmee with leftovers."

Amy nods at Laurie and Mr. Laurence.

"I agree with three pies, my lord. As for the variety of flavors that we will be bringing, I think that Apple, Peach and lastly Blueberry pie would do, grandfather."

"That's settled then, now I must take my leave to go over a few things with my associates."

"Would I be of any assistance, grandfather."

"Oh dear Theodore, for this you are not needed. Do not worry, I rather you soend some time with your lovely wife."

"Don't hesistate to knock on the door to my study if you need anything."

"Sure, grandfather."

Amy charms Mr. Laurence with a dazzling smile.

"Do tell us if you need anything, grandfather. Laurie and I will just be loittering about the grounds of the house."

Mr. Laurence returns a smile for Amy.

"Of course, my dear. There is indeed nothing to ponder about, I will be off to my study."

With that said, Mr. Laurence leaves the newlyweds on their own as he makes his way towards his study for some business matters.

As Amy and Laurie finish eating their breakfast, she glances upon Ana, a sweet middle aged woman that has been one of the longest helpers of the Laurence's. She was already in service during Laurie's pubescent years and she was able to watch him grow up through the years.

"Good Morning, Ana. I know that you've already said no many times before but I would just love it if you ate with us."

Ana smiles sweetly at Amy Laurence. Never had she ever encountered someone as kind but at the same time sharp witted as Amy. Ana couldn't help but think that she was truly the only one fit to be the wife of Theodore Laurence. The girl was incredibly nice to everyone, most especially the help and it only won over all of their hearts as the time passed.

"I appreciate the gesture, dear Amy, but like I said before it is only customary for the help to eat after their household heads."

Amy frowns upon what Ana said while Laurie looks amused at their exchange.

"I believe we are free to do whatever we want at the comfort of one's home. It would only be right for the one who prepares these bountiful meals, to be able to sit and eat it with us as well."

Ana's eyes soften at Amy's words. She thinks that this girl truly was incredible and unlike any of the high society ladies that she met. To her, Amy Laurence was beauty and grace but she was also so much more than that. She found that this girl was hardworking, driven and incredibly honest, all of these attributes only added to her charm. Thus is why she clearly understood why Theodore was besotted with Amy.

"You are but an angel, my dear Amy. But, I still hold the same answer. I truly appreciate your sentiments though."

Laurie loved that his wife had these strong set of beliefs on her own and it only made him admire her even more. He had to agree with Ana, his wife truly was an angel sent down from heaven and he likes to think that she was an angel especially made for him.

"Oh Ana! I got to agree with you, my wife truly is an angel."

Laurie looks at Amy and Ana then he smiles at the two of them.

"Now, my lady, I was wondering if you would like to pick some apples and lounge about the garden before lunch at the Orchard house?"

"Of course, my lord. I gladly accept."

The two of them spent the entire morning picking flowers as well as picking up fruits from the garden. By the time they finished, they loss track of time and noticed that it was time to go to Orchard house soon. Amy and Laurie head inside their house and prepare for the afternoon, once they were finished they headed down the stairs together and spotted Mr. Laurence already waiting by the door.

"Come on you two we wouldn't want to be late."

Mr. Laurence offers his arm out to Amy. She then links their arms together while Laurie carries the pies. The three of them talk merrily on the way to Orchard house. They reach the house and Amy opens the door for them, instantaneously hit with nostalgia and it feels like home. She till has her hand on Mr. Laurence's arm when they move around the house looking for Marmee and the others while Laurie follows closely behind them. Mr. Laurence looks at Amy before saying.

"It must be nice to be home, my dear."

Amy looks up at him and smiles.

"It definitely is, grandfather. But I have two homes now and both of them give me so much joy and comfort."

"I am glad that you have adjusted to our home, Amy. I was a bit nervous that you would feel out of place, I really want you to feel at home in our house."

"Trust me, I do, grandfather. And it also helps that you, Laurie, Ana and the rest of our house help have been incredibly welcoming and amazing. I think I felt right at home."

"It warms my heart that you feel like that way, my dear."

Laurie places the pies in the kitchen that they just passed. Mr. Laurence and Amy share a smile between themselves. While they were nearing the dining area, Amy noticed that Marmee, her dad and Jo were talking but what was peculiar was that there was an unfamiliar male voice talking with them. They reach the table and find all voices that they heard talking amongst one another and there by her parents was a tall dark haired German man. (She assumed German because of the way he spoke.) She curiously looks at this man with Mr. Laurence, waiting silently for an explanation as to who he was exactly.

Amy saw Laurie make himself known and look at the man that they have never met before. Obviously this man was someone Jo knew based on her stance and if she were to put her clues together, she gathers that this man was Friedrich. A guy that her sister met in New York, Amy knew this because Jo had talked about him frequently in the letters that she sent her while she was in Europe. She grows wary of the situation and thinks that maybe this was it for her marriage, her mind was going on an overthinking spree. With this man clearly vying for Jo's affections, would Laurie get jealous and re-evaluate things between them. Her grip on Mr. Laurence's arm tighthened. Mr. Laurence noticed this and he had an inkling or two about what was going on through the youngest March's head. He felt so bad that Amy at times still felt this way despite Laurie already being her husband but he couldn't really blame her because young Laurie was pining for Jo March for years and he honestly thought that it would never end. That is why it was a huge relief when he saw that his grandson was pining over a different March when came to London from France. Mr. Laurence can only hope that Laurie takes note of Amy's tense hands and that he plans to reassure her later. This girl was his family too now and he really didn't like seeing her hurt.

Laurie looks at this unfamiliar face inside the Orchard house. This place is sacred to him, this was where he met the March family, this was where had enjoyed his childhood years, this was where his wife used to draw and paint during her younger years, technically this place was like his second home as well. That's why he couldn't help but feel a bit cautious and alarmed when he found a face that was unfamilar. The voice of the unfamiliar man breaks through his thoughts and he detects a German accent in this man's English.

"Jo, I hope it is alright I I got you a dress from Miss Kirk."

Laurie decides to speak up feeling like now it is also his duty to protect this family because he was now Amy's husband.

"Who is this? Who are you?"

"I, I'm so sorry to intrude I was close and I decided to drop by. I, I'll be going."

Meg and Mr. Brooke appear as well and they look curiously as to what was happening in the dining area.

Through Jo's letters from before, Amy could tell that her sister at least liked this man. With than in mind, she didn't really want him to go just yet. Jo was a hard woman to please, she had high expectations and just the fact that this man managed to interest her sister, was clearly enough of an indication for Amy to want him to stay.

"No! No. Please stay we have more than enough room."

Amy says this sincerely and Friedrich smiles at her. Laurie looks at her still deciphering what to feel about his wife's declaration. He thought that maybe if his wife gave this guy a chance, maybe he should too. Amy always did manage to bring the best out of him.

"Someone tell me who this man is."

Amy grabs onto Laurie's arm and tries to appease his doubts by asking him to keep quiet.


"I don't want to be a burden."

Meg jumps into the conversation and says.

"Oh. You're not a burden."

Jo shakes her head and agrees with her sisters while looking at Friedrich. She obviously wasn't expecting him to show up here in Concord at their house. Jo finally talks and says.

"Yes, of course."

Laurie was getting more and more curious by the minute. He feels his wife hold onto his arm and gaze up at him while he spoke.

"I'm Laurie, who are you?"

"I'm Friedrich Bhaer."

Jo in turn answers how they know each other.

"We were at the same boarding house together at New York."

Hannah suddenly speaks next to Meg and says.

"Oh Jo. He is very handsome."

Everyone around the room ends up laughing and then a happy atmosphere breaks through the room. Mr. March concludes that it's probably time to eat lunch now because he's famished. Everyone agrees and settles into the dining table. Laurie pulls out a seat for his wife and smiles at her then he plops down gently on the seat next to her. Everyone eats and conversations persists from different parts of the dining table. Mr. March suddenly looks at Friedrich and speaks to him.

"Do you intend to stay in New York?"

"No, I've been offered a professorship in California. As I have nothing keeping me here, I thought I might go West. It is new there and they are less particular about immigrants."

Mr. March suddenly remarks.

"Perhaps I should go West."

Marmee looks at her husband incredulously before saying.

"You're not an immigrant, so perhaps you should stay home."

Mr. March smiles cheekily and says.

"I'm not going."

Everybody laughs at their exchange. Amy was gently chewing on her food while she was listening to their conversation. She looks at Jo and finds her attention completely enraptured by Friedrich's presence. Amy then glances upon Laurie finding that he as well was listening to Friedrich and her father's conversation. A lump forms on her throat and she tries to will away thoughts of doubt and insecurity. Her thoughts drifted into a darker terrritory when she found Laurie gazing upon the couple. Amy felt her stomach drop and not in a good way, this made her a bit tense while eating. She couldn't bear it anymore so she tore her eyes away from Laurie. Amy stared at her food and tried to distract her thoughts.

Laurie gathers that this Friedrich after all might be a good man. He clearly bore no ill intentions with the March family and that was enough to appease his hostility earlier. Jo, his bestfriend and now his sister, seemed quite taken with the man and he felt that it was his job to play the role of overprotective brother. He felt absolutely no pull of jealousy or envy while he was looking at Friedrich and Jo laughing and conversing next to one another. It actually made Laurie incredibly happy that Jo March seemed to have finally taken an interest in someone, they looked like a good match often exchanging intellectual banter. The two of them looked like two puzzle pieces that just clicked together and Laurie couldn't help but look at them blissfully.

The bliss of love reminded him of his Amy. Laurie took this as a chance to glance upon his wife, he could read Amy like an open book in the same way that she could with him and that is why it alarmed him to see her look a bit tense. She could easily hide her discomfort in everybody else's company but Laurie prides it in himself, the fact that he could see right through her made up walls. Amy wasn't touching her food anymore and she had a faraway look. In addition to that he saw her right index finger tapping on her lap, this was a nervous tick that she had whenever she was overthinking. Laurie took it upon himself to resolve whatever it was that had his wife troubled. So he places his left hand on her right hand and intertwines them together.

The thinking ceases in Amy's head when she feels a warm and familiar touch hold onto her left hand. She instinctively looks at Laurie and finds him staring questioningly at her. He was giving her the "what's wrong look?". Amy shakes her head and gives him forced on a smile in hopes that he would drop it but she knew that Laurie wasn't going to let it go. He has always gone out of his way to reassure, comfort and inform her that he'll always be there whenever she wasn't feeling alright. Amy felt a bit ashamed that just a few minutes ago, she was hurt because she thought she saw Laurie longingly glance at Jo and Friedrich. The thoughts swirl around her head again and she was having an internal battle with herself that as much as she was happy with Laurie, she wanted to prioritize his happiness and if what he wanted was Jo then who was she to stand in the way. With those thoughts in mind, she unconsciously removes her hand from Laurie's grasp.

Laurie was getting impatient, he definitely knew now that something was wrong. Amy wasn't responding to his touch and to make matter worst, she was retracting her hand away from his. They have never been shy about openly displaying their affection for one another, which is why the fact that Amy was moving away from him like she didn't want to touch him was irritating. As the mindless and jolly chattering in the table continued, Amy's face got paler and paler. Laurie thinks that he's had enough, he was going to get to the bottom of this right now. He rather have a smile on his wife's pretty face. So he flashes a bright smile at everyone and clears his throat garnering their attention.

"My darling wife and I, wish to be excused for a few minutes. I must assist her to the washroom as her doting husband. We will be back right away."

Amy's eyes widened at Laurie's declaration. Laurie stands up and offers his hand to her while she hesitantly holds onto his hand. He drags her into the washroom, closes the door and then he turns to her with a serious face. Laurie cups her cheek with his hand and stares into her eyes.

"My lady, what's wrong?"

Amy moves her head away and avoids eye contact with him.

"Nothing, my lord. Everything is just fine and dandy."

Laurie makes a move to get her to look into his eyes.

"I know you, Amy, and quite frankly when things aren't alright, I can clearly see it written on your face. Please don't lie to me, just tell me the truth."

Amy sighs, this constant fear of being a placeholder for her sister was putting a strain on her marriage.

"If I tell you the truth, do you promise to be completely honest with me? I want the truth and only the truth."

Laurie shoots her a sincere look before saying.

"Of course, I will speak of nothing but the truth."

Amy bites her lip and then says.

"Yes the truth even if the answer will end up hurting me, okay?"

Laurie grabs onto both of his wife's dainty little hands and squeezes it.

"Yes, my lady."

Amy takes a deep breath and tells him about it.

"Well, with the arrival of Mr. Bhaer, who is obviously here for Jo, well. . . I was wondering if you were feeling jealous. Then I saw you staring at them longingly and I guess I just wanted you to know that the offer I made you before is still up. If you want an out of this marriage, you just have to tell me, Laurie. It's not like I would fight you because of it, all I'll ever want right now is for you to be happy. You were in love with Jo for the longest time and I understand how easily these feelings can resurface. You've only loved me for months but you've loved her for years. That's why I want you to be honest with me, do you want an out?"

Amy doesn't notice at first but as her vision gets blurry she realizes that she has been tearing up. Laurie has a pained expression on his face before it settles into a frown. He takes out his handkerchief and silently wipes away her tears.

"Why would you think that way, Amy? I love you, only you. And, I was staring at Mr. Bhaer and Jo because I was feeling happy for them. Who would have thought that one day, Jo March, my bestfriend, would be interested in a man. I just thought that they fit together perfectly. I know it's hard to forget about things that have happened in the past but you have to understand that I only care about the present and a future with you as my muse. I would never want an out in our marriage, you make me the happiest man alive, my lady. I wouldn't have it any other way."

Amy feels silly for letting her thoughts run wild so she grabs onto Laurie's face and kisses him. She had hoped to pour every single emotion that she felt into the kiss: an I'm sorry and an I love you. Laurie responds to his wife's advances eagerly, he instantly wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her into him closer. He moves them towards the washroom wall and eventually lifts the skirts of her dress in a hurry to run a hand on her upper thigh. Laurie slips a finger inside of her and gets lost in the moment. Amy's breath hitches on her throat and she tries to contain her moans. After a few more minutes, he feels her writhe beneath him and shudder. She looks up at him through half-lidded eyes while Laurie in turn wiggles his eyebrows at her and shoots her a satisified smirk. He pushes his hardening length onto her, just to let her know how much he wanted her. Amy swats his chest and feigns annoyance before saying genuinely.

"I love you."

Laurie softens at her words and wraps one arm around her waist while his other hand affectionately strokes her cheek. As he looked into his wife's baby blue eyes and golden head, he couldn't help but think of two words: beautiful and mine.

"I love you too. I hope you don't forget that."

Amy wraps her arms tightly around his waist in a hug. Laurie swoops in and kisses the top of her head when the washroom door opens and they hear a startled yelp from Meg.

"Oh god, I'm sorry lovebirds. Marmee just wanted to let you guys know that the gathering has been moved from the dining table to the living room."

Amy knowing full well that her husband still had an apparent display of what they were doing on his trousers, decides to slide in front of Laurie. He smoothly turns and grins at Meg as he wraps his arms around his wife's waist from the back.

"We'll be right there, Meg. We just got a bit caught up."

Laurie raises his eyebrow at her with a mischievous glint in his eye.

"Yeah, I would say that you got caught up indeed, caught up in . . . . ouch."

Amy had elbowed him from behind while shooting him a reprimanding look to keep his mouth shut. Meg knowingly looks at them clearly amused by the young couple before she spoke.

"Okay, well I'll be on my way then."

Amy nods at her and flashes her sister a beautiful smile. Meg instantly returns it because she does think her youngest sister might just be the prettiest March girl now that she's all grown up.

"We'll be right behind you, Meg."

Meg moves out of the doorway and leaves. Amy makes a move to go as well but Laurie pulls her back. She decides to tease him a bit and says.

"Have things calmed down there now?"

"Mhmm, I got it under control, my lady."

"Ugh, I don't want my family thinking that we've been doing inappropriate things."

Laurie smirks and says.

"Huh, I don't know about you but I don't think what we did a few minutes ago counts as appropriate."

Amy swats his chest.

"You know what I mean. We have to behave ourselves now, do you copy?"

Laurie kisses her temple and gives her a smile that has her melting into his arms.

"Roger that, my lady."

Amy now fully satisifed with herself, takes Laurie's hand and drags him alongside her on the way to the living room. Laurie follows behind Amy and he thinks to himself that he would follow his wife anywhere she wanted. She had him eating at the palm of her hand without even knowing how much power she had over him.

They arrived in the living room and found everyone either lounging about or eating the pie that they brought in with them. Amy sits down on a chair near the couch that Jo and Marmee was occupying. Laurie grabs a plate of pie and then pulls a seat next to the one Amy was occupying. He sits down as she smiles up at him. While Amy was talking animatedly with Jo and Marmee, Laurie periodically fed her some pie off his plate. The exchange didn't go by unnoticed by Jo and Marmee, both smiling at one another. The chattering stops when Friedrich takes notice of the piano in the room.

"This is a beautiful instrument. Which one of you plays."

Jo smiles politely at him, she knew that the pain was still fresh for everyone with regards to Beth's passing.

"Oh, it was my sister Beth."

The grief hits Amy again momentarily and decides to speak up as well.

"We all play a little."

She places the plate on a table nearby afraid that she would drop it. Laurie looks at her worriedly. Meg decides to chime in and says.

"But none so well as her."

Friedrich notices the somber atmosphere when they discussed Beth and he says.

"It is very hard to lose a sister, I'm sorry."

Mr. March decides to steer the conversation away from the topic and says.

"Do you play?"

Friedrich answers him.

"Yes, I do."

Marmee asks him if he could play a piece for them.

"It would make us so happy if you play now. She wouldn't want it to be so silent."

Friedrich looks cautiously around at everyone before saying.

"I do not wish to offend."

Mr. March offers him a small smile and says.

"Not in the least."

Friedrich moves towards the piano and starts playing it. Amy thinks that Friedrich plays the piano well almost as good as Laurie. The sounds of the piano come with memories of Beth, although it was painful, it was also filled with happy memories of Beth. She holds onto Laurie's shoulder and he leans into her touch. That moment was bittersweet for everyone.

It was finally time for Friedrich to leave. Everyone heads to the door to bid him farewell. His last parting words were for Jo and Amy couldn't help but swoon at their exchange.

"If you ever come to California, I would love to see you."

Jo sighs and says.

"I don't know that I will but thank you."

Friedrich nods at Jo and looks as though he had more to say but he settles with.

"Well . . . goodbye."


Then he kisses Jo's cheek and looks at Jo one last time before leaving. Amy looks at her sister, who looked a bit conflicted by the door. She knew that look, her sister liked this Friedrich and he was going away for good. Jo had always been adored and admired by Amy and this is why she thinks that it is time that she be the one to play cupid for Jo's sake. Amy snorts at her to keep from giggling when Jo turns to them. Everybody else around the room had knowing smiles on their faces. Jo looks at them curiously and asks.

"What? Why are you all looking at me like that?"

Mr. March breaks the silence by saying.

"What a wonderful man. I hope he comes back, he would make a terrific friend for me."

Amy unable to contain her excitement upon the prospect of Jo's lovelife, says.

"Ooh! Father he wasn't here for you."

Marmee and Mr. March looked amusedly at Amy. Laurie looks at his wife and knows exactly where she is going with this.

"Jo, you love him."

Laurie agrees with his wife and looks ar his bestfriend who was trying to deny the allegation.

"What? No, no, I don't."

Jo's voice is a pitch higher than normal and Amy immediately knows that she was lying. This makes her smile because her sister was in denial.

"Yes you do, I am half as smart as you but I can see it so clearly you love him. Doesn't she love him?".

Amy turns to Mr. Laurence to confirm that he does agree with what she said. He clears his throat and says.

"That is a good instinct, you do love him."

Mr. Laurence points it out for Jo and Amy beams at him because he agreed with her. Laurie couldn't help but grin at his wife's antics, never really a dull day with Amy Laurence he thought.

"I have never seen you so happy, what else is love? We need to go after him!"

Amy grabs onto Laurie before continuing and says.

"Laurie prepare the horses! We can catch him before he gets on the train."

Laurie thinks that his wife trying so hard to set her sister up was incredibly endearing. He as well wanted to see Jo happy. Meg agrees with what Amy said and says.

"I'm coming too!"

Amy smiles at Meg and says.


Both sisters turn to Jo and wait for her reaction. Jo looks incredulously between her two sisters and says.

"No, I'm not going."

Meg being the oldest decides to use its privilege for once.

"Yes, you are. Amy is right."

Then Meg moves towards Amy to get their coats and Amy follows her older sister.


Laurie butts into the conversation and decides he wants to tease Jo.

"Never thought I'd prepare a carriage to help, Jo March chase a man but I like it."

Jo ignores Laurie's teasing while Amy gives Jo her coat.

"He's moving to California."

"That was fiction, he was practically begging for a reason to stay."

"But it's raining outside."

Amy lets out an exasperated sigh.

"It doesn't matter. Can you come with me? I need to fix you."

Amy drags a protesting Jo upstairs and they disappear along with Meg but not before Amy shouts at Laurie and says.

"Laurie will you stop standing there and go get the horses ready. Thank you."

Laurie makes a move and his grandfather follows him from behind calling onto the Laurence's carriage. Amy was definitely a force to reckon with and this makes him chuckle. His grandfather from beside him pats him on the shoulder and says.

"What a woman, right?"

Laurie shoots his grandfather a lovesick smile and this makes Mr. Laurence feel ecstatic.

"Indeed, she is."

"I trust that things have been going fairly well between the two of you?"

"It has been going great, grandfather. There's nobody else that I'd rather have as my wife."

Mr. Laurence and Laurie are interrupted by the arrival of their carriage and the loud foot steps coming from the March girls who were heading towards them. Amy and Meg appear before them dragging a nervous looking Jo. The three girls head to the carriage while giving Jo some pep talk. Her two sisters settle inside the carriage but not before Amy stands before Mr. Laurence and Laurie. She looks at the two of them and smiles.

"Thank you for doing this. I promise we'll be back in no time."

Mr. Laurence smiles at Amy and says.

"There is no need for thanks, my dear. Have a safe ride and I hope you come back with one more person in tow."

Amy turns to speak to Laurie but he beats her to it.

"Go on, my lady. Do what you gotta do. As long as you come back home to me in one piece. Safe travels, I love you."

Laurie grabs onto her face and kisses her. When they pull away, she mumbles a quick "I love you too" before scurrying away.

The three sisters settle into the carriage and giggle about the drama that was about to unfold between Friedrich and Jo. They eventually reach the train station, they push Jo to run out of the carriage for Friedrich. Amy and Meg look at their sister through the carriage door, Jo soon finds Friedrich. Amy looks dreamily at them, she has always loved big romantic gestures all the more if it were in real life. They watch Friedrich and Jo talking before they end up kissing in the rain. Amy sighs happily and thinks "how romantic". Jo heads towards the carriage with Friedrich in tow, although drenched in the rain, the two of them had the biggest smiles on their faces.

Amy and Meg tease them and marvel at the new couple throughout the whole carriage ride back home. They drop Meg off first at home, then Amy asks for Jo and Friedrich to be dropped off at the Orchard house. Before Jo left, she held onto Amy in a tight hug and whispered "Thank you. Have a safe trip, I love you." Amy mumbles an "I love you too" and cheekily adds a "Have fun" with a wink which earns her a playful punch on her shoulder courtesy of Jo. Amy's heart felt full as she made her way back home.

Upon reaching the Laurence house, Amy isn't surprised to find her doting husband waiting for her by the front porch with an umbrella in one hand. When Laurie glanced up at her, he immediately rushed towards her and assisted her inside the house. Once they've gone inside the house, Amy asks Laurie.

"Where is grandfather?"

Laurie looks at his wife and says.

"Oh, he's already asleep, my lady."

"I assume, he was tired. It's no wonder."

"How was your conquest, my lady? Successful, I presume."

Amy remembers the romantic moment in the rain between Jo and Friedrich, this makes her sigh dreamily.

"An absolute success, my lord. It was incredibly romantic and they ended up kissing in the rain just like people do in the movies. It was so dreamy."

Laurie grins at his wife before wrapping his arms around her.

"Would you like to kiss in the rain as well, my lady?"

Amy snorts at him and says.

"Not on a normal basis. There would have to be some special reason for that to happen like big declarations of love."

Laurie laughs at her and pokes her in the cheek.

"I could do that. Declare my undying love for you and kiss you in the rain."

Amy giggles and says.

"But, now that I think about it. We might end up sick afterwards, so probably not."

Laurie winks at her.

"Mhmm, we'll see."

Amy pushes at his chest and heads upstairs towards their bedroom while Laurie follows her from behind. She takes her coat off then drapes it on a chair before she stretches and arches her back. Laurie stares at his wife intently as she does this, Amy finally notices him and asks.

"What is it?"

Laurie gives her a wolfish grin and stalks towards her wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Oh nothing. Just that I have a few things planned for tonight."

Amy returns the grin and wraps her arms around his neck.

"Mhmm oh really? And, do these plans include me, my lord."

Laurie takes the pins out of her hair and Amy's golden curls cascade freely on her back. He places his face in the crook of her neck and breathes in the familiar scent of vanilla before replying.

"Definitely, my lady."

Amy decides to tease him so she plays with his hair where she knows he likes it. Laurie's breath hitches at her neck and then he starts kissing down her neck. She lets a contented sigh escape from her lips and Laurie grins at her. He pulls her in for a deep kiss and that was how their night started.