Brandon O'Connell had done decently well since the hit show Total Drama Arts, spin-off of the Total Drama series, even though life hadn't turned out how he hoped. In the course of two years, he had lost his mother while competing in Total Drama Arts, finished in second place, and began to develop issues with how to cope with all this mentally and emotionally. While dealing with it all, his girlfriend Neveah was the number one constant in his life.

After the show, Brandon got offered everything from television appearances, record deals, and scholarships to multiple colleges across the country, one or two even being outside of the US. He could have put everything on hold after high school graduation to pursue a career in acting - Hell, he could have dropped out and done online schooling while living out in LA to be an actor during high school, but he chose to go to college. Him and Neveah accepted scholarships with The Juilliard School in New York City - Neveah double-majoring in music composition and musci education, with Brandon majoring in Drama. Their two best friends, Zakk and Sami, had joined them at Juilliard as well, which was a huge deciding factor for Neveah and Brandon knowing they wouldn't be alone. Brandon was majoring in Drama while Neveah was double-majoring in music education and music composition.

Their first fall break at Juilliard had come and gone, which didn't feel long enough for him. He spent fall break with Neveah and her family. While being in a long-distance relationship with her the last two years of high school, coupled with the fact that he had zero family besides his aunt back home, he had spent the last two Christmases and New Years with Neveah's large family. Though it overwhelmed him at first, they all considered Brandon to be part of the family, and always made him feel welcome.

The pair had just arrived back at the campus. Brandon parked his sedan in a lot near the dorms and turned off the engine, still buckled in his seatbelt.

Giving a sigh of relief, he said, "Finally backā€¦ that was the longest drive ever I think."

Neveah chuckled. "It wasn't that bad. It was better than our drive up here for when the semester started."

She reached over and took Brandon's hand, "Remember? I was stuck riding with my aunt, while Nathan rode with you. You wouldn't stop complaining for a week because he made you drive with no break in between to nap."

Nathan was Neveah's twin brother, older than her by ten minutes. He was very protective of her, and the two of them were very close growing up. Nathan was on Total Drama Arts too, and once Nathan learned Neveah was into Brandon, he did everything he could to keep them apart, in fear of Brandon's brand of being the lazy jock/actor being the reason she'd leave heartbroken. Plain and simple, he didn't trust Brandon with his sister's heart. When he realized how hurt Neveah was knowing Nathan could never approve of a relationship between them, he suddenly did everything it took to make sure they got together in the Total Drama Arts house. Two years later and Neveah and Brandon are still going strong, and though Nathan still gives him a hard time, he's eased up a little and treats him like a brother.

Closing his eyes, Brandon took a deep breath, and just tried to relax as he focused on how bright New York City looked, even at night. Being in a big city for the first time was a hard adjustment from his small-town. From navigating the subways, finding the best quick eats in between classes that weren't infested by roaches, and learning to walk away soundly from the bozos addicted to meth on 45th and Broadway, it became a slow process for him to be able to call New York CIty home, even if it wasn't the city everyone romanticized on TV.

The first quarter of college had already drained him mentally, and what felt like a very short break had done nothing to ease the stress. But Brandon knew he just had to press on, and get his bearings. They still had a couple of days for themselves, but it was just a weekend. Come Monday, it was back to reality.

Neveah looked up at Brandon, admiring his piercing gray blue eyes, and his dark brown hair, which was always pushed back as a result of him forming a nervous tick of running his hands through his hair. He let it grow out over the years of knowing her because Neveah liked it that way. He was a sucker for letting her playing with it. His face had stubble from not having shaved recently, which is something he'd been slacking on more and more as his free time continued to dry up. Brandon had always been tall and decently built with muscles from playing sports, and he always dressed casually to match his easy going attitude, t-shirts, jeans, pajama pants, tank tops, and shorts. Anything that was comfortable to him, he wore it.

She had a feeling something was wrong, but couldn't quite place what it could be. They hadn't been able to spend as much time together since the semester had started. She had so much on her plate with double majoring that it became hard to make Brandon a priority like she always has. There was something inside her saying he wasn't showing the whole truth when he agreed he was okay with their lack of time spent together. As the semester grew closer to its end and finals preparation quickly approached, she began having a significantly hard time shaking that bad feeling off.

"You okay?"

Brandon, pulling himself out of his thoughts, as usual, put on a smile and nodded, "Yeah. Just dreading going back to classes."

Leaning over, he gave Neveah a kiss. "I love you."

Blushing, feeling reassured that he was all right after all, she replied, "I love you too, you big dork." Giggling, she gave him a kiss back, along with an awkward car hug, before unbuckling her seatbelt and putting her hand on his shoulder. He took a second to look over at Neveah before they left the car.

Neveah had curly, dark hair that could never be tamed, nor did she pretend she had a grasp or care to, and brown eyes she hid under her large oval glasses when she was too busy to reorder her contacts when they'd run out. She had a small stature, and similar to Brandon, she could typically be seen wearing whatever she could find in her dressers, and would only dress up nice when it really mattered. She thought it was intuitive and smart, but those around her called it "laid-back fashion". It didn't matter to Brandon whether she wore a mismatched outfit or a garbage bag, because he thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever laid his eyes on, and nothing would ever change that for him.

"We have stuff to unload and leftovers to put in the fridge. Come on. Sami set up our microwave while we were gone and we can heat them up without walking all the way to the dining hall."

Hearing the good news, Brandon perked up and hurried out of the car, going to the trunk.

"Oh, boy." He exclaimed. He gave her a kiss on top of her head as they grabbed some boxes, his hands and hers being full of food, care packages, and everything needed to be taken out immediately to avoid having to take a second trip.

Juilliard requires freshmen to live on campus for their first year, so Brandon roomed with Zakk while Neveah roomed with Sami, their two best friends from Total Drama Arts. Sami was dating Zakk, which made it very easy for both couples to see each other and have their privacy - if Brandon came to his dorm to see that Zakk and Sami needed some alone time, it gave him the signal to go to Neveah's dorm to have some alone time with her.

As they approached Neveah's dorm, she went to unlock the door, but it suddenly opened as her hand grasped the handle, throwing the clumsy girl inside with a yelp. She landed face-down onto the floor, the few boxes she held being caught by Zakk.

"Aw, come on, we went from the car to the building without any mishaps." He put his boxes at a small desk, rushing to her side. "Are you okay, love?"

Standing above Neveah was a confused and apologetic looking Zakk, who said, "Sorry about that, Neveah."

Zakk was tall, and on the huskier side. He had scruffy red hair, a large red beard, and hazel eyes. He typically wore any black band T-shirt he could find paired with black ripped jeans and a black leather jacket, but he was taking it easy with a "Bullet Club" hoodie and some jeans, and was barefoot. Though he seemed like a scary guy, and was if you angered him, he's a loyal friend to Brandon, and a sweetheart to Sami.

Sitting up, Neveah gave a smile, brushing the dust off her pants as she stood up on her own. "I'm fine. The room is thankfully carpeted."

"I made sure of it before we moved in." Sami said, now standing behind Zakk. The two friends smiled as they reunited and embraced each other in a hug.

Sami had long, red hair that was somehow always dyed a different color whenever she had the means or the chance to. Opposite of Zakk, she was small and skinny, and the youngest of the freshmen at Juilliard on account of skipping a grade in elementary school. She had glowing green eyes and was a natural beauty, with the aura of her presence making her easily approachable. She wore green pajama bottoms, a pink tank top, and was never seen without her mismatched socks, which basically became her brand as she grew up.

Sami walked over to Brandon and hugged him kindly. Brandon gave her a side hug back as he got everything they brought back and packed it away in what small storage space she had.

"You brought back a lot of food." Sami pointed out.

Neveah smiled and laughed. "Well, I am part Hispanic, part Italian. We were only given enough to last us our entire college careers."

The four friends laughed as Neveah began helping him put the food in the fridge and pantries, fishing out an ice pack for her knee, knowing what she needed for her routine trips and falls. She propped her knee up on her bed as she began to sit down, waiting for Brandon to microwave their food.

"I thought we couldn't have microwaves in dorms." He said as the microwave finished heating up their food.

"We can't." Sami said. "Shhh." She giggled as she held up her hand to her lips, Neveah laughing with her.

"We'll box it up when they're having inspections." Neveah said.

"Yep. So, how was home?" Sami asked, changing the subject.

"Same old, same old. Being asked to sing with my brother, having them point out how skinny we are, stuffing our bellies up with food. Just, normal shenanigans of a Hispanic-Italian family." Sami laughed, knowing the struggle of having a large Italian family.

"I mean it must have been a nice change from what we've been eating at the dining hall these past two months." Sami added.

"Ohh, yes. So nice." The four of them laughed at Brandon's answer as he finished stuffing the leftovers into their tiny fridge, putting some of them on the table. "It didn't all fit, so I'll have to try and bring it back to my dorm."

Neveah spread her arms out as she got comfortable, sighing in relief, happy to be home.

"How was your fall break?" She asked Zakk and Sami as Brandon joined her in bed, going under the covers with her and their plates of food. At this point, Sami and Zakk had joined them, sitting on Sami's bed, Zakk's arms around Sami's waist.

"In the end I decided to stay here as my parents were called into emergency surgery, and you know how that goes. Plus it's flu season and traveling makes it worse, I really only like to travel by plane when I have to, you know?" Brandon and Neveah nodded in agreement as they began to eat.

Sami's parents are pediatric surgeons, needing to be ready for anything at a moment's notice. She was thankful for that, as they were able to get her connections with the best doctors possible when she was fourteen and involved in a car accident that killed her twin sister and resulted in the loss of Sami's spleen. Though she's able to live a normal life, it gives her a higher risk of getting sick, and with flying she had to inform her doctor weeks in advance to be cleared.

"We visited my dad and stepmom in New York state. They were happy to see her."

"Oh yes, I'm the only one out of us who actually enjoys milking the cows." Zakk grinned.

"Sometimes I think they're happier to see her than me when I bring her up there." He said.

"You come from a family of farmers?" Neveah asked, holding her laugh in.

"Yeah, but I don't like to talk about it." Zakk said, crossing his arms. Neveah looks over at Brandon.

"Did you know that, Bra-" As she looked at him, she noticed he's fast asleep, his plate hanging on his chest and all. She looks back at them, pointing to him. "Typical Brandon."

She starts to yawn, diving further into the covers. "I'm starting to get a little sleepy, too."

Zakk began to get up, patting Sami's shoulder. "Well, that's our cue. Wanna come back to my place, babydoll?" He smirked. She took his hand, standing up with him.

"Let's roll." The two started grabbing their shoes and coats, and Zakk and Sami turned around to Neveah before heading out.

"Seeya, Neveah." Zakk said. Sami waved with him.


Neveah chuckled to herself as they left, as she should have known Brandon would fall asleep right after eating. She got up quietly to not wake him up, then took their plates into the garbage as she joined him back in bed, plugging her phone in and falling asleep peacefully next to him.

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